I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 236

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 235: The Fallen Spirit’s Master (1)

“So, you’ve been targeting us from the start?”


After the battle subsided, Jaehyun took Jungchan to a secluded place and gave him a beating, leaving him on the brink of death.

This process made Jungchan a more sincere person.

“All of it was Goh Pilsung… the mayor ordered me to do it! It’s not my fault… not entirely… I apologize.”

Jungchan had no qualms about using formal speech. Until just a moment ago, he still had some personality left, but now he was bowing his head to Jaehyun, seemingly having lost his self-esteem.

Indeed, that might have been his true nature.

From the start, solely because Jaehyun and his party were from the Milles Academy, Jungchan had been hostile.

To distrust the strong, yet bow his head indefinitely—that was Jungchan’s nature.

“Now you understand clearly. I can conquer this dungeon alone if I really want to.

And if you mess around, you’re dead.”


Jungchan nervously watched Jaehyun’s reactions and spoke in a crawling voice.

Jaehyun smoothly changed the subject.

“Tell me everything you know about the dungeon. There’s something here that I need to obtain.”

Jungchan was momentarily bewildered by his words.

Something to acquire here? He had never heard such a thing from the mayor.

Goh Pilsung had definitely only instructed him to take care of the dungeon break before it was too late.

But Jungchan knew. Considering his current situation, he had to nod along to whatever Jaehyun said.

Who knew? If he declared that he would leave him here, then without a doubt, he’d become food for the wolves and man-eating plants he’d seen earlier.

Jungchan sighed.

For the time being, he had no choice but to curry favor with Jaehyun. The man was dangerous.

* * *

“But, is it really here?”

As the next day dawned, with about two days left since she first spoke with the mayor, Kim Yoojung asked Kwon Soryul.

Kwon Soryul nodded.

“Yeah, it’s certain.”

“That can’t be…”

Kim Yoojung was shocked.

Yesterday, Kwon Soryul had crafted a dungeon map and handed it to Jaehyun and his colleagues. It contained surprising information.

“To mine Arc Metal in a dungeon with fallen spirits. No wonder there was a small amount of Arc Metal as a reward.”

Kim Yoojung grumbled and sighed heavily.

She had wondered why such a precious ore was distributed to new students on the first mission, but apparently, it could be mined here.

Goh Pilsung must have known this.

However, Arc Metal was difficult to mine and process. Probably, he was planning to subtly keep it hidden and distribute a little after clearing the dungeon.

Pretending to show goodwill while doing so.

The more she thought about it, the more it didn’t make financial sense.

“Are you sure you haven’t heard anything?”

Jaehyun asked Jungchan with a lethal glare.

Jungchan frantically waved his hands.

“If I had known, I would’ve told you already. I didn’t know…”

“If that’s a lie, you won’t die a merciful death.”

Jaehyun left it at that and then set off again.

It was probable that Jungchan was telling the truth.

If a mere civil servant had known about mining the valuable ore, there might be a chance they would have sneakily taken some for themselves.

Also, it wouldn’t have been a stroke of good fortune for wealth-loving Goh Pilsung.

“Anyway, the unique skill effect seems to have improved, and I’m quite pleased.”

“If you’re going to praise, why not praise me? I feel like a shuttle being praised only for the skill.”

“That’s not entirely incorrect.”

“…Want to be hit again?”

Kwon Soryul clenched her fist as she spoke. Jaehyun continued walking, completely unruffled.

Walking through the forest, munching on dried jerky and preserved food, they soon reached an open space. It was a wide rectangular area.

“A clear place like this in the forest. Suspicious.”

Jaehyun scrutinized his surroundings and commented. He had a point.

A completely empty space existing suddenly in the middle of a lush forest?

Any observer would call this a trap.

“It looks like there are intelligent monsters here among the monsters.”

“Or it could just be the land has become desolate due to territorial fights between monsters.”

An Hohyeon inquired, but Jaehyun shook his head.

“No. If that were the case, it wouldn’t have left this kind of mark.”

Jaehyun pointed to the indentation in the ground and the characters written on the stone nearby.

They were runes, the language of magic.

“I don’t know who rated this dungeon, but it doesn’t seem B grade. At least A grade.

The grade of the boss monster will likely be the same.”

The one who had rated it was Jungchan.

Just a few days ago, he had read the dungeon’s magic power and rated it along with other radars.

But there was an important fact that could not be overlooked.

That the demons could also hide their abilities.

‘Demons who use magic are especially good at hiding their mana. They emit mana weaker than their actual grade and target the off-guard radars. They’re cunning creatures.’

Jaehyun remembered the many radars who had been tricked by this and lost their lives.

Even cautious ones like him had nearly crossed the line of life and death several times due to the demons’ schemes.

