I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 175

Chapter 174: Divine Status (2)

Activating the active skill “Power of the Thunder God.”

Activating the active skill “Chains of Lightning.”

Under the influence of “Power of the Thunder God,” the rank of the “Chains of Lightning” skill is upgraded.

Activating the active skill “Chains of the Thunder God.”

Proficiency and power of all electric attribute skills are increased.

[Active Skill]

Name: Chains of the Thunder God

Rank: Mythic

A chain imbued with the power of Thor, the Thunder God, to attack the opponent.

Ignores a certain percentage of the opponent’s defense.

*Note, the skill changes to “Chains of the Thunder God” only when “Power of the Thunder God” is activated.


It was the first skill that Jaehyun had learned, and it had become his trademark.

“Chains of Lightning” had been upgraded and renamed “Chains of the Thunder God.”

The chains now unleashed even more overwhelming lightning and mana, aimed with precision at Heimdall.

Chang! Chang! Chang!

“What… Impossible!”

Heimdall’s eyes widened as he parried Jaehyun’s attack with his sword.

A mix of desperation and surprise in his hasty movements.

Jaehyun’s assault was exceeding the power he had anticipated.

The relentless lightning honed in on him tirelessly, each strike heavy and imposing.

Even more so.

“This is… Thor’s thunder strike! But how does an adversary possess his power?”

Thor’s mythical skill “Power of the Thunder God.”

It was the power that placed Thor at the pinnacle of the Aesir alongside Mjolnir.

Why did the adversary possess it?

However, now was not the time to ponder such thoughts.

Heimdall gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “How dare you…!”

At that moment,

Suddenly, Heimdall’s head snapped in a direction it should not have gone.


With the sound of breaking bones, Heimdall’s eyes filled with blood vessels.

Distracted by the chains, Jaehyun had swung a punch charged with lightning.

“This is what rank is about.”

Jaehyun quickly created distance, then looked toward the enraged Heimdall.

His calm eyes showed no disturbance as he lifted the corner of his mouth.

“The tide of this battle is completely in my favor now. I can kill you, but.”

A chill of murderous intent began to emanate from his unleashed mana.

Before long, an A-rank weapon he had crafted was held in his hand.

“You can’t kill me.”

* * *

In the closed city’s sky, engulfed by the massive monster Bone Dragon and its army of beasts, a presence had broken through their defenses for the first time.

Circle Nine, Jaehyun’s companions.


Screams of monsters echoed across the field.

The frame of the Bone Dragon staggered, bringing one knee to the ground.

Eventually, with a thud, the ground shattered and fissures were formed.

Signs that the tide of the battle was shifting in one direction.

“We… are engaging the boss.”

It was Kim Yoo-jung’s voice.

She looked at the retreating horde of beasts with a shaking expression.

Since their joint efforts, the tide of the battle had been gradually turning in their favor.

Beside her, An Ho-yeon and Seo I-na, who had been swinging their swords in unison, agreed.


“…We’ve really grown stronger. All of us.”

Though unsaid, the group was aware.

Jaehyun. He was the one who had led them all to grow.

“Thank you! We’re alive thanks to you!”

“Fortunately, we’re safe!”

Lee Jae-sang was distributing potions to nearby injured students and instructors.

With external communications cut off, the scarcity of supplies was a serious problem.

However, the amount of potions he had far exceeded the reserves of a typical mid-tier guild.

He was not the type to just leave people to die for lack of money.

“I’ll lead you to the entrance. Follow me.”

“Thank you, Senior Kwak Soo-yul!”

Using her unique skill, Kwak Soo-yul prioritized rescuing surviving students.

She might have lacked strength, but no one could match her searching capabilities.

Proper assignment of tasks was lending strength to save many lives.


Kim Yoo-jung exhaled lightly and leapt back into battle.

Putting debuffs on enemies with her magic and amplifying the abilities of her allies.

Then An Ho-yeon, Seo I-na, and the Circle leaders charged in.

“We’ll attack the legs to halt the creature’s movement. You’ll take this chance to go for the core and handle the Bone Dragon.”

“Got it.”

Following Jung Hyun’s instructions, An Ho-yeon answered promptly, and the raid team split into two groups.

Members of Circle Nine rushed toward the Bone Dragon’s heart to shatter the core, while the remaining student Circle alliance leaped towards the legs.

Kang Joo-hyeop jeered while running.

“Damn! At this rate, the freshmen will steal the show!”

“It can’t be helped. You saw it, didn’t you? Nine’s destructive power is superior to ours.”

Jung Hyun muttered, recalling the past briefly.

From when he had fought alongside the members of Nine.

He realized.

While the students may have an advantage in skill proficiency and variety of higher-level skills, the pure destructive power of Nine’s members was far superior.

‘The Bone Dragon is a monster with strong regenerative abilities. A powerful blow is needed to shatter the core.’

That’s why they were sent.

Logically, entrusting it to Nine had a higher chance of success.

“Let’s go.”

“Tch, yeah, I got it!”

Both leaped and reached the proximity of the Bone Dragon.


Activating the active skill “Whirlwind.”

Kang Joo-hyeop tightened his grip on his greatsword, spinning his body 360 degrees to strike the enemy.


The solid sword collided, creating cracks in the Bone Dragon’s barren legs.

