I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 202

I Obtained a Mythic Item

Chapter 201: The Hearts of the Two (1)

The class trip was planned to be 4 nights and 5 days long.

The first day was structured, with students moving in groups by circles, and the remaining four days were for free activities.

The main plan for the last day was to prepare for the trip back home after packing up.

Though it was a fairly lengthy schedule, it was but a momentary break considering the hardships that the students normally endured.

They were accustomed to fighting monsters on a daily basis, risking their lives at every turn.

Even during such times, it was hard for them to properly relax without a change of scenery.

Knowing this, the academy advocated for as much free exploration as possible.

On the first day, Jaehyun moved around with his circle, and from the second day onwards, he planned to start conquering fields.

‘To aid Papillon’s development, I need to capture the boss monsters in Lake Chuzenji, Nikko.’

A new quest had been assigned for the grade-up of Fafnir II.

To accomplish this, he would have to head to one of the closed-off areas in Japan.

Lake Chuzenji in Nikko.

Infiltration was anticipated to be fraught with difficulties, but there seemed to be no other way.

Papillon, destined to grow to the exceptional S+ tier, was his partner. It was imperative not to give up on his development because of difficulty.

‘The good thing is, I already know how to conquer Lake Chuzenji.’

Before his regression, Jaehyun learned the strategy for conquering Lake Chuzenji from a world radar newspaper.

The weak points of demonic creatures, items that could be obtained there, and more filled his memory with various methods of defeating them.

If there was one problem for Jaehyun, who was sailing smoothly through his schedule, it was this.

“…Jaehyun, do you want to eat this?”

Seo Ina’s behavior had changed greatly since the incident at the mart.

She now seemed to have completely abandoned any pretense of concealing her feelings.

Openly caring for Jaehyun and appealing to him in obvious ways, she caused him considerable confusion.

‘How did it all get so complicated?’

It troubled Jaehyun deeply.

He never held any feelings for her.

He’d been running through the past few months without the luxury of considering anyone, and only now was he beginning to see some light ahead.

Seo Ina apparently didn’t share his outlook.

At first, Jaehyun thought her feelings for him were feigned, a temporary confusion on her part—of little consequence.

But Seo Ina’s behavior was now more assertive than ever.

Observing this, Jaehyun found himself seriously contemplating the issue once again.

Of course, that didn’t mean his response to her would change.

‘I have to make things clear. If not, it could twist my relationships with others as well.’

To Seo Ina, Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung held special significance.

They were friends who had torn down the walls around her heart, making her stronger.

For her, the two were people who could change much of her life, which was likely why her feelings had grown for Jaehyun.

After a moment of silence, Jaehyun turned his eyes towards her and spoke.

“I told you yesterday. For the second day, let’s stick together.”


She responded with hopeful eyes, lifting her head to look at him.

His voice was calm as Jaehyun continued.

“Alright. Let’s spend tomorrow together. There’s something I need to say.”

“…Something to say?”

“I’ll tell you then.”

This was certainly not the place for such a conversation.

Jaehyun had scheduled to meet Seo Ina the next day at Churaumi Aquarium.

Looking down, Seo Ina’s expression was tinged with unease.

The words Jaehyun intended to speak to her were painfully obvious, even to her.

Even without social finesse, understanding his intentions wasn’t hard.

And most likely, it wasn’t the answer she wished for.

‘…But it doesn’t matter.’

However, Seo Ina did not dwell too much on the matter.

Having recognized her own feelings, she resolved to not back down.

Others already had feelings for Jaehyun.

Aside from Yun Suna, who had asked her to pass a letter, Jaehyun’s name was on the lips of many girls.

Seo Ina understood that if ever there was a time for courage, it was now.

‘…I can’t bear to see someone else by Jaehyun’s side.’

So irrespective of his response, it didn’t concern her.

She never intended to give up on him in the first place.

From the past till now, there hadn’t been things Seo Ina desired but did not obtain.

This time would be no different, she believed.

* * *

Meanwhile, Kim Yoojung watched this scene unfold from a distance, struggling with complex emotions.

She had noticed Seo Ina’s behavior towards Jaehyun change in the past few days.

More affectionate, more assertive.

How could she express it?

It was as if Seo Ina was doing things that one would normally expect between lovers, and without hesitation at that.

It wasn’t just Kim Yoojung who noticed this.

Just before, on their way back after the day’s events, An Hoyeon and Kwon Soryul had remarked,

“Those two… there’s definitely something going on.”

“It seems like a personal matter between them… not something for us to get involved with.”

Thus, they had avoided delving into the matter.

However, Kim Yoojung felt suffocated, unable to comprehend how the two had become so close.

She was academically strong, intelligent, but somewhat slow to notice such things.

Yet, even she clearly understood this: the relationship between the two was flowing from one side’s unilateral feelings, and that aggressor was Seo Ina.

Jaehyun was still pushing her away.

‘Ina… now that I think about it, she even asked me before at the meat party at my house. If I was dating Min Jaehyun.’

Once during a barbecue at Kim Yoojung’s home, Seo Ina had cautiously asked her if she and Jaehyun were dating.

In retrospect, asking such a question among friends was odd.

Perhaps that was the beginning of Seo Ina’s feelings for Jaehyun.


This revelation stirred an odd feeling in Kim Yoojung.

She was close friends with both of them.

Kim Yoojung felt as if she had been robbed of two friends in an instant.

