I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 177

Chapter 176: The Secret of the System (1)


To those unfamiliar with Norse mythology, that was an unfamiliar term.

Jaehyun set down his pen and crossed his arms, dwelling in thought for a moment.

It turned out that his ominous premonitions were correct…so the system held such secrets.

‘Ever since Heimdall first appeared and the quest window popped up, I had my suspicions.’

During the outdoor training camp,

Jaehyun received a quest from the Nornir System.

《Defend the Closed City》.

Included in the quest was the directive to eliminate both Bone Dragon and Heimdall, along with the following:

[However, during the quest, adult raiders cannot use the system’s power…]

Jaehyun took note of that phrase.

He thought to himself:

Heimdall. Right when he appeared, the ‘system’s restrictions’ were activated.

Just like right before his return in time, when the system had crashed.

‘The implication is clear. The Aesir gods, including Heimdall, have arbitrary access to the system.’

Because of this, Jaehyun was certain.

The suspicions Mimir spoke of regarding the system.

And the advice from Heimdall to beware what’s closest…

These subtly implied the truth about the ‘Aesir System.’


“The purpose of the system is to cultivate Einherjers. And the material for creating Einherjers is probably…”

Jaehyun clenched his fist tightly.

“All the awakened beings in the world.”

Odin planned to use them to create an army of the dead, a faithful retinue willing to sacrifice their lives for himself.

It was the moment Jaehyun realized this…


―User has reached the [Truth of the Einherjer].

―Information available for viewing is being updated.

―Would you like to access [Records of Mimir]?

* * *

Miles Academy Cadet Council Chamber.

Leaders of all school circles, including the 4 Great Circles, were gathered together.

They had been discussing the policies of their circles since the conclusion of the outdoor camp.

One of the main points of contention was the matter of Min Jaehyun and Circle Nine.

“Regardless. We will not put further checks on Min Jaehyun. If anyone objects, they will turn against our circle.”

Jung Hyun was the first to speak up, advocating for Circle Nine.

It was a natural position for him to take.

Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-soo.

After all, they were members of their circle who had rescued them.

Moreover, they had already realized that Circle Nine’s abilities were outstanding in this raid.

A circle likely to grow much further.

It was a judgment that there was no need to make an enemy of them.

“Besides, we’re not even on a level to do anything about it. Not just Min Jaehyun, but even his Circle members have tremendous skill, right?”

Han Ji-ahn leaned on the table and spoke, resting her jaw in her hand.

Kang Ju-hyup furrowed his brow in frustration but surprisingly agreed quite readily.

“Indeed, those guys have already surpassed the level of cadets. I can’t guarantee I’d win against them one-on-one.”

“Exactly. People who didn’t participate in the raid might not understand, but Nine has grown to a level we can’t touch—in just a matter of months.”

So making a foolish decision would be unwise.

That’s what Jung Hyun was saying.

It was a warning.

At Miles Academy, the rivalry amongst circles was intense.

The check on new circles was a level difficult to cope with if one didn’t have sufficient connections.

However, such a check would only work if the circle’s power fundamentally was weak.

Jung Hyun wasn’t worried about Jaehyun and Nine, but rather giving due consideration to other circles to avoid tarnishing their honor by antagonizing them.

“Let’s focus on wrapping up this incident now.”

As Jung Hyun spoke, the discussion was about to end.

That’s when Kang Ju-hyup, wearing a dissatisfied expression, suddenly interjected, pointing at something.

“Before that, we need to be clear on one thing.”

Kang Ju-hyup slammed his fist on the table.

“Chae Ji-yoon. As the leader of one of the Four Great Circles, why did you not participate in this raid?”

Murmurs spread like wildfire.

It was the question that everyone secretly wanted to ask.

Chae Ji-yoon. She was the chief of Third Eye, one of the Four Great Circles.

Yet, for some reason, she was nowhere to be seen during this raid.

It was a decision that contrasted with other small and medium circles that had joined the raid.

‘They call it one of the Four Great Circles, and she thinks she’s really something.’

‘Doesn’t having privilege also mean bearing responsibility?’

The circle leaders all thought so.

But then…

“I didn’t interfere because I assessed the fight to be a lost cause.”

Chae Ji-yoon’s voice cut in, leaving a silence amidst the gathered.

The gold bracelet on her wrist jangled.

‘What the hell is that bitch saying……’

The eyes of those around her constricted.

Chae Ji-yoon’s statement was truly shocking.

She claimed she didn’t participate because it was a fight they couldn’t win?

That’s not something a student of Miles Academy would normally say.

“We won the Bone Dragon raid. And yet you’re saying it was a fight we couldn’t win?”

Even Jung Hyun, usually composed, spoke with an evident irritation.

It was an obvious reaction.

