I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 221

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 220: Idun’s Golden Apples (3)

“Finally… it has sprouted…!!”

On the last day of the ordeal, Jaehyun cheered as he finally saw the seed had sprouted. A small and adorable sprout peeked out as if to welcome him.

“It took an ungodly amount of time. Seriously…”

Regardless of time flowing differently inside the Misty Garden and the outside world, it had been a long 30-day journey. Jaehyun had finally succeeded in sprouting the seed after much effort. It was overwhelming, to say the least. But he quickly regained his composure. This was just the first step; the ordeal was far from over.

‘After all, I have only managed to sprout a seed in 30 days.’

Growing the apple tree properly would require much more time, meaning there was still a long road ahead of him.

“However, it’s true that hope has sprouted. If you fail the ordeal, you restart from the beginning. If I start over, I should make it back here quicker.”

With that determination, Jaehyun clenched his fist.

“It seems you’ve made some progress? Congratulations!”

While Jaehyun was preoccupied with the sprout, Idun’s voice suddenly came from behind him. She had been silently observing the seed Jaehyun had nurtured and chuckled lightly as she squatted down beside it.

Jaehyun, now with a calmer demeanor, responded.

“It’s true there’s progress, but… in 30 days, I’ve only managed to sprout this tiny thing. That’s more of a problem if you ask me.”

“That’s not true. You’ve done well enough.”


Jaehyun, puzzled by Idun’s firm statement, tilted his head. It wasn’t like her to be so warm all of a sudden—what was going on?

As he regarded her with a questioning look, Idun straightened up and spoke further.

“Do you think you’ve failed the ordeal?”


Scratching his head, Jaehyun candidly admitted,

“It’s a test to grow a tree in 30 days, but I only managed to sprout it on the last day. The chances of success are virtually zero.”

“If this were an ordinary tree, that would be the case.”

“…What does that mean?”

Just as Jaehyun was about to ask, perplexed,


A vibration from beneath startled him, as a change began to occur in the seed. The sprout that had emerged from the seed Jaehyun planted was now growing rapidly, increasing in size.

* * *


The tree was growing at an unbelievably rapid rate, far beyond what Jaehyun knew was possible. Even bamboo, which was known to grow tens of centimeters a day, was nothing compared to this.

‘What is this!’

Jaehyun watched the growing tree with astonished silence. The sprout had become a seedling in no time, and soon it had grown to the height of his waist, continuing to stretch ever upward.

As he looked around in wonderment, Idun’s voice once again reached him.

“The seed I originally gave you was from a diseased Golden Apple Tree. I regret it, but I also wanted to test you.”

“…A diseased tree’s seed?”

“Sick Golden Apple Tree seeds are not only difficult to sprout, but they’re thirsty. The most important feature is that they will not grow without the sower’s perseverance and conviction.”


“Yes, conviction. Without the determination to sprout that seed and the resolve not to give up, the tree will not thrive. It was an ordeal designed that way from the start.”

Idun turned and approached the growing Golden Apple Tree, reaching out to touch its branches—still tender.

She knew; it would soon flourish into a magnificent, towering tree.

“Golden Apple Trees are mystical. They grow in 30 days and then bear fruit, but for the 29 days they’re planted, they don’t sprout.”

“They don’t sprout?”

When Jaehyun incredulously asked, Idun chuckled.

“Yes! What this tree needs is simply patience and faith. That’s all.”

Jaehyun thought the resolution to the trial felt somewhat anticlimactic.

He couldn’t believe that Idun had prepared such an ordeal. She had said from the beginning that no particular skill was needed to nurture the tree.

No complex knowledge of plants or special fertilizers were required.

Just waiting. Just believing.

That was all it took for the tree to grow.

It was Idun’s trial.

Jaehyun had successfully navigated the first hurdle, but curiosity lingered.

“A week into planting, you offered to swap the seed. Why?”

“That’s right.”

“For what reason?”


After pondering for a moment, Idun turned back to face Jaehyun, continuing,

“I wanted to see if you would give up. If, after a few days of stunted growth, you tossed aside the living seed for another… You would have failed the ordeal. Ultimately, that would be the same as denying yourself.”

‘Denying… myself?’ Jaehyun nodded as if he finally understood.

Idun’s third ordeal had delivered a message through the diseased seed—it had been a reflection of Jaehyun himself.

The seed that did not sprout in 30 days but would bloom fruit in a single day was like Jaehyun before his regression. He had been weak, he had struggled without success, but upon regressing, he unlocked his talents, reaching the heights he occupied now—just as the Golden Apple Tree continued to flourish at this very moment.

‘Golden Apple Trees only sprout on the 30th day of being planted and grow within a single day. That means, had I changed the seed halfway, I would’ve been unable to pass the trial.’

Idun had anticipated all this when posing the question to Jaehyun.

“However, your answer was different. You didn’t abandon the seed. Instead, you asked whether this seed was alive.”

