I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 235

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 234: Red Quest (4)

Evening came a bit earlier than usual. True to the nature of an open-type dungeon overgrown with dense forests, the daylight faded quickly, and darkness descended upon the land. The forest was wrapped in a faint smell of blood mixed with the mist. On such days, monster hunting required extra caution, so Jaehyun decided to embark on the hunt as soon as dawn broke. For now, rest and recharging his energy took precedence.

If he stormed the dungeon using his true abilities, it would end all too quickly. And that was unacceptable. One of the primary goals of this dungeon expedition was the growth of his companions… and consequently, the securing of his own stats. With Jeongchan watching from the sidelines, Jaehyun planned to adjust the speed of their progress accordingly. Being alert to whatever Jeongchan might be up to meant keeping the tension high and closely watching every move he made.

‘It’s pretty obvious what he’s trying to do.’

Jaehyun knew. He was aware that Jeongchan was planning to interfere with their mission, under the direction of Pohang City’s Mayor Ko Pil-seong. Jaehyun, who was familiar with the machinations of politicians and adults, saw no reason to fall for such petty tricks. However…

It was still worth using for his own benefit.

Thinking this, Jaehyun’s lips curled up lightly. He was now going to turn Jeongchan’s plans against him.


That evening, Jeongchan sneaked out and began sprinkling something around the outside of their camp. It was the fluid of a different monster—a sort of lure to attract the greedy demonic beasts. The reason for using this was simple: to draw in other monsters to halt their dungeon progress. In simple words, he was inducing a monster ambush.

‘Let’s see how these brats handle a real challenge.’

Jeongchan wanted to teach Jaehyun and his companions the bitterness of life. A battle with a demonic beast wasn’t determined by strength alone. Presence of mind and accurate judgment in a combat situation were crucial. Without them, even a weak enemy could bring about death.

‘Of course, I can’t just leave them to die for the sake of Pohang City and Mires’s smooth relationship. But a little scare wouldn’t hurt.’

Despite being fraught with inferiority, Jeongchan had no intention of leaving minors to die in the gates. For now, the goal was to intimidate them sufficiently and have them subdue the monsters near the entrance as Mayor Ko Pil-seong had requested.


“That should do it.”

As he finished spreading the powder, a malignant magical essence began to seep from the surroundings, producing a chilling sensation even Jeongchan felt. Naturally, he had brought along a warp stone capable of returning all the students to safety. Being a tool that could transport multiple people at once, there should be no danger.

Besides, in the worst case scenario, Jeongchan always had his coat with a one-minute invisibility skill ready to make his escape. A life-saving artifact that he bought for a tremendous sum in the past had already saved him from death several times.

While Jeongchan had no intentions of allowing others to die, he obviously prioritized his own safety.

‘I still have to look after my own skin first.’

Jeongchan preferred to protect himself rather than rely too much on others.

“Just about time for me to slip…”

As he thought this, ready to step away, a sinister growling noise arose.

‘What’s that?’

From the heart of the forest, a chilling howl reached his ears. Goosebumps ran down his spine. What was going on? He had heard no reports of bestial monsters in this area.

While such incidents were rare, a single thought eventually dominated his mind:


That near-instinctual notion flashed through Jeongchan’s head. He promptly turned to leave. Something massive was approaching, and if he wasted time waking up the students, his own chance of survival would diminish.

‘I hate to do it, but I have no choice!’

With that conclusion, Jeongchan quickly donned his invisibility robe and was about to make his escape when suddenly…


A vine shot through the air, precisely ensnaring Jeongchan’s leg. Its surface was studded with thorns, giving it a repulsive appearance.

“What, what the—!”

There had been no reports from headquarters signaling the existence of such monster vines. Plant-type monsters were not commonly encountered according to the academic records, which meant there was no available data on them.

To make matters worse, a dark shadow began to close in from deep within the forest.


A wolf’s howl permeated the air. Jeongchan remained bound, unable to free himself from the sturdy grip of the vine.

‘What kind of monster is this…?!’

