I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 204

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 203: Yamata No Orochi (1)

“What is the European Union and Valac thinking by sending such an official document?”

In the office of the Japanese Union, a man with sun-darkened skin and wearing an intricate patterned Hawaiian shirt sat, scouring through paperwork.

He was Mori Renki, the representative of the Japanese Union, known for his bright blonde hair and distinctive accessories—a Rader famous throughout Japan and one of the few S-rank Awakened in the country.

Renki was known to be untroubled by worries, but today was different. He furrowed his brows as he read the official document sent by the European Union.

The document that had Mori Renki deep in thought bore the title:

[An Urgent Request to Cease Searching for the Black Robe Within the Japanese Union]

Renki slipped the pen he was holding into his shirt pocket as a fierce glare flashed briefly through his sunglasses.

With a swift motion, he crumpled the paper in his hands.

‘The European Union’s demands are incomprehensible, no matter how one looks at them.’

“As far as I know, the ‘Black Robe’ is certainly an enemy of the European Union. Then why are they suddenly asking us to stop the search?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I too have been unable to fully grasp their intentions. Neither Camilla nor Valac have provided any detailed explanation for their reasoning,” his secretary replied, standing by his side.

Mori Renki’s thoughts drifted back to a past event—the grand relic theft.

During that time, the European Union, along with Valac and Camilla, had encountered the man in the Black Robe.

News of their defeat and failure to secure the relic made headlines in Japan and remained a disgrace to the world.

Therein lay Renki’s perplexity about the intent behind the document. Ordinarily, the European Union would scour the earth for the Black Robe to reclaim their lost honor.

So why then, were they halting the pursuit?

And more strangely, why would they request other countries to do the same?

“It must be some connection between the European Union and the Black Robe.”

Renki swiftly drew a conclusion.

The stance of the European Union was clearly a check against both Japan and the United States.

Defending the Black Robe also made little sense and was hard to fathom.

‘The logical conclusion is that there is a connection between the two. If this is true, then the Black Robe’s strength might even be exaggerated.

Valac… It’s hard to imagine what that proud man gains from praising another like this.’

“Contemptible as ever. It seems the standards of Valac and the European Union have indeed fallen,” Renki mused as he nodded and asked his secretary,

“How goes the preparations for tomorrow’s boss raid at Lake Juzeji?”

“Smoothly, sir. We have prepared a large quantity of sake for the conquest of Yamata No Orochi.”

“Good. Then it shouldn’t be an issue. Proceed with the plan—”

At that moment, an abrupt quaking shook the entire Union building, and Renki’s brows drew closer together. He could feel the surge of a powerful magical energy from somewhere.

‘What is this…?’

“It seems something has happened,” his secretary said, quickly contacting other Radars outside.

It didn’t take long for the reply to come.

“Yes, understood. We will head to the site as quickly as possible.”

After a brief exchange using the communication device, the secretary reported with a cold expression, “It seems we have a situation.”

“A situation?”

“It seems that Yamata No Orochi from Lake Juzeji has awakened.”


Renki could hardly conceal his shock.

After all this time, the beast had lain dormant for years, and now it suddenly awakened—just one day before the planned raid?

* * *

“It might’ve been wiser to bring more sake. Given the limited time, we must make do.”

Jae-Hyun muttered to himself, staring at the monstrous boss in front of him, as the system notification appeared.

―The Field Boss Monster 《Yamata No Orochi》is now aware of your presence.

Jae-Hyun recalled a memory from before his regression involving the Yamata No Orochi.

‘Yamata No Orochi. Normally, the Japanese Union would’ve suffered a crushing defeat in their assault, and it would have taken years before the creature was subdued. An S-rank Rader would need at least a couple of others to stand a chance.

But for me, it’s not an issue.’

In a famous Japanese cartoon, a divine figure had gained worldwide recognition—Susanoo (スサノオ), a storm-controlling god depicted in myth, born when the creation god Izanagi washed his nose. According to myth, Susanoo was the one who had slain the very creature Jae-Hyun was about to face: Yamata No Orochi.

‘When a mythical creature is reborn in conjunction with local legends, understanding the myth makes the encounter much easier.’

Which is why Jae-Hyun had earlier poured a copious amount of sake into the eight whirlpools.

The most effective method to subdue Yamata No Orochi was through the use of sake.

‘Susanoo had weakened Orochi with sake. Because it originates from legend, it’s bound to be influenced by that myth.’

Jae-Hyun had seen this in the historical records; he was merely adding the final touch to a prepared meal.


The raging currents pulled towards Jae-Hyun.


Yamata No Orochi bared its fangs, initiating its assault on him.

But the attack meant little to Jae-Hyun.

“It’s futile.”

―The Essence of the Sea controls the flow of water.

The magical energy leaking from Jae-Hyun’s body precisely blocked the enemy’s attack.

Holding the Essence of the Sea, he was immune to water attribute attacks.

But the enemy, an S-rank monster, began to show its own might.


From its mouth spewed a flame-like venom.

