I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 230

I Obtained a Mythic Item

229화 임무 수행 기간(1)

A high-end restaurant within the academy grounds servicing all sorts of meats. Circle Nine’s students were huddled together here. Just a while ago, Jaehyun sang about wanting to eat meat, so they decided to continue their discussion at the restaurant.


With the sound of meat hitting the grill, saliva gathered at the corners of Jaehyun’s mouth. How much had he yearned for protein while enduring his trials? Jaehyun couldn’t take his eyes off the meat, swallowing his drool, when suddenly a displeased voice came from in front.

“Where have you been starving?”

Kim Yoojung was leaning her chin on her hand, staring at Jaehyun. The others looked almost the same. All with wide eyes, they sent a wordless pressure, demanding an explanation for the missing person case. It seemed they were quite curious about Jaehyun’s whereabouts.

Jaehyun nodded in thought. ‘Well, it’s only natural they’d react this way.’ He had vanished abruptly without a word only to return a week later. It would’ve been strange if they weren’t worried. He heard that during his absence, his colleagues had gone to Chairman Kim Jiyeon to ask about him. They had put in effort, worried about him.

Of course, their efforts were in vain. After all, Jaehyun wasn’t in this world to begin with. Searching everywhere wouldn’t have found him.

“So, are you not going to tell us this time either? Where you went?”

“Mmm… That’s right.”

Jaehyun nodded to An Hoyeon’s question. There was nothing Jaehyun could do. Even if he said he went to Niflheim to undertake his third trial, who would believe him? It was best not to ask too deeply about such matters.

Fortunately, the others didn’t press him further on this topic. They kept offering him various foods, helping him satiate his hunger(?). Seo Ina was the most enthusiastic.

“…Eat this too.”

As she provided Jaehyun with his favorite foods, she smiled cheerfully, seemingly in a good mood, while Jaehyun awkwardly avoided her gaze and just kept biting into the meat. Everyone in the place had already sensed the extraordinary atmosphere emanating from her actions.

Jaehyun, looking at Seo Ina taking care of him, felt somewhat burdened, yet he didn’t show it outwardly. After all, it might just be her concern for him. Pointing it out could make both of them feel awkward. Better to keep quiet and just eat.

“Ah, even if I did punch him a few times, my frustration’s all gone.”

Kwon Soryul joked, rotating her wrists. In fact, her punches weren’t that hard. She had just grumbled a bit, telling him to stay in touch so the others wouldn’t worry. Jaehyun had no choice but to agree.

Indeed, his sudden disappearance had put a burden on her. With his absence, she had to take on the Circle’s responsibilities, making things tough on her. Jaehyun felt extremely grateful.

“Thank you. Senior, and everyone for worrying.”


Kim Yoojung shivered, mockingly clutching her shoulders. The others also appeared to have goosebumps at Jaehyun’s warm words, a displeasure evident on their faces.

‘Does it really seem weird for me to speak warmly?’ thought Jaehyun. Sure enough, he was known for taking care of his colleagues.

As Jaehyun mused, suddenly Lee Jaesang pointed at the TV, changing the subject.

“That, these days the world is… News is always like this…”

“News?” Jaehyun tilted his head, chewing meat as he switched his gaze to the TV Lee Jaesang pointed out.

On the monitor hung in the center of the restaurant, a story that would peak Jaehyun’s interest was playing.

[The recent increase in dungeon outbreaks has caused the Raiders Association to complain about manpower shortages…]

[The average rank of emerging Gates is also increasing. It seems an unforeseen situation is arising. If we don’t prepare now…]

The news content was not good. Something must have happened during the week of Jaehyun’s absence.

The uneasy aftertaste. ‘This is worrisome.’

“Right around when you ‘ran away from home’, this mess started.”

Kwon Soryul remarked as she slurped her cold noodles alongside the meat.

“The average rank of dungeons appearing worldwide suddenly spiked. The Raiders are in a severe manpower crisis.”

Kim Yoojung responded with worry in her voice, but Kwon Soryul comforted her, patting her shoulder.

“There’s no need to be too pessimistic or too optimistic just yet. The academy hasn’t issued an emergency summon, so let’s not panic too early.”

Academy emergency summons. This was an emergency call to action for academy students in times of national crisis. It was enforced by the National Raiders Association, and Jaehyun had been mobilized for it a few times before his regression… though he hadn’t played much of a role.

Jaehyun shook his head, dismissing the thought. He had other concerns to focus on.

‘Besides, I’ve never heard of such an event in the past.’ Before regressing, he had no memory of demons suddenly swarming like this. Probably the Association was just cooking up a scheme to extract more national budget.

“Isn’t it about that time?” After a while, Jaehyun, who had finished dining with his colleagues, broke the silence, and Seo Ina quickly responded.

“…Yes. The Academy mission period, right?”

Everyone nodded, acknowledging the mission period. It was their second step towards venturing into the outside world, a valuable opportunity for Miller’s students to gain practical experience by fulfilling requests issued by local authorities.

Something Jaehyun also looked forward to.

Having finished his meal, Jaehyun stood up and suggested.

“Let’s move somewhere else and discuss things properly.”

The others had finished their meal too and rose at his suggestion. They hesitated at the sight of the bill. The hefty amount owed to the high-end restaurant was daunting.

