I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 195

I Obtained a Mythic Item

I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 195: A Boy Yearning for a Hero (2)

In front of Jaehyun, the face of the deceased Extra D appeared.

The surrounding children shook their heads as if they couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed.

A deep silence settled over the training grounds.

All of them thought that Caretaker A might actually kill the boy.

There had been a murder.

The boy had committed an act that was incomprehensible under normal circumstances.


Clap, clap.

Instead of the reaction the children anticipated, Caretaker A responded differently.

“Good. You did well. Yes, you may turn out to be quite useful.”

The caretaker praised the boy.

He said, don’t be tied down by petty ethics. Right now, all of you are merely tools for him, no, you are even less than that, you are just garbage.

Yes, tools.

At that moment, the boy became certain of his identity.

* * *

The atmosphere at the orphanage began to change gradually.

Following the death of Extra D, the children began to transform.

Without any apparent order, they started killing each other.

In the training grounds, sometimes outside. Yet, no one stopped them.

Nothing but a desperate struggle for survival. It was their natural instinct.

But the actual cause of this situation, the boy, could only smile as if it didn’t concern him.

He hadn’t killed for some grand purpose.

It was kill or be killed.

That was the operating principle that drove the boy.

“Damn it… it’s hard to continue thinking. It’s the influence of synchronization.”

Meanwhile, Jaehyun struggled to break free from the boy’s influence. He felt his consciousness getting eroded, his thoughts growing hazy.

“Just resisting won’t be enough. If it continues like this, I’ll completely lose myself.

There’s only one way.”

Maintain consciousness and learn as much about the boy’s identity as quickly as possible.

To escape from the Theme Dungeon.

That was the best course of action Jaehyun had in mind.

As his consciousness faded again, the boy’s ego began to take over completely.

* * *

Months went by.

No one remained at the orphanage except the boy.

Everyone was dead.

No, he had killed them.

The boy never doubted that his actions were the best course.

After every child had died miserably, a man came to find the boy.

He said, “I am a raven that serves beside Odin. Come into Asatru. You too shall become a raven and a follower of him.”

His name was Huginn.

The boy asked, “If I serve Odin, what will I gain?”

“Odin has bestowed upon you this sword.”

Huginn passed on to him a rapier.

The name of the sword was Tyrfing.

A demonic sword requested by a descendant of Odin, one of the few in the world.

“This sword will grant you three wishes. But remember one thing: after the final wish is granted, this sword will spell your doom as payment.”

The boy nodded.

He decided to make the wish he’d long yearned for.

“I want a family.”

Tyrfing granted his wish.

* * *


What, indeed, is family?

This was a question that the boy had long pondered.

He was devoid of emotions.

He felt nothing, and sometimes knew that it made him strong.

But he had wanted one. A family.

That’s why he made the wish.

“I want a family.”

The demonic sword granted his wish.

He got a foster father and mother. Two parents.

At first, it wasn’t bad.

The boy felt a sense of fulfillment from having a family.

“Try this. It’s beef stew.”

“Here, a gift. A fairy tale book. It might be too childish for you to read.”

The foster parents were warm beings.

Though they hadn’t given birth to the boy, their love was genuine.

But the boy couldn’t make sense of their blind love.

Why do they give me food?

Why don’t they demand anything from me?

He just couldn’t understand.

In the orphanage, you died if you couldn’t prove your necessity.

Those around him had all died because they were weak.

The boy was perplexed.

A family that demands nothing from him was a risk.

After much thought, he concluded.

If they demand nothing from me, it’s to kill me.

They will kill me at any moment.

Just like the other children did in the orphanage.

So, he decided to kill first.

On a winter day with the fireplace radiating warmth, the boy clenched his sword.

“Why are you doing this so suddenly…!”

“Put that down!”

The boy did not listen. There was no reason to.

They are trying to kill me.

If that’s the case, I must kill first.

He put strength into his hand holding the sword.

Then, at that moment, its bright sharp edge gleamed.

Stop it.

The boy’s sword hesitated for a moment as he tried to swing it at his foster parents.

His hand trembled, and cold sweat began to run down his body.

It felt as though another consciousness had intruded, and indeed, it was more than just a feeling.

Jaehyun had momentarily halted the boy’s actions.

He continued to shout.

Stop it.

Jaehyun remembered the kind father from his memories.

He also remembered his mother from before his regression, whom he could not protect.

Names of those who had been weak and unprotectable overlapped, stirring Jaehyun’s emotions to a boil.

After a moment,

Thanks to Jaehyun’s earnest heart, the trembling in the boy’s hand stopped completely.

That’s when the boy was about to lay down his sword.

[And so, the emotionless boy killed both of his foster parents.]

—The synchronization rate temporarily soars.

—The current synchronization rate is 100 percent.

A sentence from some novel suddenly heard forced the boy and Jaehyun’s bodies to move.

In an instant, Jaehyun’s thoughts became cold.

