I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 232

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 231: Red Mission (1)

Crunch. Crunch.

Jae-hyeon watched his colleagues eating the apples with a contented smile.

Naturally, the apples he had just handed out to them weren’t ordinary ones.

‘Golden Apples. They’re even the ones I cultivated personally in the trial of Idun.’

The third trial. In the Garden of Idun, Jae-hyeon had grown those apples himself and offered them to his allies.

‘The Golden Apples have the power to amplify magic. If used correctly, they could significantly elevate my comrades’ limits.’

Of course, when Idun had first told Jae-hyeon he was free to take the apples he had grown, he intended to consume them himself.

However, Idun mentioned, as she handed over the apples:

[When a Golden Apple is eaten, its effect is limited to one! You’ll find it difficult to seek any significant increase in your magic power from eating more!]

It was unexpected news.

Not being able to eat the very fruits he had personally grown?

More precisely, not being able to benefit from them was the point, but to Jae-hyeon, it felt no different than not being able to eat them at all.

An item with no practical use was nothing but an ornament. Sadly, Jae-hyeon didn’t have the taste for decorating his home with precious items to boast about.

However, Jae-hyeon soon discovered a new use for the Golden Apples.

‘Feed them to my comrades and hasten their growth.’

From the moment he heard the prophecy’s second verse, Jae-hyeon had made up his mind. He would save the people around him and ultimately kill Odin.

But for that goal to be realized, the growth of his allies was inevitable.

At the least, the A-rank. If they do not reach the realm of S-rank, even defending themselves would be a burden.

Beyond that, even Jae-hyeon’s efforts wouldn’t save them. He couldn’t guard them 24 hours a day, and Odin wouldn’t stand by and watch.

Odin and the Aesir gods were vile beings. It was only prudent to assume they would use his comrades as a weakness to attack him.

Naturally, Jae-hyeon wouldn’t stand for his comrades being his Achilles’ heel.

That was why he had decided to feed them the Golden Apples and facilitate their growth.

Additionally, this would aid his own advancement.

‘Idun’s Compassion’ – a newly obtained EX-grade skill.

With this skill, whenever a member of the party leveled up, Jae-hyeon could obtain unassigned stat points.

‘If used well, I can significantly increase my own stats.’

By doing so, Jae-hyeon could move on to the next phase of divine liberation even faster.

In other words, Jae-hyeon had a grander vision when he distributed the Golden Apples among his comrades.

Of course, their development would also benefit him. Above all else, his growth was of prime importance.

This was a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Jae-hyeon smiled, hiding his ulterior motives.

Kwon So-yul, who observed this, wore a doubtful expression.

“There’s nothing strange in these, right?”

“It’s not strange, but there is indeed something in them. You might be surprised on the next mission. Right, everyone?”

Confidently smiling, Jae-hyeon replied.

He struggled to keep his rising smile under control.

During the next mission, as his comrades diligently gained levels, Jae-hyeon’s stats would skyrocket insanely.

‘Isn’t this just reaping rewards effortlessly?’

Let the skills be the bear’s responsibility, and the stats will be his harvest.

Isn’t this nothing short of heaven?

* * *

[Mission Rank: Red

Objective: Eliminate the corrupted elemental in the newly opened B-rank Gate in Pohang and collect its essence.

Reward: 1.5 million Academy Points per person, a small amount of Arcmetal.]

Jae-hyeon’s party ultimately chose the aforementioned mission.

Just as anticipated, it was a rewarding, red-ranked mission.

It required challenging a B-rank Gate, but it wasn’t much of a risk for Jae-hyeon’s team.

Even during the outdoor training camp, their capabilities had already reached a level out of the ordinary students’ league.

“What’s especially attractive is the Arcmetal offered as a reward.”

Jae-hyeon muttered after completing the application.

Seo Yi-na nodded, agreeing.

“…That’s true. Arcmetal is hard to get elsewhere.”

“Right! You hardly ever see it at the auctions! I, I’ve lurked around auctions several times, but… even if you buy it right away, you have to wait a long time…”

Lee Jae-sang chimed in excitedly, a huge grin on his face.

Arcmetal. In fact, one of the reasons Jae-hyeon chose this mission was because of Lee Jae-sang.

‘With Arcmetal, we can create new alchemical tools.’

Recently, Jae-hyeon had shared information about the medicinal herbs and various plants he was cultivating in the Misty Garden with Lee Jae-sang.

Each one, rare or precious if not previously nonexistent.

While simply utilizing the raw materials would greatly benefit, fundamentally, medicinal herbs show their full effect when compounded.

With Lee Jae-sang’s assistance, they could likely unlock the full power of these ingredients.

Lee Jae-sang, too, was excited by the idea of handling these difficult ingredients and actively decided to help Jae-hyeon.

Yet, he mentioned:

[I-i-it’s necessary to have more resilient and restorative e-equipment to work with new ingredients!]