A raider must be ready to risk their lives whenever the time comes.

While they didn’t plan to hold Chae Ji-yoon accountable, her words could potentially demoralize comrades who had fought together.

Yet, she remained calm.

“If Circle Nine hadn’t gotten involved, it would’ve been a battle we couldn’t have won.”


Though Kang Ju-hyup exclaimed, Chae Ji-yoon answered without a hint of nervousness.

“It was only a variable that they chose to participate in the raid. I surmised that with just the abilities of the circles here, we wouldn’t have succeeded in the Bone Dragon raid. That’s why I refrained from participating. Why would I risk my peers unnecessarily?”

After saying so, Chae Ji-yoon rose from her seat.

“Third Eye will continue to adhere to this policy in the future. I don’t think it’s bad to struggle for survival.”

She left with a smile, while the rest clenched their fists, dumbstruck.


Their voices grew rough.

However, on Chae Ji-yoon’s face, now alone outside, only a smile lingered.

“Min Jaehyun… I didn’t expect you to go this far for me. Isn’t this all becoming quite interesting?”

* * *

―Playing [Records of Mimir].

―Retrieving backed-up data.

With that voice, Jaehyun suddenly realized his surroundings had darkened.

It felt as if a curtain blocked out the sunlight by a window, a familiar sensation.

He had experienced something similar when he had seen the memories of his lost father and used Urd’s Mirror to view the memories of Thrúngnir.

It was another operation of the Nornir System, signaling that Jaehyun had reached a hidden truth.

‘It seems Mimir intends to reveal the detailed story through the system every time I reach one of Asgard’s secrets.’

Unlocking of information.

Even the first time Mimir notified him about the sentences of truth, he had circumvented it by breaking it into three separate words for an anagram.

This was a measure to prevent the leakage of information about themselves out of Asgard.

It’s best viewed as a kind of deception.

“Obviously, because of the ‘treaty’ signed with the Aesir, it would prevent him from speaking out confidential information. There must have been no other way.”

The Aesir gods are thorough.

Though they didn’t seize everything during the first Ragnarok, planning for a situation like the present, they coerced a treaty against the anti-Aesir forces that would prevent rebellion.

Thus, Mimir couldn’t disclose the entirety of the Aesir’s wrongdoings to Jaehyun.

Breaking the treaty would result in severe penalties.

However, according to Hela, there would come a time when such a ban on information could be lifted.

‘When the user reaches that truth on his own.’

Once Jaehyun himself realized the truth about the Aesir, the problem would be resolved.

Leading to the ‘truth’ without violating the treaty.

This was one of the purposes for which the anti-Aesir gods created the Nornir System.

And now, it was finally time to reap the fruits of that labor.

‘Hela also mentioned before. In order to escape the ban on information, I need to find the answer to them on my own.’

Of course, in the case of Einherjer, even she did not know the details.

It was probably information known only to Mimir and a handful of other minor gods.

Jaehyun’s eyes lightened as the darkness lifted.


A brilliant shaft of light suddenly shone down from above Jaehyun’s head.

He looked around quickly.

A colossal altar. It was a familiar place.

‘Is this… the altar where I first obtained Odin’s lost eye…?’

Jaehyun’s eyes widened before him as he approached the lone desk resting before him.

He reached for the antique parchment on the desk.


Without hesitation, he opened the first page.

Then, the repulsive truth of Asgard began to unfold.

[This record is my diary, the chronicle of Asgard, and a document revealing Odin’s vileness.]

[The army of Odin after the first Ragnarok, the Einherjers, was decimated. As one who has reached this place might well know, I will make clear the truth of this event.]

Mimir seemed to be preparing to reveal deeper information—the records that were previously forbidden.

Jaehyun turned to the next page.

From there on, it was complete absorption.


[Einherjer. The army of the dead. Such a term might be unfamiliar to humans. Simply put, those who would lay down their lives or rise at Odin’s command are the Einherjers.]

[But should you ask if they are villains, I can only shake my head. The Einherjers were human, and they were merely used by Odin.]

[Odin deceived humans with falsehoods to side with him, creating an army for war. This magnified the scale of Ragnarok, allowing him to secure an edge over the anti-Aesir alliance.]

[However, Odin also faced losses. In the war, he lost countless Einherjers, pushing them almost to the brink of annihilation.]

[Those humans who became Odin’s soldiers regretted their sins. They no longer fell for Odin’s lies, and did not volunteer to become Einherjers again.]

[This was a huge setback for Odin. Only humans could become Einherjers, and they required absolute faith in the gods.]

[Time went on, and in the modern era, humans who lost faith could no longer be turned into Einherjers. Yet, the second end of times steadily approached Odin. Hence, he decided to devise a clever strategy to recruit his new Einherjers.]

[And that strategy was… the Aesir System.]

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