I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 229

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 228: Continuing Story (2)

“10,000 years ago, after the conclusion of the first Ragnarok, as you well know, a prophecy was handed down by the Norns. As soon as its contents were revealed, the whole world was plunged into chaos.”

Jaehyun nodded. This was a story he knew well.

The Antagonist of Prophecy.

He had earned such a byname because of it.

‘The first prophecy. It contains the death of Odin and the downfall of Asgard.’

[The weakest being will bring down Asgard.]

That was the content of the prophecy that Jaehyun remembered.

A story that he, the Antagonist, would bring down Odin and Asgard. This story filled even Odin and the Aesir with fear.

For this reason, Odin had one of his ravens, Huginn, deceive Jaehyun by posing as a member of his family to keep an eye on him.

To kill him after the power of the prophecy had run its course.

‘In fact, he was successful. Before my regression, I definitely died.’

During his battle with Jung Woo-min, Jaehyun felt a definite cessation of his heartbeat. The only reason he was alive now was thanks to the Norns system.

Moreover, this was a variable that even Odin had not anticipated.

“What is the content that follows the first prophecy… What exactly is it?”

Unable to endure, Jaehyun asked this question.

“Before we get into the details, you should know that this information is known only by a select few among the gods.”

“Information known only to a few?”

“Yes. Originally, you would not have been entitled to hear it, but… thanks to your clearance of the third trial, your status has risen sufficiently to earn the right. That’s why I’m telling you.”

‘Right… Of course, as my status rose, the information I could access within the Norns system increased as well.’

Jaehyun nodded. It seemed that the clearing of the trials and the rise in status were conditions for unlocking the restricted information.

“I will tell you just once, so listen carefully.”

With those words, Idunn began to speak once more.

“‘By the blood of those who stand beside the Antagonist of Prophecy, the path will open.’”

‘Those who stand beside…?’

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed as he listened to the story.

The tone did not sound positive.

Those who stand beside.

Open the path with blood.

They were keywords that were difficult to think of positively.

“This is the entire second verse.”

Idunn stated firmly.

Jaehyun’s mind began to turn rapidly as he parsed the phrase, carefully interpreting it.

But the sentence didn’t really need interpretation.

It wasn’t a riddle to begin with.

The reason Jaehyun took so long to come to terms with this was purely due to his desire not to accept it.

Before long, his expression turned stone-cold.

Jaehyun clenched his fist and said,

“…You can’t mean that. Those who stand beside… Does that refer to…”

He raised his head as he continued,

“My companions?”

A horrific notion flashed through his mind, something he dared not even imagine.

The Antagonist of Prophecy. By the blood of those who stand with him, the path to Odin will open.

In simple terms, unless Jaehyun sacrificed his own companions,

He would never be able to kill Odin.

Idunn nodded slowly with downcast eyes.

“…Yes. According to the prophecy, your companions must be sacrificed.”

* * *

“Regrettably, without the sacrifice of your companions, you will never be able to kill Odin. The prophecy has already marked their death.”

While Idunn’s face remained outwardly calm as she said this, her heart was burning black inside.

She was honest and could not deceive Jaehyun’s feelings.

She, too, had experienced the loss of those she treasured.

In this situation, any insincere words of hope would only wound him further.

Therefore, she had to speak even more coldly at this point. It was her best attempt to spare him from suffering.

Inside the Misty Garden, silence flowed briefly. Jaehyun looked at the ground, lost in thought.

‘My companions… could die?’

His repeated thoughts still lacked reality.

His companions would be the members of Circle Nine and the Lianhua Guild. Plus the relationships he had built after his regression.

But they were prophesied to be sacrificed?

By the prophecy of the Norns?

Jaehyun felt uncontrollable anger surging from within.

He had regressed to protect those dear to him and had been running toward that goal ever since.

The prophecy was telling him to abandon those dear ones for the greater cause.


That was genuinely what Jaehyun thought.

Of course, except for Kim Yoo-jung, all of Jaehyun’s current companions were ones he had become close to after his regression.

He wasn’t initially intent on protecting these beings and, had he been the same person as before, he might have made a different choice in the current situation.

However, this Jaehyun had not even the slightest intention to abandon his companions.

When he had fallen to the very bottom. At rock bottom, they had saved him.

During his battle with Heimdall, when all seemed lost, his companions had shown him the way forward.

And now, he was asked to give them up?

“Do you think I will abandon my companions?”

“It depends on the situation.”

Even with Jaehyun’s frosty voice, Idunn replied coolly. Her face was completely devoid of emotion.

It was as if the animated being from moments ago had disappeared entirely.

Jaehyun clenched his teeth.

He had many questions floating in his mind, troubling him.

Amid them, Jaehyun voiced a fundamental question.

“Then what have I been fighting for all this time?”

“For the nine worlds.”

“Do you think I will accept that?”

Jaehyun asserted distinctly and clearly.

“I came this far to protect my treasured ones. There’s no reason for me to protect the world if it means sacrificing them.”

Jaehyun declared as such and stood up forcefully.

Yet, he knew.

Idunn was not a malevolent god.

She had her reasons for saying these words to him.

The very prophecies, laid by the Norns themselves, were beyond Idunn’s willpower.

Blaming her would be cruel.

Nevertheless, Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel an undefined anger.

What is a fate that continuously tests me even though I do not wish to be swept away?


If Jaehyun abandoned his companions, then what exactly would he be fighting to protect in that war?

* * *


In the center of the Mist Garden, a portal emitting blue light was activated.

Finally, both days had passed, and the gate to Midgard had opened.

Jaehyun had used the room Idunn provided these past two days. Although he had to do a major cleaning because of the dust, the bed itself was quite comfortable to stay in.

