I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 222

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 221: Tree Defense (1)

―Your damage has been increased by 50 percent due to the effect of the passive skill 《Sadism of the Poison Dragon》!


With every dance of the sharp dagger, the demonic creatures in front of him were sliced into pieces, tumbling to the ground.

Jaehyun felt a chilling sensation, finding the blade’s edge even sharper than he anticipated.

‘The Sadism of the Poison Dragon… I never imagined a 50 percent damage boost would be this drastic.’

Feeling the effect firsthand was completely different from just seeing the numbers.

Smirking at the sight of Nidhogg’s Fang, Jaehyun felt the fruits of his labor after all his hard struggle to enhance his item in the hellish realm of Nastrond.

“Let’s keep moving.”

Jaehyun took a breath and surveyed his enemies.

There were many.

An army of demonic creatures numbering in the hundreds.

“This time, Hela can’t help. I have to manage somehow on my own.”

One must overcome trials alone, without anyone else’s help. Papi being his own pet meant it wasn’t a problem for it to fight, but Hela was different.

Right now, trusting in himself was the only option he had.


Jaehyun looked around at the low, eerie growls filling the air. Each of the demonic creatures from Niflheim circling him had a menacing appearance.

The weakest of them were above B-grade.

The impact of each one was already on par with a Milles Academy instructor.

‘But I cannot back down.’

Jaehyun breathed out and gripped his dagger tightly once more.

He did not forget to draw upon his magic either.

With a sword in one hand and magic in the other.

This was the battle style of a Battlemage.

* * *

―You have successfully defended against the first wave.

A message suddenly reached Jaehyun’s ears after about two hours had passed.

Jaehyun widened his eyes in confusion.

“Wave…? What’s that all about? I thought Idun said there were only two trials.”


It was the first time he had heard this word while undertaking this quest.

A puzzled look crossed Jaehyun’s face.

Soon after, another message followed.

―The detailed information of the second quest has been updated.

[Main Quest]

Idun’s Trial (2)

Protect the apple tree from the demonic creatures that covet the golden apples and harvest the fruit.

Difficulty: –

Reward: Idun’s Gift

Remaining time: 12 hours

Failure penalty: Restart the trial

▶(NEW) Would you like to view the detailed information about the quest?

Jaehyun flipped through the system screen to check the newly added details.

Listed there was information he had never even imagined.


Jaehyun muttered with a face full of anger.

It was a regrettable situation for him, but the trial was not over yet.

In fact, it seemed more like the beginning than the end.

With a stunned expression, Jaehyun read through the newly added information.

Written in the system window were rules of a game.

―Beginning the Tree Defense game!

[Tree Defense Game – Rules]

1. The objective of the defense game is simple: protect the golden apple tree from the attacks of demonic creatures and fulfill certain conditions by defeating as many as possible.

2. The enemy monsters are divided into three types: infiltrator, defender, and magic type.

Each has its own advantageous and disadvantageous relationships, and understanding this is crucial to winning the defense game.

3. Earn 1 point for killing a standard monster, and during waves, earn 30 points for defeating elite monsters.

4. Guardians will assist the user in protecting the tree. You can use points to summon allied creatures to aid the guardians or to reinforce defensive barricades.

5. Each wave features the appearance of elite monsters, and the wave ends with the defeat of these elites. As waves progress, increasingly stronger demonic creatures will appear.

As Jaehyun finished reading the explanation, another system message continued.

―In one hour, the second wave will begin.

―Be ready after this break and lead the second wave to victory.

“A guardian and allied forces, huh… Seems like I need to use my head for this.”


Papi, who had approached unnoticed, seemed to agree with a low growl.

Thud, thud, thud…!!

Suddenly, something erupted from beneath the tree, shaking the ground.

It looked like a tangle of massive roots.

These were golems made out of dirt and tree roots.

―Guardians are being summoned to the allied camp.

After the following message, Jaehyun nodded and gazed at the golems.