Jaehyun chuckled and called them back.

“I’ll pay the bill, so don’t run off, okay?”

He did possess a minimum level of conscience. He had to at least fill them up well as compensation for worrying them… even though he technically ate the most.

* * *

Two hours later, Jaehyun returned to his hotel after discussing the mission with his colleagues. He sat on the bed and muttered.

“It finally feels like I’m home. Is there really no place like home?”

There was a crackling sound throughout his body, stiffness from the accumulated fatigue. The trials had certainly taken their toll. Jaehyun couldn’t understand why his body screamed in protest every time he underwent one.

“Is it time to tally the rewards from the trials?”

Jaehyun had received many rewards in the Mist Garden and Nastrond. Upgrading Nidhogg’s Fang was encouraging, but the rewards he was about to check were no less significant. New skills earned from passing Idun’s trial would accelerate his growth.

Without a moment’s doubt, Jaehyun opened his skill window.

[Passive Skill] Name: Idun’s Kindness Rank: EX Description: The kindness bestowed by the gentle and beautiful goddess Idun. It greatly increases the experience points gained by party members. As the party members grow, the user gains additional stats. *The growth speed of party members is increased by 2x. *For every level gained by party members in a party state, the user gains 1 free distribution stat.

The first thing Jaehyun checked was his skill—Idun’s Kindness, a useful skill for growth.

Earning levels in the system was challenging. Killing thousands of monsters just to get a single level increase at certain stages showed how difficult leveling up was for Raiders. But with his skill, he could double the growth speed of his allies. Furthermore, as they grew, Jaehyun would gain stats as well. It was precisely the skill Jaehyun needed to protect his comrades.

‘It must be Idun’s consideration to help me protect my allies.’

“Good. I can start using this right away. Next is…”

Jaehyun nodded, taking out an item, a key adorned with green decorations.

A familiar notification sounded as he checked the item’s detailed information.

[Special Item] Name: Key of the Mist Garden Rank: Mythic Description: A key that allows travel to the Mist Garden of Niflheim. Other than the ability to move to Niflheim, the key had no special explanation.

However, the status window that followed was exciting enough for Jaehyun.

[Special Item] Name: Land Deed Rank: ??? Description: A contract that allows partial transfer of land in the Mist Garden. Signed personally by Idun.

“Feels good.”

Jaehyun felt a surge of excitement. Finally owning land was undeniable.


He couldn’t resist and gently imbued the key with magic.

―《Key of the Mist Garden》recognizes the user. ―Transferring the user to 《Mist Garden》of Niflheim.

As the system voice echoed, Jaehyun’s view was enveloped in radiant light.

When he opened his eyes again…

“It gives me a bit of motion sickness… but I arrived properly.”

Jaehyun smiled, content in the Mist Garden.

Looking around, he muttered.

“Wasn’t there supposed to be a tutorial system when I arrive here? Why isn’t there any signal…”


Just as he spoke, a voice emerged from behind, startling Jaehyun, almost causing him to draw his sword.


With a startled cry and a hiccup from where the presence was detected. Luckily, the one who had snuck up on him wasn’t an enemy.

“…Idun? Why are you here…?”

As Jaehyun asked, Idun calmed her heart and responded.

“Well, I’m the tutorial system itself!”


“Come on, follow me! I’ll teach you how to cultivate the garden!”

* * *

After reuniting and having an afterparty with Papi, Kim Yoojung threw herself onto the bed at the hotel, flopping down. The hotel bed was soft, but something felt uncomfortable. It hadn’t seemed so before.

Was it time to change the sheets?

Kim Yoojung fiddled with her smartphone and then set it on the bedside table.

“But Min Jaehyun… is he really dating Ina?”

Once back in her room alone, the earlier events became vivid in her mind. Seo Ina, who continuously provided food for Jaehyun. It was an act not typically done unless in a dating relationship. Even if she wasn’t certain, it was clear there was something between the two.

‘It’s obvious. He first said he wasn’t interested and now his mind has changed.’

Kim Yoojung had heard that Jaehyun initially rejected Seo Ina despite knowing her feelings. However, considering Seo Ina’s proactive actions now, it seemed there was more than friendship between them.

“I shouldn’t be worrying about it, but…”

Although her mind understood it clearly, for some reason, she couldn’t erase the image of them standing side by side. She envisioned the two sharing food, walking the streets together, their hands interlocked walking places, despite never having seen such scenes.

‘It’s strange.’

Was it because she had been friends with Jaehyun for so long, and it felt like she was losing him?

She had no idea why, but it was clear that her current feelings weren’t normal.

During the school trip, Kwon Soryul told her to be honest with her feelings.

However, Kim Yoojung couldn’t make sense of it. What exactly were her feelings?

She didn’t like Jaehyun romantically; she had feelings of friendship, but that didn’t extend to love.

Seo Ina was her best friend as well. If the two had mutual feelings, it was her role to wish them well.

But, why. Why?

“I don’t know. I don’t understand.”

Kim Yoojung covered her eyes with her hands, lost in thought. Despite being tired from classes, sleep eluded her.

She was in a state where she couldn’t do anything but couldn’t sleep either.

She spent the night awake, and the next morning, the tips of her sleeves were tear-stained.

But no one would probably notice the reason behind it.

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