I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 180

Chapter 179: Flex (1)

Several days had passed since the press conference. Jaehyun had been inundated with messages from numerous reporters. Internet emails, phone calls, text messages—they all sought exclusive interviews with him through every method imaginable. With the help of Kim Jiyeon, he managed to fend most of them off, but they still persisted in pestering him. It was annoying, indeed, but tolerable. This was a sign that his stature had risen. Jaehyun hoped that this attention would shift to Circle Nine.

“It’s time to go,” Jaehyun said as he packed his belongings and headed out. He had business to attend to outside, which hadn’t happened in a while. As Jaehyun checked his smartphone, a smile crept onto his face.

[VIP Exclusive Outgoing Mail: You are cordially invited to Flex Corporation’s auction event!]

Flex Corporation—the very company that had been known by the tacky name GodItem Shop in the past, the same company Jaehyun had invested in during difficult times—finally seemed ready to return the favor.

* * *

After passing through the portal center and arriving in Seoul for the first time in a while, Jaehyun looked around curiously. Wearing a suit that didn’t fit his usual style, he rode in a luxury car borrowed from Yeonhwa. The driver was Park Seongjae. Since Yeonhwa had benefited from the outdoor training incident, they had no choice but to invest more effort in taking care of him, especially since their guild member Jaehyun had been active in the media, and the circle he had formed was achieving success without causing any casualties. This certainly helped strengthen Yeonhwa’s image.

“But I must admit, I was surprised that you’d join Flex’s auction as a VIP. Even buying a stock or two wouldn’t ordinarily warrant such a status. How much did you pour into that struggling company?”

“Umm…I don’t remember exactly. But I invested most of what I’d earned.”

“…For someone like me, who’s rather conservative, that’s quite a bold investment strategy.”

Park Seongjae shook his head and soon drove into the parking lot.

“I’ll wait here. If anyone causes any trouble elsewhere, I’ll handle it, so just call me.”

“Well, I doubt anyone will cause problems.”


Park Seongjae laughed heartily and handed Jaehyun several items to be prepared for any eventuality. Although they were unlikely to be used, he accepted them out of courtesy.


With those words, Jaehyun waved his hand and made his way to the upper floors of the building where the auction was taking place.

“There’s an item here I must obtain—the ‘Transcendence Stone’.”

Jaehyun stood in front of the elevator with a grin on his face.

* * *

Lee Munhwan, the representative of Flex, was on a call, wiping his balding head.

“Yes, that’s right, honey. Just trust me. This auction will be a success. Coming this far from a dingy shop is already a huge achievement. We just need to work a little harder.”

Affection was evident throughout the phone call with his wife. He was the epitome of a devoted husband. Back when Flex was called GodItem Shop, the only person who believed in him was his wife.

“We can’t afford to make mistakes this time. We’ve gathered investors and VIP customers. We must succeed.”

After ending the call, Lee Munhwan murmured to himself. Suddenly, he felt an eerie chill, as if from nowhere.

“What’s that? Did I leave a window open?”

While getting up and speaking, Lee Munhwan’s expression turned icy.



Suddenly feeling as if tentacles were intruding into his body, Lee Munhwan’s eyes lost focus. At that moment, a girl with a young face appeared from behind. The girl, with pale skin and red lips, smirked bitterly.

“There, one problem solved.”

Cha Jiyoon lightly bit her lip.

“I’m really looking forward to how the opposing force will react to this.”

* * *

The Transcendence Stone—an attachment-type item that, in the midst of battle, could be added to the Transcendence Ring to double a skill’s power once without penalty. Simply attaching it to the ring would remove the drawback. Jaehyun had come here to secure that stone.

‘The original skill of the Transcendence Ring, “Overdrive,” has a terrible penalty: after using the skill, one cannot use any magic for a while.’

This was why Jaehyun couldn’t use the skill during his battle with Heimdall. If Heimdall revealed a hidden card, Jaehyun would have been helpless. However, if he could complete the item with the Transcendence Stone, things would change. Although there would still be a cooldown, the efficiency of having no penalty would greatly increase.

While thinking such thoughts, the elevator came to a halt.

Passing through the hotel lounge and down the hall, Jaehyun reached the door of the auction. A man guarding the place stopped him.

“Excuse me, but this is a VIP auction hosted by Flex. Entry is only permitted for authorized guests…”

“Please check.”

Jaehyun immediately handed over his VIP pass. The man hesitantly accepted the pass from Jaehyun, whose youthful face he examined for a brief moment, wondering if he could truly be an invited guest.

‘Realistically, what are the chances of that…?’

