I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 216

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 215: Nidhogg (2)

― The title effect of “Dragon Hunter” is activated.

― Damage to targets with tiered power is increased by 30 percent.


The dagger went in shallowly, but it managed to slice through the enemy’s flesh slightly.

[…A fine attack.]

As Nidhogg uttered those words, his body began to heal rapidly.

The sight of flesh regrowing from the gashed skin, accompanied by a greenish effect. Jae-hyun pursed his lips tightly upon seeing this.

‘It’s the same as with Fafnir. As expected, a dragon’s regenerative ability is on a different level.’

The wounds Jae-hyun had inflicted moments earlier would have been difficult for an ordinary monster to heal.

But for a mythic dragon, it seemed to be a trivial matter.

Since merely piercing the dragon’s skin was a feat in itself, Jae-hyun wasn’t the least bit disturbed.

On the other hand, Nidhogg frowned with increased vigilance against Jae-hyun.

‘Even if I have unlocked my godly power to combat a worthy adversary…can this truly be understood?’

His adversary was a human who had unlocked divinity for merely a few months.

To him, Jae-hyun was but a novice compared to the millenniums he had dealt with power tiers.

And to think that he had been pushed back by such an individual?

Despite these thoughts, Jae-hyun nonchalantly shrugged, as if it was nothing significant.

“It’s only going to get better from here.”

[Indeed it will.]

Nidhogg responded with a seemingly amused tone, then watched Jae-hyun intently.

The adversary. He was strong.

His movements and genius sense far exceeded what Nidhogg had anticipated.

And the attitude that left Nidhogg flustered was almost admiring.

‘Impressive. His skill with the sword has reached quite a profound level.’

The power of the swordsmanship Jae-hyun had just displayed surpasses what Nidhogg had anticipated.

He was astonished that the mage known as Jae-hyun could wield a sword so proficiently.

However, instead of continuing to be surprised, he focused more on the battle with Jae-hyun.

Nidhogg felt his blood boiling increasingly.

[Let’s see if you can withstand this.]


With those words, Nidhogg, whose stature belied his swiftness, was already closing in on Jae-hyun.

His massive claw swiped through the air.


‘So fast!’

Jae-hyun ducked to avoid the overhead strike, then kicked off the ground to reposition himself at the enemy’s blind spot.

Though Nidhogg’s attacks were powerful, he was, after all, a dragon. By utilizing the effects of his title, it was relatively easy to confront a being of the same tier.


Jae-hyun continued to exchange blows with him.

Using magic to constrain the enemy while searching for an opening to strike with his sword, or attacking while concealing his movements. This strategy proved effective.

Nidhogg began to lose ground, and Jae-hyun assessed his own level through this fight.

He contemplated where he currently stood and how much further he could grow.

‘If trials continue to test and measure me, then I will simply use them to my advantage.’

With that thought, Jae-hyun continued to swing his sword and use magic to counter the enemy’s advances.

Jae-hyun was not so weak as to be overwhelmed by a mythic dragon holding back its power. He continued to dominate the creature of legend.

Then unexpectedly, Nidhogg blurted out words Jae-hyun had not anticipated.

[Adversary. You are strong.]

Jae-hyun paused momentarily but then shrugged and replied,

“That’s good to hear. It’s fortunate that the adversary you all have high hopes for isn’t a weakling.”

[If you have made it this far, you must have seen the three gates of Nastrond and Hell.]

Nidhogg suddenly shifted the topic.

Jae-hyun’s eyes narrowed as he faced the dragon’s massive form.

What was he trying to say now?

[As you passed through the gates of Nastrond, what did you feel?]

“What did I feel, you ask?”

[What insights did you gain while viewing the desolate landscapes of Hell?]


Jae-hyun unavoidably faltered at the question. He stopped his attack and looked at the dragon that had initiated the conversation with him.

‘I realized my sins as I passed through those three gates. That I abandoned my comrades and ran away, and felt no remorse for having killed people.’

Jae-hyun was not without a sense of guilt.

It was a matter that couldn’t be excused with phrases such as “It couldn’t be helped.”

To leave someone to die was an action unforgivable under any circumstance.

Yet, Jae-hyun judged that while it might not have been the best choice, it certainly wasn’t the worst.

Because the people who were precious to him mattered more, that’s why he made that decision.

Sacrificing others.

As Jae-hyun was about to speak, Nidhogg’s voice continued.

[I know. I know what you saw in Nastrond.]

Nidhogg spoke, revealing his teeth.

[You confronted your weakness and sin. You didn’t hide behind lies but acknowledged your frailty.

This is your greatest strength.]

“Facing my sins…”

Indeed, at the last gate dealing with murder, Jae-hyun did not lie.

The guardian of the gate asked him a question.

Would he never kill again?

He was told that he must affirm to pass through the last gate.

But Jae-hyun did not comply. He denied it. Asserting that he would have to kill others even in the future.

He had made that decision because he didn’t want to deceive himself with a lie.

Even if it meant opposing all of Nastrond.

Jae-hyun thought that this was the path he needed to take.

[I devour those who lie at the last gate. The hypocrites. They easily hurt others.

Their souls only serve to ruin others, hence I sever their chains here.]

Nidhogg looked down at Jae-hyun as he continued.

[But you didn’t do that.

You admitted it. You accepted that your imperfections and the path you take can never be approved.]

“So what?”

[It means I like you. That’s all.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going easy on you.]

“There’s no flexibility with you.”

Jae-hyun replied, continuing to gather his magic.

Nidhogg didn’t give an inch either. He even deepened his magic to pressure Jae-hyun.