As Jaehyun unintentionally looked up at her, Idun smiled.

“That unyielding spirit of yours, that obsession not to let go of anything… I know it propels you forward.”

“Then is that the end of the third ordeal?”

“What are you talking about! There’s still another connected quest. The third ordeal isn’t over just yet!”


Jaehyun sighed in resignation.

Right from the start, the connected quest was clearly flagged.

He never thought that merely growing the tree would conclude the ordeal.

“Don’t be too disheartened. There’s only one quest left!”

“That’s a relief. So, what is the quest…?”

As he asked, a voice message sounded in response to Idun’s gesture.

―You have cleared the Main Quest 《Idun’s Ordeal (1)》.

―This links to the second quest.

―You have accepted the Main Quest 《Idun’s Ordeal (2)》.

―Quest details are displayed as follows.

[Main Quest]

Idun’s Ordeal (2)

Defend the tree from the monster desiring the Golden Apples and collect the fruit.

Difficulty: –

Reward: Idun’s Gift

Time Left: 12 hours

Failure Penalty: Ordeal restart

“This means… protect the apple tree?”

At Jaehyun’s question, Idun replied with an innocent laugh.

“Right! Golden Apple Trees spread an immense magic fragrance when they bear fruit!”

Jaehyun nodded, understanding. Indeed, the Golden Apple he had consumed before contained an incredible amount of magic. He had personally experienced a significant increase in his own magic reservoir after eating it.

“By now, the monsters from Niflheim have probably swarmed over! Who knows, there could be hundreds.”

“…What?” Jaehyun inadvertently dropped his honorifics in his response.

Idun crossed her arms and nodded.

“The final part of an ordeal is combat! Watching a mass battle is the best! Ah, well, I’ll get out of your way then, wouldn’t want to interrupt the fight!”

“Wait a minute…!”

Jaehyun reached out to stop Idun, but she was already gone, leaving a void in her place as he gritted his teeth.

“Idun… Once this ordeal is over, you won’t get off easy.”

Jaehyun took a deep breath, determined. Beside him, Papi approached, ready to join the battle.

Enemies surrounded the tree on all sides—hundreds at a glance. With a monstrous whirring sound, various creatures, including trolls he had faced before and monsters that resembled plants, approached.

Jaehyun unlocked his mana and shouted.

“Let’s go! Papi, defend the tree!”


Answering Jaehyun’s command, Papi activated her growth skill, swelling in size. The now enlarged Papi wagged her tail excitedly, while the apple tree continued to grow rapidly.

―There are 12 hours remaining until the Golden Apple Tree bears fruit.

“This battle won’t be easy.”

Despite what he said, Jaehyun didn’t look overly concerned. He unleashed his magic at the approaching multitude of monsters.

Considering his battle with the mighty Nidhogg, these foes were minor irritants…

…Although, admittedly there were a disconcerting number of them.

―Activating the Active Skill 《Poison Rain》.

Jaehyun’s magic spread in the sky, soon forming an immense purple cloud.

Poison Rain—a skill that literally showered down a torrent of toxic fluid.

‘Of course, I’ll need to be careful not to let it touch the Golden Apple.’


The magic emanated from Jaehyun expanded into the sky, gathering overhead and casting a vast shadow upon the monsters.

A cloud that eclipsed the artificial sun and grew in intimidation.

Watching, Jaehyun allowed himself a smile. Now, he was going to use a type of magic he had never employed in combat.

‘I never thought I’d use poison magic.’

Behind his light smile, Jaehyun reflected. Until now, he’d relied on Nidhogg’s Fang to stack deadly toxin during fights; there’d been no need to personally wield poison magic.

Poison magic typically induced a state of poisoning, aiding in applying status ailments, and its skill power wasn’t particularly impressive.

Yet, Jaehyun had decided to use Poison Rain, and for a simple reason.

Soon a message reached him.

―The Passive Skill 《Dragon’s Malicious Pleasure》 enhances the poison status to a stronger 《Deadly Poison》 ailment.

―Applying the 《Deadly Poison》 status ailment to multiple targets!

―The enemies have been poisoned (maximum stacks).

Jaehyun’s lips curled up as he saw hundreds of monsters succumb to the deadly poison. Papi, too, was inflamed with battle spirit, her mouth emitting a white breath.

Jaehyun took a step forward, activating another skill.

―Activating Active Skill 《Mystical Implement》.

―Successfully crafted the Artifact 《Nidhogg’s Fang (Mythic)》!

“Then, shall we test the newly acquired weapon?”

Jaehyun leaned forward, his form vanished from sight. An enemy at the forefront didn’t even comprehend its predicament before being mercilessly slashed.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

The monster, now in various pieces, could not even scream before it perished.

The power surged in the dagger Jaehyun wielded.

The accompanying system sound could not help but lift the corners of his mouth.

―The Passive Skill 《Dragon’s Malicious Pleasure》 adds 50 percent to the damage inflicted!

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