Even if confined, it was still the dwelling of a god.

Although it wasn’t as oppressive as Hel’s temple, Idunn’s garden had a cozy atmosphere that he found quite pleasing.

However, aside from the coziness of the dwellings, Jaehyun’s mind was not at ease.

The second prophecy told by Idunn. It was enough to shake him to his core.

The sacrifice of companions.

Without enduring this, he could not topple Odin, as she had said. Since a god like Idunn told him this, the content of the prophecy wouldn’t be incorrect either.

His mind couldn’t help but be burdened.

Idunn, observing such a Jaehyun, soon gave him a slight smile.

“I gave you a key, so you can come here anytime you want, so visit often! It’s so boring being here alone!”

“Don’t worry. Even without that, I was thinking of bothering you a lot.”

In fact, Jaehyun intended to frequent the Mist Garden to tend to the land he had been given properly.

If you receive something, you must utilize it properly.

Especially since it was land. If he didn’t take full advantage of what he received, that would be more unusual.

With those thoughts in mind, Jaehyun was about to step towards the portal when…

“Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, Idunn stopped him and said,

“I have one more thing to tell you.”

“What is it that demands such urgency…?”

Jaehyun asked, and Idunn, erasing all expression from her face, replied,

“A prophecy once made cannot be changed. By no race, not even by gods.”

It was a statement that hit hard in the chest.

However, Jaehyun did not waver. He had already settled all his courses of action during the two days.

Furthermore, he knew.

Idunn wouldn’t have brought this up to hurt him.

She was simply concerned about him and making such statements for this reason.

“There isn’t a complete lack of options.”

Thus, Jaehyun could only respond that way. At his words, Idunn’s eyes widened.

Her entire body momentarily shook.

There isn’t a complete lack of options?

‘Does he mean there’s a way to overturn the prophecy?’

That shocking thought crossed Idunn’s mind in an instant.

“Could it be… The method you’re talking about isn’t the worst-case scenario I’m imagining?!”

There was indeed one method.

A method to change the set prophecy, to save Jaehyun’s companions.

But it was too…

“If it’s the worst or not, I don’t even know myself. Now, I have to go. I need to go quickly since my academy attendance days are running short.”

Jaehyun wryly spoke, shrugged his shoulders, and fled through the open portal.

Following him towards the portal, Hela looked back for a moment and said,

“It’s a path close to impossible, but the Antagonist will not change his choice. It’s best to give up on persuading him.”


Even Papi nodded in agreement.

After that, Hela and Papi also disappeared through the portal.

Idunn remained alone, staring blankly at the place where everyone had disappeared with a soft smile on her face.

She was almost certain about the method Jaehyun had mentioned.

‘The Antagonist is waiting. For the end when all chains and bindings disappear. ‘Ragnarok’.’

Jaehyun was not trying to prevent Ragnarok, but rather, was planning to invoke it to change fate.

An utterly preposterous endeavor.

It was something that was impossible without putting his own death at stake, yet Jaehyun intended to put it into action.

Regardless of what pain was predestined to lie ahead.

“If that too is your choice…”

Idunn murmured and then smiled gently.

“That’s why you’re the Antagonist, and I am the runaway.”

She remembered Hela’s last words and gripped the hem of her dress tightly.

The Antagonist of Prophecy. He was already attempting to overcome the prophecy of the Norns.

Unlike her, who ran and hid from the prophecy.

“I will always support you, Antagonist. May you not make the mistakes I did.”

You have the strength to correct what’s wrong.

Idunn’s face still beamed with a smile as she spoke.

* * *

The light dissipated, and Jaehyun returned to his hotel room.

When Idunn initially set the coordinates for the portal, she made it so he would be transferred back here.

Since Jaehyun could not head to the sealed city every time he visited the garden, he needed an easy route for himself.

“First, I’ll handle the academy business before using the key again… And then I’ll call Mom…”

As Jaehyun gathered his thoughts and dressed, planning to go get something to eat due to his drained energy.

He hadn’t been doing anything but eating grass in Idunn’s garden for a long while.

He was in dire need of some protein.


That was when Jaehyun reached for the door and stepped outside,

“Whoa?! It’s Min Jaehyun!”

Kim Yoo-jung’s shouting came from across the hallway.

There, all members of Circle Nine had gathered and were engaged in conversation.

Jaehyun looked at them with a confused expression.

“Why are you all here…”

“…Where have you been?”

Seo In-a asked him. Jaehyun hesitated for a moment before answering,

“Well… I had some things to do.”

At his response, Ahn Ho-yeon shook his head in disbelief.

“You should have given us a heads up before leaving. Everyone was worried, you know.”

“Ah… I see I forgot to say anything.”

As Jaehyun scratched his head and said this, Kwon So-yul narrowed her eyes and glared at him sharply.

Jaehyun felt a chill down his spine.

Kwon So-yul approached him, cracking her knuckles, and said,

“I’m in a really bad mood right now. Know why?”

“I don’t, really.”

“Because I had to deal with every single Circle task while you were gone. Would it be okay for me to hit you just once?”

“…Go ahead and hit me.”

“So-so-so, So-yul, no violence…”

Kwon So-yul’s fist was clenched tightly, and Lee Jae-sang tried to hold her back.

It was a day just like any other. But for some reason, Jaehyun’s heart ached on one side.

‘According to the second prophecy, everyone here is destined to die.’

Now, Jaehyun’s gaze was directed in one place only.

And where his gaze fell, the face of the person he needed to protect appeared vividly in his mind.

Kim Yoo-jung.

‘Not much time is left.’

Jaehyun recalled the memories from before his regression.

Kim Yoo-jung.

The day she died in his stead, now less than a month remained.

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