I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 228

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 227: The Continuing Story (1)

“I will now reveal to you the latter part of the prophecy from 10,000 years ago. It’s information that hasn’t been permitted for you to know until now.”

“Not permitted… information?”


Jaehyun frowned at her words, seeking clarification.

“What exactly does that mean…?”

“Let’s move to another location first! It will take some time anyhow…. and since we need to open a portal to Midgard, we can’t return right this moment anyway!”

Idun had lost the serious demeanor from earlier, and instead was back to a more carefree and innocent expression.

Hel muttered under her breath, amused it seemed as if one of the gods was doing their job for once.

Jaehyun nodded in agreement for now.

The latter part of the prophecy. It was a clear loss not to listen.

Since he couldn’t return quickly anyway, it benefited him to recover and take the chance to rest a bit.

The trials he had endured over the past month had been intensive. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t exhausted.

“…Understood. I don’t have much interest in tea, but I shall join you.”

Idun nodded vigorously in response to Jaehyun’s words.


* * *

A short while later.

Jaehyun followed Idun out to the garden terrace. He was seated on a white wooden chair, looking around.

‘So, this is truly a garden.’

When he first arrived, he had been too preoccupied to properly observe his surroundings. Now that he had completed the trials, he had some leisure to look around.

Jaehyun eyed a shelf neatly arranged with various gardening tools.

Huge blades for pruning and sacks of fertilizer piled high. And pots lined up row upon row.

While Idun might be a negligent god, she was certainly not careless when it came to cultivating plants.

In many ways, it was fortunate for him.

“This is a special tea made from herbs that don’t grow in Midgard. I’m sure you’ll find the taste to your liking. It should also warm your body a bit.”

Idun explained cheerfully as she spoke.

Jaehyun responded with a faint smile, nodding politely. He didn’t want to prolong the conversation unnecessarily.

“Ah, yes… thank you.”

The tea Idun handed him seemed to have properties that fought against the cold of Niflheim.

Just a sip made his frozen body start to thaw, warming him to the core.

And not only that.

‘This tastes surprisingly good, unlike the golden apples. The aroma is exceptional.’

He wondered how it was possible to cultivate plants in such a way.

‘Well… the golden apples were remarkably effective, though.’

Jaehyun continued to drink the tea with a faraway look in his eyes.

Chin in hand, Idun watched him contentedly, smiling faintly.

Jaehyun felt somewhat uncomfortable under Idun’s intense gaze.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No! It’s just that it’s been a while since we’ve had guests, and I’m a little excited.”

It was somewhat a sad story.


Jaehyun placed the teacup gently back down on the saucer.

After pondering for a moment, he carefully began to ask.

“By the way, Hel refers to you as ‘the fugitive of the Aesir’. May I inquire why?”

There was still a prophecy to hear, but Jaehyun didn’t consider it urgent.

He had already heard that it would take two more days for Idun to open a portal.

Even if the story of the prophecy was long, it wouldn’t take two whole days.


Idun stroked her chin with her index finger and thumb, glancing at Jaehyun.

Seeing his calm demeanor, she replied,

“If it’s a touchy subject, you don’t have to answer. There was no special meaning to my query.”

Though curious about Idun’s situation, Jaehyun had no desire to pry if it hurt her. His question about her nickname was born merely out of curiosity. If it would cause her pain, he didn’t want to upset her needlessly.

“…No. I’ll tell you.”

It was then that Idun opened up, letting the truth behind her nickname trickle out from her neatly pursed lips.

The fugitive of the Aesir.

It was a name Jaehyun had never expected to learn the circumstances behind.

* * *

In the beginning, I was a god of youth, belonging to the seat of the Aesir.

Odin provided me with wide lands to cultivate golden apples, seeds, and several people to assist me.

With the help of humans, I grew all kinds of plants and finally cultivated the golden apples.

You know as well.

Golden apples possess the power to prevent aging, desired by many races who sought to claim them.

But Odin was greedy.

He refused to share the golden apples with anyone other than himself and the Aesir gods.

He was powerful and suppressed those below him with force.

At that time, everyone except Loki thought that was the right thing.

I did, too.

It took me some time to realize that was wrong.

Odin instigated the first Ragnarok, banishing other races.

He hoarded the golden apples I had grown, using them as a weapon.

In the early stages, the Aesir and Vanir fought evenly, but as the war dragged on, the balance tipped favorably towards Odin.

All because of the golden apples I had grown.

Immortal gods and their armies were an insurmountable force for the Vanir, no matter how powerful.

At the end of the war, Loki was defeated by Odin.

That was the first Ragnarok.

The outcome of the apocalypse.

