I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 172

Chapter 171: Asgard’s Sentinel (2)

The Wind Storm ultimately failed to cause any significant impact on the party. Jaehyun’s magic was solely focused on moving them as far away as possible, not on causing injury. The party members’ eyes settled into a cold gaze.

“What on earth was that guy about just now?”

“I think I might have heard the name… but it was too noisy to catch properly. What’s certain is that he’s a dangerous entity.”

An Hoyeon and Seo Eina spoke with grim expressions. Meanwhile, Kim Yoojung, after examining the barrier, came over with a slow, dragging pace, shaking her head.

“It seems difficult to enter. With our current level, we can’t break through this barrier. It’s even harder since it’s ice-based. I think Min Jaehyun… deliberately planned this event. That man seemed to know as well.”

“…That’s what I think too. Regarding the things he said to us during the first sparring match…”

Lee Jaesang chattered with shaking teeth.

“S-s-so, it can’t be that Jaehyun is g-g-going to die, right?”

“Damn it…!” An Hoyeon clenched his teeth.

Why Jaehyun had done this was also unknown to them. However, that man dressed in anachronistic clothing from a different era, it was clear that his magical power was superior to Jaehyun’s. A figure that surpassed even the upper ranks of Class A, like Jaehyun.

“Min Jaehyun will be okay, right?”

It was a question that no one dared to voice. For Kim Yoojung, it was an unavoidable worry.

It reminded her of the emotions she had experienced during the past mock dungeon incident, when Jaehyun and Seo Eina had fought against the Kobold Lord to save their fellow students. Just like then, Jaehyun had made such a promise to save them.

‘Right now, Min Jaehyun must be fighting that man alone.’

A troubled heart stayed within the party members for a while. Perhaps, this time, he might be seriously injured or worse. That dreadful thought lingered when…



“…What’s this?”

All of a sudden, the Marks of Bond they wore responded, sending them a message.

―2 Unchecked Reserved Messages Identified.

―Changing Messages to Read Status.

[Min Jaehyun: Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I have a favor to ask of you.]

[Min Jaehyun: There’s a field boss monster attacking the city gates right now. Go help the others. I’ll join you soon.]

“…That’s just like Jaehyun.”

An Hoyeon released a sigh, speaking with a blend of relief and resolve.

‘That’s right. After all, none of us here are capable enough to help Jaehyun. That man from before was incredibly powerful, and we are still far from ready.’

Nevertheless, if they were Raiders, then there was always something to be done, no matter the situation.

“Then it’s settled? Let’s go. We have to do what we can.”

With Kwon Sooyul’s words, the party turned their backs on the barrier and started running.

Now, they needed to trust in Jaehyun. Just like in past times, he would surely manage this time too.

For now, the priority was to defeat the field boss monster that Jaehyun mentioned.

* * *

The dust that had swirled up began to settle, revealing Jaehyun and Heimdall, the latter having blocked the former’s attack, now standing off against each other.

Heimdall stroked his beard, as if displeased, and spoke.

“I poured half of my full power into that attack, and you managed to block it… It seems the title of the destined opponent in the prophecy is not just for show. However, your defeat remains inevitable.”

“How do you know without trying?”

Jaehyun, his hand trembling slightly, forced himself to calm down and gripped his sword tightly. A faint light began to leak from the greatsword.

Heimdall, seeing the blade aimed at him, curled the corners of his mouth upward.

“You’ve got spunk, I see. Well then, no choice. Let’s make things a bit more interesting.”


Heimdall’s eyes gleamed an icy blue as he released his magical power, tilting his head back grandly.

“I, Heimdall, shall personally test you now.”

‘Strong as I’ve become, I still can’t match his power.’

A three-tenths god-tier being was before him. Jaehyun had certainly grown stronger, but he hadn’t even reached the realm of S-class heroes yet. It was time for technique over simple strength.

“It’s a shame, really. My test results have been quite good lately.”

With a swift leap, Jaehyun activated his skill.

―Active Skill [Aerial Leap] activated.


