I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 224

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 223: Tree Defense (3)

“Did an elite monster appear during the first wave?”

Despite racking his brain, Jaehyun couldn’t recall immediately. He stroked his chin with a puzzled expression.

It was strange indeed.

When he first read the rules of Tree Defense, the quest window had the following information:

[An elite monster appears in every wave, and the wave ends when the elite monster is defeated.]

“An elite monster appears in every wave. But I haven’t hunted the first elite monster.”

Then it meant, after all.

“The first elite monster. It must have already appeared, and I think it’s hiding somewhere.”

And it was likely that this monster had caused damage to the tree.

Jaehyun looked at the tree, whose vitality had been slightly reduced, with pursed lips.

Lifting his head, he turned around, murmuring with a frown.

“And it’s hiding somewhere in our defensive territory.”

Just as he realized that, a fresh quest appeared before Jaehyun’s eyes, announced by a crisp voice.

–You have noticed the existence of the first elite monster!

–A hidden quest has been initiated.

–Find and defeat the first elite monster hiding in the allied formation.

–Rewards will be increased upon clearing.

* * *

[Hidden Quest]

Hidden Elite Monster

In the Tree Defense game, there is a monster stealthily hidden within the allied formation.

This monster is greedy, coveting the golden apples ceaselessly.

Find and defeat the hidden first elite monster.

‘I never thought there’d be a hidden elite monster… This is something unexpected.’

Jaehyun grumbled as he ran his hands through his hair. It was an unsettling turn of events.

The game of Tree Defense had already tested Jaehyun with its high difficulty.

And now, hiding another elite monster to further test him?

Jaehyun’s anger towards Idun, the daring goddess issuing this third ordeal, was palpable.

“Anyway, I need to set the complaints aside for now. Finding the first elite monster is the top priority.”

Jaehyun stood up from a makeshift chair made of thick tree roots and gathered his mana.

As always, the first skill he used was mana detection.


Jaehyun dispersed his mana widely to gather information about the nearby area.

He checked for any foreign mana, distinct from known presences around him.

‘If the enemy is using a stealth skill to hide, I should be able to detect it with mana detection.’

However, contrary to his expectations, no foreign mana was detected nearby.

It couldn’t be helped. While mana detection was an excellent skill, it wasn’t perfect in distinguishing enemies from allies.

Simultaneously analyzing the situation, Jaehyun closely inspected the tree.

Soon, he discovered several small wounds on the corner of the apple tree.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and tilted his head in thought.

“I thought it was damaged by a ranged attack… But it seems that’s not the case.”

The wounds on the tree were not caused by a ranged attack.

Marks on the bark resembled those made by a dagger.

Then, a thought flashed through Jaehyun’s mind as he mulled over.

“Right… Now I see. The elite monster didn’t conceal its appearance nor injure the tree with long-range attacks.”

Jaehyun quickly turned and clenched his fist.

“Then the remaining possibility is….”

His gaze focused on a particular spot.

* * *

Moments later.

Jaehyun arrived where the guardians and monsters he had summoned, including Papi, were gathered in their garrison, waiting for the next wave.

“Everyone, there’s no time. Stand up and line up in a row.”

Jaehyun shouted with mana-infused voice, lining up all the guardians and beasts, scanning them with his eyes.

Click! Click!

Finally, all the allies stood in line before him.

Papi also stepped sideways and stood in line, and Jaehyun patted her head saying,

“You don’t have to stand.”

At ease at last, Papi started eating the sandwich that Jaehyun had given her earlier.

Jaehyun then drew his mana once again.

– Activating active skill [Insightful Eye].

– Differentiate the degree of danger based on the subject’s abilities.

Using the skill’s effect, Jaehyun began to check the risk ratings of his allies.

Sure enough, there was a solid reason for his action.

To confirm the speculation he had.

– The designated target’s risk rating is [Low].

Each beast’s rating was fixed.

Of course, it would be odd if ratings varied when the same beasts were summoned.

Jaehyun continued to verify the details of the guardians.

Similar messages followed, dividing the risk levels of the beasts.

While the messages looked ordinary, Jaehyun was convinced.

There was a variable inside that he hadn’t accurately identified.

– The designated target’s risk rating is [Low].

– The designated target’s risk rating is [Low].

– The designated target’s risk rating is [Low].

…- The designated target’s risk rating is [Medium].

And that one message proved his guess was not wrong.

“It’s you? The spy.”

Jaehyun smirked as he raised his fist towards one guardian.


The guardian’s form flew away and lodged into the wall behind, as Jaehyun did not hesitate to punch. Wooden splinters flew as the palisade wall broke.


Jaehyun stepped forward and glanced at the fallen guardian on the ground.

The culprit who had wounded the tree.

Jaehyun had just discovered him.

* * *

Jaehyun curled a bitter smile on his lips.