Though it paled compared to Nidhogg’s venom, it was potent enough to melt an A-rank Rader without effort.

Jae-Hyun merely smiled again.

“You too have a poor matchup against me, huh?”

―Hel’s Blessing neutralizes the status abnormality.

Yamata No Orochi’s greatest weapons were its ability to control water and its venomous breath.

But neither posed a threat to Jae-Hyun.

Calmly walking on water, Jae-Hyun set down the bag he was carrying.

“Stay here for now. It won’t take long and then I’ll help your evolution.”


Papillon responded by poking its head out of the bag and nodded understandingly.

Jae-Hyun clenched his fist and leaped towards the enemy.

―Activating the skill 《Air Leap》.

With the activation of the skill, Jae-Hyun twisted in mid-air.

Orochi’s voice seemed flustered.


In a situation akin to playing chess without a chariot or cannon, the creature was thrown into utter disarray.

―The Essence of the Sea controls the flow of water.

Jae-Hyun relentlessly exploited this opening, unfazed.

To him, this S-rank boss monster was not much of a challenge.


Pillars and blades of water he conjured began tearing the enemy apart.


The unsettling sound of flesh being cut resounded.

Finally, a mighty water pillar erupted from the ground, slicing through the flesh of Orochi.


A massive splash followed, as something colossal hit the ground near Jae-Hyun’s feet.

“One down.”

He smiled as he glanced at one of Orochi’s heads now lying by his foot.

Seven remained.

This working out to be quicker than expected.

* * *

“How… This movement is impossible!” Renki exclaimed just after Jae-Hyun brought down the first head of Yamata No Orochi.

He had rushed to the site upon receiving reports of the boss monster’s emergence.

His eyes widened in amazement at what unfolded before him.

“An S-rank boss monster’s head cut off? By a single Rader, not even a raid team?”

This was unimaginable. Renki, as a seasoned A-rank Rader, had attempted to subdue Yamata No Orochi, but had failed. The enemy was too powerful, and S-rank monster information was sparse back then.

Luckily, Yamata No Orochi couldn’t leave the water, so Renki had postponed its conquest. Although it remained a matter of national concern, with no immediate danger to civilians, Renki had been too preoccupied with other Gates to deal with it.

But now, he hadn’t expected someone to get there first.

Filled more with awe than anger, Renki could only be stunned by the sight of the man confronting the S-rank boss alone.

Renki’s thoughts raced, and a hypothesis from a TV show he once watched surfaced in his mind.

‘Could it be…?’

He stepped slowly towards the tumultuous lake, ignoring the danger.


“Stand down.”

His secretary and other Radars tried to stop him, but he paid no heed.

Renki had to ascertain his theory right then.

Soon, he managed to approach Jae-Hyun and Orochi without making a sound.

Realizing whose presence was there, whose had been the hand to sever Orochi’s head, he trembled and took a step back.

“Exactly as I suspected. The man fighting Orochi is…”

The Black Robe.

He murmured to himself, his hunch now a solid belief—Valac’s interview remarks weren’t an exaggeration, and in fact, the Black Robe might be more formidable than he had thought.

‘The Black Robe… He soars beyond even my own S-rank magical power.’

* * *

‘He’s really here.’ Jae-Hyun noted the approaching presence, undetectable to most by the sheer power gap.

No stealth magic could elude Jae-Hyun’s senses now.

He was waiting for the Japanese Union. The reason was simple.

‘I need to make sure the Black Robe makes an impression again. I might have to start acting in this guise to avoid future nuisances.’

After his fight with Heimdall, Jae-Hyun was determined to grow stronger. For this, monopolizing the world’s hidden pieces was paramount.

But to avoid red tape and making enemies, no public identity could bind him.

‘I am more than strong enough now. None can stand against me alone—not even an S-rank Rader. The time to act is now.’

Jae-Hyun decided to make use of his serendipitously aquired alias, Black Robe, for easier maneuvering.

His plan was as follows:

‘Attract the Japanese Union here, then show them the Black Robe dispatching Yamata No Orochi with overwhelming force.

This would reinforce the Union’s wariness of the Black Robe and flood the media with articles, skyrocketing my name’s worth.’

Gaining recognition among Radars in a world overrun with monsters was straightforward.

―Activating skill 《Magic Tool Morphing》.

―Successful creation of 《Mythical Sword Tyrfing》.

“Overwhelming strength. That alone makes all the difference.”

Jae-Hyun smiled as he felt the power of the mythic item in his grasp.

He focused his power in his hand holding the sword Tyrfing.


Another of Orochi’s heads was pierced, with a fountain of blood spraying into the air.

He then channeled more power into the Essence of the Sea.


A violent whirlpool formed, surging toward the enemy.

Jae-Hyun smirked, elevating his prowess.

―Unleashing divine authority.

―Activating skill 《Power of the Thunder God》.



The eye of the storm besieged by thunderous bolts tore Orochi apart.

Renki could only let out an incredulous exclamation from a distance at the sight.

“Can that truly be called human…?”

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