I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 176

Chapter 175: Einherjar

“It’s a delightful sight indeed.”

Thud. Rolling across the floor.

Heimdall’s severed head tumbled to the ground.

Soon after, his headless body crashed onto the earth.

It was a complete victory in anyone’s eyes.

Yet, Jaehyun did not let his guard down.

Heimdall. The watchman of Asgard, no less.

To ensure his complete obliteration, Jaehyun had to strip him of every last bit of his godly power.

However, during the battle, Heimdall had only utilized a mere 30% of his divinity.

To kill him, Jaehyun also had to seize the remaining 70% of his power.

‘He will probably be forced back to Asgard soon. Hela had mentioned.

Even if gods are slain in Midgard, their complete extinction isn’t guaranteed.’

“……Adversary, you bastard……!”

From Heimdall’s decapitated head, a voice streamed out.

An eerie scene, but Jaehyun had anticipated it.

‘There’s still a faint trace of his magic left.

Though, it’s merely a candle flame soon to be extinguished.’

Even as Jaehyun held these thoughts, Heimdall’s venomous voice carried on.

“I was complacent this time, but next, I will make sure you are imprisoned in Asgard’s dungeons……”


“Shut it. You’re too noisy.”

Jaehyun muttered as he stepped on Heimdall’s head.

Heimdall grinded his teeth in humiliation.

However, showing a change in emotions now, he calmly said,

“Do you think this is the end?”

It was a loaded statement.

Jaehyun, without replying, gazed at Heimdall, who wore a scornful smile.

“Even if you defeated me now, it changes nothing.

Ragnarok will proceed as foretold.”

“It changes nothing indeed. Whether the war comes or not, I will kill all of you.”

“You know nothing yet.”

Jaehyun’s brows knitted slightly.

Heimdall. What was he trying to say to him?

As Jaehyun lost himself in thought, Heimdall spoke with a triumphant look,

“Raider, and the monsters…

Do you think all these are blessings to your kind?”


“Keep an eye on what’s closest to you. Doubt, and keep doubting until you reach the end!

Realize this.

Betrayal is more toxic than alcohol, and trust sometimes leaves deeper scars than anything else……!”


With Heimdall’s last words, his head exploded, and steam rose from the remnants.

This death would have sent him back to Asgard.

Most likely, he had lost more than half of his divine power during the battle with Jaehyun.

“……Did I overcome another one?”

Jaehyun exhaled and murmured to himself.

He couldn’t quite grasp the full meaning behind Heimdall’s last words yet, but he decided to put it aside for the moment.

“Hela, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. The collapse of my body has ceased… Thank you, truly……”

“If you’re alright, that’s good. I have things to do, so we’ll talk later.”


Jaehyun briefly checked on Hela, then approached Heimdall’s discarded body.

Though his head was gone, his body remained in the field.

Upon reaching Heimdall’s body, Jaehyun opened his magic power with a smirk.

―Activating Active Skill 《Divine Appropriation》.

―Targeting 《Heimdall(Fragment)》 for divinity appropriation.

―The user’s divinity increases!

Jaehyun nodded in satisfaction.

Even if Heimdall had only wielded 30% of his power, he possessed a dignified body.

Jaehyun had expected there to be residual divinity within the discarded flesh, and it seemed he was right.

‘Good. I just need to keep this up.’

Meanwhile, Hela, watching him from behind, clenched her fists.

‘The favor of concern you showed me, I’ll return it to you in full someday!’

* * *

The day after the outdoor training camp incident concluded, at the entrance to the closed city.

To handle the aftermath, Song Jiseok from the Radar Management Headquarters visited the site.

Gazing at the somewhat settled field, he lit a cigarette.

“Jeez. Min Jaehyun, I knew he was different from the moment I met him, but to think he’d play such a significant role.”

Standing beside him, Kim Jiyeon nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. But what’s most surprising is…… Min Jaehyun didn’t participate in the main dragon raid at all.”

“Huh? What do you mean? Didn’t you say earlier that Min Jaehyun’s circle had performed impressively?”

“That’s correct, but…… Jaehyun wasn’t actually at the scene. According to the members of Nine, he was fighting a much stronger enemy alone inside.”

“That’s insane…”

Song Jiseok was visibly shocked.

The creature the circle Nine had faced was an A+ ranked boss monster.

He had heard that other students had hunted it together, but it was a top-tier beast, not something a freshman could handle.

And Jaehyun took down an even stronger entity alone?

“I wouldn’t have believed it if it were another student’s story.”

Kim Jiyeon added. Song Jiseok didn’t press any further.

He had known it deep down too.

Min Jaehyun.

He was a raider that defied all conventional wisdom.

