I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 179

Chapter 178: Nornir Ver 2.0

[Socket (1/1)]

◆ Power of the Thunder God

[Passive Skill]

Name: Power of the Thunder God

Grade: Mythic

Contains the lightning of the Thunder God Thor. The efficiency and power of lightning attribute skills increase dramatically.

1. Damage of lightning attribute skills is increased by 300%.

2. Efficiency of lightning attribute skills is increased by 50%.

3. Skill can be toggled on and off.

The penalties that were originally displayed on the skill have also disappeared.

Now that the reproduction has gained its true form, the restrictions on using the Power of the Thunder God have been lifted.

This would be of great help in the battles to come.

“Alright. Then the only problem is the socket… Hela, do you know anything about sockets?”

“No, it seems to be a new feature added by Mimir after the update to 2.0.”

The constraints on a mythic skill.

This was completely gone, but the reproduction’s level was not yet strong enough to face all of the Aesir gods.

Even deities with divinity could not steal each other’s skills.

Although the reproduction had gained a level, it was not yet able to freely copy and wield all the skills of the gods at the first stage of divine release.

“It’s fortunate that now I can wield the Power of the Thunder God.”

After muttering that, the reproduction examined the conditions for unlocking the socket.

[To unlock the socket, the user’s divinity must increase. This can be achieved by usurping the level of a mythic being.]

With stats and now a new barrier in place, divinity.

To increase this, one must defeat the Eshir of mythic renown.

For Jae-hyun, who had only managed to kill 30% of Heimdall, there was still a long journey ahead.

But as if it knew all of this, the system conveyed the next message.

– Through the ‘Crow Radar,’ you can locate crows, and by killing them, the user’s divinity will increase.

“Ah, come to think of it.”

During the first mock dungeon, when Jae-hyun killed a crow, he had received a quest.

《Crow Hunter》.

This was a quest that increased Jae-hyun’s level whenever he killed one of Odin’s crows.

It was fundamentally different in value from other quests as a main quest.

Jae-hyun had yet to perform it properly.

The biggest problem was that he had no idea where the crows were.

“With this, finding crows shouldn’t be too difficult, right?”

Hela chuckled and said.

Jae-hyun nodded.

“That’s right. Even Huginn… I should be able to find that guy.”

With frosty eyes, Jae-hyun spoke those words.

Huginn. The being he believed to be his father.

As high as a mountain, but now Jae-hyun knew.

His level had risen to a point not much different from his.

‘I won’t lose the next time we meet.’

Jae-hyun planned to return the sense of helplessness he felt that day to him.

Revenge was likewise.

“Now, is it finally time for the last of the updates?”

Brushing off his thoughts and shaking his head, he opened the next window.

‘System Breaker.’

The quest that would be the most challenging for Jae-hyun, who had come this far thanks to the benefits, not benefits, of the system, was now casting its shadow on him.

* * *

In the afternoon, after the system update was complete.

There was a press conference and award ceremony regarding a few major facts in the outdoor auditorium near the dorm.

Representing Circle Nine, Jae-hyun participated here.

The activities of Circle Nine, a fledgling circle, were newsworthy anywhere.

Even Jae-hyun needed to raise the status of the circle, so attending was a necessary nuisance.

“Hello, I am Kim Ji-yeon.”

With the greeting of the chairwoman Kim Ji-yeon, thunderous applause filled the air.

In the front, the figures of reporters and members of congress were visible.

‘In my previous life, I’d never have imagined seeing such a gathering of people.’

During his time at the academy, he hardly ever saw such a crowd.

Even in Miles, events that drew such large crowds were only for the entrance and graduation ceremonies.

And even then, the entrance ceremonies could hardly be enjoyed properly due to the freshman hunting.

“The reason why we have gathered our honored guests here today is simple. We’d like to discuss yesterday’s outdoor retreat event and the sealed city raid incident.”

“The sealed city raid incident?”

“Does that mean the rumors from yesterday are true?”

“A+ grade magical beasts were said to have surged up even to the shallow areas!”

“And it was supposedly dealt with by a student?”

Whispers filled the air. Jae-hyun sighed with a stifled look.

Chairwoman Kim Ji-yeon calmly tapped the podium and continued.

“I understand everyone has many questions. But what I can clearly state now is that a new threat is approaching, and…

The first hope to overcome this threat was thanks to the proud students of Miles.”

Kim Ji-yeon nodded and continued.

“Therefore, Miles has decided to award points and commendations to these students who contributed greatly, so that their names will be remembered.

The students I call now, please come forward to receive your commendation.”

Soon after, she smiled faintly and called out someone’s name.

“First-year Min Jae-hyun and Circle Nine.”

Jae-hyun and Circle Nine, who were waiting behind, stepped forward.

The flashes from cameras began popping in unison.

It was the moment Circle Nine’s name began to spread in the world.

* * *

After the commendation ceremony.

