I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 205

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 204: Yamata-no-Orochi (2)

“Is that… really a human…?”

Moriya Renki, the leader of the Japanese alliance, thought to himself.

‘Black robe… a monster. It’s overwhelmingly powerful compared to all the raiders I’ve seen. It has surpassed the realm of humans.’

It was evident at first glance.

Moriya Renki recalled stories of the black robe that had been relayed through past news articles and conversations with Balak.

[He wields a sword, and his magical power is on par with Camilla’s.]

[I wasn’t being careless. While I wasn’t in my best condition for the fight, the outcome would have been the same even if we fought again.]

Such words were hard to believe coming from the prideful Balak.

Moriya Renki had thought it was just something between them, some lip service due to some unspoken circumstance.

But it wasn’t.

‘The black robe is genuinely strong.’

Moriya Renki was mesmerized by the enormous foe and the black robe standing before him.

A stand-off against an S-class monster, yet there was no sign of retreat or tension.

Moriya Renki was completely overwhelmed by the black robe’s imposing presence.

“How can… is that person really fighting alone? Against that Yamata-no-Orochi!?”

A secretary who had snuck up beside him asked.

Moriya Renki furrowed his brow.

“Didn’t I tell you not to follow me? Damn, do you all have a death wish?”

“Eh? What do you mean…?”

“The one facing Yamata-no-Orochi… it’s the black robe.”


“The black robe, the monster who tackled Iceland’s major disaster.”

At that moment, it happened.


Massive currents of charged magical power erupted nearby.

Soon, a column of water shot up in the center of the lake.


Something settled down, and the ground opened up.

Moriya Renki already knew the identity of what had just fallen.


He murmured with a pale expression.

The black robe had easily defeated the S-class boss monster.

And right before his own eyes.

* * *


The rough swirl of water and the lightning pouring through it clashed.

The synergy produced by these two conflicting powers was beyond imagination.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Repeated strikes of lightning intensified as they coupled with water-based magic.

The power seeping through layers of whirlpools cleaved into the enemy’s head and tail.

To anyone else watching, it might seem like a Dungeon Break was happening—such was the level of magical power.

But the man observing all this appeared unfazed.

“It seems stronger than I thought… Did I not control my strength well enough?”

Jaehyun commented casually, arms crossed, as he murmured to himself.

It had been a while since he had unsummoned the Tyrving.

‘In the first place, it’s an artifact that consumes the user’s ego. I just took it out to check its power.’

Jaehyun had already reached the 2nd stage of Divine Awakening.

Even an S-class boss was no real threat to him.

‘With Papillon’s passive, combat has definitely become easier to handle.’


Yamata-no-Orochi pathetically sprawled on the ground face first.

Its eight tails failed to muster any strength, limply creating ripples in the water.

Jaehyun listened to the system notification while exhaling.

―You have successfully hunted the boss monster《Yamata-no-Orochi》of Lake Suizenji.

―You have cleared the first condition for the quest《The Dragon’s First Growth》.

The sensation of clearing the quest never grew old.

Jaehyun stretched and waited for the next message.

A beast as great as Orochi, no matter how it appeared, was a boss monster.

It was natural to expect a drop, and Jaehyun had something else to gain here.

His purpose for coming all the way to Japan.

‘That would be the evolution item for cute Papillon.’

As he thought, another message followed.

―You have obtained 《Yamata-no-Orochi’s Tail》.

―Item information acquired.

[Special Item]

Name: Yamata-no-Orochi’s Tail

Grade: S

A tail brimming with the power and magical energy of Yamata-no-Orochi.

Consuming it after preparation will hasten a pet’s growth.

*Warning! Not consumable by humans.

“This isn’t bad. It’s a shame that I can’t eat it myself.”

Jaehyun hummed in thought when another system notification sounded.

―Would you like to be transported to the《Valley of Dragons》to fulfill the second condition for the evolution of Papillon the Second?

‘The Valley of Dragons?’

Jaehyun slung his backpack on with a curious expression.

It seemed there was yet another location he needed to visit for the quest.

“Well… it’s not bad to go right now, but I’ve got some things to deal with first.”

Swoosh… Swoosh…

When he returned to check, Papillon had already fallen asleep.

“Really? Sleeping so peacefully while your master is fighting…”

Despite the nearby commotion, this too was a talent in its own right.

As Jaehyun finished his trivial thoughts, he suddenly turned.

A domineering voice began to flow from him.

“You over there, come out now. Don’t tell me you think you can hide your presence and I won’t notice?”

“…Black robe.”

Moriya Renki, who had been hiding nearby, revealed himself.

Jaehyun smirked.

‘This is an unexpected meeting with a big shot. Moriya Renki, head of the Japan alliance, and a thug-looking figure.

Well, it’s not bad.’

―Activating the active skill 《Insight》.

―Determine hazard level based on opponent’s capabilities.

―Designated target’s danger rating is 《Low》.


He nodded and raised his magical power towards Moriya Renki.

Moriya Renki spoke first.

“What’s your purpose for coming here? Was conquering the major disaster not enough?”

