I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 220

I Obtained a Mythic Item

**Episode 219: Idun’s Golden Apple (2)**

‘”I… I didn’t expect this kind of reaction…?”‘

Idun hesitated as she looked at Jaehyun’s wrinkled face.

She couldn’t understand it.

Why was there a dismissive reaction to the noble trial of cultivating a plant?

‘How could they not see the significance of growing a tree…!’

Yet, she didn’t voice her thoughts aloud.

Jaehyun’s expression was simply too grim for words.

The truth was, Jaehyun hadn’t fully grasped the nature of this trial.

‘Up until now, the trials were all about fighting and using our brains, but why this method this time?’

There were themes to the two trials he had faced so far.

Jaehyun quickly caught on, easing his way through the challenges.

But he had never imagined a trial involving growing a tree.

“…Very well, I understand. Could you please explain in more detail?”

Although perplexed, it was not an option to skip the trial.

As he faced this unfamiliar test, Hel’s words echoed in his mind, suggesting this trial might be the most difficult of all.

As Jaehyun asked, Idun composed her expression and resumed her explanation.

“Ahem, listen well as I explain.”

She put her hands on her waist, cleared her throat, and continued.

“The trial is simple. Grow an apple tree and harvest its fruit.

First, you plant the seed I gave you, water it diligently, and make sure it gets enough sunlight. Then… ah, perhaps reading it for yourself would be quicker?”

[Main Quest]

Idun’s Trial (1)

Idun, the owner of the Mist Garden, has given you a trial.

Cultivate the seed she has given you and harvest the golden apple.

Difficulty: –

Reward: –

*This quest is part of a series. Upon completion, it will lead to Idun’s Trial (2).

Time Remaining: 30 days

Failure Penalty: Trial restart

Even after reading the quest’s content, Jaehyun still couldn’t get a clear sense of it.

He concluded that he had no choice but to confront it head-on and asked,

“But time is not on my side. When Odin and the Aesir gods will make their move is uncertain, and you want me to grow a tree…”

“Don’t worry about that. Time flows 30 times slower in the Mist Garden compared to Midgard!

Well, the golden apple tree seeds I gave you would grow in just about a month.”


It wasn’t uncommon in dungeons for time to flow differently from the outside world.

Quick to accept that, Jaehyun looked at the seed in his hand.

“First, let me show you to the field! Follow me.”

Idun led the way. Jaehyun, still half-doubtful, followed her.

In his mind, there was nothing but the urgency to overcome this trial quickly and return.

* * *

Having followed Idun to the field, Jaehyun found himself flabbergasted once again.

“…Is this supposed to be the field?”

All around was parched earth and barren wilderness.

A place almost devoid of moisture…

Planting a tree here seemed ludicrous.

“Did you lead me to the wrong place?”

“Nope! That’s the right place.”

Idun replied playfully as she clasped her hands behind her back.

“You’re undergoing the third trial now. Of course, it won’t be easy.”

Jaehyun had no choice but to accept.

At first, he thought planting and tending a tree until harvest wouldn’t be difficult, especially after two life-threatening trials.

Unknowingly, he had deemed this trial trivial.

‘But that wasn’t the case.’

A decent field is essential for growing a tree.

Otherwise, something like fertilizer would be required.

But nothing of the sort was available.

“Why is the land so cracked and barren? Not even weeds can grow here,” Jaehyun asked, puzzled.

“Ahh, I had a little fight with Nidhogg earlier, and in a temper, he spewed his breath all over. You’ve met him, so you know how difficult he can be, right?”


Jaehyun was lost for words.

So, he was supposed to mend this toxin-ravaged land and cultivate a tree here?

“The time it takes to grow the golden apple tree, as I told you, is 30 days. I wish you luck!”

“One moment! Shouldn’t you teach me how to raise it before you go?!”

“There’re no special methods to grow a golden apple tree. Just plant it in the soil and water it! For water, there’s a well over there.

Well, I’m lacking sleep, so off I go. Hela, and the adorable dragon. You come along too!”

Idun disappeared after loosely saying so.

Hela and Papi, both looking tired, subtly made their exit.

Left alone, Jaehyun muttered grimly,

“What in the world is going on? Sigh…”

But he had no other choice.

After all, wasn’t Idun the goddess overseeing the third trial?

She wouldn’t have given him a challenge he couldn’t possibly overcome, and somewhere there must be a way to break through.

With all thoughts focused on the situation, Jaehyun stepped toward the field muttering,

“Let’s try planting it at least.”

And with that, he planted the seed of the apple tree in the barren land.

To put it bluntly, Jaehyun’s agriculture attempt was a colossal failure.

Even after a week, the seed hadn’t even germinated.

* * *

As Jaehyun continued to earnestly strive to sprout the seed, on the terrace of the Mist Garden, three beings were observing him. They were sipping tea cultivated by Idun in the garden.

“Why is it so?” Hela abruptly looked up and asked Idun.

“What are you asking about?”

