I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 174

Chapter 173: Divine Status (1)

Bone Dragon.

It was a fearsome monster, a draconic beast that had turned into an undead entity after death.

Known for its tenacious vitality even among demonic beasts, it possessed a high rank and a notorious reputation.

Moreover, the Bone Dragon was one of the key creatures that had led to the destruction of a sealed city.

In simple terms, it was an exceedingly troublesome monster to deal with.

“Han Ji-an! Heal!”

“I know that already!”

“Kang Ju-hyup, protect the students at the vanguard!”

“Don’t order me around!”

With Jung Hyun’s command, Han Ji-an and Kang Ju-hyup, leading the student circles, were engaged in a raid against the Bone Dragon.

Though these students were notably skilled and holding their ground better than expected…

The situation was hardly optimistic.

‘The problem is that we, not the instructors, have to conduct this boss raid on our own.’

Jung Hyun watched the enemy with a grim expression. The battle had been ongoing for over 30 minutes.

While he and the other main circle leaders were some of the academy’s top geniuses, that didn’t mean they had much experience with boss raids.

At best, they had faced Class C or B+ monsters.


“An A+ class boss monster. It seems impossible to take it down without support.”

Moreover, Kim Ji-yeon had reported that their communication with the outside field had been cut off.

They had tried contacting the Radar Management Headquarters, but the signal was lost midway.

‘Right now, we can’t rely on external help.’

But now was not the time for such thoughts.

Jung Hyun immediately shook his head to clear his mind and surveyed the surroundings.

“We’re all going to die…”

“Bone Dragon, damn it! What the hell is going on? We were just here for an outdoor training camp!”

All around him, the students were shaking with fear.

It was a natural reaction.

They were merely students, and against a mighty creature like the Bone Dragon, they could only wish to escape this place at any cost, even if it meant leaving the academy.

“What are we going to do?”

Next to him, Han Ji-an asked while administering healing.

Jung Hyun shook his head.

“We have no choice but to hold on right now. We can’t get through to the outside.”

“Shit! What on earth is happening? I’ve almost run out of mana. I still have some potions left… but they won’t last more than 10 minutes.”

Kang Ju-hyup cursed as he spoke.

But there was no time for a lengthy discussion.

They quickly resupplied and returned to the battlefield.

Jung Hyun clenched his fist.

‘If only we had a few more people with our level of skill…’

It was at that moment that he had this thought.

“We will help.”

A handsome man with ash-gray hair and his group approached from behind and spoke.

Jung Hyun’s eyes narrowed.

He remembered their faces.

“An Ho-yeon. And Circle Nine, right?”

“Please let us help.”

Once An Ho-yeon emphasized his request again, Jung Hyun hesitated.

As fellow academy students, they were still freshmen.

Though talented, they were highly likely to be easily crushed by the beast’s attacks.

In the end, Jung Hyun had no choice but to shake his head.

“This battle is too dangerous for freshmen to join. As you know, the Bone Dragon is an A+ class beast. It’s too tough a fight for you to join.”

“We’re aware. But it’s fine.”

“To be stubborn won’t solve the problem…”

As Jung Hyun furrowed his brow and spoke, the situation took a turn.

―Activating Active Skill 《Alfheim’s Sword》.


A radiant blade appeared in the air, clearing the surrounding demonic beasts in a single sweep.

The number of beasts affected exceeded dozens in an instant.

Jung Hyun’s face registered shock and intrigue as he witnessed the scene.

‘Draconic beasts are several times tougher than other demonic creatures. We struggled against them, and yet that guy eliminated so many in one go?’

In the midst of his thoughts.

Seo Ina stepped forward, releasing her mana to its limit and moved first into the battlefield.

“We’ve come to keep a promise.”

At those words, Jung Hyun’s body trembled for a moment. He asked,

“May I ask who you made the promise with?”

Min Jae-hyun.

This time, Kim Yu-jeong responded with a smile lifting the corners of her mouth.

“Don’t worry. We won’t be a burden.”

Her cheeky tone briefly left Jung Hyun speechless, but eventually, he nodded in acknowledgment.

“I apologize. I take back what I said earlier. Can you… will you help us?”

At Jung Hyun’s words, the group collectively leapt towards the Bone Dragon.

[To be continued…]

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