I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 211

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 210: Niflheim (2)

―You have successfully activated the artifact.

―《Draupnir》is opening the gate.

“Shall we depart? To the world of mist. To Niflheim.”

With Jaehyun’s words, Hela exclaimed in a small shock.

‘Did he really… succeed?’

It was beyond belief for her.

Understanding and altering the complex formulas encoded in the artifact to open a portal to the desired coordinates.

This was something not even mythical beings could easily achieve.

Usually, teleportation magic was extremely difficult, unlike what one reads in fantasy novels.

By human standards, it was a feat even a combination of S-class magicians would find challenging.

Yet, Jaehyun had succeeded on his first try.

Hela had a feeling.

That it was no mistake the half-Aesir gods had chosen him as their adversary.

“Let’s go. We don’t have all the time in the world, you know?”

Jaehyun, having completely nullified the mana rebound, spoke.

Hela looked at him and truly realized the magnitude of innate talent.

Furthermore, the level of influence relentless effort and intuition could have on one’s growth.

‘Among the gods, none have risen so swiftly to such a position. What makes him so strong?’

She did not understand, yet it was not an unwelcome development.

“Let’s go.”

Instead of reprimanding Jaehyun for the dangerous feat, Hela chose to trust him.

Following him, Papillion too raised its hand in eager support.


Papillion also seemed to be in high spirits. It was the start of a new trial.


Amidst the swirling vortex of mana within the gate, the three beings vanished from sight.

Before those who had passed through the gate, emerged a world enveloped in dense mist and colossal ice walls.

* * *


A world opposite to the fiery realm of Muspelheim, filled with mist, this cold domain existed even before the creation of the world, as told in the myths, close to Hel’s domain, Helheim.

‘According to the texts, Helheim is said to be within Nifheim… but Hela had told me that’s not true.’

Before opening the gate, Jaehyun had learned everything from Hela.

About what kind of place Niflheim was, what kind of monsters appeared here, and where the path leading to the Garden of Mist was located.

Fortunately, according to Hela, once they arrived in Niflheim, it wouldn’t take long to reach the trial site.


Jaehyun breathed out lightly as he surveyed the surroundings; white breath disintegrated into vapor with each exhale.

About 30 minutes had passed since their arrival in this frigid realm.

For Jaehyun, whose physique transcended human limitations, the cold was inconsequential, but it was different for young Papillion.

The creature, sensitive to the cold, shivered incessantly.

Even for a dragon of remarkable potential, it was too premature to withstand the chill of Niflheim.


Papillion’s voice seemed under the weather.

With a sense of resignation, Jaehyun stirred up magic in his hand.

―Active skill 《Ignition》 is activated.

―The designated target’s body temperature will rise.

Using the Ignition skill, Jaehyun warmed up Papillion.

Having only one pet that wouldn’t die, he had no intent whatsoever to let it get hurt here.

A short while later.

As they walked on the fissured ground, distinctive features of Niflheim began to come into Jaehyun’s view.

A field filled with ice and mist where warmth was nowhere to be found.

Jaehyun roamed around, absorbing the landscape.

This was the world of mist, Niflheim. One should always be extra cautious, as anything could happen at any time.

‘The grade of the monsters that appear isn’t very high. Most are below B-grade. Stronger monsters exist in the core, but so far, there is nothing threatening.’

Jaehyun closely inspected his surroundings and calmly organized his thoughts.

Mapping out the area was crucial.

Back during his midterms, in a dungeon modeled after Muspelheim, Jaehyun had first read the field information before engaging in combat.

Knowledge of dungeons and fields is everything in clearing them.

Such a process always increases the survival probabilities of the raider.

While considering this, Jaehyun suddenly halted.

He muttered to himself while stretching, “Are they starting to flock over? …Well, if it’s at this level, I needn’t personally intervene.”

Jaehyun looked ahead.

Monstrous roars slowly began to resonate.


Jaehyun encountered several monsters nearby and quickly identified them.


