I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 231

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 230: Mission Duration (2)

“This way! How is it, do you like it?”

Led by Idun’s hand, Jaehyun arrived at a land that was even better than he had imagined.

All around were gardening tools necessary for cultivating plants, pots, sprinklers, and shovels neatly arranged.

Idun proudly stated that all these goods were complimentary and that such items weren’t easy to come by.

Indeed, Jaehyun was also pleased.

The site itself was much larger than he had anticipated.

It was like a gold mine.

‘It’s a shame I can’t sell this place…’

Apart from the fact that transfer or sale to others was not allowed, it was perfect.

While the drawback was significant, if he could cultivate useful plants here, it was a very favorable situation.

Idun scurried around the mist garden, providing a hands-on tutorial on plant cultivation.

The main content ranged from selecting fertilizers, picking good seeds, to the amount of sunlight required by each plant.

Jaehyun quickly memorized what Idun had said and reviewed it in his head.

Idun narrowed her eyes, looking surprised. She appeared somewhat envious as she glared at Jaehyun.

“I didn’t expect you to memorize it so quickly… It’s frustrating…!”

“…Frustrating? I didn’t mishear you, did I?”

To his disbelief, Idun was actually enviously keeping tabs on Jaehyun’s brainpower.

Jaehyun shook his head in dismay.

No matter how you looked at it, she was essentially a student or disciple.

Jealousy over this?

“Very Idun-like of you. Take it as a compliment and let it slide.”

Hella commented with her arms crossed.

From her tone, it seemed she genuinely meant it.

Jaehyun sighed in resignation.

“The most important thing you haven’t explained yet. So, what kind of plants can I grow here?”

What kind of effects could the grown plants have?

This was a very crucial part in determining the value of the land for Jaehyun.

Of course, there shouldn’t be much to worry about since the land was granted by Idun, the supervisor of the trials…

‘But still, it’s unsettling if I don’t check properly myself.’

Jaehyun thought so and nodded his head.

At that moment, Idun grinned and lightly gestured in the air.

The familiar status window that appeared brought Jaehyun a shock that was out of this world.

He mumbled with a stunned expression.

“…I can grow all of this?”

“Of course!”

Idun declared confidently.

Jaehyun just stared blankly at the status window and murmured.


* * *

“Really tired. Gardening is not easy.”

The next day, Jaehyun passed through the hotel’s elevator and murmured as he walked through the hallway.

On his way back from visiting a convenience store on the nearby site.

Having spent all day yesterday tending to the garden and using up his energy, he had gone out to buy some drinks for a change of pace.

Jaehyun stretched his stiff shoulders. Even for a transcendent being like a reaper, simple repetitive tasks were quite tiring.

“You’ve worked hard, too. Papi.”


Jaehyun also gave a word of thanks to Papi.

Yesterday, Papi had been very busy helping out, bringing gardening tools, or sprinkling water.

When it first hatched, Jaehyun had wondered if it would really be of any help.

Now, it was hard for him to imagine going hunting or working without Papi.

“Anyway, it’s good that I’m starting to get the hang of things now.”

Of course, there had been trial and error throughout the process.

But since Idun’s explanations weren’t too difficult, and Hella also gave this and that advice on the side, the difficulty was minimized.

As Jaehyun was reflecting on yesterday’s work, that’s when it happened.


A familiar voice came from the opposite side. It was Kim Yoo-jung.

She stood there with an expression of surprise, wearing a ball cap that she rarely used.

“Why are you so startled? Did you see someone you shouldn’t have?”

Jaehyun asked, but Kim Yoo-jung still did not respond.

‘What? Why is she suddenly acting like that?’

Jaehyun looked puzzled at Kim Yoo-jung.

After a while, she managed to speak with effort.

“No, I just had to stop by the convenience store.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s words prompted Jaehyun to nod. Papi also raised a hand excitedly in greeting.

Kim Yoo-jung returned a light greeting with a slight smile.

“Yongyong-ah, hello?”

That was the moment.

Her hair slipped through the gap in the cap, and her flushed eyes and cheeks became visible to Jaehyun.

His expression hardened a bit.

“Hey, what’s going on with you?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.”

She responded quickly as if she had been waiting to answer. Jaehyun narrowed his eyes for a moment then nodded.

“…Then that’s a relief.”

Jaehyun turned and walked toward his room, waving his hand.

“I’ll be going now.”


Kim Yoo-jung replied blandly, then hurriedly walked toward the hotel lobby.

Jaehyun stood there for a moment, watching her leave, his expression hardened.

He knew.

Although he didn’t know why, Kim Yoo-jung had been crying. And this was not a simple matter.

‘The last time I saw Kim Yoo-jung crying was probably in elementary school.’

It seemed like something serious was about to happen.

Although Jaehyun did not know the details, a thought like that crossed his mind for a moment.

* * *

Another day passed. Jaehyun gathered at the outdoor training field to listen to a class.

“Now, let’s start the briefing about the ‘Mission Duration’ which starts tomorrow at the academy.”

