I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 227

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Episode 226: Idun’s Gift

“…It wasn’t a monster made to be caught…?”

Idun watched Jaehyun’s battle with an astonished look and let out a hollow laugh. What in the world was happening?

“I’m not surprised since it happens all the time.”

Hela responded, oddly smirking as she took over the conversation.

After all, for her, it wasn’t the first time Jaehyun exceeded her expectations. So, her reaction was rather normal.

But for Idun, it wasn’t the same.

Although Jaehyun splendidly completed both the first and second quests, it had all been within the realm of her expectations.

Regardless of how negligent Idun might be as a goddess, her adversary was still merely human, wasn’t he?

She had anticipated how he’d use his wit and how he’d overcome challenges to some extent.

That’s what she had thought…

‘I mentioned the term “hidden clear condition,” but to actually defeat the Executioner? How can this be?’

That phrase was written solely to encourage the adversary’s motivation. The events were unfolding completely opposite to her intent, and Idun cradled her head in her hands.

Then, pouring fuel on the fire of her predicament, Hela asked,

“I’m curious. What exactly is the ‘big gift’ you’re going to give to Jaehyun?”

Hela took a sip of her tea, a malicious smile on her face. Idun clenched the hem of her blouse as she looked at her briefly before bursting into helpless laughter.

Well, it’s good as long as the adversary gets stronger…

* * *

―You have cleared the Main Quest 《Idun’s Trial (2)》.

―You have cleared the Special Quest 《Stopping the Executioner》.

―You have cleared the quest via a hidden route.

―Rewards will be adjusted upwards.

Jaehyun grinned contently at the series of messages.

“I had to take some risks, but if the rewards get enhanced, then it’s all worth it.”

During the recent battle, Jaehyun could have just stalled for time to successfully finish the last wave.

Not achieving the hidden clear condition would not have penalized him, and he had already gained much from this trial.

There was no reason for him to take this course of action.

He had been doing well thus far, but any mistake here could have made the situation riskier.

Yet Jaehyun chose the path that involved risk in exchange for greater rewards.

‘Before my regression, I would never have chosen this path.’

Having been through the hells of Nastrond, Jaehyun felt he became more resilient.

The third trial, in particular, had significantly grown his mental strength.

Jaehyun had always been mentally tough, but he wasn’t the style to engage in battles like this, risking his life.

After all, preserving his life had always been his priority.

But he clearly realized during this opportunity that such a way wouldn’t allow him to grow rapidly enough.

Jaehyun learned much from the showdown with Nidhogg and the three waves of the trial.

‘Always think for a better direction. There is a limit to the repetition of meaningless battles.’

With this mindset, Jaehyun intended to advance ever forward, silently.


Suddenly, his body was enveloped in white light and transported somewhere.

When Jaehyun opened his eyes, wrinkling his brow for a moment, he found himself on Idun’s terrace.

Idun, with her hands on her hips, frowned as she saw Jaehyun.

“…Tch! Congratulations on passing the trial!”

“That doesn’t look like a welcoming face to me?”

Despite Jaehyun’s words, Idun’s expression was sour, like that of a goddess about to be fleeced.

* * *

To put it bluntly, Idun faithfully prepared a reward better than the original and handed it to Jaehyun. However, the reward was so peculiar that Jaehyun couldn’t help but ask.

“So, you’re giving me ‘land’?”


Idun responded with a cheerful expression, her hands still resting on her waist.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and asked, “Could you explain in more detail?”

Of course, Jaehyun knew that Idun intended to give him the best she could offer.

In the end, no matter how unprepared or sensitive she was, she was still a goddess.

It wasn’t like her to break her promises or deceive anyone; she was just too meek by nature.

And then there was…

‘The land!’

These were the days when the price of land in Korea was ridiculously high. Even though he was now well-off, Jaehyun had once been worried about paying monthly rent.

Back then, owning a house and land was his sincere wish.

‘My land.’

It was a pleasant notion.

Jaehyun had asked Idun for clarification for this reason—to comprehend the utility of this ‘land.’

Idun took a moment to choose her words, and then she continued.

“In simple terms, I’m offering you a mini-garden to grow plants. A mystical land where you can cultivate various herbs, including golden apples!”

“Mystical land…?”

“Yes. Right here. A piece of land from the Mist Garden.”