These were tenacious creatures, infamous among raiders.

However, the trolls Jaehyun and company had encountered were not ordinary. They were covered in ice, as if cloaked with frost on their shoulders and faces.

These were monsters not yet reported even to the academy.

―You encounter Frost Trolls.

Hearing the system alert, Jaehyun smirked.

First off, he decided to use a skill to confirm basic information about the enemy.

―Active skill 《Insight》 is activated.

―Danger level of the selected target is: Low.

“Well, they might be a bit tough, but this level is acceptable.”

Jaehyun mumbled to himself and put down Papillion, who had been in his arms.

As Papillion landed, its shivering motions were palpable. The creature looked up at Jaehyun.


Jaehyun smiled in response to Papillion’s reaction and said, “You’ll feel less cold if you move a bit. Take those guys down, and I’ll give you this. How about it?”

Jaehyun took something out of his inventory and shook it.

Initially indifferent, Papillion began drooling at the sight of the item.

It was a sandwich.

A special purple sandwich specially requested from Kim Yoo-jung, Papillion’s favorite.

…For the record, it did not contain blueberries.

‘Rather, it includes a tail from Yamata no Orochi, which dramatically aids Papillion’s growth. It seems to like it a lot.’

Fortunately for Papillion, it fancied the sandwich enormously.

Kim Yoo-jung’s cooking might be hard for others to understand, but he decided to view it as a quirk of character.

Reminiscing about yesterday, Jaehyun reflected on the eve of their journey.

Before departing, he had given Kim Yoo-jung ingredients to prepare food for Papillion, also asking her to become its official chef.

[Of course, I have to do it! It’s for my dear Yongyong!]

Despite a disturbing word in the middle of the sentence, Kim Yoo-jung readily agreed.

She was already quite fond of Papillion, and knowing someone… or something, cherishes her cooking gave her a considerable boost of happiness.

From Jaehyun’s perspective, it was incomprehensible, but he didn’t dwell on it.


Papillion issued an unusual roar, assuming a stance in front of the enemy.

It looked like the special sandwich had pushed its button. After wiping drool with its front paws, it confronted the three surrounding trolls.

“Do well, Papillion.”

Jaehyun encouraged. With Hela not tagging along on this study trip, her curiosity was piqued by how much stronger Papillion had become.

“Well, let’s see if…”


―Papillion the 2nd activates the active skill 《Giant Growth》.

―Papillion the 2nd activates the active skill 《Dragon Fear》.

In an instant, Papillion’s body began to grow, and soon a massive roar erupted.

Now over two meters tall, Papillion maintained its adorable face despite its size. Jaehyun smiled unwittingly at the sight of the enormous pink paw pads.

―Papillion the 2nd activates the active skill 《Dragon Breath》.


The breath Papillion emitted from its mouth struck the enemy squarely.

Jaehyun watched as the white flames danced before him.

One of the trolls had been reduced to ash, rolling on the ground.

He was genuinely astonished.

“I knew it was incredibly strong for its grade, but…”

He hadn’t expected the Dragon Breath of a C-grade to be that elevated in power.

Jaehyun shook his head and smiled at the innocent-faced Papillion.

‘The stories I heard in the Dragon’s Valley are true… Papillion’s potential is tremendous.’

In the past, Jaehyun had heard about Papillion from ‘The Observer.’

As the system said, it did possess immense potential.

Contented, Jaehyun briefly looked over the status window.

[Active Skills]

Name: Giant Growth

Grade: B

The skill explosively amplifies mana to temporarily accelerate the pet’s growth.

With increased size, both stats and skill power rise.

*It can revert to its original state. Giant Growth persists only during skill use.

[Active Skills]

Name: Dragon Fear

Grade: B

An intense roar substantially decreases the physical abilities of weaker enemies.

*The stats of enemies who heard the roar decrease by 20%.

[Active Skills]

Name: Dragon Breath (White)

Grade: C

A skill where the dragon’s breath attacks the enemy.

