I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 210

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 209: Niflheim (1)

“Of course.”

Jaehyun spoke with an excited tone, looking ahead at Hela who was leading the way.

Niflheim. The method to reach the world of mist was simple, yet fraught with danger.

‘Use the Draupnir.’

That was Jaehyun’s primary thought when he first heard Hela’s words.

What was indeed the fastest way to Niflheim?

The answer did not come easily.

Aside from his visit to Svartalfheim, Jaehyun had never traveled to other mythical realms. This was because both his first and second trials took place in dungeons or ruins. He simply assumed this time would be no different.

‘When I faced the first trial, I visited the temple of Hel to receive my reward… But, that was only to claim my bounty.’

The god presiding over this trial went by the alias ‘Aesir’s Fugitive’ because his situation prevented him from revealing his identity to the outside.

Thus, he couldn’t open dungeons or ruins to summon his adversaries.

Ultimately, to carry out the trial, the adversary himself had to move.

This led Jaehyun to think a change of approach was necessary.

The travel time to reach Niflheim was roughly a year. He had to find a way to shorten this somehow.

While pondering over how to expedite his journey to Niflheim, an ingenious and audacious idea crossed his mind.

‘Utilize the effects of Draupnir. This artifact can establish a portal linking other worlds to Midgard.’

If he could reverse-engineer this artifact to open a portal to Niflheim from Midgard, a year’s time could be saved.

However, this method was accompanied by considerable risk.

“Draupnir is fundamentally a mythic-grade artifact. It demands a vast amount of mana to activate, nearly double the total amount you can muster right now.”

Hela said with a look of concern.

She still could not understand Jaehyun’s choice.

It was natural to worry about family and comrades in danger.

But adopting such a method was excessively reckless.

For others, contemplating how to gain a year would be the norm.

Yet, Jaehyun chose a new path to save time, even if it meant risking his life.

“Ha. Now that it has come to this, I will help as much as I can. It would not be in my best interest for you to die.”

“Why the concern? Are you worried about me now?”

Jaehyun quipped, then took a deep breath.

‘I know. I know the risk of forcibly activating a mythic-grade artifact. But I have no choice.’

Among the Draupnir’s effects was indeed a connection between other worlds and Midgard.

However, to activate it and gain full control was a different issue.

An artifact is essentially a tool that stores repetitive actions, allowing the user to execute them by injecting mana.

Simply put, a magical device enabling the use of a fireball minimizes computational processes and shortens the activation of the spell by using the user’s mana as a medium.

But magical devices are comprised of complex computations.

Thus, unlike mages who master magic directly, artifact users cannot freely transform formulas.

Injecting mana to perform stored tasks and fundamentally understanding and transforming the formula are different challenges.

What Jaehyun intended to do was to modify Draupnir’s computational formula to not summon demons but to open a portal to Niflheim.

‘Luckily, I have heard the approximate coordinates and location of Niflheim from Hela. The rest is up to my own abilities.’


Jaehyun concentrated the residual mana within his body on one point in unison with his thoughts.

Slowly, mana began moving from his lower abdomen and head towards a fixed point, flowing into the bracelet worn on his wrist.

His brows furrowed as a system message sounded.

―Activating the artifact 《Draupnir(Myth)》.

―Insufficient mana charged. Draupnir will initiate with the user’s mana as a catalyst.

―Warning! The user’s mana is insufficient.


Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of depletion assaulted Jaehyun’s body, causing it to crumble.

His body began to tilt to one side, losing balance.

Despite the vivid sensation, he tried his best to stand firm by powering through with his legs.

But even for Jaehyun, who had reached the second stage of divinity, activating a mythic-grade artifact was no easy task.

Cha Ji-yoon could operate Draupnir in the past by stealing people’s greed and converting it to mana.

Hela’s expression hardened as she watched Jaehyun.


With a worried look, Papillon glanced at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun’s expression almost vanished suddenly, and the worst-case scenario, which none of them had expected, began to unfold.

―Warning! The user’s mana is backflowing!

Due to insufficient mana, the energy Jaehyun had pumped into Draupnir began to backflow.

It was Jaehyun’s first experience with mana rebound.

* * *


Owner of Valhalla and the pinnacle of the Valkyrie goddesses.

She was in a foul mood, unlike her usual calm demeanor, irritated by something.

A luxury glass in front of her filled a third with wine, but she hadn’t taken a sip.

The recent directive from Odin was troubling her mind.

“Odin… That wretch is ordering me to do such tasks… Disgusting.”

Lately, Odin was making all kinds of preparations for the second Ragnarok.

She had also heard that the prophesied adversary was hindering him.

Yet she had never imagined he would give her such an order.