“Are you the guardians?”

* * *

[The guardians will act upon the player’s will to protect the golden apple tree.]

“Destroy all enemies approaching the tree. Papi, will you help the guardians?”


After issuing commands to Papi and the guardians, Jaehyun began scaling the tree.

The golden apple tree had already grown to a height of about 20 meters; it took him quite some time just to climb it.

The fruit had not yet fully formed, but it wouldn’t take much longer now.

‘Is this really the end?’

Jaehyun felt a surge of emotion, thinking of how close he was to the golden apples growing to completion. He was reminded of the terrible past 29 days.

Of course, he still had to lead two more defense games to victory…

“But I can handle this. If it’s a defense game, I have fond memories of playing when I was younger.”

Jaehyun had quite enjoyed strategy games in his youth.

Defense games, turn-based simulation games, these were his favorite genres.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun had a deep understanding.

‘The first thing to do in such games is…’

―You have killed 211 monsters (remaining points 211).

―100 points have been used to install 《Defensive Barricades》.

‘Of course, to build up a defense.’


The tree roots tangled as the barricades imbued with a green glow began to form around the golden apple tree.

Though not expecting a great effect, it would at least be a little help.

‘Better than doing nothing.’

Jaehyun had done his utmost to prepare for the second defense during the past hour.

Now was not the time for deep thought but action.

“Shall we begin?”

As those words were uttered, once again, the familiar system sound was heard.

―The second wave has begun.

―Defend against the enemy’s onslaught for 2 hours and protect the golden apple tree.

Crackle crackle!

A blue gate, opposite the allied formation and where enemies began to generate slowly. From within its gaps surged countless powerful demonic creatures.

While the ones from before were more or less B-grade on average, these seemed almost at A-grade.

According to the system’s explanation before, the grade of monsters appearing in waves only gets fiercer.

Unlike the first wave where Jaehyun could single-handedly mow down all the enemies, it wouldn’t be possible now.


Jaehyun leapt from the tree and landed in the midst of the horde spilling from the gate.



The number of enemies appeared to be at least ten times more than the creatures he had summoned, overwhelming his forces.

Shortly after, the clash between the two forces began.


―Two frost wargs have been depleted of health. Recalling in reverse.

―One frost troll has been depleted of health. Recalling in reverse.

…Some creatures were called back in reverse after being taken down by enemy forces.

However, Jaehyun was not worried.

The situation wasn’t great, but there was no need to hastily reinforce his creatures.

With a grin, he watched the torrent of enemies pouring towards him.

“It’s a fight we can surely win.”


Suddenly a colossal dragon roar erupted behind him, shaking the earth.

―Active skill 《Dragon Fear》 has been activated.

―Enemy stats decreased by 20 percent.

Papi, who had turned enormous, cast the skill to weaken the enemy ranks’ strength.

True to the stature of a top-tier dragon race, the power of the skill was tremendous.

The weakening of the enemies was quickly felt. The battlefield’s tide, where allied creatures were outnumbered, began to shift.

Now almost on equal footing with the enemies.

“But it’s not over just yet.”

Jaehyun smiled. He didn’t stop there and activated another skill.

―Active skill 《Commander’s Shout》 has been activated.

A skill that he had never used since he acquired it burst forth from Jaehyun’s fingertips.

Commander’s Shout.

A skill he acquired from a themed dungeon in the past, it ridiculously required fighting along with at least 50 allies, hence it had never been used.

Furthermore, it was a skill that could instantly boost the morale of the allied forces.

―With the effect of 《Commander’s Shout》, the allied forces’ stats increase by 1.3 times!


A frost troll in front of him precisely crushed an enemy’s head.

In large-scale battles, even a 10 percent difference is huge, let alone when dozens of allies get a 1.3 times boost.

“It’s a game we cannot lose.”

With that, Jaehyun harbored a serene smile. In this second wave, he had a special skill he intended to test.