As the dragon’s grade increases, so does the skill’s power level.

*The effect of white flames robs even regeneration-capable enemies of their vitality.

Jaehyun was pleased that these newly acquired skills of Papillion addressed the inconveniences he had faced thus far.

First was Giant Growth.

This didn’t merely increase size; it enhanced physical stats and skill power.

And being able to revert back was a significant advantage.

‘Too big a Papillion would be… inconvenient in many ways.’

Nothing was more foolish than drawing unnecessary attention.

In that light, the Giant Growth skill was a success.

Next was Dragon Fear.

The skill decreased the stats of enemies weaker than oneself through a roar.

It was almost identical to the forceful seal on Jaehyun’s powers by Heimdall using Gjallarhorn. There was a difference in strength, but it was a useful skill.

Lastly was Dragon Breath, rightfully called Papillion’s signature move.

It had risen in grade to a C now.

There was more than just an increase in power; the breath had changed significantly.

‘The flames it spouts are white. Probably because of the white flames it ate at the altar.’

At that time, ‘The Observer’ had told Jaehyun.

White flames were rare, and their use in absorbing the opponent’s robust vitality was exceptional.

Jaehyun felt the truth of those words looking at the collapsed troll before him.


The troll lay crumpled, utterly lifeless.

‘For a single C-grade pet to do this to a troll is unfathomable.’

Generally, trolls were A-grade monsters renowned for their regeneration. One would assume they were slain, but they would rise quickly to attack raiders with intelligent brutality.

However, the white flames completely stripped such a creature of its tenacity.

The two remaining trolls facing Papillion screamed.



But Papillion seemed indisposed to show them any mercy.

Its focus lay only on the victory-bound sandwich.

The hideous cuisine Kim Yoo-jung had prepared seemed to be its prime interest.

“Isn’t this exploitation of child labor? You said Papillion’s still growing.”

Hela playfully jabbed from the side, but Jaehyun ignored her cleanly.

He welcomed Papillion, who returned with a triumphant look after dispatching the two remaining Frost Trolls.

“Well done.”


Soon after, Papillion shrank to its original size.

The creature, back to its original form, extended its front paw and confidently asked Jaehyun for the sandwich.

As if there was no other choice, Jaehyun slipped on white gloves he took out of his inventory before briefly lifting the basket that held the sandwich.


Faster than light, he took out the sandwich and handed it to Papillion. Delighted, Papillion stuffed its mouth with the purple-stained bread.

―Your pet’s growth rate increases!

The system message dutifully sounded.

It was a sandwich made with a tail from Yamata no Orochi. It would be regrettable if it wasn’t effective.

“A dragon’s palate is incomprehensible.”

Even Hela was exasperated watching Papillion devour the sandwich, raising her hands in defeat.

By now, she had put on a black mask.

Jaehyun petted Papillion for a while, then started walking again.

The frosty world. Niflheim is a place where anything can happen at any time. One must be utmost careful to avoid a tragic end.

With this fact deeply etched in his mind, Jaehyun stepped towards the heart of the icy world.

* * *

“So, how much farther do we have to go? Do you actually know the exact location?”

Jaehyun asked Hela after what seemed like half a day’s journey.

Hela spread her magic for a moment to feel the energy of the surroundings before nodding.

“We’re almost there. Just a little further and we’ll arrive.”

Contrary to expectations, Niflheim itself wasn’t overly vast.

However, due to a multitude of magically constructed locales, Hela had to continually disengage wards along the way.

Thus, after fighting with the cold and frosty monsters, the party finally reached their destination.

At the center of Niflheim.

A thorough scan revealed an eddy in the atmosphere, a place that seemingly told of a hidden something from a mere glance.

‘Escapees of the Aesir hidden through magic. Makes sense.’

At that moment, Hela’s lips curled up, and words flowed from her mouth.

“This is the place. Receive the quest given here, break the barrier, and you can reach the Frost Garden…”

Before Hela could finish, Jaehyun already amplified his magic without paying heed.

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