I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 233

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 232: Red Mission (2)

Guided by Jung Chan, the party completed the necessary procedures before heading to the portal. They met with the Mayor of Pohang, who had issued the mission, to learn more about the dungeon they needed to conquer. This was an essential step, not only for the successful completion of the mission but also to claim their rewards from the Academy afterward.

“First, thank you for accepting the mission issued by us here at Pohang City,” said Mayor Ko Pil-seong, offering his hand to Jaehyun, the leader of their circle. The mayor was in his sixties, with a nearly bald head that only had a bit of hair covering it. Jaehyun shook his hand with moderate enthusiasm and nodded.

“Think nothing of it.”

The mayor seemed slightly taken aback by Jaehyun’s bold attitude but quickly recomposed himself and gestured for the party to sit down. As everyone sat, Mayor Ko surveyed the group before speaking.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Circle Nine has been active in outdoor training camps and various events.”

Jaehyun remained silent, examining the man’s face. Compliments about his party—it was crucial to decide whether to accept them as goodwill based on what would come next. Judging by his behavior, he was likely to bring up something negative.

His complexion lacked basic trust. It seemed he had something else to say, something unpleasant for them. Jaehyun’s instincts weren’t off the mark.

“We’ve received official documents from the Mileus Academy… and I’m aware of your outstanding abilities. However,” Mayor Ko’s eyes narrowed as he firmly clasped his hands together, “an old man’s opinion is that you might lack the resources and experience to clear a B-grade dungeon.”

“What are you suggesting?” Jaehyun asked, unfazed.

Mayor Ko looked into his eyes and replied with a confident expression, “We’ve arranged for other raiders to join you in attacking the dungeon. They’re skilled, so there’s no need for worry. That person there will also accompany you.” He pointed to Jung Chan, who had recently guided them.

Jaehyun nearly let out a swear word in disbelief. He had surpassed the S-grade rank and obtained several mythic artifacts, especially after passing the third trial. And yet they wanted to attach another raider due to lack of skill?

‘Well, it’s obvious,’ Jaehyun thought to himself. ‘They don’t fully trust us students. They want to include others to ensure the dungeon is cleared and just for show.’

It was possible that the leadership might have initially opposed the idea of assigning the mission to Circle Nine, but Mayor Ko had his reasons for not doing so. He likely didn’t want to sour relations with the Mileus Academy. Allow them to take the mission, then show them successfully clearing it to prop up the students. That way, they could maintain a smooth relationship. Dividing up the points wasn’t a big deal at that moment.

If Pohang City and Mileus could continue a beneficial relationship, that would be optimal.

With a benevolent smile, Mayor Ko said, “Don’t worry. The fact that we hired other raiders will remain confidential…”

“It seems that you don’t trust us,” Jaehyun said casually, crossing his legs. Mayor Ko’s eyes twinkled; his wrinkled, crocodile-like skin tightened, revealing a hint of defensiveness.

Jaehyun continued with a calm smile, “How about we make a bet?”

“A bet?” Even the experienced mayor was taken aback. A bet with him, the mayor, against a mere student?

* * *

‘He’s completely mad. Overconfident in his abilities,’ Mayor Ko thought to himself, looking at Jaehyun and clicking his tongue internally. From what he had heard, the boy’s talent was great, but reaching the top seemed unlikely.

Even if confident and talented, the youth’s lack of manners was unacceptable, even potentially dishonoring the raiding community. ‘How many overconfident individuals have I seen throw away their chances until now?’

All of them were full of vigor and natural talent. Called geniuses by the public, their names were everywhere in news and articles. But they all died—unable to survive and eventually forgotten by others. While a combative nature was a virtue for a raider, recklessness often led to death. In Mayor Ko’s view, Jaehyun was not someone destined to last in this harsh world.

Wiping his bald head with a handkerchief, Mayor Ko asked with formal politeness yet disbelief in his tone, “What exactly do you mean by a bet?”

Jaehyun grinned, “We will cut the dungeon clear time in half.”

“Half, you say?”

“Yes. In return, give us double the points that were initially agreed upon. If we fail, though, we will accept no compensation, even if we clear the mission.”

This was entirely Jaehyun’s own call, and no one protested. He was already a powerhouse beyond the S-grade, and a B-grade dungeon was nothing to him. The mission, scheduled to take seven days, seemed trivial—Jaehyun could take down the boss in less than a day.

Mayor Ko, now pensive, thought about the offer. Despite being ready to not stint on points… this was all about making the best relative choice. The right to issue missions to the academy and hire students wasn’t something to be taken lightly. It required tough government approvals and was based on local risk levels—meaning academy points.

But Jaehyun was proposing to handle the matter without a single point. Did he have that much confidence in his abilities?

Unable to fully understand, yet feeling a chill down his spine, Mayor Ko hesitated but then nodded. The offer was too good to reject.

“If anything unexpected happens, we’ll have some spare raiders waiting outside…”

It was as good as an agreement.

‘For the reward, we originally needed 1.5 million points per person, which is a third of Pohang City’s allocation. If we could save that, we’d absolutely have to,’ Mayor Ko thought.

“Please take good care of the mission. Rest well for today, and we’ll depart tomorrow.” The mayor’s face glinted with greed, convinced that there was no way they could clear the dungeon in time.

* * *

Later in the evening, voices could be heard in a luxury hotel.

“Did we really have to go that far? A peaceful resolution would have been better,” Ahn Ho-yeon said to Jaehyun, who had just finished changing after a shower.

Jaehyun responded, “For no other reason than…”


“It’s irritating.”

Speechless, Ahn Ho-yeon just shook his head. Challenging the mayor of Pohang to a bet during their negotiation was quite the move.

Ahn Ho-yeon sighed and said, “Your personality seems different yet similar to Yujeong’s.”

“Don’t compare me to her…”

Before finishing, Jaehyun paused as Kim Yujeong’s face popped in his mind. Why had she cried that day?



“You know Yujeong cried a few days ago, right?”

Silence fell as Jaehyun was taken aback by Ahn Ho-yeon’s question.

“Yes, I know.”

“Do you know why?”

“No idea.”

Their answers didn’t quite match. Ahn Ho-yeon looked worried, while Jaehyun definitely found Kim Yujeong concerning.

Jaehyun thought for a moment and said, “We’ll probably find out soon. She’s always told me whenever something’s up.”

Even now, Kim Yujeong would tell him why she had cried and what had happened. Jaehyun nodded at that thought, unaware that the reason for her tears was himself and that she would never reveal that to him.

* * *

The next day, preparations were finished. Tools for entering the dungeon were neatly packed in their inventory. Normally, Lee Jae-sang managed the potions, but each carried a share just in case they ran out during their assault.

They were about 2 km from the portal where they first arrived. Numerous structures surrounded the bright gate and warning signs were posted all around.

“This way,” Jung Chan said blandly, leading Jaehyun and his comrades. Knowing it was too early to reveal Papillion, Jaehyun had stashed him in a bag for now. Although Jung Chan occasionally grimaced about animal noises around them, Jaehyun paid him no mind.

And there they stood before the gate.

“Let’s go,” Jaehyun said without hesitation, stepping forward.

No one noticed Jung Chan’s expression then, but everyone sensed it—there was no way he would allow Nine’s members to clear this dungeon easily.

‘The damn kids. Let them learn a harsh lesson. I’d be happy to break their arms.’

With a venomous smile, Jung Chan reflected his thoughts, yet he was unaware of the humiliation he would soon face at the hands of Jaehyun in the dungeon.

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