“Use the Valkyries to strike at the humans?”

Not long ago, Odin abruptly came to her and said:

[We must handle the adversary. Prepare the Valkyries.]

It was a preposterous situation.

Even without this, she had lost a good number of Einherjar and Valkyries in the first war.

She had mourned her trusting army’s loss for a long time.

Yet, Odin is pushing for another sacrifice.

From one to ten, nothing sat well with her about this order, but she had no other option but to follow Odin’s words.

“I never had a choice, to begin with.”

Odin was still holding her most precious thing hostage.

Freya could neither forgive nor ignore him.

If she made a mistake here, she could lose what was precious forever.

So she reluctantly had to follow Odin’s orders, distasteful as they might be.

“…Sigurn. Are you out there?”


“Come in for a moment.”

Freya called for one helmeted warrior who was standing by outside.

Her name was Sigurn, one of the captains leading the Valkyrie army.

Additionally, she was one of Freya’s most trusted and capable Valkyries.

“Have you heard that Odin is obstructing the prophesied adversary?”


Freya spoke as if resigned.

“Tear that bastard down thoroughly. Use the army to crush him. Can you do that?”

“Whatever your command, I shall execute it.”

Sigurn saluted precisely as she spoke.

Freya nodded and added:

“Be careful, the adversary is strong. Heimdall and Loki have already fallen to him. His divinity can no longer be ignored.”

At Freya’s words, Sigurn grimaced.

The adversary. She already knew of his growing strength.

But the preparation time was ample.

Odin granted a few months of grace period for the Valkyries to act. They just needed to find a way to bring him down within that time.

Holding that conviction, Sigurn spoke with full assurance.

“Do not worry. I won’t disappoint you. I shall take my leave now.”

Sigurn gave one more military salute and exited.

Freya exhaled a deep breath and gazed at the place she departed for a long time.

Deep skepticism settled in her heart.

How did Asgard come to be so obsessed with war and dominion over the worlds?

But no matter how deeply she pondered, nothing would change.

The grand wheel of fate was already turning.

And even Freya couldn’t halt it alone.

She put aside her thoughts and lifted the wine glass.

The wine that flowed down her throat tasted of nothing.

Only a hot, choking sensation seemed to slowly seep into her heart.

* * *



Blood sputtered from Jaehyun’s lips. Coughing blood— a symptomatic manifestation of mana rebound.

“Damn… It’s not easy, is it?”

Jaehyun had just experienced a backflow of mana due to the Draupnir.

Activating a mythic-grade artifact was a daunting task, and he was aware that there would be side effects.

However, Jaehyun did not give up.

He was in a potentially life-threatening situation, yet there was no room for retreat.

He had to stay calm.

‘Hela said it. Not only mana is required to start Draupnir, but also greed. Without it, it can only be activated once a month at most.’

In plain terms, if Jaehyun failed this time, he would have lost an entire month, catastrophic news for the urgent Jaehyun.

He brainstormed ways to dissipate the mana rebound and amplify his own mana.

Beneath the surface of his calm spirit, mana began to gather again, shining like fireflies clearing the darkness of the dawn.

The light pulled his own mana out forcibly.

The situation was clearly not good, but Jaehyun believed in himself.

Despite the burning sensation in his brain, he did not halt the artifact’s activation.

Even then, he reflected continuously.

What was needed to draw out mana to its limits?

A delicate sense? Or perhaps, his own will?

Jaehyun knew.

The mana to operate Draupnir.

It was already inherent within him.


At that moment, Jaehyun’s mana began to intensify.

Sensation flooded his body as if he’d become a conduit of tremendous magical power.

Simultaneously, a vivid memory from the past echoed in his mind.

It was when he had awakened to his divinity.

‘That time, in the fight against Heimdall. I saw an enormous sea.’

Jaehyun had encountered a vast sea within himself.

Back then he could not comprehend its significance.

But with time, he had come to fully realize the essence of the sea he beheld.

A sea of mana holding potential.

‘It represented the total latent power I could harness.’

Jaehyun had absorbed some of this ocean’s water to awaken his unique skills.

This time was no different.

To draw mana sufficient to activate Draupnir temporarily, he needed to confront the sea within himself again.

And at the precise moment of realization.


The sound of crashing waves echoed by his ears.


A blue glow enveloped Jaehyun’s entire body as immense mana infused him.

Then a voice followed.

―You have successfully activated the artifact.

―《Draupnir》 is opening the gate.

“Success…… right?”

Jaehyun muttered, lifting his head to look ahead.

Before him, a gate reminiscent of the azure sea now lay wide open.

Smiling, Jaehyun continued.

“Shall we then set off? To the world of mist. To Niflheim.”

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