I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 237

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 236: The Fallen Spirit’s Master (2)


Papi burst out from the backpack that Jaehyun had been carrying and blocked the path in front of his comrade, signaling his intent to join the fight. Jaehyun smiled proudly at him as Papi cute struck his chest with his tiny front paws and snorted intentionally.

“Is that… a dragon?”

Jeongchan squinted as he observed the creature before him. The sight didn’t quite match his expectations. As he stood there with a blank expression, Jaehyun grinned and nodded.

“He’s my pet. No need to worry.”


Jeongchan was visibly shocked. A dragon, serving as a human’s pet? Despite its puppy-like cuteness, Papi was unmistakably a dragon—with scales and wings to prove it. Even with pink jelly-like pads on his feet, it was hard to believe that Min Jae-hyun had tamed a creature typically dreaded by raiders.

‘He must be insane…!’

Despite his skepticism, Jeongchan continued to eye Jaehyun dubiously. It would be one thing if Jaehyun himself entered the battle. But their entire team? Was that even a reasonable expectation?

Yet Jaehyun remained unfazed.

At that moment, members of Circle Nine stepped forward, and as the smoke cleared, the features of the demonic creature were revealed.


What appeared before them were giant roots. Jaehyun furrowed his brows.

“Be careful, everyone. It’s a regenerative demon. There’s more than one or two of them.”

At his warning, his comrades maintained their distance and heightened their vigilance.

Regenerative demons referred to monsters with extraordinary healing abilities, typically absorbing mana from the surrounding atmosphere to restore their vitality. Among them, trolls were notable examples, as were the moving tree ents they were now facing.

“I’ve never fought an ent before… there’s certainly a lot of them.”

Kim Yujeong clicked her tongue as she surveyed the area. There were easily more than twenty of them. Having a boss monster come out to meet them wasn’t particularly meaningful at this stage.

“Let’s move to Formation D.”

Following Ahn Hoyeon’s order, the teammates quickly rearranged their positions.

Formation D was a magical attack-optimized formation, conceived by Jaehyun in the past and imparted to his allies.

‘Hoyeon takes the front, while Ina and Kim Yujeong, who lack skill delays, perform the attacks. It’s powerful and almost flawless.’

Having devised the formation himself, Jaehyun was well aware of its devastating potential. If properly utilized, it was an effective setup even in dungeons beyond grade A—a refinement of strategies he had honed through countless battles before regression.

But the formation wasn’t perfect.

‘Without individual raider capabilities backing it up, it’s hard to pull off effectively—it requires a solid understanding of complicated roles.’

Clearing this benchmark meant Jaehyun’s comrades were indeed surpassing Grade B in skill. Considering they had consumed Idun’s golden apples, their naturally exceptional talents made this level of improvement not only possible but expected.

‘Still, it’s impressive…’

Jaehyun remained seated on a stone, silently observing their battle.


Ahn Hoyeon was the first to plunge into combat.

Jaehyun watched him intently, an intrigued expression on his face, as Ahn Hoyeon confidently raised his sword and rushed towards the incoming ents.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed, and an involuntary smirk appeared.

“…The tank isn’t holding its position?”

This was a radical departure from the original Formation D that Jaehyun had taught them. Ahn Hoyeon’s unexpected move left even the battle-hardened Jaehyun momentarily unsettled. Traditionally, a tank’s job was to shield allies and buy time.

Even though Ahn Hoyeon was skilled with the blade, possessing powerful abilities, he couldn’t match the destructive force of magic.

However, the teammates didn’t seem rattled by Ahn Hoyeon’s actions. They just smiled confidently.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel certain that there was some plan. An unfounded but firm belief.

And as he thought this, a battle commenced unlike anything Jaehyun had anticipated.

The ally that should be protecting, Ahn Hoyeon, infiltrated the ranks of the enemy, while Kim Yujeong took the vanguard and Seo Ina positioned herself at the rear.

Switching places, they faced the enemy in a fluid dance of positions.

Such movement was patently unusual; switching during combat typically occurred between raiders of the same class—between fighters or mages, for example. A party’s standard approach was with each member firmly set in their role.

But Jaehyun’s comrades were doing the opposite.

Ahn Hoyeon, who should’ve been guarding his allies, was at the forefront, with Kim Yujeong and Seo Ina positioning themselves in defensive spots.

What kind of tactic was this?

Jaehyun couldn’t help but wonder.

Meanwhile, Ahn Hoyeon grinned, remembering the time when they had come up with this strange strategy.

