I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 234

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 233: Red Mission (3)

Within the dungeon, a forest filled with lush greenery extended as far as the eye could see. In the middle of this expanse, Jaehyun and his companions, including Jungchan, were deserted. With perplexed expressions, they all looked around themselves as if they had become Robinson Crusoe. Among them, only Jungchan was familiar with the surroundings. He had visited a dungeon once before during a gate inspection and was relatively accustomed to the current situation.

‘It’s exactly as I remember it.’

Fortunately, the gate’s rating and intensity had hardly changed since his last visit. Unless something unexpected happened, there should be no significant issues. Jaehyun raised his magical power and surveyed the surrounding area.

“Senior So-yul, please start mapping for now, and Senior Jae-sang, please wait here with Ina and Ho-yeon. Kim Yoo-jung, come with me to look around.”

“Huh? Uh…”

After instructing the team, Jaehyun decided they would split up and begin conquering the dungeon. That’s when Jungchan, with a perplexed look, spoke to Jaehyun. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Wait a moment! This is a B-rank dungeon! You know it’s dangerous to split up here, don’t you?”

However, Jaehyun simply nodded with a calm expression.

“Don’t worry about it. If you’re that anxious, stay here. We’ll check the surroundings and come back.”


Jungchan thought Jaehyun was being stubborn. This dungeon was a level above the riff-raff. Despite Jaehyun being a direct disciple of Yeonwha and having an S-rank skill like Frozen Earth, it wouldn’t be possible to clear a B-rank dungeon—a graveyard for so many Reiders—alone. Reiders typically fought as a team, and survival was the most important aspect. In higher-ranked dungeons, like B-rank and above, sticking together in one place for safety was common sense.

Despite this, Jaehyun, the leader of Nine, took a different route, which Jungchan found utterly incomprehensible. Was he planning to abandon his colleagues out of greed?

‘Scoff, even if they are the famous Min Jaehyun’s allies, they’ll surely revolt at this…’

“Alright. We’ll find the safest spot nearby. Contact us if anything happens.”

After Ahn Ho-yeon spoke, Jaehyun nodded and started crossing the forest with Kim Yoo-jung.

“Hey, wait! I’m coming with you!”

Kim Yoo-jung grumbled as she followed behind him.

Jaehyun had a simple reason for moving with her.

‘I have to take proper care of Kim Yoo-jung from now on. I can’t let her die again. Besides, her proficiency in wind attribute magic will be a significant help in the forest.’

Although it was a red mission, the dungeon posed no real danger to Jaehyun. However, he knew that anything could happen in any dungeon: variables always lead to a tragic end.

“Stay focused.”

“…I’m aware, no need to tell me.”

As the two proceeded to explore the forest, the members they left behind began carrying out their assigned tasks diligently. Ahn Ho-yeon and Kwon So-yul started setting up a tent, having found a safe spot, and somewhere to prepare food. Lee Jae-sang organized potions in a sequence for easy accessibility in any situation.

“…I’ll keep watch then.”

Seo Ina took on the duty of keeping guard. Normally, monsters were less likely to appear at the entrance of a dungeon, but open dungeons like this one were different. Monsters enjoyed hunting Reiders saturated with magical power, especially if they were as intelligent as Dark Elves.

Meanwhile, Jungchan, having witnessed the entire scene, muttered with his jaw agape.

‘What the hell are these guys doing?’

Recalling the conversation with the Mayor before entering the dungeon, Jungchan muttered to himself.

* * *

One hour earlier, in the office of Goh Pil-sung.

“So, you’re telling me to adjust this mission to ensure maximum failure, correct?”

“That’s right. However, ensure they kill as many monsters as possible. We need to squeeze out as much as we can, after all.”

Goh Pil-sung said with a bitter smile. In truth, he had never intended to let Jaehyun’s group clear the dungeon. The idea of safely closing a B-rank gate at a student level was absurd, and Goh Pil-sung enjoyed freebies. If he could use the members of Nine opportunistically to handle the monsters and dispatch other Reiders later to take down the boss separately, they could close the gate without spending extra points, reaping massive profits.

Jungchan, seated opposite him, understood this well. He knew if he pulled this off successfully, Goh Pil-sung would give him a fitting reward.

Jungchan nodded, looking into Goh Pil-sung’s gleaming eyes.

“Of course. Leave it to me.”

Goh Pil-sung loved money but wasn’t stingy. The fact that he avoided jail time despite numerous bribery allegations was solely due to his shrewd dealings.