Song Jiseok pocketed his pen as he continued,

“Anyway, let’s just keep investigating the incident. ‘System down’… Don’t publicize that yet. It smells fishy.”


Kim Jiyeon replied and promptly left.

The sun was already setting, but she still had too much to do.

* * *

“Sigh. When will I finish reading all this?”

In the central library of the Myles Academy.

Jaehyun sat at his desk, a shoulder-high pile of books stacked beside him.

The outdoor training camp incident wasn’t settled yet, but he could not afford to waste time.

‘Heimdall’s last words and the new divinity I’ve acquired… I need to look into them more thoroughly.’

[Do Raiders, monsters… Do you think all these to your kind are blessings?]

[Keep an eye on what’s closest to you. Doubt, and keep doubting until you reach the end!

Realize this.

Betrayal is more toxic than alcohol, and trust sometimes leaves deeper scars than anything else…!]

Jaehyun realized that his words mirrored what Mimir had previously told him.

Back then, Mimir had said:

[Three words make one true sentence.

Shinier, Raider, Eye.]

[Doubt the system. Only those who doubt and follow through to the end.

Can reach the truth.]


Both Mimir and Heimdall had used the same word to convey a message to him.

Jaehyun thought,

‘There must be a connection between their words. And it likely has something to do with the mythology.’

That’s why he was here.

The library.

Nowhere else could he study mythology as adequately.

‘With Hela in recovery, I can quietly conduct my research.’

Jaehyun remembered what Hela had said before he left their abode.

[You’ve stolen far too much divinity! I’ve barely any strength to move!]

He grinned, opening one of the books piled up like a mountain on his desk.

It looked like he’d have to be seated here for quite a while.

* * *

About four hours later.

Jaehyun closed the Norse mythology book he was reading and leaned forward.

He had finally understood the words Mimir had left behind.

Jaehyun penned the three words Mimir mentioned in English on paper.

[Shinier, Raider, Eye.]

‘This isn’t an interpretation. It’s an anagram.’

Quickly, he began writing something else on another sheet, crossing out letters and rearranging words.

One by one, as the letters disappeared, the sentence Jaehyun envisioned materialized.

The resulting line:

Einherier is ready.

“Now I understand. The meaning behind the caution to ‘doubt what’s closest’ that both beings were warning me about.”

Jaehyun began reading the deciphered sentence.

“Einherjar is… ready.”

He also realized.

This sentence exposed the dark underbelly of the system that humanity had trusted for so long.

* * *

Odin’s Palace.

Odin sat on the throne at Hliðskjálf, overseeing all things in the world.

Beside him was his raven, Huginn—ever his loyal servant and counsel.

Against the sunlit windows stood the towering figure, Heimdall, bowing his head.

“……My apologies. Due to my complacency, I failed to stop the prophesied adversary.”

“I know. I have seen it all already.”

Odin’s right eye shimmered golden—evidence that he was wielding his magic.

Heimdall bit his tongue.

‘He used Hliðskjálf.’

Odin’s throne, Hliðskjálf, was a mythical artifact that could observe the nine realms once infused with magic.

Briefly, Heimdall looked up, gauging Odin’s reaction.

Odin, with chin in hand, peered down with a penetrating gaze.

‘……Damn it.’

Heimdall’s expression soured.

It had been rare for him to venture out.

His task? Merely to take care of a human, the prophesied adversary, but he failed miserably.

‘Why did he have to awaken his unique skill at that moment!

Not to mention, I’ve lost more than 50% of my divine power due to the battle in Midgard. Damn it all…!’

For Heimdall, this failure was an unparalleled disgrace.

No excuses could be tolerated.

Knowing this, he awaited Odin’s judgment with his mouth firmly shut.

“We’ll postpone the punishment.”

Odin spoke and rose from his throne.

He announced with a grave voice,

“You will assist Freya in system maintenance, and focus on raising the army of the dead. I will assign someone else to deal with the adversary matter.”


Heimdall immediately raised his head, unable to leave matters unsettled like this.

What would the other gods say if they learned he was sent back by a human?

If that were to happen, he wouldn’t be able to raise his head in Asgard again.


“Are you defying me right now?”

Heimdall flinched.

A single bead of cold sweat slid down his face.

The slight release of Odin’s divine presence was overwhelming him.

He quickly bowed his head again and corrected his sentiment.

“……I apologize.”

“If you understand, that’s enough.”

Odin dismissed him and walked past Heimdall.

“Huginn, war will soon begin.”


Huginn followed Odin, responding to his comment.

Odin’s right eye bore a more tumultuous hue than ever before.

“You must already be aware. Einherjar. The ingredient for the army of the dead is an Awakened with a system.”

Odin grinned.


The raw material for the army of the dead was, in fact, the Awakened who owned the system.

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