I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 218

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 217: The Power of Magic Energy

―A new effect has derived from the active skill 《Absolute Computation》!

Jaehyun’s eyes widened at the sound of the system notification.

A new effect has derived from Absolute Computation?

‘Wasn’t Absolute Computation already a cheat-like skill…?’

Scratching his head, Jaehyun turned his eyes toward the popping message window.

In his opinion, the effects of Absolute Computation were already nonsensical.

A skill that could break through any magic as long as there was enough magic energy?

That was invaluable. With such effects already part of the skill, where could it possibly be reinforced?

However, Jaehyun’s question was quickly resolved.

―Displaying the updated skill information.

[Active Skill]

Name: Absolute Computation

Grade: EX

Stats: –

Understands and destroys the structure of magic.

*Without using magic energy, it is possible to dissolve formulas of known magic.

1. Reverses the magic and converts it into a formula before destruction.

2. The magic energy consumption varies depending on the rank of the magic destroyed by 《Absolute Computation》.

A new line was added to the original skill description.

Seeing this, astonishment slowly spilled from Jaehyun’s mouth.

‘Without using magic energy…?’

That was truly astonishing. Even if the effect only applied to skills whose structure he knew, this was a significant innovation.

He could invalidate magic without expending any magic energy.

In simple terms, if Jaehyun learned the formulas of all magic operations, he could become impervious to any magic.

Without any magic energy expenditure.

‘Of course, it’s impossible to learn all the operations… Still, its practicality is undeniable. It’s a tremendous effect.’

Jaehyun nodded in satisfaction when Nidhogg’s trembling voice reached him.

[Do you mean to say… you deflected my attack without recognizing ‘The Power of Magic Energy’?]

Jaehyun could only give the same answer as before.

“…So. Could you start by explaining what that is?”


“Even I get hurt if I hear the same thing twice.”

Jaehyun frowned and responded to Nidhogg’s words.

Nevertheless, Nidhogg didn’t seem to care about taking back his words. What he had witnessed earlier was simply too incomprehensible.

The deed Jaehyun had accomplished was beyond the realm of geniuses. Given Nidhogg’s violent reaction, it was perhaps natural.

[Lo…okie… How did you choose such a man as your adversary…?]


A refreshing system sound reached Jaehyun’s ears at that moment.

―You have succeeded in gaining Nidhogg’s recognition.

―You have cleared the subquest 《Nidhogg’s Fang (Enhanced)》.

* * *


A legendary dragon known to possess astounding power among the members of the Vanir-Aesir alliance.

Having lived a long time, he had rarely met an equal.

Unlike Fafnir, he was born a dragon. Inevitably, he was overwhelmingly stronger than others.

Apart from Loki, there was no one who could confidently claim victory in a one-on-one battle with him.

Because of this, he felt boredom.

Fighting anyone never made his heart pound with excitement.

Even Loki, his once adversary, became immobile after the first Ragnarok.

For him, that was frustrating.

Thus, 10,000 years passed.

At the end of the hellish Náströnd, guarding Hvergelmir, he saw countless rotten humans and fought them.

Yet, it was never enjoyable.

To him, already at the fifth stage of divine release, humans were nothing more than piranhas.

He thus lived suppressing his pride.

However, just a moment ago, Nidhogg’s eyes glinted.

The adversary’s abilities were beyond his expectations.

‘He saw ‘The Power of Magic Energy’. Only those with divinity, and above tier 3 of release can do that.

The adversary had done just that.’

The Power of Magic Energy.

Simply put, it was the flow of magic itself.

After finishing his thoughts, Nidhogg slowly opened his mouth to Jaehyun.

[I will explain what The Power of Magic Energy is. You know about runes and magic, right?]

“Runes are characters, and magic is a phenomenon manifested by a series of combinations of runes. Isn’t that right?”

Nidhogg nodded as he continued.

[Right. Magic is like a story. Simply put, if runes are characters, then magic can be seen as a completed book.]

A book. That was an apt analogy.

A single character is not a story. But if there’s a sequence of characters, it forms a story.

Jaehyun genuinely admired Nidhogg’s metaphor.

But he was still not fully convinced.

“However, why explain the fundamentals of magic right now?”

[If one tears up every page of a book, can that book still retain value as a story?]

“…I get what you mean.”

Jaehyun felt as if he had been struck in the head by a hammer.

Nidhogg continued.

[Magic is the same, Adversary.

Let me ask you. Earlier, when you cut through my breath, what did you see?]

Jaehyun slowly recalled the situation and replied.

“…I saw a tangled mess of magic energy threads.”

[And you cut the knot, didn’t you?]


Jaehyun quickly grasped the meaning behind the words.

[That is The Power of Magic Energy. The act of severing the entangled knot you saw within the flow of magic. It was like tearing a book, erasing its value as a story.]

“So that’s why the magic was dispelled.”

Understanding, Jaehyun nodded, but Nidhogg’s brows furrowed.

[…Is that all? No other reaction?]

