I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 209

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 208: The Third Trial

“The god presiding over the trial is out of his mind… What do you mean by that?”

Jaehyun asked with a bewildered expression, and Hela sighed softly.

Unknowingly, Jaehyun’s brow furrowed.

It was unclear who was in charge of the next trial, but it seemed to be a rather finicky deity.

Hela shook her head and said,

“It’s like your strength is sapped when you are with them. Dealing with them can get irritating… no, that’s not it. Ahem.

Well, you’ll understand once you experience it yourself.”

The words “you’ll understand once you experience it” had always been something Jaehyun had feared before his regression.

‘The god presiding over the third trial… what kind of being are they for Hela to even say things like this?’

While Hela had a tendency to exaggerate, she had never given such an emphatic warning.

Jaehyun quickly became somber, lost in thought.

What could the theme and content of this trial be?

Is it really okay to keep pushing forward like this?

But he had no alternative method.

Right now, there was no choice but to confront the situation head-on.

Heimdall, the battles with Joo Won, succeeded in weakening their forces. But that was just two victories.

Ragnarok is inevitable.

And to stop it, more victories are necessary.

Jaehyun had no intention of delaying any longer.

‘The sooner it may seem, the more it means I need to be properly prepared and advance. If I’m not a step ahead, I can’t stop the Aesir and Odin.’

Coming to a quick decision, Jaehyun nodded and said,

“I’ll prepare immediately. Where’s our next destination?”

“The Mist Garden.”

“The Mist Garden?”

Jaehyun cocked his head, clearly unable to understand immediately. Nearby, Papi, who had been dozing off, suddenly sat up and looked at Hela.

She opened her mouth again,

“Yes. It’s a place unknown to you. There is a girl who ran away from the Aesir.

We call her ‘The Fugitive of the Aesir’.”

“The Fugitive of the Aesir?”

“I can’t tell you more than that. Regardless, it’s a trial. You, as the adversary, must experience it firsthand. I’m merely a guide, after all.”

Jaehyun quickly understood and steadied his heart.

“I’ll commence tomorrow. It’s a holiday at the academy anyway. How long will the journey take?”

“I was actually about to talk about that aspect…”

“Your reaction doesn’t seem like it’s good news.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Hela flinched and hesitantly, with her eyes closed tight, she said,

“Well… it takes some time to reach the garden. About a year?”


Jaehyun grabbed Hela’s shoulder with a puzzled expression.

What? A year?

As Hela avoided his gaze, Jaehyun cried out in urgent disbelief,

“A year, you say?! Just where is the location that it would take so long to get there?”

“I cannot disclose the exact location. However… I can tell you that it exists somewhere in Niflheim.

Once you get to Niflheim, it won’t take much longer.”


Jaehyun’s mind became hazy.

The world of mist, one of the nine worlds of myth he had to head for?

However, what troubled Jaehyun more was the one-year time period.

What about his family and comrades left behind while he went through the trials?

Could they all survive safely in the meantime?

His head ached. In such a time-sensitive situation, this development was a tremendous stress on him.

‘…For Jaehyun, it’s unavoidable that he’s worried. Cold on the outside, but warm towards his comrades.’

Hela fully understood his turmoil.

Jaehyun was more concerned about his family and comrades than his own safety in facing the trial.

It was just like his altruistic nature.

While Hela pondered this, Jaehyun started contemplating ways to minimize the time taken to reach Niflheim.

The gap of a year was something that couldn’t be easily overcome.

‘It won’t be easy. Moving without a plan, leaving people behind, is a bad decision.’

During the second trial, Jaehyun had realized that while undergoing a trial, he couldn’t be aware of any external events, nor could he respond to them.

If Odin and the Aesir began to move to attack his comrades in the meantime, Jaehyun would be utterly powerless to prevent his people from being lost.

‘But in order to kill Odin, I have no choice but to go through the trials.

Besides, reaching Mist Garden without attracting the attention of the Aesir gods will be difficult. Hela said so herself.’

The Mist Garden was a special place created to hide the Fugitive of the Aesir.

It was meant to evade the eyes of the Aesir and was known to be extremely secure.

Even if Hela was the guide of the trial, shortening the process to get there was impossible.

As he contemplated this, a thought flashed through Jaehyun’s mind.

“Hela, if what you said is true. As long as we can reach Niflheim somehow, after that, it won’t take much time, right?”

“Yes? Yes… that’s true, but…”

At that moment, Jaehyun’s lips curled up.

With a sly expression, he looked at Hela and spoke,

“I’ve thought of a way. An interesting way to reach Niflheim in the shortest possible time.”

Moments later, after hearing Jaehyun’s method, Hela screamed in shock,

“You seriously think that insane method is possible?! You know… you could die if you get it wrong…!”

However, despite her warning, Jaehyun only smiled calmly in response.

“Of course.”

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