I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 226

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 225: Executioner (2)

“Defeating the Executioner and the hidden clear condition of the quest.

These were issues that didn’t need to be considered separately.”

Jaehyun smiled as he looked at the long shadow cast by the demon’s hand.

The hidden clear condition of the sudden quest that appeared alongside the last elite monster in front of him. Just as he said, the two were closely related.

‘No, it would be more accurate to say they were connected.’

In the past, Jaehyun had cleared quests with hidden conditions.

The Last Festival.

During that event which marked the end of the theme dungeon, Jaehyun had to escape from the Dust of Surtr.

In a situation where the base was destroyed and a normal quest clear was impossible, after much deliberation, Jaehyun made a reckless decision.

He fulfilled the hidden clear condition by defeating the Dust of Surtr.

With that experience, Jaehyun was quick to deduce the hidden condition of this quest.

‘Defeating the Executioner. That must be the hidden clear condition.’

In fact, in a defense game, any clear condition other than defeating monsters was nonsensical.


Jaehyun continued his train of thought as he narrowly avoided an axe swing.

‘Moreover, the quest said it. One being two, and two being one demon. That’s the essence of the Executioner.’

Why didn’t his attacks affect the Executioner at all?

Jaehyun’s mind was now brushing past the answer to that doubt.

―Divine power will be unlocked.

Jaehyun immediately unlocked his divinity and momentarily closed and opened his eyes.

At that moment, golden light leaked from his left eye.

Simultaneously, just as when he fought against Nidhogg, threads of mana became visible in his left eye.

The threads of mana, tied in knots, were positioned in both demons, at their hearts.

‘As expected.’ Jaehyun muttered to himself as he observed the threads encircling the monster before him.

“Why is there only one shadow? Two monsters exist from a single soul?”

After grasping the essence of the Executioner, Jaehyun returned to his attacking stance. His body coiled like a spring before he shot towards his enemy.


Activating a wind attribute auxiliary magic had become an indispensable part of combat.

Jaehyun, having mastered most mobility spells, could move quickly even with a small amount of mana.

Holding Nidhogg’s Fang tightly in his hand, Jaehyun accurately severed the thread of mana connecting to the Executioner on his left.


This time, instead of a grazing hit, he felt the sensation of his dagger slicing through the monster’s body.

‘Did it work…?’

However, a premature decision in battle always led to bad results.

Jaehyun narrowed his brows as an axe swung from the Executioner grazed closely past his shoulder.


Had it hit directly, it would have caused a deep wound.

Jaehyun looked up at the monster with a surprised expression.

In that moment, he had to face a shocking scene.


‘The severed mana thread is… being mended?’

The mana thread he had just cut was regenerating.

Moreover, it was even more robust than before.

‘As the system mentioned, there must be another method to defeat it….’

It seemed that cutting the knots entangled in the mana thread alone was insufficient to kill the enemy.

Somehow, it all seemed a little too easy….

Jaehyun, together with his thoughts, also rolled to avoid another axe swing from the Executioner.


The axe crashed into the ground, breaking it apart.

Jaehyun stepped back lightly, catching his breath.

‘I have to think. How can I kill these guys?’

He remembered the mana thread that continued to regenerate even after his attacks. It was slowly being sutured, connected to somewhere.

‘The thread that fell from the knot of the mana I cut is connected to….’

Then. Jaehyun’s eyes lit up and a clear smile spread across his lips.

“The other Executioner’s knot.”

The knots of mana of the two beings were connected to each other.

Jaehyun activated mana detection and realized they were sharing their mana with one another.

Is this really the final elite boss of the wave?

An enemy that can’t be cut without seeing the threads of mana. Moreover, even if one side’s thread is cut, they regenerate by receiving mana from the other.

These were beings that no raider in the world could oppose.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t worried.

Because the simplest and most destructive method to defeat them had just crossed his mind.

“If cutting one side doesn’t work because the other supplies mana to revive it.”

Jaehyun smiled.

“All we need to do is cut both sides simultaneously, right?”

He had an intuition.

The next attack would surely sever their breaths.

* * *

Knock, knock.

In the guild master’s office of Yeonhwa.

Yoo Seong-eun yawned wearily as she tackled her backlog of work. Dark circles reached down to her cheeks, speaking volumes of her recent efforts.

“Come in.”

As she massaged her forehead and spoke, a familiar man entered the room. It was her manager, Park Seong-jae.

