I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 207

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 206: Cooking Competition (1)

It was the fourth day of the school trip, with only one more day left. After visiting the Valley of Dragons, Jaehyun spent the last day on various tours together with his companions. Okinawa, being a world-famous tourist destination, had many attractions beyond the public market and the Churaumi Aquarium they had initially visited. Jaehyun wandered around with a content expression. They were currently by the seaside.

“The most beautiful thing really is the sea,” Jaehyun mused. He had always loved the sea and felt a significant sense of liberation while looking at the azure Okinawan waters. It was a rare moment of relaxation for him, given his recent heightened sensitivity.

As he enjoyed the scenery, he recalled yesterday’s events. “If I’m going to tell you, then I shall treat you to the cooking of dragons. All dragons are gourmets,” that was what ‘The Watcher’ had said. Jaehyun, full of anticipation, felt like he got smacked on the back of his head by ‘The Watcher’. The gourmet tastes ‘The Watcher’ referred to were entirely different from what Jaehyun had in mind.

After tasting something that could be considered an apple pie made by ‘The Watcher’, Jaehyun thought of Kim Yoojung. It was a clear insult to the one who had served the food. “Kim Yoojung’s cooking is outside the category of food,” he thought to himself with a light shake of his head, continuing his train of thought. “‘The Watcher’ said yesterday that the tail of Yamata no Orochi would greatly aid Papi’s growth.”

However, there was a problem. The tail of Yamata no Orochi was a special ingredient, difficult to cook. “The materials born from humans’ thoughts that turn into demonic beasts are originally hard to process and cook. I can’t exactly cook for you on the spot …” The Watcher declared. Jaehyun had no choice but to part ways with ‘The Watcher’, unable to stay long in the Valley of Dragons or request a cooking lesson.

The predicament for Jaehyun was now finding someone capable of cooking something suitable for Papi, especially since the dragon’s tastes were distinct and increasingly refined. Jaehyun came up with an idea. If he could quickly set up opportunities to try out various people’s cooking, he might be able to find someone who could cook the tail.

Then, the opportunity came that evening. “You remember what you promised tonight, right? You were the one who suggested it. If it’s delicious and I faint, it’s not my problem,” Kim Yoojung approached with arms akimbo and asked Jaehyun nonchalantly. Jaehyun nodded his head. “Yeah, the cooking competition, right?”

Jaehyun’s clever scheme—it was a cooking competition within their circle. The aim was to show off everyone’s cooking skills and find the chef whose cuisine best suited Papi’s palate. Then, they would ask that person to prepare a dish using the tail of Yamata no Orochi for Papi. “Finding a chef in Korea could lead to someone recognizing the tail of Yamata no Orochi, which would be troublesome.”

His fellow circle members were trustworthy. The competition was a light-hearted affair for Jaehyun. However, the response was not very enthusiastic. “Even if it’s your idea, Jaehyun, cooking for Yoojung is a bit …” Lee Jaesang stammered with an alarmed voice, and even Ahn Hoyeon, though unhappy, didn’t dare oppose the circle leader.

“…But where is So-Yul-unnie?” Seo Ina asked, looking around. Lee Jaesang mumbled back, “She… she went to buy antacids, saying you could die from a cooking competition …” Jaehyun felt a twinge of pity for Gwon So-Yul but said no more, having already prepared to counter Kim Yoojung’s cooking. He decided to push the pain experienced by others to the back of his mind for now.

* * *

After Jaehyun left, back in the Valley of Dragons, ‘The Watcher’ conversed with someone near a giant nest. It was the familiar voice of the Giant of Wisdom, Mimir. ‘The Watcher’ began the conversation, “The antagonist visited the Valley of Dragons just now.” Mimir replied cheerfully, “Yes, I’ve seen it all. But about that tone you’re keeping up, are you intending to continue like this?” “Does it not suit me?” The dragon retorted while laughing. Mimir stroked his mustache and replied, “Go back to your real form; it’s not suitable at all.”

* * *

The first Circle Nine cooking competition wasn’t especially attractive to the circle members; to be precise, it posed a danger to their sense of taste. “If we eat what Yoojung and Jaehyun cook, we won’t taste anything for three days,” Ahn Hoyeon thought as he looked at the neat array of cooking tools lined up. The competition was to create food tasty enough for Papi, but other than Kim Yoojung, everyone was quite apprehensive.

“Do we really need to go this far? Can’t we just feed Papi regular pet food or some meat?” Gwon So-Yul said with an apron on. Not only her, but other companions also dressed appropriately for cooking—which was important for hygiene, according to Jaehyun.

Jaehyun said that he would reward the person who made the most delicious food for Papi. Since the circle members had previously received an expensive Bonding Sigil from Jaehyun, they had no choice but to trust his words.

What could Jaehyun be planning to give this time? Tension hung in the air among his eager companions.

Ahn Hoyeon chose the simple curry, planning to buy instant curry to heat in the microwave. His cooking philosophy was straightforward: “If you can swallow it without failing, it’s cooking!”

Gwon So-Yul was preparing a simple fried rice with eggs, while Lee Jaesang, trying to cater to the dragon’s palate, prepared meatballs made from minced meat.

Jaehyun boldly ventured into Japanese cuisine, asserting that he should try it while in Japan. “This time, be amazed by my skill,” he claimed.

Kim Yoojung was cooking something indeterminate in a pot of red liquid, while Seo Ina, as the most promising contender, opted for Korean cuisine. Since they had spent nearly five days in Japan, it seemed like the right timing for Korean food, which they all missed. Plus, since Papi unexpectedly had omnivorous tastes, it was worth a try.

An hour passed, and the competitors’ dishes were complete. Now it was time for Papi to choose. “Okay, Papi, pick the food you like from here.” Papi sniffed at the ingredients before him, showing only moderate interest.

Suddenly, Papi pushed away Seo Ina’s dish and began hungrily devouring Kim Yoojung and Jaehyun’s cooking. The group stared in shock. “That… you chose that side?” “This can’t be… we need to take Papi to the hospital!” Their expressions were filled with dismay.

Papi finished a few bites of Jaehyun’s dish and then focused on gobbling up Kim Yoojung’s preparation. “It seems that the tastes of dragons and humans are polar opposites,” Jaehyun concluded, as everyone except for Kim Yoojung nodded vehemently in agreement. Kim Yoojung, thrilled that Papi recognized her cooking talent, enveloped the dragon in an embrace. “You appreciate the true value of my cooking!”

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