Jeongchan saw the advancing monster’s red eyes and realized that he was unquestionably facing death. He grew frantic, his thoughts blurred by the entwining sense of danger.

At that moment…

“It’s a Heavy Plant.”

Suddenly, a voice from behind startled Jeongchan, and his expression turned cold with shock.



The vines that had tightly bound him were effortlessly slashed apart, and a young boy emerged from the darkness.

Jeongchan’s face stiffened in shock.

‘That guy… Min Jaehyun?!’


Heavy Plant.

Jaehyun was familiar with the monster that had attacked Jeongchan. He had encountered it before his regression. Back then, he’d been rendered helpless by its vines and had to be rescued by a companion.

Although the situation was much different now.

‘It’s understandable that Jeongchan doesn’t know. The Heavy Plant first came into prominence around this time. There’s not much public information about it yet.’

In this era, not all of the monsters appearing in dungeons and fields had been publicly identified. At best, only about 20 percent of all existing monsters had been thoroughly analyzed. Many died in lower-level dungeons due to insufficient information.

This lack of information led to an inability to respond, which, in turn, often resulted in a reider’s death.

However, such was irrelevant to Jaehyun.

Prior to regressing, he had almost memorized the monster compendium. He wouldn’t be bested by a Heavy Plant or any other such creature, knowing their weaknesses too well.

“Take care of this one and keep your distance while disposing of the wolves,” he said.

“Count on me,” replied An Hoyeon. The other companions also nodded in agreement, lobbying around their shelter, watching each other’s backs.

The dark forest was dangerous. Any gap between them could scatter their ranks and leave them vulnerable to the wolves. While his companions were now stronger and unlikely to incur serious injuries should things go awry…

‘It’s better not to get hurt at all.’

With that thought, Jaehyun’s focus shifted to the Heavy Plant before him—an A-grade monster unfit for a B-grade gate. It drained its prey’s energy with entangling vines, then fed on their bodily fluids through its thorny tips. That purple blood was actually a paralyzing neurotoxin rather than actual blood, taking the place of water within the Heavy Plant’s structure.

Jaehyun, amidst the monster’s shrieks, gestured once more, freezing the beast solid to prevent any of its toxic blood from splashing onto his teammates.


The Heavy Plant began to freeze solid from the base upward. Meanwhile, Jeongchan, watching with regret, realized he should have better assessed Jaehyun’s capabilities before setting his plan in motion.

The Heavy Plant was now entirely engulfed in ice and immobile.

Jaehyun clenched his fist, and the ice shattering around the monster broke into fragments.


In an instant, the Heavy Plant disintegrated beyond recognition. Only the scattered pieces of ice remained to indicate its former presence.

“How about you guys?” Jaehyun asked his companions after dealing with the monster.

Sounds of puzzlement echoed from where Seo Ina, Kim Yujung, Lee Jaesang, excluding the trio, were grouped together.

“Something feels different about the way they’re moving today,” Seo Ina remarked.

“It’s weird. I don’t know why but my sword suddenly feels lighter,” agreed An Hoyeon. Kwon Soyul crossed her arms and offered, “That’s probably because of the apple Jaehyun gave us earlier.”

“…Huh?” came the confused response.

“Apples? What does that mean, Jaehyun?” asked another.

“Well, we can talk about that later. For now, let’s figure out what to do with this guy.” Jaehyun cut in, glancing at the fallen Jeongchan. “You guys think about it too. Decide how much we should squeeze out of him.”

A greedy glint crossed Jaehyun’s face. One of his philosophies was the tit-for-tat strategy: respond in kind.

‘Offer cooperation to those who ally with me. But if…’

As he approached Jeongchan, he clenched his fist.

“The ones who betray me first will be repaid in kind. Brace yourself.”

Jaehyun never let such incidents slide without consequence.

Jeongchan’s face went pale, contrasting sharply with Jaehyun’s determined expression.

“Wait, just a minute! I’ll give you anything you want… So please…!”

Jaehyun chuckled to himself, realizing there was much to gain from Jeongchan.

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