Jaehyun, suspended in the air, suddenly shifted direction and accelerated towards Heimdall at an impossible angle, closing the distance. At the same time, he used his ability to detect mana to read the opponent’s motions closely, twisting his body around.

His foot-thrust aimed horizontally at the enemy’s torso.

“I won’t fall for any petty tricks! Let me show you firsthand how futile your attempts are!”

Heimdall countered without hesitation, swinging his sword. His greatsword created waves as it rushed towards Jaehyun’s shoulder.


However, the sword barely grazed Jaehyun’s clothes. Heimdall’s attack, though powerful, could not keep up with Jaehyun’s vastly improved agility thanks to his various items.

At that moment, Jaehyun continued his assault, gathering strength in his sword and pressing towards Heimdall’s feet.

Ching! Ching! Ching!

The swords clashed, sending out a ferocious noise. Jaehyun’s swordsmanship was sharp and precise.

―Passive Skill [Intermediate Greatsword Technique] activated.

―Active Skill [Spinning Strike] activated.

One of the many sword techniques he learned from An Hoyeon shone brightly, as the greatsword pressured the enemy.


Heimdall blocked the attack and smirked with a calm smile.

“For a human, you do quite well.”

Despite his restriction, he did not back down and demonstrated his exceptional swordsmanship.

An undefeatable blade; this was one of Heimdall’s primary characteristics.


Heimdall’s sword lunged toward Jaehyun’s neck once more.

Close, very close.

The sword, swift like a serpent, twisted and turned towards him.

‘What? He’s not dodging?’

That was when Heimdall thought for a moment.

A smile spread across Jaehyun’s face, causing Heimdall’s brows to twitch; he sensed an unsettling premonition.

‘This is wrong… It’s as if… he’s waiting for my attack!’

Jaehyun took a deep breath, channeling his strength into his abdomen and the hand clutching the sword.

“I’ve been waiting.”

Immediately after luring Heimdall’s strike, Jaehyun relaxed his grip on the sword. Using his toes, he deflected the incoming blade.


Heimdall couldn’t help but be taken aback. Against someone of his caliber, Jaehyun chose to deflect the blade?

But the confusion about Jaehyun’s action was quickly resolved by the following motion.


Right after deflecting the attack, Jaehyun unsummoned his foot blade.

Heimdall’s lips quivered; he had a bad feeling.

Of course, Jaehyun didn’t stop there.


Again, he activated another skill.

―Active Skill [Magical Tool Manifestation] activated.

―Luck Potion takes effect.

―Passive Skill [Prodigy of Item Crafting] activated. Crafted item grade increases by 1.

―Success in crafting Nidhogg’s Fang (S).

‘Good thing I previously consumed the Luck Potion.’

Jaehyun grinned as he channeled mana into the dagger he was holding in his opposite hand.

And then.

―Active Skill [Dagger Frenzy] activated.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

―Passive Skill of [Nidhogg’s Fang] activated.

―Target is afflicted by Poison (1 stack).

―Target is afflicted by Poison (2 stacks).

―Target is afflicted by Poison (3 stacks).

―Target is afflicted by Poison (4 stacks).

―Target is afflicted by Poison (5 stacks).


Having struck Heimdall’s shoulder and left a wound, Jaehyun quickly put distance between them.

Venom. From the start, Jaehyun planned to exploit Nidhogg’s Fang against Heimdall.

‘Nidhogg’s Fang’s passive skill. The venom inflicts percent damage based on maximum health.’

And when crafted perfectly, it’s even capable of up to 5 stacks. While its raw damage may be relatively weaker, it’s exceptionally suited for the agile Jaehyun.

“You make me recognize the longsword and then suddenly switch to a dagger, aiming for a vital point and applying venom besides.

But do you think that poison would work on me… Cough!”

Huh? This is…

The confident Heimdall’s lips bled with coughed up blood.

“Nidhogg’s poison…!”

And in that moment, a vivid anger began to shake Heimdall’s frame.

“Resorting to petty tricks, are you?”

While looking at the violet Heimdall, Jaehyun gave a scornful laugh.