Meanwhile, Jungchan’s face stiffened when he heard Jaehyun’s words, and he cried out in a panic.

“Then shouldn’t we leave right now? A grade…! That’s too dangerous even for all of you…”

“Zip it and follow. We’re still going to conquer the dungeon, that hasn’t changed.”

Jaehyun threw that threat. After all, their decision to conquer the dungeon had not wavered.

If necessary, he and Papillon could take on the fight and send the others outside.

From the sound of it, it seemed like Jungchan also had a warp stone. It was a situation that was too safe to run away from.

“We’ve arrived.”

Lost in thought, Jaehyun was interrupted by Kwon Soryul’s voice.

Looking around as he snapped back to reality, stones and various valuable-looking items were piled up in an exposed space after walking for a few more minutes.

Any other radar would be drooling and scooping up jewels, but Jaehyun’s eyes didn’t even consider such things.

“That’s… Arc Metal.”

There lay unrefined Arc Metal in heaps.

Considering its potential value, it would be worth over a hundred billion once refined.

“Then, shall we start mining?”

Jaehyun curled his lips up and then distributed mining picks to his party from his inventory.

Jaehyun always had the habit of preparing a variety of items before entering dungeons, for the unforeseen events that might occur inside.

The mining pick was no exception.

“Don’t tell me… I have to use this to mine that?”

“Of course. Start now. We still have time until the promised day, but I don’t want to delay either.”

Jaehyun said, then slapped his forehead with a realization, giving Jungchan a mining pick.

“It seems we’re one pick short considering our number of people. Well, can’t be helped.”

Jaehyun gave Jungchan an extra pick as he let out a mock expression of dismay.

Jungchan, realizing the situation, became certain of one thing.

Jaehyun was not human.

If he were human, no matter how much he had erred, he wouldn’t have thought to exploit him so much.

* * *

Mining Arc Metal was not complicated.

Simply strike the magic-charged picks against the rock to break it, and shove the fragments into the inventory.

That was the basic drill.

But even then, the process was unavoidably time-consuming.

Partway through, Jaehyun also joined in the mining to help his colleagues. He activated Mana Weapon to enhance his physique, which even without a pick, somewhat sped up the process.

A smile did not leave his lips.

Thinking of it all as money, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

‘After all, Arc Metal isn’t an item you can easily get even if you have money.’

In Jaehyun’s case, obtaining Arc Metal was probably several times easier than for others.

He could ask Yeonhwa or, as before, participate in an auction and spend money. But then that would attract unneeded attention.

By nature, rare materials like Arc Metal have limited trade volume.

Regardless of how quietly one purchases, if it’s not an anonymous place like the black market, the identity of the buyer is bound to be revealed.

For Jaehyun, it was inevitably burdensome.

“Jaesang hyung, how about it? Do you think we have enough material to make what we need?”

Jaehyun looked over at Lee Jaesang, who was examining Arc Metal from side to side. Lee Jaesang nodded vigorously.

“Y-Yes! With this much, I could even add a fang of the mythical Nidhogg!”

‘That would be problematic if added…’

Unintentionally, Jaehyun thought to himself and nodded.

Signs were clear that they had enough materials.

Even after dividing the Arc Metal equitably among his companions, there was plenty left.

This would make concocting potions from the herbs and plants gathered in Idun’s Garden all the more straightforward.

‘Now the only thing left is the boss monster strategy. Though it seems there’s no need to go looking; it’s coming this way.’

Jaehyun sensed multiple mana presences approaching rapidly from the depths of the forest and briefly closed and opened his eyes.

The demon was approaching quickly. Extremely fast.

Of course, the level of mana sensed was at best an A grade, laughable compared to Jaehyun.

He got up to prepare for battle with these thoughts when suddenly, the voices of his colleagues reached him.

They were already standing next to Jaehyun.

“We’ll take it down this time, so you just watch.”

“…Alright. It won’t take long.”

“You end it too quickly if you step in!”

Watching his companions each chip in their words, Jaehyun cracked a slight smile.

Well, if it was an A grade boss monster, they could handle it even without his intervention.

They had eaten the golden apple, and more importantly, his companions were already excellent in the basics.

Jaehyun shrugged and sat on a wide stone chair.

“Good luck.”

Just as the warm atmosphere spread,

A perplexed man’s voice intruded.

“What are you talking about?! Why isn’t the strongest, Min Jaehyun, participating in the battle?!”

Jungchan appealed with an almost tearful face.

But once again, Jaehyun ignored his plea without issue.

“Let’s see how much you’ve improved then.”

As Jaehyun spoke, a thud resonated as something hit the floor.

Dust rose up, and slowly, the figure of the monster began to emerge.

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