Still, he kept walking towards the guardian.

“If I think about it, it was strange from the beginning. Why would a guardian, programmed for the trial, make a mistake during the group action?”

Jaehyun muttered to himself while looking at the shattered wall.

The guardian that had been slammed against the wall collapsed to the ground; stone pieces from the golem crumbled, starting from where it had been hit.

‘A familiar face. As I thought, it was him.’

The creature’s face was strangely familiar.

It was the one who had notably made frequent mistakes during the initial lineup and battle.

Jaehyun had previously thought its actions were merely happenstance.

But the creature’s repeated blunders were not due to its own shortcomings. It wasn’t a guardian from the start.

It was a thief, cloaked as a guardian, coveting the golden apples.

Actually. When Jaehyun used Insightful Eye, unlike the others, this one’s risk was categorized as medium.

This was clearly strange.

At the beginning, when the game’s rules were explained, the system had told him.

All guardians and summoned beasts’ ratings are fixed.

‘But one’s risk rating is different? The reason is obvious.’

At the moment Jaehyun became certain, the system’s notification rang again.

– You have found the first elite monster [Betrayer].

Jaehyun nodded at the message and realized his thoughts were correct.


The system referred to the earlier elite monster with that term.

Betrayer means a traitor or a turncoat.

‘Tsk, a monster befitting its name.’

Jaehyun clicked his tongue with that thought.

Without delay, he drew up his mana.


Simultaneously, as if realizing that it couldn’t disguise itself anymore, the guardian shape-shifted from the form of the betrayer back to its original.


From the initial mix of tree roots and stone shards, tentacles burst from the splitting form.

The tips of the tentacles were sharp as well-forged swords.

Presumably, the recent wounds on the tree were due to these tentacles.

A giant black eyeball opened in the middle where the core should have been.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but shake his head at the bizarre sight.

“To have such a creature hidden…”

He muttered and gazed ahead, contemplating that one should never let down their guard.

The difficulty of the third trial overall was daunting, offering Jaehyun rigorous challenges.

The endless waiting, doubting what was once trusted…

Having experienced these repeatedly, Jaehyun couldn’t help but clench his fists with newfound resolve for revenge against Idun.

“Let’s see… The wave starts in an hour, so I’ll finish this in 30 minutes.”

Jaehyun said, clenching his fist without even drawing a sword.

Weapons and magic were good, but for someone who hit from behind, a punch was the answer.


Jaehyun’s tightly gripped fist struck the betrayer’s face once more, forcing it to turn sharply.


Little did the creature know.

That was just the beginning, and for the next 30 minutes, it would be groaning under Jaehyun’s barrage of punches.

Jaehyun instinctively knew how to hit just enough that the enemy’s consciousness wouldn’t fade.

It was something that came naturally with years of… experience(?).

“Bite down hard on this.”

A short time passed.

As the sound of fluttering hands was heard, a system window appeared.

– You have successfully defeated the first elite monster [Betrayer].

* * *

– You have successfully cleared the hidden quest [Hidden Elite Monster].

– Rewards for clearing the trial have been adjusted upwards.

– You have defeated an elite monster. You have gained 30 points.

After defeating the betrayer, another 30 minutes passed.

Jaehyun sighed softly as he prepared for the last wave, upgrading the defensive palisade to the final third stage with another 100 points invested.

Thanks to that, his remaining points were 313. Having earned 60 points for defeating two elite monsters, he hadn’t spent as much as he’d expected.

Jaehyun used all his remaining points to muster frost trolls, monsters specializing in defense.

He was uncertain what enemy would appear last, but he knew the boss fight wouldn’t be easy.

It was inevitable that Jaehyun would face the boss alone, and right now, choosing priorities was crucial.

Infiltration and magic-type monsters would’ve been good choices, but considering the need to stall for time, it was not the most efficient choice.

“Finally, the last one then?”


“Yes. You want to go back quickly too, right Papi? We’re out of sandwiches.”

Jaehyun smiled teasingly. Papi looked despondent and nodded.

Apparently, she missed her owner, Kim Yoo-Jung, and the terrible cooking she provided.

After catching his breath, Jaehyun prepared for the final defense atop the tree.

– The third wave is starting.

As the system’s notification sounded, he could see an army grouped in the distance, marching toward them.

Thump. Thump.

The majesty of the marching beast legion was fitting the final wave.

Jaehyun stared at two creatures moving amidst them, too far to ascertain their exact size but looking larger than two meters, with perfectly matched faces and carrying axes as large as a lion’s head.

Jaehyun’s brow furrowed as he fixed on the two beings.

‘…Such overwhelming power.’

He sensed it.

The two beings before him were the final wave’s elite monsters.

– The third elite monster [Executioner] reveals itself!

As if confirming the facts, the system’s voice resounded in Jaehyun’s ears.

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