I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 223

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 222: Tree Defense (2)

Back when Jae-hyun sought the Thunder Step from the TRP in a theme dungeon, he acquired a skill known as “Conductor’s Shout.” This skill could only be activated when there were more than 50 allies on the field, instantly increasing their stats by 1.3 times. For Jae-hyun, it was nearly an unusable skill.

‘After returning, I’ve mostly been alone or just with my companions. There never was a chance for 50 people to gather in the first place.’

Thus, this skill had been sealed away for a while. Despite its clear power, the restrictions made it useless for Jae-hyun.

But now, things had changed.

For the first time, Jae-hyun activated Conductor’s Shout, boosting the abilities of his allies.

And the result was the dismembered bodies of enemy creatures that were now scattered across the enemy camp.


The enemy’s formation had collapsed long ago. To hasten their disintegration, Jae-hyun wielded his sword and magic across the battlefield, slaying several creatures as more poured out of the gate.

“Trolls! Surround the tree and block the attacks as much as possible! Frost wolves, move behind the enemy to take down their mages! Mages, all stay on standby! Wait for my command!”

These were Jae-hyun’s reasons for starting the battle from the highest point he could—so he could issue efficient commands. Vision and cognition were essences of defense games.

There’s also an old saying: ‘To read the battlefield, one must view it from high above.’

Jae-hyun opted for this conventional method.

As Jae-hyun smiled, he noticed a guardian golem struggling on the battlefield. Sighing at the sight of the golem getting hit without properly utilizing its size, Jae-hyun muttered, “There’s always one problem child in the bunch.”

Just as he clicked his tongue, sounds of the system rang in his ears, the notifications increasingly improving his mood.

―You have defeated an enemy. You’ve gained 1 point.

Jae-hyun deactivated the kill notifications and refocused on the battle.

For about an hour, he and his allies slaughtered the incoming horde. Papi, too, held his ground without falling behind the A-class creatures.

His rank wasn’t high yet, but his scales were sturdy enough to withstand even S-class magic, making him incredibly valuable in this defense game.

‘Phew… are we somehow managing?’

While not facing sophisticated enemies as at the start, challenging moments still arose, but they were consistently overcome.

Strengthening the palisade had also proven to be useful. The chains that had tied it prevented the creatures from damaging the tree just before striking. The axes held by frost trolls couldn’t break through the bound palisade.

Jae-hyun realized that it was crucial to use the system effectively, but also that his wit was equally important.

‘I can block the enemies with the palisade, but enhancing it requires points. However, if I use my skills, I can strengthen it without spending points. I must not rely blindly on the system and exploit its vulnerabilities.’

The word ‘vulnerabilities’ might be vague, but it wasn’t incorrect.

Jae-hyun intended to achieve the best results possible in this defense game.

[Current enemy kill count: 304]

Jae-hyun had already slain nearly 300 enemies.

‘It should be about time for them to appear…’

He scanned his surroundings, looking for something.

What he sought was simple: “Elite monsters.”

These were traditionally major threats in a defense game.

Even the system’s explanation mentioned elite monsters appearing at specific times during waves.

And at that moment…


With a trumpet sound, armored creatures started to emerge, pounding the ground as they approached.

Jae-hyun lifted his head immediately.

A monster with a unique appearance appeared, something he had never seen before—a bulky body with a rocky texture covered in a thick hide and massive horns fit for quadrupedal movement.

It was obvious why it had appeared now.

‘That thing… it’s here to break the palisade.’

―The elite monster “Destroyer” has appeared.

Jae-hyun clenched his teeth and rushed toward the creature, specialized in destroying defenses.

Its massive, rough horns seemed capable of tearing through anything in their way.

If that monster charged the palisade, even the chain-bound barriers would be smashed to bits in an instant.

Gritting his teeth, Jae-hyun charged at the Destroyer.

“We must stop it at all costs.”

* * *

Tree Defense.