Just after finishing a magic duel with the trainees a few moments ago, the instructor began explaining the next event.

The main topic was the mission duration, which had been discussed with his colleagues a few days earlier.

“The ‘Mission Duration’ is essentially an event organized to publicize the names of the Milles Academy cadets and nurture the noble spirit of raiders.

During the mission duration, cadets must perform one autonomous mission and one joint mission with a guild.”

The instructor continued the explanation, pushing up his glasses.

“As one would expect, grades will be divided according to how well the mission is carried out.

For more detailed information and to apply, please refer to the academy’s official website from a PC.”

The explanation was succinct.

The instructor delivered only the information necessary to the cadets efficiently.

Jaehyun and his colleagues knew well that the event was coming, so there was no panic.

After all, Jaehyun had experienced it once, and Lee Jaesang and Kwon Sooyul had already gone through it last year.

No need to get too scared.

…At least, that was the case for someone like Jaehyun.

“Darn it. Are they crazy?! Assigning municipal mission execution to freshmen…?”

“That’s it, although it’s always been like this… but the number of missions we have to do increased this time. It used to be just one till last year.”

“Our circle is full of weaklings, damn. We’re screwed.”

The cadets’ anxious voices could be heard.

This was only natural. The upcoming mission duration was essentially the first event to be carried out only by the cadets, without the intervention of the instructors.

Though national raiders dispatched from the local government would be on standby outside the dungeons to respond to any dangerous situations, the concern remained.

The experience of a frightening situation during the outdoor joint training session had also solidified their thoughts.

Back then, the cadets had to fight with a boss monster nearly A+ rated, the Bone Dragon.

“Then disperse by circle group, devise a strategy, and apply for your missions. The mission duration is one month.

I wish everyone good luck.”

After saying that, the instructor left.

Jaehyun moved towards where the members of Circle Nine were. Now, the real start was unfolding.

* * *

“How about this one? ‘Eliminate 20 goblins in Busan’. It seems to have a decent difficulty level.”

“It looks too low-grade, doesn’t it? A white color?”

Jaehyun shook his head at Kwon Sooyul’s words.

The group was gathered back in their hideout, huddled around a laptop, discussing.

They were conversing about the upcoming mission duration, where the academy didn’t assign the difficulty and missions directly, and the cadets had to choose for themselves, making the consensus of the circle members crucial.

‘We need missions that give us a lot of points. More points are always better.

At least it’s best to choose missions that are red or higher in terms of color.’

Furthermore, to increase the visibility of the circle, it was crucial to secure good missions for the mission duration.

High danger was accompanied by high difficulty, but if they wanted to expand the circle’s activities in the future, they needed to take on these tasks.

Jaehyun refocused on the monitor and refreshed the mission list in descending order of difficulty.

Missions were generally divided into five ranks. The one Kwon Sooyul had picked was white, the lowest level.

There were four more ranks: green, blue, red, and black.

Ordered from the lowest rank upward.

By the way, the party was only allowed to choose up to red missions.

Black rank was for enrolled students, and even among them, only those in the top ranks with permission from the principal could undertake black-rank missions.

Simply put, the highest rank of mission that freshmen like Jaehyun and his group could pick was red.

“Let’s go for the red.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoo-jung and Kwon Sooyul sighed deeply.

“Jaesang and I are returning students, we’ll be fine, but you’re something else. Are you sure? Starting with a red mission?”

She had a good reason for such comments.

A red mission right off the bat. Chances were slim that the instructors would even grant it, and the probability of returning safely was even slimmer.

Especially for freshmen.

“I’ll be fine.”

Of course, Jaehyun replied confidently.

With all that he had achieved so far, there was no reason to be shaken by an assignment like this.

“Now that we’ve decided on red, let’s skim through them without complaining.”

After saying that, Jaehyun stood up and disappeared somewhere for a moment.

A few minutes later, while his colleagues were debating over the mission selection, Jaehyun returned holding a small tray.

“How about eating these while looking over the missions?”

What Jaehyun brought back were apples.

He must’ve carved them himself; their shapes were unappealing with large sections gouged out.

“…What? There are apples this small? They’re only the size of a ping-pong ball?”

Kwon Sooyul tilted her head in wonder, questioning.

An Ho-yeon had the same reaction.

“Sussh, you’re not supposed to peel apples like this…”

“…Talking to me here.”

“Th, this looks like the peel has more fruit on it than the actual apple…”

Seo Ina and Lee Jaesang joined in the comments.

Jaehyun got slightly irritated with their words but forced a smile and added,

“Even though I peeled them laboriously, everyone should have at least one.”

His eyes curved like a crescent moon, and a sinister voice leaked out.

“If not, you won’t be able to leave from here.”



Kwon Sooyul sighed first and bit into one of the peeled apples, true to her kind-hearted nature.

Given their tiny size, the apples fit in one bite.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Kwon Sooyul.


Then, as she chewed on the apple, she furrowed her brow and muttered.

“…This doesn’t taste very good?”

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