But then, the man’s pupils contracted and he turned back to Jaehyun with a look of realization.

“This…is a VIP pass…?”

“Is it taking long?”

When Jaehyun asked with a mischievous smile, the man quickly bowed his head.

“No, it has been confirmed. My apologies for not recognizing you.”

The man wiped his sweat and cautiously raised his head.

“The VIP seats are at the front. You should be able to find yours easily.”

“Thank you.”

Jaehyun walked past the transformed man and pushed his way into the room.

A social auction like this was something new to him, a real-time experience entirely different from his past life. As he thought about this, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of enjoyment.


As soon as he disappeared, the man at the empty entryway sighed and murmured.

“A kid like that as a VIP…is he the young master of a rich family? Now that I think about it, he looks familiar…”

At that moment, he seemed to recall something and pulled out his phone to search for a person.

Shock crossed his lips as he found the information.

“Mi, Min Jaehyun… It’s really him.”

The man, struck with astonishment, stared at the spot where Jaehyun had passed for a long while. Min Jaehyun had reached the position of an A-class Raider at the tender age of seventeen, and his teammates had already vanquished an A+ class magical beast, the Bound Dragon.

A genius receiving global attention had appeared at Flex’s auction.

* * *

Upon entering the small hall where the auction was located, Jaehyun recognized quite a few familiar faces. Not only were there major Korean guilds, but also individuals from various countries around the world.

“It seems like agents from Japan and the US are also participating in this auction. ‘Curator’ opted out due to issues with their affiliates…”

As well as many promising guild members and trainees, all attracting attention for their talents. Yet, the most eye-catching presence was none other than Jaehyun.

“Isn’t that kid Min Jaehyun? That genius who’s been making waves recently!”

“The direct disciple of Yeonhwa? I heard he’s already surpassed A-class.”

“What’s he doing here?”

“Didn’t Yeonhwa announce they wouldn’t participate in this auction?”

Amidst the murmurs, Jaehyun ignored them and proceeded to his seat. A prominent place for VIPs already marked with his name awaited him. Besides his seat, he noticed someone familiar.

“I never expected to see you here.”

Jaehyun glanced at the man who had addressed him.

Balak and Camila.

The representatives from the European Union were there.

“Come to think of it, are we acquainted?”

Jaehyun responded to the man with a smirk. They had met before in Iceland. Back then, Jaehyun had an altercation with him in the hotel corridor and later competed against them in the operation against a great bandit.

‘Of course, he doesn’t know that I was the Black Robe who plundered the great bandit.’

Jaehyun chuckled inwardly; he had masked his identity at that time using the Robe of Anonymity. To them, he was just another Raider Jaehyun had seen before.

As he was thinking this, Balak initiated a conversation.

“You’ve been quite famous lately.”

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes slightly and replied, “…Me?”

Even to himself, it sounded a bit dumbfounded. Balak laughed heartily and continued.

“Yes. The world’s only Battle Mage and a once-in-a-lifetime genius prodigy. You’re considered the best even among the top raiders produced by Korea’s premier training institution. It’s not strange for the European Union to take an interest in you.”

At Balak’s words, Jaehyun could feel his face heating up. Hearing about his achievements from someone else was embarrassingly unusual.

“Well… I’m honored.”

Jaehyun brushed it off casually and looked ahead again. At that moment, a hand suddenly reached out in front of him. Balak was offering something.

“Should you ever feel stifled in Korea, feel free to call me. I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.”

“I doubt that day will come, but I’ll keep it in mind.”

Jaehyun took the business card Balak handed to him. The business card from the head of the European Union. Although Yeonhwa was a large global guild, the thought that even they were doing groundwork like this opened his eyes to just how sought-after a prospect he had become on the world stage.

Meanwhile, Balak was also feeling gratified that Jaehyun had taken his business card.

Min Jaehyun. Although he did not know him well, the young man was a prodigious genius even by the broadest standards. Even if he didn’t join, having a rapport like this meant someday he could be of help.

‘He may prove useful one day.’

Just as Balak had this thought.


He heard Camila next to him calling out. He turned his head towards her, noting the tension in her voice.

“That kid… he’s dangerous.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

Camila spoke with a suppressed voice, sensing the gravity of the situation. Balak’s expression became serious as he received her whispered words.

“That child… he has almost identical magical signatures to the Black Robe.”


Against that question, all he could do was ask in return. Balak’s hand trembled.

If her words were true, it meant that Jaehyun was the man in the black robe who had defeated him back when they vied for the great bandit. In plain words…

He was the enemy of the European Union.

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