When Idun first prepared this trial, one of the entities deemed the most difficult to handle was the Destroyer.

A being capable of shattering defenses and blasting away groups of creatures in one fell swoop.

Its destructive power was as formidable as its name.

Of course, this was Jae-hyun’s first encounter with such a creature, and he had no information about it.

Such is the nature of trials; they are seldom friendly. And Idun, with her innocent character, was an even harder deity to deal with.

But Jae-hyun had to adapt.

‘Just two more waves to withstand. I can’t afford to make a mistake here.’

Jae-hyun had no intention of spending another 30 days staring at an unchanging tree.

The battle against the mighty creature raged on.

*Boooom! Boooom! Boooom!*

Jae-hyun was engaged in a fierce battle with the Destroyer.

Its horn attack was so powerful that even a group of S-class creatures would struggle to defend against it.

Jae-hyun was bathed in sweat from the effort. But no matter how overpowering the enemy seemed, it wasn’t beyond his capability to confront.

‘I fought against Nidhogg, a mythic creature; I can’t be overwhelmed by this.’

Believing so, Jae-hyun quickly deployed magic.

―Activating the active skill “Hell Fire.”

A furious roar erupted as Jae-hyun released a powerful blaze of S-class Hell Fire towards the creature, causing its behemoth body to stagger.


Disturbed, the beast retreated a few steps but quickly emerged unscathed from the smoky aftermath, its hide slightly reddened by the attack.

‘As expected… even an S-class skill can’t penetrate its skin.’

Jae-hyun had already felt this when he had forced a change in the creature’s trajectory earlier. Despite various assaults, the Destroyer hadn’t taken a single wound.

Enraged, the Destroyer ignored the palisade, instead charging directly at Jae-hyun.

Jae-hyun dodged its imposing horns and smiled. “Tough skin, I get it. But…”

In mid-air, he seized the opportunity, using the descent to draw a short blade, readying himself for the next phase of defense.

“There aren’t many chances left.”

As he descended upon the Destroyer, Jae-hyun unleashed a grand magic formation below, illuminating the area with a vivid purple light, entrapping the beast.

―Activating the active skill “Poison Shock.”

―The enemy is affected by “Deadly Poison” (maximum stacks).

Along with the system’s notification, Jae-hyun poured strength into the fang of Nidhogg held in his hand.


He swooped down, facing the powerful movements of the Destroyer with his body arched.

Jae-hyun bore a smile as he raised his blade, aimed right at the creature. It did notdodge, confident in its rugged armor, but…


Contrary to its expectations, the Destroyer’s flesh tore like tender tofu under the edge of his sword.


The beast was in disbelief, wavering as it tried to comprehend its wounded state. However, Jae-hyun had known what would happen all along.

‘During my time at the academy, I learned the method to combat creatures with armored hides – heat the outer layer with fire magic and then soften and slash it.’

Though not the most diligent, Jae-hyun was a brilliant student, capable of applying his knowledge when it mattered most.

And so, his blade cut through the creature’s heart, splitting the Destroyer into two equal parts. Already formidable weaponry when combined with tangible skills, they were unstoppable.

―Passive skill “Venomous Dragon’s Cruelty” activated!

In a brief moment, the sundered monster fell to the ground, split through and through.

Then, the system message followed.

―You have successfully defeated the second elite monster, “Destroyer.”

―You have defeated an elite monster. You have earned 30 points.

―The second wave has ended entirely.

[Killed Monsters: 342]

[Points Owned: 383]

Having spent 30 points on reinforcing the palisade, he had 383 points remaining—ample for summoning more allies.

“Phew, is it finally over? Time to head back and reorganize.”

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Jae-hyun reflected on the events.

The final wave was undoubtedly going to be challenging.

He glanced at the tree that had begun to bear lively fruits, climbing up with Papi.

Due to the palisade’s recent upgrade, a small hut-like dwelling had formed near the top.

* * *

Night had fallen.

As if it were part of the day-to-day routine for the past 29 days…

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