I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 178

Chapter 177: The Secret of the System (2)

[Great Enemy, you too must have wondered at some point. Why did monsters suddenly start to infest Midgard? And why did Awakeners appear?]

[This was all part of Odin’s meticulous plan. Preparing for the second Ragnarok, he wished to replenish his weakened forces with human warriors.]

[Thus, Odin entrenched the roots of Yggdrasil in Midgard, turning the surface into a land swarming with demons. And when the humans groaned under this curse, he bestowed upon them a gift wrapped as a blessing.]

[The Aesir System. The very thing all Awakeners across the globe use is merely a device meant for cultivating Odin’s army.]

The more Jaehyun learned of this tale, the stiffer his expression became.

The system. What was deemed a blessing was, in the end…

a seed of disaster sown by Odin.

[Prophesied great foe, if you have read this record, be ready to make haste to Yggdrasil’s control tower.]

[Therein lies the control device that is the source of the Aesir System. Reach it and destroy it.]

[If not, all of humanity’s Awakeners will become thy enemies.]

Jaehyun then fully grasped the last words Heimdall had left behind,

the reason why he said that the Awakeners could become his enemies.

The answer lay within Mimir’s records.

“Odin will likely take the Awakeners, once their growth is complete, and make them his Einherjar. He will then aim to topple the half-Aesir throne and the eight worlds once more.”

The control tower. Without its fall, humanity cannot survive.

They would be betrayed by those they believed in, ultimately leading to ruin.

Just as what happened in Jaehyun’s previous life.

[I wish you luck in your endeavor.]

This was the final sentence written on the last page.

And with that,


Jaehyun was suddenly back in his original spot, accompanying an effusion of light.

The altar he saw at first was long gone.

After some thought, Jaehyun made a decision.

“I need to meet with Hela.”

The half-Aesir alliance.

Initially, even Hela didn’t know the full story, as Mimir had said.

It was natural to assume they didn’t know the true purpose of the system,

the cultivation of Einherjar.

Now that Jaehyun was aware, it was imperative to devise a plan to counter it.

A plan that could not fail.

Perfect planning was needed.

* * *

“Just stopped by to say hello, and it looks like you’re in a hurry for something?”

On his way to meet Hela after leaving the library, Jaehyun was intercepted by a figure.

Chae Ji-yun.

The leader of the circle Third Eye.

“Chae Ji-yun senior?”

“You recognize me?”

“By name.”

Jaehyun suppressed his urgency and replied.

Chae Ji-yun crossed her arms, a charming smile on her face.

“Heard you played quite the role at the outdoor training camp? Quite impressive.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but I’m in a bit of a hurry right now. We’ll talk later.”

As Jaehyun attempted to leave after responding, she blocked his way again.

“Other circles are resentful of me. Aren’t you? Despite being one of the Big Four, I didn’t participate in the raid.”

“If you’re weak, you should leave. Once dead, even recovery magic can’t save you.”


Despite her tone seeming critical, she seemed unfazed.

Jaehyun frowned.

“Well then.”

“Ah, just one more thing.”

“What is it……?”

In that moment, a shiver ran down Jaehyun’s body.

An indefinable eeriness emanating from her eyes and the vast magical power stopped him in his tracks.

‘What is this? …She has this much power and didn’t participate in the raid?’

The Chae Ji-yun in front of him was undeniably strong.

Comparable, if not superior, to the other Big Four circles – or even to Jung Hyun.

Then, why hadn’t she taken part in the combat during the training camp?

Chae Ji-yun continued with a subdued smile.

“Do you think you can save everyone?”

Jaehyun regarded her question as a test.

As he reached into his pocket, he replied,

“No. It’s impossible and I have no such desire.

More importantly, it’s strange. Such a skilled person just sucking their thumb from behind.”

“Thanks for the high praise, but I’m not interested in such brawls.”

As Jaehyun conversed with her, he continuously revised information about her.

Then, Jaehyun felt a prickle of unease surge throughout his body.

‘What was Chae Ji-yun’s future before the regression?’

He couldn’t remember a thing.

* * *

Chae Ji-yun.

After parting with her, Jaehyun returned to the hotel to find Hela.

She was lying on the bed, her tail wagging languidly, apparently asleep from exhaustion.

Nonetheless, Jaehyun didn’t hesitate to wake her.

“What in the world made you wake a sleeping goddess……?”

“It’s urgent.”

Jaehyun shared all the new information he had learned with Hela.

Her expression quickly darkened.

“It seems we’ll have to discuss this issue with the half-Aesir alliance before deciding on our next steps.”

“Yes. I was hoping to ask for your help with that.”

Jaehyun had sought Hela to inform the half-Aesir alliance of Odin’s true purpose – the plans for the Einherjar.

Hela nodded readily.

“Alright. As soon as night falls, we’ll leave right away.”