“Who’s looking more pitiful now, one might wonder?”

* * *

Heimdall thought to himself. The fated opponent of the prophecy was strong, much stronger than he had imagined.

‘I must revise my thoughts. Despite only utilizing thirty percent of my power, this man has become quite a challenging adversary.’

Regardless of the poison affecting him, Heimdall remained a deity. No matter the constraints preventing him from killing the destined opponent, the idea that a mere human could overpower him was inconceivable.

‘I didn’t expect to have to use this. But now there’s no choice.’

Heimdall looked down at his own body, dyed a ghastly blue from the venom’s effect. A five-stack poison seemed like it would be his limit to maintain in his current state for roughly ten minutes.

“Indeed, you are talented. While I fail to see why Asgard is so wary of you…

At least this calls for using it.”

Heimdall drew out his horn, which he carried on his back.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.


The massive horn.

If one reflected on the myths, that item was undoubtedly Heimdall’s signature item, the [Gjallarhorn].

Unpredictable in effect, and since even Hela couldn’t reveal the artifact’s power due to a treaty with the Æsir, Jaehyun had no choice but to guess.

‘This doesn’t feel right. I can’t afford to give him any opportunity!’


Jaehyun charged towards the enemy with speed.

However, at that moment, with a sardonic sneer, Heimdall began to play the horn.

“You should be honored to hear the Gjallarhorn’s tune.”


Upon hearing the sound of the horn, Jaehyun’s body froze in place.

Heimdall continued with a grin.

I’ll make sure it’s painful, but not enough to kill you.


As the continued sounds played, Jaehyun quickly felt his mind clouding.

What is this? What kind of capability does this horn have?

‘Just listening to it, and my body…!’

―Warning! [Gjallarhorn] has commenced its tune.

―Artifact’s influence has decreased physical capacity by 50 percent.

―Power from the artifact has started reacting with nearby magical beasts.

Along with the system’s notification, his physical abilities had plummeted to fifty percent of their capacity.

But that wasn’t the only problem.


Nearby magical beasts began gathering, baring their deadly fangs at Jaehyun.

‘What in the world…’

“Well, I may not command beasts as well as Tyr does…

But this, I do quite well.”

Heimdall extended his hand, and a mighty mana gathered around it.

‘If it’s magic…’

―Active Skill [Absolute Calculation] activated.

―User lacks the necessary rank.

―Resistance against the artifact failed.

To top it all off, even the Absolute Calculation couldn’t muster its power in this situation.

“Damn it…!”

Jaehyun ground his teeth as he noticed the red eyes of the creatures approaching him.

Heimdall looked down at him, smiling.

Then, from his palm, a condensed force of magic broke out.


Jaehyun experienced a bizarre sensation as if his blood vessels were twisting all over his body. Blood spilled from his mouth, and an intense dizziness overwhelmed him.

Amid the wave of pain that threatened to sever his consciousness altogether, Jaehyun’s breathing became more ragged.

And with it came the voice.

“This is what I specialize in, reversed magic. It won’t kill you, but it’ll hurt quite a bit.”

Heimdall reinforced the constricting magical force around Jaehyun.

“You’ll rot in Asgard’s dungeon for the rest of your life.”

‘Damn it! This can’t be happening, my consciousness is fading…’

And just when Jaehyun’s mind was nearly severed completely.


A power that neither of the two had anticipated intruded upon their battle.

‘What, what is this…?’

Heimdall’s reverse magic momentarily weakened.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun, who managed to regain his senses, immediately lifted his head.

At that instant, in his line of sight came a familiar figure, encased within a dark blue protective field.

“…I still have this much power left.”

“It’s a bit too early for Jaehyun to be locked away, even though he has committed many misdeeds.”

Standing there, shielding Jaehyun, Hela smiled and said,

Jaehyun could not hide his astonishment.

“Hel…la. What in the world…?”

Before the shocked eyes of Jaehyun, an enormous, unfathomable dark ocean-like defensive field firmly stood, unlike any ordinary blue field, it was a black mana field stained pitch-dark.

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