He started with a worried look on his face.

“Your complexion looks quite worn out.”

Yoo Seong-eun sighed, leaning back into her chair.

“It can’t be helped. Considering the recent social climate….”

Yoo Seong-eun remembered the recent domestic and international news articles and sighed.

The average grade of monsters appearing in dungeons and fields had risen sharply recently, and as a result, the number of raiders dying had also surged.

Yeonhwa had been troubled with several of their guild members becoming victims already.

“If it were just a normal gate, Seong-jae oppa wouldn’t make it sound so serious… Is it a big problem?”

“There’s no certainty whether it can be stopped by Korean raiders.”

As Park Seong-jae said this, his expression wasn’t good either.

Up until now, Korea’s main guilds had dealt with gates better than any other country in the world. The damages were also relatively low compared to other countries.

This was, of course, because Daegu was the first place in the world where monsters erupted.

They could prepare for it first, which meant the establishment of the national association came earlier, and preparedness was better overall.

However, that didn’t mean it discounted the capabilities of Korean raiders.

Korea had somehow produced many excellent raiders disproportionate to its population.

Yet, even for them, it was said to be unstoppable?

Yoo Seong-eun bit her lip and said,

“It looks like we’ll have to request support from other countries.”

“That’s… it seems to be almost impossible too.”


As Park Seong-jae began to explain, Yoo Seong-eun’s voice came out puzzled.

Watching her reaction, Park Seong-jae continued with tension in his voice.

“The gates have opened not only in Korea.

Gigantic gates, unprecedented, have begun to open in various countries across the world.”

Yoo Seong-eun didn’t know how to respond at all to that.

Gates simultaneously bursting around the world?

This had never happened before.

But the situation was already unfolding.

While it was important to investigate the cause, the priority was to respond to the issue.

“Please gather the main guilds in one place within three days.”


Park Seong-jae and Yoo Seong-eun. Both intuited in that fleeting moment.

This situation was going to proceed unusually grave.

* * *

Cut both sides simultaneously.

Jaehyun’s conclusion was simple, yet there were hardly any people who could execute it.

In fact, besides Jaehyun, one might say there were none.

‘Even Balak probably couldn’t.’

It was not an easy feat even for Jaehyun.

He had used a sword for quite some time now, but its density and duration could not compare to Balak, and while his weapon was powerful, it didn’t compensate for speed.

In short, Jaehyun’s sword had destructive power, but lacked the necessary speed for a decisive finish.

“But that doesn’t mean there’s no way.”

Jaehyun always overcame unfavorable situations with ingenuity.

He was confident he could triumph this time too.


Jaehyun unlocked his mana and vanished completely from where he stood for a moment.

―Active skill 《Stealth Lv 3》 activated.

―Active skill 《Wind Boost Lv 5》 activated.

―With the effect of the passive skill 《Light’s Step》, efficiency of speed-related skills is maximized.

Jaehyun charged at the enemy at the fastest speed he could muster.

Then, reaching behind the enemy, he deliberately extended his arm, exposing his shoulder and abdomen.

Just like his fight with Joo Won in the past, Jaehyun had thrown delectable bait.

The Executioners immediately responded to his movement.

They both raised their axes and swung them down with all their might.


Jaehyun smirked as he dodged both attacks, one aiming for his torso and the other for his shoulder.

‘I’ll end it here.’

Jaehyun’s eyes once again turned golden as he observed the two knots connecting the enemies.

Without hesitation, he filled his sword with power.

Nidhogg’s Fang. Blue flames of mana blossomed from the tip of the dagger.


Jaehyun stretched out his hand, allowing the raging sword to flow.

The sword that had left his hand eventually simultaneously cut through both demons.

― Third Sword Form of Formless Blade 《Extension Sword》 activated.

As Jaehyun’s sword met the knots of mana, it underwent a transformation.

The formless extending blade flew precisely and severed both knots in one strike.


Jaehyun smiled.

Two enemies. But there was only a single sound of being cut.

―You have successfully defeated the third elite monster 《Executioner》.

* * *


Meanwhile, in the terrace of the Mist Garden, the sound of a teacup shattering below a table echoed.

There, Idun muttered to herself with a dazed expression as she watched Jaehyun’s performance.

“…It wasn’t a monster meant to be captured…?”

Is he crazy?

That was all Idun quietly mused.

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