And the ideal substance to create that equipment was Arcmetal.

It was renowned for its utmost hardness and recovery property.

“Is Arcmetal the same stuff used in Yunhwa Guild’s training hall?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Kwon So-yul confirmed, responding to Kim Yu-jung’s question.

Indeed, Arcmetal had been used in Yunhwa’s secret training hall, priced at an unspeakable level.

“But I’m worried. Even with you, Jae-hyeon… It’s still a red mission with Arcmetal on the line. It seems like it will be quite challenging.”

“Do you mean to say you want to live long again?”

Jae-hyeon laughed as he spoke, and Kwon So-yul scrunched her brows.

“Forget it. Now that we’ve applied, what can we do? Let’s plan properly before setting off so no one gets hurt on the way back.”

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any danger.”

Jae-hyeon spoke with a confident expression. He had enough reason to be sure.

Red mission. The name alone sounded daunting, but in reality–

‘B-rank dungeons are now a level where even Papi can clear on his own.’

With that thought, Jae-hyeon softly chuckled.

* * *

Preparations for departure did not take long to complete.

The party stood in front of the portal leading to Pohang. Since the international portal center was bustling and currently unavailable, they chose to use the Academy’s teleport stone.

Jae-hyeon and the Circle Nine were determined to swiftly accomplish the autonomous mission and move on to the next phase.

Although they were provided a month, finishing the task quickly and resting seemed optimal. It was more comfortable and allowed for a sense of ease.

‘The next mission must be carried out with the guild, which will take a lot of time with many restrictions. It’s better to wrap up this autonomous mission quickly to prepare for it.’

“Is everything packed?”

An Ho-yeon asked, looking at Kim Yu-jung and Jae-hyeon as they packed their personal items.

Kim Yu-jung shrugged.

“Roughly. Anyway, we’re being provided with almost everything we need there.”

“That makes sense. It’s annoying to sort inventory later if you carry unnecessary baggage.”

True to Kim Yu-jung’s words, the dungeon raid would provide all necessary items from the local authorities.

The party didn’t need to worry about anything.

After all, the Academy was assisting them, so burdening the students with even trivial matters wouldn’t be morally correct.

Although there were national funds transferred to the Míleshtechna Academy, it was clear who was being assisted.

‘That’s why the relationship between the local government and the Academy can never be equal.’

In any relationship of give and take, if one side only receives or only gives, the balance is already broken.

“Shall we depart then?”

The party lined up in front of the portal, inhaling deeply.

As Jae-hyeon stepped forward, the surroundings suddenly darkened.

It wasn’t long before they arrived in Pohang.

“There’s a salty smell. Must be the sea, right?”

Kwon So-yul mumbled as she looked around.

Surrounded by the vast blue sea, the portal they had traveled through stood alone.

The magic emanating from the blue-tinged teleport stone.

At the same time, a man appeared before them.

“Are you the ones? The cadets dispatched from Míleshtechna Academy?”

The man’s voice was blatantly unfriendly from the get-go.

Jae-hyeon turned toward the direction of the voice.

A man with a rough beard and unpleasant features stood there.

“And you are?”

Jae-hyeon asked, and the man scowled after looking at him for a while then spoke.

“I’m the guide assigned to you, a radar operator from the radar management headquarters, Jeong Chan.”

Jeong Chan—it was a name Jae-hyeon had not heard before.

Likely not a highly ranked radar operator. Jae-hyeon had once memorized the list of A-rank radars, being very knowledgeable in that field.

If he wasn’t on Jae-hyeon’s radar, it meant the man probably wasn’t very skilled.

“Please, lead the way.”

Jae-hyeon faced him and spoke assertively.

Jeong Chan’s face did not look pleased. He clearly didn’t like the way Jae-hyeon was addressing him.

‘This brat is nothing but a child. Flaunting his Míleshtechna Academy background…’

The man seemed like bad news just by looking at him. Jeong Chan felt a rising irritation from deep within.

Of course, he had already been briefed that Jae-hyeon and Circle Nine would undertake this assignment and that they had skills beyond the ordinary and achievements that a simple student could hardly match.

But he did not fully believe the stories he heard.

No matter how strong they were, were they not mere children yet to become adults?

To think that they’d entrust these kids with a B-rank dungeon in Pohang… It sounded like the upper echelons had completely lost their minds.

Unfortunately, it was distrust fueled by not fully grasping the strength of Jae-hyeon and Circle Nine.

Sadly, there was no one to correct his misconceptions.

“Follow me. The Gate is about 2km away. Though, we should meet the mayor first.”

He said with a lazy posture, hands in his pockets.

At that moment, Kim Yu-jung’s whispering voice came from behind.

“That Jeong Chan guy… isn’t he terribly greasy?”

Jeong Chan scowled once more.

Despite being a whisper, her voice was far too loud.

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