He had already been pushed back quite a bit in the earlier fight, and he didn’t like the situation at all.

So, he decided to make the upcoming fight more interesting.

[From now on…]

― “Nidhogg” unlocks a deeper level of his tiered power.

― The active skill “Insight Eye” is automatically activated.

― The enemy’s threat level is [“Very High”].

[I will go all out.]

* * *

Nidhogg thought to himself as he looked at the prophesied adversary.

‘The rumors were not exaggerated. Such spirit…it’s hard to believe that he’s a human.’

As was the case with gods and giants, Nidhogg also believed humans to be weak.

Having resided in Hvergelmir, he had seen countless arrogant humans, each weaker than the last.

Even during Ragnarok, as he fought, the existence known as human was nothing but a symbol of imperfection and frailty.

Yet, the adversary before him far surpassed any human he knew.

For tens of thousands of years, it was the first time he saw a human opposing him with such strength.

Even if he was only at the second stage of divine power release, it was still awe-inspiring.

Jae-hyun’s improvement had taken less than several months.

When the half-Aesir gods gathered initially, they thought it would take at least ten years.

‘But it’s not so. Given this rate of growth, in a few years, he’ll oppose the Aesir deities. Our wish might truly come true.’

Nidhogg thought this, watching a dragon staring at Jae-hyun with a worried expression.

Papi. He was the resurrected being bearing the soul of Fafnir.

‘Fafnir…he was a wise dragon. Though a dragon posthumously, no one could overlook his power.

Yet he acknowledged the adversary and chose to follow him, risking the erasure of his past memories.’

That was the original reason Nidhogg wanted to meet Jae-hyun.

Fafnir. Why did he decide to follow Jae-hyun?

Though the details were unclear, Nidhogg believed there had to be a reason.

Therefore, he wanted to verify for himself.

The adversary. Whether he was someone worthy of Fafnir’s allegiance.

Whether he was someone the half-Aesir, and even the fate of the world, could be entrusted to.

* * *

“I will go all out.” Accompanying Nidhogg’s declaration, a rough shout from Hel was heard from behind.

“Nidhogg! This is too much! The adversary is still only at the second stage of divine power release! You know that the difference between the second and third stages is vast…!”

[This is my fight, Hel. Leave it to me here.]

Despite Hel’s words, Nidhogg replied, showing his white teeth.

He turned to look at Jae-hyun and continued.

[However, considering what Hel said, I’ll give you a chance.]

Nidhogg seemed unable to contain his excitement about the fight with Jae-hyun.

A daunting magic emanated from his body, pressuring the entire chamber.

[Will you stop fighting me here and forfeit your quest?]


Jae-hyun steadied his breathing while looking at Nidhogg, displaying a slight, bitter smile.

‘It’s not easy. As expected, but reaching the third stage of divine power release…it’s gonna be tough, titles’ power or not.’

Yet the conclusion was already clear.

“You’re asking that question knowing the answer, aren’t you?”

Jae-hyun said and then leaped forward again.

He needed to become much stronger quickly. And with rapid growth, there is always the risk of danger.

There was no turning back here.

[That’s the way to do it!]

Nidhogg swung his claws at Jae-hyun with a delighted expression.


The claw charged at Jae-hyun’s neck with such force it could have easily cut through even the sturdiest metal.


Jae-hyun stood his ground, raising his fang-like artifact to block Nidhogg’s strike.

A hissing sound reminiscent of sparking flames echoed as marks were left on the floor.

Because of the size difference between them, Jae-hyun was pushed back.

‘The hardness is similar. Though the artifact’s tier is low, it seems to have inherited Nidhogg’s power after all.’

At that moment…


Another claw arrived in a flash, hitting Jae-hyun squarely. He flew backward, slamming precisely into the wall.


Jae-hyun coughed roughly, looking ahead as his vision shook unstably.

He quickly felt his abdomen where the claw had grazed him, checking the wound. Blood spilled from his mouth, but there was no significant damage to his stomach.

‘The Armor of the Abyss…seems to be thanks to it.’

Jae-hyun quickly regained his composure and dodged another claw coming toward him by leaping forward.

He righted himself as the wall behind him began to crumble.

But Nidhogg did not cease his assault.

[Remember the second trial from the past? When you bet with Smiting?]


[Let’s make the same bet with me.]

Jae-hyun’s head lifted as his gaze turned to Nidhogg.

What sort of proposal was he making?

[But this time, it’s three times. Endure three strikes from me without dodging.

If you withstand them all, you’ll earn my recognition, and I will enhance your weapon.]

‘That’s a damn tough demand.’

It was a very challenging task for Jae-hyun.

Endure three strikes?

Strikes from Nidhogg, a mythic existence?

Jae-hyun looked around carefully. Nidhogg had paused his assault in this moment.

He had to come up with a strategy.

Between swift glances, Nidhogg continued.

[Yes. Just three times. Withstand them all, and I’ll recognize you.]

“…It seems like my opinion doesn’t matter to you from the start.”

Jae-hyun nodded as if resigning to the situation.

Three times. While it appeared nearly impossible, it wasn’t entirely without a chance.

‘Might be cutting it close…but I have to try something.’

With that thought, Jae-hyun clenched his fists tightly.

That’s when it happened.


With a playful nature, Nidhogg launched the first breath attack.

A sudden strike.

It was a surprise assault at an unexpected time.

‘This guy…such cowardly tactics…!’

It wasn’t befitting of a mythic being’s demeanor. Jae-hyun quickly extended his hand forward.

Nidhogg let out a maniacal laugh and declared.

[Here’s the first one.]


A vast explosion reverberated throughout Hvergelmir.

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