Jae-hyun had a simple check-up at the on-site hospital and then reunited with his colleagues.

Gathered around the workshop, the tense atmosphere led Jae-hyun to attempt a light-hearted remark.

“…Ha, I’m just glad you’re all safe. Right? It was tough, but each got 3 million points. With that, you can freely…”

“But isn’t there something you should be saying?”

Kim Yoo-jung crossed her arms and spoke up.

Jae-hyun scratched his head and sighed.

The group was demanding an explanation for what happened during the outdoor retreat.

“…Ha, got it. I’ll tell you. But not everything.”

“How many secrets do you have?”

Kim Yoo-jung was upset, but Jae-hyun ignored her and continued.

Seo Ina also had questions, looking up to speak.

“…Let’s start with the first question. That man, the one who attacked us during the retreat, who exactly is he?”

“…I can’t talk about that. But what I can clearly tell you is this.”

Jae-hyun clasped his hands.

“He’s related to me. And, he’s extremely powerful.”

With Jae-hyun’s declaration, the atmosphere among the group darkened instantly.

“We didn’t gather here just to hear that!”

“That’s right. This time Yoo-jung is correct. What the hell is that person… or beast?”

An Ho-yeon seemed to classify Heimdall as a beast.

Jae-hyun shook his head. He couldn’t tell them everything right now.

Someday, if Ragnarok happens, he knew he should tell them the truth…

‘Not yet. It’s too early.’

Jae-hyun thought so and turned his attention elsewhere.

“Oh, right. I hit S-rank.”


Kwon So-yul, who was by his side, gasped in shock looking at Jae-hyun.

S-rank? Suddenly what are you talking about?

Wasn’t Jae-hyun just an upper A-rank until recently?

The idea of getting that strong in such a short period was unthinkable…

“…So that’s how you could survive him.”

Seo Ina immediately trusted his words. Although Kwon So-yul was flustered, the others had similar reactions.

“Phew. You really want to race ahead that badly, huh.”

“So, did you take care of that beast?”


An Ho-yeon asked, and Jae-hyun shook his head.

‘It couldn’t be. He’s the Aesir’s guardian.’

Jae-hyun steadied his breath, recalling the battle from his past.


He wouldn’t just stop there.

In fact, in the last moment, didn’t he communicate using only his head?

“I have to keep fighting such an enemy.”

Jae-hyun began, then slowly continued.

“So if a situation like yesterday happens, you all should run away no matter what.”

“You alone again…!”

Kim Yoo-jung flared up. Jae-hyun quickly intervened and stopped her.

“It’s not just talk.”

Jae-hyun suddenly released his S-rank magic power, and pressured his teammates’ shoulders.

The surge of power became suffocating for his comrades.


Even Seo Ina, who had the highest mana affinity, was choking and could barely move.

Kim Yoo-jung and An Ho-yeon put up a fight, but Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang were almost in a shock state.

“What on earth…!”

Kim Yoo-jung shouted, but Jae-hyun remained stoic.

“Unless you grow at least this much, you can’t fight alongside me. So, if you want to fight, reach S-rank. Get to where I am now.

Then I’ll have no objections.”

It was a bombshell announcement.

They hadn’t even reached A-rank yet, let alone S-rank?

“You’re insane.”

Kim Yoo-jung cursed, but Jae-hyun ignored her and simply smiled teasingly.

* * *

“Mmm. As expected, sweet is better than bitter.”

Antique furniture and canvas oil paintings filled with scenes from children’s fairytales caught the eye.

Together with the retro mansion, they created a unique somber atmosphere.

“Seems like a lot of interesting things happened while I wasn’t active?”

A man sipping coffee mused with a smile.

He was a slight man with blond hair, wearing clothes with a distinctive pattern.

The man, looking at recent news articles, rested his chin on his hand.

[Shock! Miles’ instructors killed in droves during the outdoor retreat…]

[Students save the Academy! Unprecedented events unfolding, what’s next to come?]

[Min Jae-hyun, once again making a big impact! His actions during the outdoor retreat!]

Then, suddenly, a woman of medium stature with white skin spoke up.

“Isn’t it time to stop dawdling and get moving? We can’t keep him waiting too long.”

In the direction of the voice stood a familiar face.

Chae Ji-yoon.

The leader of Circle Third Eye looked at the man as if dissatisfied.

The man’s smile grew.

“Certainly. Seems about time to start moving. Though, it might be a bit early for me.”

The man rose from the worn sofa.

His eyes then twinkled playfully as the smartphone screen turned black.

With the screen darkened, his charming face was reflected back. A face so famous that there was hardly a person in the world who didn’t know it.


The world’s first awakened, rumored to have disappeared.

The radar that had been the talk of the media for his expected demise was moving once more.

“Alright. The prophesied adversary… Let’s see how captivating your story can be, shall we?”

Smiling, he vanished. Chae Ji-yoon had already left the room.

A massive storm was brewing, heading straight for Jae-hyun.

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