Moriya Renki asked with a relatively composed voice.

Jaehyun shrugged his shoulders.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re a tomb raider. The one who seized the Nordic heritage. This time too, I suspect it’s no different.”

At these words, Jaehyun chuckled and put his hand in his pocket.

“I took down that Yamata-no-Orochi that’s been a nuisance to you. Rather, you should be giving me a reward.”

Jaehyun rebuked, leaving Moriya Renki unable to reply immediately.

There was something he didn’t understand.

According to rumors from the past major disaster tackling, the black robe was a tomb raider—a criminal. It was certain that he had taken something from the ruins and fled.

‘But this affair is different. He seems to be… helping us.’

Moriya Renki thought.

Yamata-no-Orochi had been a major headache for Japan, and there was no public information on what could be obtained from it.

A fight with nothing to gain.

Yet, the black robe came here.

What for?

“State your purpose.”

“I don’t particularly have one.”

“Are you planning to kill us?”

The assistant beside Moriya Renki turned into a picture of shock.

‘Plan to kill… Moriya Renki, an S-class raider?’

Moriya Renki was one of the world’s top S-class raiders.

Was he sensing his own defeat even before any fight commenced?

‘How powerful is the black robe for Moriya to react this way?

Could we all really end up dead here?’

The thought didn’t last.

Jaehyun, following his silent contemplation, shared unexpected words with the duo.

“I have no intention to kill. I never liked that in the first place.”

“Then you came for Yamata-no-Orochi out of genuine interest.”

Moriya Renki caught on, and Jaehyun humored him with his response.

“Yeah, let’s just say that.”

“Is there any room for negotiation?”

“I only want one thing.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Moriya Renki swallowed.

‘Of course. He wouldn’t have asked for nothing. He seemed to be waiting for me all along.’

The expected request had arrived.

Moriya Renki thought as he looked at Jaehyun.

A man willing to stir up such an incident wouldn’t ask for money.

A new identity? Asylum? Either could be possible for a criminal.

‘Whatever it is, I mustn’t offend him. He’s a monster not even comparable to me.’

Moriya Renki’s Adam’s apple bobbed involuntarily.

The black robe.

What did he intend to request from him?

“Could you write me an article? And while you’re at it, make it sound nice and kind.”

Jaehyun said with a smile.

Moriya Renki squinted, puzzled.

Suddenly an article?

He was about to ask further but then clamped his mouth shut.

One wrong word, and he knew he could get his secretary killed too.

* * *

Jaehyun returned to his lodging around two in the morning.

Yamata-no-Orochi was weaker than he initially thought, and the battle was not difficult.

For Jaehyun, things were moving along rather smoothly.

There was only one goal left from his original plan—Papillon’s evolution.

He pulled up the message he had reserved earlier.

―Would you like to be transported to the《Valley of Dragons》to fulfill the second condition for the evolution of Papillon the Second?


He sighed lightly, nodding in acceptance.

Suddenly, his body became semi-transparent and began to be transmitted somewhere.

He wasn’t particularly surprised, as it was something he had experienced several times before.

Soon after, when the aura faded, Jaehyun emerged to a spectacle.

The valley was truly a breathtaking sight.

Sheer cliffs droopped down and a variety of colored dragons flew through the air, capturing his attention immediately.

Below them, straw nests big enough to combine two mountains gleamed, looking like a proper dragon’s lair, except immensely larger.

“Is this… the Valley of Dragons?”

That was when he heard the voice.

“It’s been a while since a foreigner has visited.”

Jaehyun turned toward the source of the voice.

There stood an ancient dragon, dozens of meters high.

Its skin was entirely red, and it had two horns on its head.

Jaehyun inquired,

“And you are?”

“I am the ‘Watcher.’ The owner of this Valley of Dragons.

I’ve been waiting for you. The fabled adversary of the prophecy.”

The dragon’s voice was deep, as if sucking you into its depth.

Jaehyun looked into its eyes and said,

“How do you know I am the adversary of prophecy?”

“Because I heard it from them.”

“Them? You mean the Norns?”

Jaehyun quickly understood.

The Norns. He viewed the future along with Mimir and was returned to his past to ensure Ragnarok did not repeat itself.

It was through the system of the Nornir.

‘It seems the Norns have seen much of my future.’

The ‘Watcher’ studied Jaehyun for a while, then nodded and led the way.

“I will aid in the growth of your child. Follow me.”

Jaehyun willingly followed him.

Not once had the system demanded anything unfair of him.

And now, it was intent on his growth as well.

‘And that means there is no reason not to use them for my benefit.’

“Let’s go, Papillon.”


Papillon clung firmly to Jaehyun’s shoulder.

Soon, they arrived at an altar adorned with dragons, radiating a mystical atmosphere.

Jaehyun looked around and asked,

“What is this place?”

“The Altar of Evolution. Now, we will draw out the power of Fafnir… No, I suppose he’s the Second now. Step back.”

With those words, a flame lit upon the altar.

―The evolution of Fafnir the Second has begun.

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