“Oh, and there’s one more thing I wanted to ask you.”


Hela tilted her head, her tail coiling and flicking through the air a few times.

“I found this during the outdoor training camp. I’ve heard it belonged to Juwon, the very first Awakener. Do you know anything about him?”

Jaehyun showed Hela the Primeval Gloves he had obtained from the training camp, but Hela shook her head.

“The first Awakener… That’s unfortunate, but I don’t know either. However, it seems likely related to the Aesir.”

“I thought so too. I can’t be certain but…”

“Let’s leave it at that for now. Informing everyone about the Einherjar is more important. And,”

Hela grinned.

“We also need to settle the quest rewards.”


Having recently acquired divinity and various new abilities, Jaehyun had forgotten.

He had yet to settle his rewards with the Nornir System!


Hela raised her hand and lightly touched the air, and the familiar sound of the system reached Jaehyun’s ears.

―Quest [Unlock Unique Skill] has been completed.

―Rewards are being settled.

―Quest [Defend the Sealed City] has been completed.

―Rewards are being settled.

The first quest was related to unlocking his unique skill. The second he had cleared by defeating Heimdall and the ancient dragon in the field.

‘It’s always exciting at times like this.’

Jaehyun eagerly checked the system log.

“The first reward is a blank card… The second reward is… ‘System Update’?”

Jaehyun tilted his head.

Then, another system sound chimed in his ear.

―The Nornir System will be updated to Ver 2.0.

* * *

Version 2.0

The system update was something Jaehyun had not anticipated.

He smiled.

An update to the Nornir System would surely have a positive impact on him.

“Let’s put aside the blank card for now and find out more about the system.”

Jaehyun activated the updated Nornir 2.0.


Update information is displayed.

1. Communication functions have been updated. From now on, bidirectional voice communication is possible with the guide, even from afar.

2. The user’s status window has been overhauled.

3. A socket for storing mythic-level skills is activated.*Current sockets: 1/1

4. ‘Raven Radar’ is automatically installed. It allows for easier accumulation of esteem by tracking ‘Odin’s Ravens’ when they are nearby.

5. The main quest ‘System Breaker’ has been added.

Jaehyun began checking the updates one by one, methodically.

‘Communication function update. Seems like preparation for when I must be away from Hela.’

“Jaehyun, you can rely on me even more going forward.”

Hela spoke confidently, puffing her chest. It seemed she was also unaware of Ver 2.0’s update details.

Well, a version update typically entails progressively refining something from imperfect to perfect.

Given that Hela had been by Jaehyun’s side all along, it’s no surprise she didn’t know Mimir and Loki’s intentions.

Jaehyun casually replied as he shrugged.

“Well, it’s less about reliance and more about making use of you.”

As he spoke, he noticed Hela’s eyes narrowing and her gaze turning on him.

However, Jaehyun paid it no mind as he moved on to the next piece of information.

‘The user’s status window overhaul, huh.’

To thoroughly check, Jaehyun summoned his status window.

[Personal Information]

Name: Min Jaehyun

Age: 17

Level: 103

[Regular Skills▼]

*Tap for detailed information.


Strength: 153(+165)

Agility: 132(+230)

Magic: 321(+160)

Stamina: 208

[Divinity (NEW)]

– Unleashed Phase 1

*As you acquire a certain amount of divinity, the release phase will progress, and the number of sockets increases.

Points Available: 0

Jaehyun had consistently raised his level to 103.

Satisfied, he nodded in approval before pulling an item from his inventory.

“Giant’s Blood. I couldn’t use it due to insufficient strength before, but now it’s possible.”

A past item attained from attacking Hrungnir, the giant criminal.

Just by wearing it, both strength and wisdom stats would surge.

However, it had a condition for use: pure strength and agility stats must each exceed 150.

Boosts from items were not recognized in the requirement.

Therefore, Jaehyun had kept it sealed away.

But the time had come.

After defeating Heimdall and leveling up, he successfully raised his strength stat to 153 with allocated points.

He met all the conditions to use the item.

“Let’s give it a try then.”

With an upward curl to his lips, Jaehyun opened the bottle and poured the red liquid over his head.

Though the notion of using blood was repulsive, there was a surprisingly holy, rather than foul, sensation – much like the elixirs found in novels.


―Using consumable item [Giant’s Blood].

―The power of the giants infuses your body.

―Strength and Magic stats increase by 30 each.

A swift stat increase by 60 brought a smile to Jaehyun’s face.

Now, his average stats were rapidly approaching mid-level among S-rank raiders.

‘Considering how tough stats usually are to raise at this level… this is a remarkable growth.’

Satisfied, Jaehyun then returned his attention to the system window, where more updates awaited his review.

Next would be…

“The explanation for the socket that can hold a mythic-level skill?”

Jaehyun chuckled as he opened his skill window.

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