I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 219

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 218: Idun’s Golden Apple (1)

[Passive Skill]

Name: Sadism of the Poison Dragon (加虐心)

Rank: Mythic

Acquire the power of the poison dragon Nidhogg.

Maximize the power of poison-related skills.

*Stacking effect of poison status abnormalities always apply at their maximum.

*Damage is increased by 50 percent when attacking an enemy inflicted with poison status.

“Indeed, befitting of a mythic-grade skill.”

Jaehyun gave a satisfied smile, looking at the newly copied skill.

Sadism of the Poison Dragon.

It was Nidhogg’s core skill, something that could become a new trump card for Jaehyun.

Nodding as he read through the skill window, Jaehyun reflected on the recent events.

He had decided to copy this skill when he destroyed the first breath.

“If there’s a chance to copy mythic-grade skills, I must grasp everything I can here.”

Jaehyun was of the kind who never allowed himself to be at a loss.

Furthermore, the bet posed by Nidhogg recently was hardly in line with the difficulty level of the quest.

It was likely a willful act by Nidhogg.

“I should take what I’ve earned.”

With a blank card remaining, copying the skill was no issue.

[…Still, I never thought you’d rob me of my skill as well.]

Nidhogg clicked his tongue sullenly. His expression was like tasting something bitter.

Having his skill stolen(?) was not a pleasant experience.

However, Jaehyun didn’t care.

Rather, he teased Nidhogg.

“The third trial isn’t even over, and you’re already scooping up rewards?”

Knitting his brows, Nidhogg looked annoyed.

[Did Hela always deal with such an annoying adversary?]

“Yes. Regrettably so.”

Hela answered without hesitation.

It seemed she had her own share of grievances with Jaehyun, though she was ignored just the same.

[Well… congratulation. Adversary, you have splendidly defended against my attack.

Now that your weapon has been strengthened, I have nothing more to offer.]


Jaehyun replied curtly, turning to leave the place.

He was right, he had received everything. It was time to face the third trial.

There wasn’t any benefit to be had by dragging out time.

Thinking so, Jaehyun reached the garden’s entrance.

[Wait a moment. There’s something I have yet to tell you.]

“What is it?”

Jaehyun turned back towards Nidhogg for a moment and asked.

Leaning its massive body forward, Nidhogg spoke,

[You’ll soon head towards Yggdrasil, right? You must have received the quest from Mimir by now.]


At the fact that Nidhogg knew of this, Jaehyun was initially surprised but then nodded in understanding.

After all, he was part of the anti-Aesir forces.

It wasn’t surprising for him to know about the quest that Jaehyun had received.

Jaehyun crossed his arms and reminisced about the past.

It was when the Nornir system was updated.

The moment he realized the truth about the army of the dead, Einherjar.

That’s when he had received the main quest “System Breaker.”

Jaehyun called it up once again to refresh his memory.

[Main Quest]

System Breaker

You have noticed the schemes of Odin and other Aesir gods.

Head towards Yggdrasil’s control tower to destroy the system and prevent the awakeners from becoming Einherjar.

Difficulty: ???

Reward: ???

*Restriction – Godhood Liberation 3rd Stage or higher

At the time when Jaehyun received this quest, he wasn’t yet at the level required to undertake it.

The requirement for a three-stage Godhood Liberation was too daunting.

“By now, it’s better. Just one more stage to go.”

Of course, he was still not at the level to carry out the quest, Jaehyun shook his head as he replied,

“I’m not there yet. One more stage to go.”

[No, it won’t take that long. With your talent, reaching the third stage should come quickly. I personally guarantee its credibility.]

Nidhogg’s assertive words widened Jaehyun’s eyes slightly.

Certainly, just a moment ago, Nidhogg had told him he had talent rivalling that of Odin and Loki.

His confidence wasn’t unwarranted.

“So, what is it you really want to say? Somehow, it doesn’t seem like just encouragement.”

[While I’m at it, there’s someone I’d like you to kill.]

“Kill someone for you?”

[The bird-brain living at the top of Yggdrasil. I want you to take him down.]

Nidhogg spoke with a scowl, as if merely mentioning it was annoying.

Jaehyun reflected on the myth for a moment. There was one guess that crossed his mind.

‘If it’s the bird-brain living at the top of Yggdrasil… it must be about ‘the nameless, great eagle.”

Indeed, this creature was known for not getting along with Nidhogg.

Thinking back to the information he had read in the library, Jaehyun nodded in acknowledgment,

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

[Good. Since you’ve pillaged my stash, breeze through the third trial as if it’s nothing!]

Nidhogg bid Jaehyun farewell pleasantly to the very end.

Jaehyun began walking on his previously taken path.

Passing through the doors, and once more glimpsing the hell of Nastrond.

A hell formed through three gates. The path he had come from was still filled with a bleak landscape.