Confused by his response, Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

Why did he show such a reaction?

Was it because his pride was wounded during their battle earlier?

[Humph… Since you seem unaware, let me explain. What you accomplished just now, even gods would struggle to do.

It’s common for most to not even see The Power of Magic Energy.]

Jaehyun did not quite understand.

Indeed, he had gained a significant rank, but he was not yet on par with the gods.

In terms of pure destructive power, Jaehyun was still but a sprout.

Yet, Nidhogg seemed to think differently.

[Of course, gods are powerful. Even more profound than you. But that’s just inherently divine territory. It’s natural from birth.

But you are different. With a human body, you have accumulated rank and recognized The Power of Magic Energy… that is something very few can witness.]

“Is it really that significant?”

[As far as I know, only two beings have seen The Power of Magic Energy so quickly.]

Jaehyun involuntarily raised his head at his words.

An astonishing name came from Nidhogg’s open mouth.

[Odin and Loki. You’ve replicated the feats they achieved in the past, right here, right now.]

* * *

Odin and Loki.

Two names Jaehyun had heard since his return—Odin as a target to be killed, Loki as the leader of the Vanir-Aesir.

‘Both gods are central to the myth of Ragnarok.’

In the well-known myths, Ragnarok began because of Loki.

This led to the war, and many gods met their end.

Of course, there would be distortions.

But one thing was certain: these two gods had played a pivotal role in Norse mythology.

‘Hela also said I had a talent comparable to gods. I didn’t take it seriously then…’

Now, he couldn’t help but believe it.

Shortly after.

As the dust settled, the sound of Hela and Papi rushing towards Jaehyun could be heard.


Papi flapped his wings, flying towards Jaehyun’s embrace, and Hela crossed her arms, eyeing Jaehyun up and down.

“Ha, I can’t believe what you did… but Nidhogg is right.

As I’ve mentioned before, your talent, Jaehyun, is certainly not inferior to that of the gods.”

“Don’t praise too much. It might become a habit.”

Despite Hela’s words, Jaehyun remained unshaken.

Talent. Jaehyun was well aware of the deceptive aspect of this sweet word.

‘Talent leads many to delusion. No matter how brilliant it is, if unrefined, it’s just a rough stone.’

Effort is needed for bloom.

Jaehyun was not one to be swayed by others’ words, nor was it in his nature to become complacent.

[Impressive… To respond like that to my praise.]

Nidhogg said with interest as he looked at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun, feeling stiff from the earlier battle, rolled his shoulders and looked up at him.

He had a request to make.

“…I’m getting impatient.”

He smiled and slipped his hands in his pockets.

“Enhancing weapons. Aren’t you going to do it?”

[…I had almost forgotten. Hahaha! Fine, I will do it right away; just place the weapon on the ground.]

At Nidhogg’s words, Jaehyun readily placed the crafted Nidhogg’s Fang on the ground.

Nidhogg gestured for Jaehyun to step back.

As Jaehyun silently retreated, Nidhogg casually raised magic energy.


With that sound, magic energy present in the atmosphere gathered toward the dagger.

Divine power lingered on Nidhogg’s Fang, starting to alter the weapon’s form.

Jaehyun swallowed hard as he watched.


―You have succeeded in enhancing the artifact 《Nidhogg’s Fang》!

―The grade of 《Nidhogg’s Fang》 has been elevated to 《Mythic》!

As the magic energy surrounding the artifact lifted, its inner appearance was revealed.

The hilt was firmly overlaid with celestial cord, and the once dark blade now shimmered with a mystical blue hue.

At its core, a violet fissure glowed like the pupil of a demon’s eye.

‘It screams high-grade just by looking at it.’

Jaehyun thought as he saw the dagger rising from the ground.

The soaring Nidhogg’s Fang flew in front of Jaehyun. He stretched out his hand and lightly gripped the sword.

‘The length of the blade or the overall grip hasn’t changed much. That’s rather fortunate.’

If the shape changed significantly, it would take time to adapt.

Jaehyun was satisfied with its current structure.

The basic attack power had also increased by more than 1.5 times, and since he could continue using it in the same manner, it was beneficial in many ways.

[Haha, do you like it? I’ve enhanced the weapon another level with my rank!]

Nidhogg proudly announced, but then.

Jaehyun, ignoring Nidhogg’s elated voice, took a step forward.

“But there is something.”

[Hm? What?]

“Don’t you think the reward is too meager compared to the difficulty of the trial I underwent?”


The moment Nidhogg was flustered.

Jaehyun raised his magic energy and looked at the bewildered Nidhogg.

Right then, a message appeared.

―You can obtain a new skill.

―A Blank Card will be used.

―The passive skill 《Draconic Sadism (Mythic)》 has been registered in the second socket!

In an instant, Nidhogg’s skill was snatched away, and flames burst from his nose—a behavior only seen when he was truly perplexed.

“I’m the type to secure what’s mine by myself.”

Jaehyun smirked.

“Then, I appreciate the good work.”

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