* * *

After Jaehyun suddenly vanished.

The members of Circle Nine continued their combined training, growing stronger all the while.

The reason was simple: they wanted to become strong enough to stand beside Jaehyun and support him—not as powerful as him, but sufficient to fight alongside him.

Though challenging to explain, all Jaehyun’s comrades shared this sentiment. They deliberated a raider’s mindset as taught in lessons and how to put it into practice.

This gave rise to the concept of ‘total soccer.’ Each player contributes to both offense and defense, regardless of position, all for the singular goal of scoring and ultimately achieving victory.

Likewise, Circle Nine adopted a similar combat approach. Clearly dividing positions during a fight merely highlighted one’s limits and increased the chance of tripping one another up in a crunch.

“But we’ve moved past that now.”

Ahn Hoyeon muttered to himself as he affirmed their growth—their collective strength was indeed on the rise.

* * *

“That’s… just what…”

Jaehyun uttered a sigh as he watched his teammates’ maneuvers when suddenly, a voice came from behind.

“Well, while you were away, they certainly weren’t just playing around.”

Kwon Suyul approached Jaehyun’s side casually. Like Lee Jaesang, she did not participate directly in the battle but focused on drawing her dagger to keep the enemy at bay from Jaesang.

It was a sound decision. As someone holding potions, she acted as the supplier. Were she to fall, it would spell disadvantage as the battle dragged out.

―Activating the active skill 《Blue Flame Blade》.

Flames burst from the tip of Ahn Hoyeon’s blade, bigger than ever before. It was clear that, in Jaehyun’s absence, his companions had grown stronger, just as the passing comment had hinted.

Kwon Suyul crossed her arms, an unshakably proud smile on her face.

With a burst of energy, Ahn Hoyeon dashed behind enemy lines, his eyes gleaming with ferocity.

‘Ents have regenerative abilities rivaling trolls; they’re no easy foes. We need to thin their numbers first.’

He focused energy into his blade.


One of the ents guarding the boss was sent crashing to the ground, shattering into pieces.

Stunned by the turn of events, Jaehyun had no choice but to watch in astonishment.

“…As senior said, they’ve become much stronger. To down an ent with a single strike.”

Ents were Grade A monsters, a formidable challenge for these still-rising youths. Not even B-grade arrayed at the top could take one down in a single slash. It’s difficult to outdo their recuperative abilities with raw destructive power.

Ahn Hoyyen wasn’t the only one feeling their newfound strength. Seo Ina, who had activated Alfheim’s Sword, keenly experienced this as well. And although Kim Yujeong had already been astonished while hunting spirits with Jaehyun, she found herself newly amazed.

Seo Ina, gazing at the sword manifestation of Alfheim’s Sword, channeled her energy.


Another beast’s neck was severed, falling to the ground like a slashed sheet of paper.

Regardless of how you considered it, it was unfathomable. Jaehyun recalled Kwon Suyul mentioning the apple they’d eaten had increased their mana, but he hadn’t paid much attention at the time.

But now, he couldn’t deny the truth in her words.

Jeongchan, too, watched Jaehyun and his comrades, sharing the same realization.

“Crazy bastards…”

He had thought Jaehyun alone was a monster. But that was not the case. Jeongchan understood now why Jaehyun had been so relaxed despite not joining the fight. His team consisted of individuals who would rank at the upper echelons of Grade B raiders.

Their prowess alone was beyond that of fully-fledged professional raiders.

‘I may be Grade A, but I didn’t get here just by brute strength… As much as I hate to admit it, their skill undoubtedly surpasses mine.’

He ground his teeth as he continued to watch their battle, realizing that nothing he could do would make a difference.

Kim Yujeong activated 《Overflow》, boosting the power of her teammates’ skills, while Ahn Hoyeon penetrated enemy lines, swinging his sword through the field of battle. After which, Seo Ina followed, ruthlessly slicing through the enemies with Alfheim’s Sword.

In moments, nearly half of the ents were decimated, littering the ground with their remains.

“But… this isn’t the end. The resilience of a Grade A demon isn’t so easily broken.”

Jaehyun murmured to himself, eyes locked on the boss monster ahead. It remained poised, seemingly unfazed by its subordinates being swept away.

Confidently, it had something to rely on. As a sentient being, a boss monster would be cunning.

Narrowing his eyes, Jaehyun fixed his gaze on the creature. Then, without warning…

The boss monster stirred to action.

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