Only Jaehyun had changed amid the gap.

Meanwhile, Nidhogg, observing the space where Jaehyun had departed, murmured as he surveyed the destroyed field,

[The prophesied adversary, the one to topple Odin and Asgard… his name has been proven true.]

Nidhogg truly valued Jaehyun highly, just as he had stated before.

Inherent talent and boundless aspiration. These were elevating the adversary to greater heights.

Yet the second Ragnarok was approaching faster than anticipated.

[I hope he surpasses me by then.]

If other gods had heard this, they would have been aghast.

Nidhogg was among the top few powerful beings in the anti-Aesir alliance, let alone the entire nine worlds.

To ask him to be surpassed? It might as well have been easier to pluck Odin’s beard in secret.

Of course… if you really did that, you’d have to rot in Asgard’s dungeon for life.

* * *

Outside the classroom at Myles Academy after a lecture of Demonology.

In the hallway, three people were trudging back to the dormitory.

They were faces worn-out from a series of lectures.

Kim Yoo-jung grumbled,

“That Min Jaehyun, always skipping school. What is he up to?”

“That’s right. He’s not even answering texts. Is there something going on?”

Agreeing with her, An Ho-yeon received a response from Seo Ee-na’s suddenly darkened expression. She was worried about Jaehyun.

“…It’s nothing serious, right?”

“Ahh. He would’ve told us if it was something.”

“…But Jaehyun doesn’t usually talk about himself. I’m concerned that…”

Although Kim Yoo-jung sounded confident, she couldn’t object to Seo Ee-na’s point.

Indeed, Jaehyun rarely shared his own stories. He would listen to others but would hardly unveil his thoughts.


Even Kim Yoo-jung hesitated.

What could Min Jaehyun be so busy with every day?

“Anyone would think he’s off saving the world.”

Kim Yoo-jung sighed, and all three of them nodded almost simultaneously.

* * *

It didn’t take Jaehyun long to return to Idun’s Garden.

Once he had come this way, finding the way back was not hard, especially since Jaehyun was used to taking care of the directionally challenged Kim Yoo-jung.

“Finally, third trial. But it feels like we should already be done and heading back.”

“Even for you, the third trial won’t be easy.”

Walking alongside him, Hela cautioned Jaehyun about it.

As the guide, she knew everything about the trial, but regulations prevented her from disclosing it to Jaehyun. Though, it would certainly be a tougher trial than any previous ones.

“Just have to face it head on.”


Papi, walking behind, made a small noise in agreement.

And so, they returned on their path and arrived in the heart of Niflheim. It was a welcome feeling to be back on familiar ground.

The Mist Garden.

This was the start of the third trial.

Jaehyun unlocked the outer barrier and stepped inside.

‘I must do well in this trial, as always.’

As Jaehyun took a deep breath ahead of the trial,

A bright voice came from the entrance of the Mist Garden, followed by the appearance of a woman.

“Ah! Finally arrived! Welcome!”

With a cheerful voice, the woman quickly approached and stood in front of Jaehyun.

He deduced who it was instinctively, and the corners of his mouth rose.

“It’s good to finally see your face, Idun.”

Saying so, Jaehyun looked ahead.

There stood Idun, the goddess of youth.

With her brilliant green hair and deep, mysterious eyes; she wore a white blouse, holding a smaller basket.

‘…She is pretty.’

Jaehyun couldn’t help but marvel.

Idun’s beauty was exceptional. It was a different kind of beauty from Seo Ee-na’s.

An adorable goddess who instills a peculiar joy in others, which was almost exactly as described in Norse mythology.

“Must’ve been a tough journey? Shall we have some tea first?”

Greeting Jaehyun and his companions, Idun looked curiously at Jaehyun, as if his presence fascinated her.

Jaehyun calmly inquired,

“Before that, is everything ready for the trial?”

Idun puffed up with pride as she responded,

“Of course! I’ve got everything ready so we can begin the trial at any moment!

So, will we start the trial now?”

“Yes, please.”

Jaehyun didn’t have the luxury to delay.

At this very moment, the Aesir gods were likely on the move.

There was no time to rest…

“Here, take this! It’s something you’ll need for the trial.”

Jaehyun caught the item tossed by Idun, looking puzzled.

It was an odd item, considering it was meant for a trial.

“Is this… a seed?”

When Jaehyun asked, Idun stood tall, saying confidently,

“Yes! This trial involves growing a tree!”

“…Growing what?”

A hint of incredulity edged into Jaehyun’s voice.

Idun looked just as puzzled and tilted her head,

“A tree… to grow…?”

“That kind of… No, sigh. Why would that be part of a trial?”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but ask, baffled by the situation.

He had to beat the Aesir gods at the earliest but…

What? To leisurely grow a tree?

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