Then, the raised sword again slashed horizontally, decapitating the two people.


‘How… could this… happen?’

Jaehyun thought with his last bit of consciousness.

What was the novel showing him?

That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, a status message popped up, chilling Jaehyun’s expression.

The message read:

[Do not interfere with the story.]

Afterwards, Jaehyun could no longer intervene in the novel.

The boy, who had killed his parents, was left with nothing but a dreadful sense of emptiness and thirst.

* * *

When Jaehyun’s consciousness returned, he had been teleported to the boy’s room.

He saw the white gloves hung all over the wall and the uniform blending knightly blue, catching his eye.

‘Is this… the boy’s room?’

—You are currently at a point of 《Blank Scene》. User’s free actions are allowed.

Fortunately, he had the leisure to look around the room.

Blank Scene represented Jaehyun’s only chance to act without the constraints of a cut scene.

‘I have to make the most of this moment. The key to the Theme Dungeon and the boy’s identity is bound to be here.’

He began to carefully step forward and survey the surroundings.

The room, though resembling any boy’s with its cluttered belongings, was filled with entirely different items.

“The demonic sword Tyrfing… and a uniform with the symbol of Asatru.”

Jaehyun scoured the room for clues.

After about thirty minutes.

Jaehyun finally noticed something familiar.

White gloves.

Smiling at the sight, he confirmed his suspicion.

He was sure about the identity of the boy he was looking at, and why he had been dropped into this place.

Then a message was heard.

—The 《Gloves of the Origin》 in the inventory reacts!

* * *

After Jaehyun found the gloves, the cut scene resumed and the novel progressed hectically.

The boy still couldn’t feel any emotions.

Years passed.

The boy grew up and became an adult.

He decided to pursue the alleviation of his life’s monotony by seeking out his emotions.

He tried everything that might make him feel – false love, sympathy, salvation.

But he found nothing in all of that.


Huginn approached the boy, aware of his quest to find emotions.

“All your emotions, I have them. I will return one to you.”

Since the times the boy killed in the orphanage, his emotions had been devoid.

The boy nodded.

Of course, he couldn’t feel excited joy, sorrow, or elation.

He was merely conscious that he was getting something back.

* * *

What emotion had Huginn returned to him?

The boy could not know.

Huginn merely said that someday he would know what it was.

This was a puzzling story for the boy.

Day after day went by.

Then, the boy happened to find a clue to the emotion he had regained.


By ‘His’ command, the boy had killed someone.

As the sword cleaved through a human neck, he felt an indescribable rush and pleasure.

The boy realized.

The emotion he had regained was pleasure.

When killing people, that emotion became clearer than ever.

Then, the boy began to kill people.

From then on,

He started reading the fairy tale gifted by his foster parents he had killed.

A story about a frail village boy who grew up to be a knight – a typical cheap fairy tale.

The boy began to long for the hero within the tale.

He wanted to become like that.

That’s how the boy ended up with a vague goal.

* * *

The boy continued to kill for pleasure, but soon he grew tired of it.

The world was full of weakness. To the boy, they were not even a means of entertainment.

Eventually, he sought Huginn to regain his other emotions.

But Huginn told him he could never return any emotions other than pleasure.

Left with no choice, the boy drew out the demonic sword Tyrfing to make his second wish.

Since Huginn had told him the sword could not grant a wish to return his emotions, the boy’s wish became explicit.

“Let me fight someone stronger than myself.”

Tyrfing granted his second wish, of course.

Tyrfing said,

[Become a hero in Midgard. Then you will be able to fight someone stronger than yourself.]

The boy happily descended to Midgard.

He had Odin’s command, but his desire to fight stronger enemies was greater.

The boy came down to Midgard and began helping people.

There was no significant meaning.

He had just seen a hero save people in some fairy tale.

Humans started to worship him.

Before long, the boy became the hero of Midgard.

The First Awakener. That was his epithet.

One day,

As he was desperate to fight stronger enemies, a journalist asked him.

“What’s your name?”

The First Awakener, the hero turned boy, was about to open his lips when suddenly,

As if hitting the pause button on a video, the scene stopped, and his mind snapped back.

Shortly after, the system asked.

—Involvement in the novel 《A Boy Yearning for a Hero》 has ended.

—Please state the name of the boy.


Jaehyun was certain of the boy’s identity.

—You have cleared the special quest 《The Identity of the Boy》.

—You have acquired the active skill 《Cold-blooded》.

—You are being teleported to the 3rd basement floor of the laboratory.

The moment Jaehyun guessed correctly, Tyrfing, held by the boy, emitted light.

Soon the surroundings brightened in an instance, and he was teleported somewhere.

Before the light even faded, a voice reached Jaehyun’s ears.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”


Even now as the First Awakener, he could not feel any emotion other than pleasure.

Yet, Jaehyun clearly knew.

His laughter had not changed from the past.

Juwon whispered with a joyful voice as if content with the outcome.

“So, my second wish has been fulfilled?”

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