After his return, it was a skill he had obtained very early on but couldn’t use due to the conditions not being right. However, now was the time, and Jaehyun planned to use every card he had to clear this trial quickly.

“I strongly dislike undergoing the same trial twice.”

With a smile on his face, Jaehyun lightly drew upon his mana.

“I’ll end it in one go.”

* * *

Just 10 seconds before the second defense game began, Jaehyun was busy casting the wood attribute magic 《Chains of the Woodsea》 to strengthen the barricades surrounding the golden apple tree.


The barricades were defenseless against enemy teeth and axes. By adding these chains, they would become more robust.

Even if it didn’t make a significant difference, it was still better than nothing.

‘Doing something is better than doing nothing at all.’

Jaehyun did everything he could to prepare for the second defense.

Over the past hour, he had crafted a solid plan, and now it was time to act rather than think deeply.

“Let’s go then.”

With those words, the familiar system sound emanated again.

―The second wave has begun.

―For 2 hours, resist the enemy’s assault and protect the golden apple tree.

Zap zap!

On the opposite side from the allied formation, a blue gate gradually materialized, and from within, a vast number of mighty demonic creatures began pouring out.

If the ones faced before capped at around B-grade, the ones now were clearly nearing A-grade.

The system had previously described that as waves progress, the appearance of more powerful demonic creatures is to be expected.

Now it was no longer possible for Jaehyun to sweep all enemies by himself as in the first wave.


Jaehyun jumped down from the tree, landing right in the middle of the multitudes of monsters flowing out from the gates.



At least ten times more than the creatures he had summoned, the enemy numbers seemed to overpower his allied monsters.

It didn’t take long before the battle between the two forces commenced.


―Two frost wargs have been depleted of health. They will be recalled in reverse.

―A frost troll has been depleted of health. It will be recalled in reverse.

…Several monsters were reversed summoned after falling to the enemy forces.

Yet, Jaehyun wasn’t worried.

Though the situation wasn’t ideal, there was no need to hastily supplement his forces.

He lifted the corners of his mouth while facing the storm of enemies head-on.

“Because it’s a fight we can surely win.”


Suddenly, a massive dragon’s roar thundered from behind, shaking the entire ground.

―The active skill 《Dragon Fear》 has been activated.

―Enemy stats have decreased by 20 percent.

Papi, now gigantic, had activated the skill, weakening the power of the enemy ranks—a testament to the sheer force of a dragon, a top-tier species in this world.

The effects of the enemies’ weakening were immediately noticeable. The tide of the battlefield, previously tipping in favor of the outnumbered allied creatures, began to shift.

The situation was tilting towards equilibrium with the opposing forces.

“But the end is not yet nigh.”

Jaehyun wore a smile and didn’t stop; he activated another skill.

―The active skill 《Commander’s Shout》 has been activated.

A skill acquired long ago, released for the first time from Jaehyun’s touch.

Commander’s Shout.

He had obtained this skill in a past themed dungeon, and it had stayed unused due to its absurd requirement: it could only be utilized in battle alongside at least 50 allies.

This skill also had the effect of dramatically boosting the fighting spirit of allies.

―Due to the effect of 《Commander’s Shout》, ally stats have been raised by 1.3 times!


One of the front-line frost trolls crushed an enemy’s head accurately.

In large-scale battles, a difference of 10 percent could spell significance, so imagine when dozens of allies, now strengthened by 1.3 times, are in play.

“It’s a game we cannot lose.”

Jaehyun, with such affirmation, sported a calm smile. In this second wave, he had yet to employ a particular skill he had in reserve.

It was a skill acquired quite early on post-return, yet circumstances hadn’t allowed a proper chance to use it. Now, the conditions were ripe, and Jaehyun was poised to exploit all his assets to swiftly conclude this trial.

“It’s unbearable to be subjected to the same trial twice.”

He smiled as he gently gathered his magical strength.

“This will end at once.”

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