Idun feigned ignorance. Hela exhaled a sigh and continued.

“Why did you give him such a difficult trial? The seed you handed to Jaehyun, it’s really diseased, isn’t it?”

“…Gasp! When did you notice?”

Idun reacted dramatically, pretending to be shocked.

However, as Hela gazed at her with a cold stare, Idun’s face settled down.

“Umm… I’m not so different from Nidhogg. I just want to see if the adversary can progress.”

“That’s a bad hobby for someone who looks so innocent. That’s why I dislike you.”

“Is it not because I’m too pretty?”

Idun joked before looking back at the toiling challenger.

Indeed, Jaehyun would struggle with this trial.

His actions in earlier trials might even hinder his progress in this third one.

“Nevertheless… perhaps a little help wouldn’t hurt.”

Idun murmured, placing down her teacup.

* * *

“Oh! Isn’t this maddening? A week has passed and not even a sprout?!”

Jaehyun flung the watering can branded with Idun’s face, as he tended to the apple tree.

Despite his efforts in planting and watering, not a single sprout had emerged.

Annoyance etched on his face, he glowered at the spot where the seed was planted.

“Could there be a problem with the seed?”

The question was a natural one for Jaehyun to consider.

According to Idun, the apple tree from this seed would grow rapidly, reaching a point of harvest in a month.

But at this rate, it seemed an impossible feat.

Amidst the incomprehension, Jaehyun’s anxiety grew.

‘It’s become clear why Hela had mentioned the third trial might be the most troublesome. I had a feeling I was being set up.’

The thought of being betrayed by Idun made rage well up inside him.

But there was no alternative.

Even if he went to confront her, nothing would change…

“Having trouble, I see?”

Speak of the tiger, and it comes (so the saying goes).

Idun appeared in the field and asked, observing Jaehyun who sighed in response.

“As you can see. Do you perhaps have any tips to share?”

“A heart that loves plants…”

“If that’s a joke, I won’t stand for it.”

Jaehyun’s stern tone caught Idun off guard, and she let out a ‘gasp,’ wiping the sweat off her forehead while giving an innocent smile.

“Uh, sorry?”

“…I expected as much. May I ask just one thing, though?”

“If I can answer it.”

“Is this seed… Is it alive?”

Surprised by his question, Idun’s eyes widened.

She soon reverted to her carefree demeanor and said,

“Of course. The seed of the golden apple tree doesn’t die. It merely waits for the right time to bloom.”

“I see.”

As Jaehyun responded evenly, Idun looked curiously at him.

She moved behind where he stood; the seed was still ungerminated.

“Looks like you’re struggling. Should I swap it with another seed?”

Idun’s offer was tempting to Jaehyun.

Swapping it might help the tree sprout sooner.

Jaehyun even pondered over it for a moment but soon shook his head.

“No, thank you.”

“Even though you’ve been glaring at me like you want to kill me? Changing the seed wouldn’t affect the difficulty of the trial.

So, you still won’t change it?”



“If it’s still alive as you say, then it’s too early to give up.”

With a wave of his hand, Jaehyun signaled he wouldn’t entertain further disturbances if she wasn’t going to provide useful information.

Idun silently stepped back and returned to the terrace.

She caught herself smiling and quickly regained her composure as Hela spoke up from behind.

“You seem to be taking a liking to him?”


* * *

After two more days passed, Jaehyun resorted to borrowing a notebook from Idun to start a diary.

It reminded him of the biology journal he kept during middle school, which nearly triggered a trauma.

Back then, he’d managed to kill off all the beans.

But now, he had no choice.

‘If I don’t monitor properly, I might miss any changes.’

The day he started recording in the journal marked the tenth day since the trial began.

[Day 10]

The seed has yet to sprout.

I water it daily and it gets plenty of sunlight from the artificial sun overhead, but still, the seed remains unresponsive.

Only 20 days left.

Should I have taken Idun’s advice and changed the seed?

No. There’s still plenty of time; I won’t give up just yet.

Let’s start again from scratch, one step at a time.

[Day 12]

No sign of a sprout yet.

No visible changes, and Idun does not visit anymore.

I can feel my patience wearing thin.

But it’s out of my hands.

I’ve resolved to stay as positive as I can.

[Day 15]

Past the halfway mark.

Only about two weeks left. Doubts about my ability to succeed are creeping in.

But worrying won’t make any sprouts pop up all of a sudden.

As always, I need to keep my cool.

[Day 20]

Still no change in the seed.

[Day 21]

Nothing new today. The days remaining now count in single digits.

[Day 24]

I tried imbuing the seed with mana to check its vitality.

As Idun said, the seed is indeed alive. Its failure to sprout seems to be my own deficiency.

[Day 27]

I’m still trying.

I’ll keep at it until the final day and somehow clear this trial.

Like the two previous trials, I must overcome this one too.

* * *

[Day 30]

Today marks the last day of the third trial Idun set for me.

At last… the seed has sprouted.

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