An uncomfortable tightness welled up in her chest, irritation building up.

As she pulled the covers over her head, Kwon Soryul’s voice unexpectedly interjected.

“Does it bother you that much?”

Kwon Soryul asked, putting aside her smartphone to look at her.

Since it was customary to room in pairs for the trip, Kim Yoojung and Kwon Soryul shared a room.

Yoojung pulled off the blanket and lay on her arm as she replied,

“Well… it’s not that it bothers me, it just feels weird.”

“You knew, right? That Ina has liked Jaehyun for a while now?”

“Hmm… it seems that way, but…”

There was a subtle implication in her words.

Kwon Soryul took her eyes off the smartphone and glanced at Kim Yoojung.

Half-closing an eye, she started to speak.

“Don’t you have any feelings for Jaehyun?”


Kim Yoojung involuntarily let their voice crack in response.

Kwon Soryul spoke with a calm expression.

“You know, right? If you wait too long, you might regret it.”

Kim Yoojung couldn’t immediately grasp her meaning.

Kwon Soryul was hinting at something she hadn’t even considered.

‘Too late? What does she mean…?’

The statement shook Kim Yoojung to her core.

Min Jaehyun.

Had she ever considered him in a romantic sense?

He was nothing more than a longtime friend. A buddy who she had spent a lot of time with.

She had never contemplated anything more than that.

Struggling to smile, Kim Yoojung dismissed the notion.

“No, that’s not it. Friends getting along is great. And I have no feelings for Min Jaehyun. I’m just… worried for Ina. She’s so tender-hearted.”

“Lying to yourself will just make you suffer more. You have to turn back before it’s too late.”


Kim Yoojung was speechless for a long time.

She pulled the blanket over her head again and forced herself to sleep.

In her dreams, images of Jaehyun with Seo Ina appeared.

Dressed beautifully, walking arm in arm side by side.

An inexplicable sense of annoyance kept Kim Yoojung from a restful sleep.

Kwon Soryul watched the rustling blanket and let out a soft sigh.

“Such a fool.”

* * *

Next day.

Preparing for his second-day schedule, Jaehyun put on his coat in front of the mirror.

Perhaps due to the stress of the previous day, there were slight dark circles under his eyes.

The anxiety was warranted, given Seo Ina’s recent behavior.

‘Ha. Will I be able to turn her down properly today?’

He had to meet Seo Ina today to explain his current situation.

He obviously couldn’t tell her about the regression or the gods.

He didn’t want to drag others into larger issues.

But keeping completely silent would be difficult too.

After all, if Seo Ina, stubborn as she was, wouldn’t be easily convinced or willing to give up.

“This is all because I’m too good-looking. You agree, don’t you?”


Papillon cocked his head at Jaehyun’s remark.

It was intended to humor, but the pet’s reaction suggested otherwise.

‘He’s still too young, I suppose.’

With a shake of his head, Jaehyun finished getting ready and headed out of the hotel.

He was planning to meet Kim Yoojung along the way and leave Papillon with her for a while.

“Ha… This day is going to feel long.”

Muttering to himself, Jaehyun briskly made his way to his destination, Churaumi Aquarium.

* * *

The journey to the aquarium did not take long since it was a transit within Okinawa, a local attraction, with no issues in transportation.

Reaching the entrance of the aquarium, Seo Ina was already there, waiting.

Her skin glowed more than usual, possibly due to makeup, and her lips held a hint of red.

Jaehyun found her pretty as always, but he quickly dispelled those thoughts.

What he had to say would inevitably hurt her.

What would Seo Ina respond after hearing his rejection?

Would she understand and nod her head as usual?

Even Jaehyun couldn’t easily guess.

“…You’re here?”

While he pondered, Seo Ina noticed him first and waved her hand.

He nodded and gazed at her face for a moment.

Her eyes were different from the last time he saw her. There was no hint of shaking or worry but a determination as if she made up her mind.

This filled Jaehyun with an inexplicable anxiety.

“Shall we go in?”

He suggested, and Seo Ina walked close beside him.

Her cheeks were already blushing, and Jaehyun knew it was not due to any blush touch.

Her heartbeat seemed to pound in his ears.

Soon after, they arrived inside the aquarium, a place that seemed to have brought the ocean inside with its prevalent blue hues.

Already, pairs that seemed like lovers, as well as other academy students, were gathered.

Most of them were unmistakably couples.

Jaehyun and Seo Ina walked together, exchanging conversations while looking at various fishes and marine life through the transparent glass.

Sometimes, they exchanged silent glances.

Almost an hour passed.

Deciding it was time, Jaehyun stopped walking and turned to Seo Ina following him.

“I have something to say.”

As if she was expecting this, she tilted her head slightly to look up at him.

“…Can’t it wait?”

“It must be said now.”

Jaehyun asserted and locked eyes with her.

“…Say it. Now.”

With that, Jaehyun felt his heart sink.

Seo Ina looked composed.

Yet, in her eyes, there was no sign of resigning to anything.

This continued to unsettle Jaehyun.

‘No matter how hard, it must be done.’

After shaking his head, a determined Jaehyun opened his mouth to speak.

“Ina, I know what you feel, but I…”

That was when it happened.

Suddenly, Seo Ina covered Jaehyun’s mouth and closed the distance between them.

Rising on her toes, she brought her face close to his.



A loud, unidentifiable noise erupted from the center of the aquarium.

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