“Just don’t get too complacent.”

“A mere student. I may not have graduated from Milles Academy, but… I am also an A-rank Reider. No need to worry overmuch.”

Having given a polite bow, Jungchan left the office. His tone revealed his profound resentment towards Milles Academy. He had been rejected twice from the academy and ended up graduating from another Reider Academy.

To him, Milles was a worthless institution that failed to recognize his talent. Jaehyun, on the other hand, was merely a monster created by the academy for media play.

‘He’s probably worthless. I’ll make sure to teach them I am superior.’

Jungchan pinpointed the thought of the apprentices crying and clinging to him. The thought of those elite societal norms breaking down and showing their true colors filled him with pleasure.

* * *

Back to the present.

Jungchan had to admit that his plan had twisted slightly. Even though the remaining students might be safe from monsters, Jaehyun and Kim Yoo-jung’s return with their loot had shocked him.

“There weren’t many nearby. We should go deeper.”

Jaehyun casually commented while dropping his spoils to the ground. With thuds, corrupted spirit essences tumbled out, around thirty in total.

“…You two took care of this all by yourselves?”

Jungchan mumbled, ignoring him, as Jaehyun looked towards the finished tent and smiled.

“Hey, you guys seem to be getting better at setting up tents. Pretty useful, wouldn’t you say?”

“Obviously. We’ve had plenty of practice.”

Ahn Ho-yeon joined in the laughter. Kwon So-yul, with a new touchpad in hand, seemed busy jotting something down—likely using her unique skill, as there were several potion bottles around her. Her scouting skill was always highly efficient, essential for swiftly devising a dungeon-clearing strategy.

“Everything going well?”

“It’s alright. But there’s something I want to ask.”

Kwon So-yul furrowed her brows as she initiated the query. She intuitively felt something about her had changed.

“That apple you fed us that day… What on earth was it?”

Kim Yoo-jung had mentioned the same thing during a recent battle. After eating the apple Jaehyun had brought, she started to realize that something about her body had changed.

‘Seems like Ina and Ho-yeon haven’t noticed yet.’

Her teammates would undoubtedly experience the effects of the apple in this dungeon assault. A potion that boosts magical growth was not something easily obtained. After all, it originated from Idunn’s Garden of the Gods. It would’ve been more peculiar if they didn’t feel a change after consuming such an item.

“It wasn’t anything special… Just costly.”

“Cos… oh! So that’s why it was so effective!”

Kwon So-yul immediately bloomed with a smile upon hearing that Jaehyun had given them expensive apples.

“Disappearing suddenly and now this? Have you finally realized the value of your colleagues?”

“Whenever did I treat you guys harshly? Besides, you’ve already reaped quite the benefits.”


Kwon So-yul quickly accepted it. She had inquired about the apple because during her unique scouting skill, she had noticed her ability to survey a wider area without difficulty. In Kim Yoo-jung’s case, it was an increase in magical power and proficiency.

The rest too, would likely experience similar effects.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel pleasant with the smooth progression of events. While scouting the dungeon with Kim Yoo-jung, he had found a monster den, filled with hundreds of B-rank or higher creatures. Even if he fought them, leveling up was a far-fetched dream for him, but…

‘What if I use my companions’ level-ups to amass stat points?’

That would truly be profitable. Jaehyun began humming as he spread his magic wide, unaware of his role in boosting his colleagues’ stats, focusing solely on the dungeon assault.

‘Now, shall we begin in earnest?’

As he entertained the thought, a corner of his mouth curved upwards. On the other side, Jungchan was grinding his teeth with emerging ideas.

‘I can’t let these bastards clear the dungeon… I need to think of something!’

If things continued as they were, he might ruin the plan. That would mean no crumbs for him, and he would have to abandon his intentions to strike a blow against the Milles Academy students.

His grand plan couldn’t end like this!

With that thought, Jungchan glared at Jaehyun. Despite his annoyingly handsome face, he seemed to emanate a particular force now, perhaps because Jungchan had seen him collecting the corrupted spirit essences.

‘But it must be a lie. They just happened to kill a few, and they found a bunch of essences lying around! Otherwise, it’s impossible they killed so many in such a short time.’

B-rank dungeon monsters—defeating them so quickly and in such numbers was unrealistic. That was Jungchan’s conclusion.

… Yet, he was unaware that Jaehyun had already sensed his malevolent intentions.

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