Realizing the stakes of what Idun was proposing, Jaehyun couldn’t deny its exceptional value. However, there was still something he didn’t understand.

“But can land be so easily sectioned off and handed over?”

“Of course not! Are you being foolish, adversary?!”

Hela smacked Idun’s head lightly, admonishing her, “Don’t speak so carelessly when you’re about to be deprived of your land. Explain properly.”


Clearing her throat, Idun replied, “It’s not about physically taking a piece and giving it away, but giving you a key that allows you to enter the Mist Garden whenever you wish. Also, I’ll provide a gate that leads directly from Midgard to Niflheim.”

Jaehyun found it perplexing; if such a gate existed, why had he risked using Draupnir to come here in the first place?

“That’s possible?”

Complaining with a hint of injustice, Jaehyun asked. They should have told him about this method before he used Draupnir. Was this a challenge?

He clenched his fist without realizing it.


Noticing Jaehyun’s agitation, Idun hurriedly added, “The item I’m about to give you can only store locations you’ve visited before. Even so, unless it’s a secluded place like the Mist Garden, you can’t move freely due to Asgard’s scrutiny.”

“I see.”

Idun went on, assuring that she would directly open the portal to return. Jaehyun, who had worried he might need to use Draupnir for the return trip, found his worries alleviated.

“Why can the land do just that?”

“…Hela, is the adversary always this impudent…?”

Despite having received ample rewards, Jaehyun seemed obsessed with prying more from the situation.

For Idun, this was unthinkable. She was offering a piece of the Mist Garden, a place for which even gods salivated.

‘I’m also offering a chunk of my land with great generosity!’

Thinking so, she couldn’t say it out loud for fear of seeming petty.

Instead, she forcefully frowned, pretending to be offended, “You may not know much about it, so I’ll let it pass, but the value of my land is immense! Other uses of the land will become clear when you return to the garden with that key. I’ve prepared a fitting tutorial!”

“Alright. I didn’t mean to upset you…”

Jaehyun tried to appease her then felt a sudden rush of anger.

Yes, rewards are good and all.

But what about the sudden difficulty spike in the trials, or being sent to face Nidhogg…

Jaehyun had his share of grievances against Idun!

Now he, too, had a reason to be upset. He gritted his teeth as he spoke, “…Should I apologize for a mutual fault?”

Jaehyun’s words carried a chilling undertone.

Idun glanced away in haste, stuttering, “Uh, no…”

“I’m feeling quite relieved.”

Hela rarely praised Jaehyun. It seemed they weren’t exactly on good terms. Or maybe, should it be seen as a good thing?

“Please give the next reward. There are still rewards due, aren’t there?”

As Hela urged, Idun, feigning joy, said, “The next reward is… the right to have tea with me!”


There, Jaehyun could only express pure bewilderment.

A right to have tea together…?

“You can’t be serious?”

Forgetting his manners, he blurted that out.

But at his words, Idun stepped back, visibly shaken.

‘Rejecting my offer for tea time…?’

Idun, a goddess undeniably beautiful, had numerous beings in the vanir faction wishing to share tea with her.

And now, the human adversary was refusing her invitation?

Taken aback, she bowed her head as if she’d received a blow, while Jaehyun still looked confounded.

Idun recovered with a meek voice, “The tea isn’t the main thing; actually, I have something to tell you. It’s a story you must hear.”

“Of course… I mean, tea as a reward…?”

Jaehyun Accepted the premise immediately, appeased by the explanation.

Idun looked at him sharply, though she didn’t really mind the question.

“So. What is this thing you have to tell me?”

“The adversary of prophecy, your destiny.”

Idun’s gaze was locked on Jaehyun, her expression earnest, a faint scent of herbs wafting from her vibrant green hair. However, alongside it seeped a vague sense of unease.

“Do you remember the content of the prophecy that was given to the nine worlds in the past?”

“The adversary of prophecy, the weakest being, will bring down Asgard and Odin… was that not the content?”

“That’s correct. But there’s something you don’t know.”

“Something I don’t know?”

“The prophecy isn’t entirely that. There’s more that follows.”

Idun smiled brightly. “I’m going to tell you the rest of the prophecy from 10,000 years ago. A piece of information that has not been permitted for you until now.”

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