Although there were other factors, I cannot deny that the apples I grew contributed to the horrors of the war.

The war drove many races to destruction.

Dragons, dwarves, giants…

Their numbers dwindled to a fifth, and now they barely maintain themselves.

After the war ended, I felt guilt. Compassion.

It drove me, who blindly believed in Odin’s righteousness, to make a different choice.

That was to share my apples, the apples of immortality, with the races affected by the war.

However, I was unaware.

My choice would ultimately lead to more deaths.

* * *

“More deaths?”

Jaehyun was now captivated by her story, not even touching his tea.

Idun nodded and continued.

“Yes. Odin threatened me when he learned I was sharing apples with other races… He warned he wouldn’t let me be if I continued.

But I refused his order and kept distributing golden apples to the war’s victims.”

That was the beginning of the disaster.

After mumbling so much, Idun darkened with expressionlessness.

Sensing her unease, Jaehyun asked,

“So what did Odin do?”

“He killed them all. Everyone who had eaten the apples I gave them….”

Jaehyun clenched his teeth involuntarily.

Odin had spared Idun, who handed out the apples, and instead punished those who received them.

It was a warning from Odin.

Don’t dare defy my decisions.

He tormented her by taking away what she held dear.

Furthermore, he must have considered,

There was only one who could cultivate the golden apples: Idun.

For his grand cause, Odin had to exploit her.

Thus, he refrained from killing her.

Jaehyun felt revolted.

Odin had committed countless crimes and ruined individual lives without hesitation.

Himself, Tier, Joo Won, Idun…

He had been trying to manipulate countless people to his liking.

The reasons were unfathomable to Jaehyun.


What exactly was it that he sought through war?

What precisely was motivating him?

“That time, Loki reached out to me. He suggested that we escape from this place together, to break free from Odin’s clutches.”

“So, you fled?”

“Yes. I couldn’t stand seeing others die because of me.

After that, Odin deployed numerous Aesir gods to scour every corner in search of me. Loki and Hel chose this place, Niflheim, to hide me.”


Jaehyun now fully grasped why the garden was in such a cold place.

To hide Idun with certainty.

Even the gods of Aesir would never conceive to search for Idun in a land of ice and prisoners.

It was Loki who protected Idun right from the start, creating a pocket dimension here and an artificial sun to conceal her.

‘Loki… an entity I must encounter one day. The leader of the Vanir coalition and the only one whom Nidhogg acknowledges as overwhelmingly skilled.’

Jaehyun speculated on what kind of being Loki was.

In mythology, he was depicted as a mischievous god, a catalyst for all sorts of events and chaos.

Yet, having heard stories from many gods, including Idun and Nidhogg, Jaehyun began to believe that Loki had different aspects from what the mythology described.

‘Loki will soon reveal himself to me. The movements of the Aesir are intensifying.’

Currently, Loki was imprisoned in the dungeons beneath Asgard.

But when Ragnarok starts, all worldly chains and restrictions would crumble.

Naturally, the chains holding Loki would snap as well.

Jaehyun felt it intuitively.

An encounter with Loki lay in the not-so-distant future.

As he harbored this thought, Idun suddenly addressed Jaehyun.

“So, that’s my story. The process that led to my epithet as the fugitive of the Aesir. Was it the answer you were looking for?”

“Yes. Thank you for sharing.”

Jaehyun said with a subdued voice. Her life was nothing short of abnormal.

Idun must have pondered much during that war.

The war had been caused by Odin and his underlings, but its consequences were entirely borne by others.

‘It must have been very difficult for you. You seem bright on the outside… but the inside must be rotting away.’

Unknowingly, Jaehyun’s expression darkened with pity.

Perhaps he felt a sense of kinship.

Jaehyun was confident that his own life hadn’t been smooth sailing, either.


In that moment, Idun, who had been observing Jaehyun, approached and gently pushed his forehead.

Her expression had brightened again.

“Still so young?”


Jaehyun asked in confusion at her unexpected comment, to which Idun replied with a bright smile.

“When listening to a person’s sad story, it’s best to smile.”

Idun was indeed smiling, yet for some reason, she looked heartbreakingly sad.

Jaehyun strained to lift the corners of his mouth.

Yes. That was Idun’s choice, he thought.

While observing Jaehyun’s peaceful face, Idun placed her hands on her hips.

Nodding, she proposed,

“Shall we get to the main topic then?”

“The story about the prophecy?”

“Right. It’s about time to begin. The second part of the prophecy from 10,000 years ago.”

Unwittingly, Jaehyun held his breath.

The unfolding content of the prophecy.

What truth lay within it?

And why was Idun, despite her brightness, displaying a profound darkness, showing a mix of emotions in her face?

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