“That attack really doesn’t consider allies in the vicinity, does it?”

Having leaped into the air to avoid the Whirlwind, Jung Hyun poured mana into his long spear.

Activating the active skill “Deadly Pierce.”

The spear, with concentrated mana for increased destructive power, hit precisely where Kang Joo-hyeop had created a crack.



With the attack hitting right under the enemy’s feet, the Bone Dragon screamed once more.

Jung Hyun and Kang Joo-hyeop yelled in unison.


At that moment, An Ho-yeon, Seo I-na, and Kim Yoo-jung leapt into the air simultaneously.

They began pouring their best skills towards the collapsing body of the Bone Dragon.

Activating the active skill “Blue Flame Hundred Swords.”

Activating the active skill “Sword of Alfheim.”

Activating the active skill “Wind Edge.”

The three skills struck right at the heart, the core of the Bone Dragon.


With a massive explosion, a crack formed in the core, which then shattered into pieces.

The red light in the beast’s eyes faded away.


The beast’s massive body lay on the ground.

And finally,

―The party led by the students has successfully defeated the field’s boss monster, the Bone Dragon.


Kim Ji-yeon, the director, and the instructors watching from behind exclaimed in shock.

The Bone Dragon Raid.

Without a doubt, the biggest contributors to this battle were Circle Nine.

It was the new Circle led by Min Jaehyun.

* * *

Unable to kill.

Heimdall’s whole body shivered and goosebumps rose as he heard Jaehyun’s words.

‘Am I, Heimdall, trembling?’

He didn’t want to admit it, but he couldn’t deny it either.

The new divine status in front of him was something he couldn’t handle with merely 30% of his power.

‘I’ve already exhausted my divine power defending against Hel’s clone’s attack. There’s nothing left to lean on.’

He couldn’t continue using Gjallarhorn either.

Now that he had used power well beyond the allowed range, there was no way left to face Jaehyun.

As he thought this,

Suddenly, Jaehyun had approached him up close.

“Damn it…!”

Heimdall swiftly kicked off the ground, trying to get away.

But Jaehyun was faster in pursuit.

“I won’t miss.”

Jaehyun said as he drew back the sword in his hand.

He intuitively sensed it.

This would be his final attack.

This was the moment Heimdall would fall.

“Here I go.”

Activating the active skill “Intermediate Greatswordsmanship.”

Activating the active skill “Over Flow.”

The passive skill “Mana Flow Control” supports the user’s mana operation.

The swordsmanship learned from An Ho-yeon and Over Flow learned from Kim Yoo-jung.

Combined with Mana Flow Control taught by Seo I-na.

All the skills supported Jaehyun’s movements, pushing him beyond his limits.


Electricity enhanced by the Power of the Thunder God began to surge from the sword.

Enchantment of attribute mana learned from Hel.

“You wretched…!”

Heimdall’s rough voice echoed.

Watching Jaehyun’s battle from a distance, Hel’s heart began to pound in repetition.

She watched in silence, her eyes fixed on Jaehyun’s calm gaze tinged with golden light.

‘I always thought that gods were born, not made.’

Hel’s clenched fists and the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Even at that moment, Jaehyun’s sword continued to advance.

‘But that’s not the case. Here is someone who has achieved status, built a mythology from a frail human body.’

Hel smiled.

‘Loki. You were right.’


Jaehyun’s sword sliced through Heimdall’s longsword and cut through his throat.

Simultaneously, the message echoed.

―The party led by the students has successfully defeated the field’s boss monster, the Bone Dragon.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘I had faith.’


With a dull sound, Heimdall’s head was cleanly severed, falling to the ground.

* * *

In the center of the closed city.

Hugin, standing on the rooftop of a broken building, frowned and murmured to himself.

“…Foolish one. Should I not have trusted him?”

Both of Hugin’s eyes were stained red.

“Raven’s Eye,” a surveillance spell. He had been using this to observe the battle between Jaehyun and Heimdall.

A look of disappointment crossed his face.

Heimdall, heralded as the guardian of Asgard, defeated by a mere human.

“This complicates my plans. I must report to Odin.”

For his own schemes, the prophecy’s adversary had to be dealt with swiftly.

He had thought he could worry less with Heimdall’s involvement, but now that things had gone awry, Hugin was understandably frustrated.

For his grand goals, he would need to act more meticulously and decisively.

Heimdall had failed, but he would not.

“Still, he’s growing faster than expected. If this continues, he may become a threat to Asgard in the near future.”

Min Jaehyun.

The adversary was growing at a much faster pace than Hugin had anticipated.

The level of alertness toward Jaehyun in Hugin’s mind went up a notch.

If things continued as they were, Jaehyun could become a major obstacle to the Aesir’s throne, as foretold by the Norns’ prophecy.

“For now, he’s a bit stronger than an average human, but… it’s obvious that he, having obtained divine status, will become stronger in a relatively short time.”

From now on, he needed to observe and respond to Jaehyun more closely.

“However, there’s no problem.”

Hugin murmured as he turned around.

Darkness lifted and light began to infiltrate the closed city, bathed in the twilight gloom.

“The ‘End’ has already been prepared.”


In an instant, his body dispersed into black smoke,

completely vanishing from the closed city.

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