I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 169

Chapter 168: Variables (1)

“Isuhyuk! Kim Minsu! Are you here?”

A familiar voice echoed from outside the dwelling.

Jung Hyun.

The leader of Circle Yu had come to take Isuhyuk, visiting the group’s residence.

“At least there seems to be someone looking after you guys, huh?”

Jaehyun smiled cheekily, lifting the barrier he had put in place nearby. Simultaneously, the surrounding blue magical energy dissipated, revealing the interior clearly.

Originally, it was structured with an invisibility spell to prevent the inside from being seen from the outside.

However, now that Jaehyun had lifted the barrier, it was possible to see inside.

Tap. Tap.

Members of Circle Yu burst into the Nine’s dwelling.

As Jaehyun tossed some logs into the campfire, he spoke with an indifferent expression.

“You’ve found the right place. You’re here for these guys, I presume?”

“…Min Jaehyun.”

“It’s just as well. They’re a burden to us. It would be good if you could take them away quickly.”

“Why are you holding the two of them?”

A hint of confusion crossed Jung Hyun’s face as he looked at Jaehyun and his two members.

It was a situation difficult to understand at a glance.

Why were Jaehyun, Isuhyuk, and Kim Minsu all together?

‘Could it be that Min Jaehyun has a connection with them…!’

As Jung Hyun had that thought,

Jaehyun suddenly stood up.

“Then please take them yourself. I have my own business to take care of.”

“…I don’t know what happened, but fine. We’ll take them.”

It was at that moment when Jung Hyun responded,

“Wait! I have something to say.”

Isuhyuk also abruptly stood up, glaring at Jaehyun.

‘What? Glaring as if he wants to kill, but now he says he has something to tell me…’

“It’s important.”

Noticing that Isuhyuk’s mood was far from normal, Jaehyun moved away from the group to talk.

Shortly thereafter, in a secluded part of the ruined city, words totally unexpected by Jaehyun flowed from the clenched fists of Isuhyuk.


A sigh was all Jaehyun could manage, his voice laced with irritation.

“Such trivial bastards, really.”

* * *

At the Circle Seed’s residence.

The members sat together, devising a plan to attack Jaehyun and Nine.

The crux of the matter was how to deal with Jaehyun.

They had to choose the most reliable and safe method for this.

In the midst of their discussion, a trainee suddenly spoke up.

“Really, do we need to go this far? Min Jaehyun is just a freshman. Is he actually that strong?”

“He’s strong. You didn’t see the fights during the midterms… But I can tell you this much, in our Circle, no one can beat him in a one-on-one fight.”

These were the words of Im Seong-ho. The questioning trainee gaped in disbelief.

‘Im Seong-ho. If he says so, it must be true. Min Jaehyun… He’s really a big shot.’

Normally, Im Seong-ho had great analytical skills.

And even he said that no one in Circle Seed could match Jaehyun, suggesting Jaehyun possessed skills far beyond their expectations.

However, had that been the end of it, Im Seong-ho wouldn’t be who he was.

“But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to take care of him.”

‘As expected.’

Circle Seed’s members smirked in unison, including Shin Junsang.

“Do you have a plan to properly take down that arrogant guy?”

Shin Junsang.

He, too, had a deep-seated grudge against Jaehyun.

He couldn’t sleep soundly unless he ensured that Jaehyun was crushed and unable to rise again.

He hoped to use this opportunity to prove Jaehyun’s incompetence and persuade Kwon Soyul to return to Circle Seed.

Im Seong-ho nodded as if he knew everything and spoke,

“Of course. We even prepared that artifact. There are usage restrictions, but nothing too problematic.”

“That’s a relief.”


As Im Seong-ho began to stand,

“Let’s go capture him. The academy’s top rookie.”

* * *

“Thank you for protecting Isuhyuk and Kim Minsu. As the representative of Circle Yu, I won’t forget this favor.”

“Call us whenever you need help. Not just for Yu’s members, if needed, we will help right away.”

Jung Hyun didn’t stay long at the dwelling. He left with Isuhyuk and Kim Minsu right away.

He couldn’t delay any longer, needing to reorganize and move the Circle.

It wasn’t a bad turn of events for Jaehyun.

‘Having other people stay long in our Circle’s dwelling isn’t exactly good.’

Jaehyun leaned on his hand, lost in thought.

‘Ready to help whenever…’

He owed a certain debt to Jung Hyun. As a sincere man, he would surely become a trump card during their time at the Academy.

‘But Isuhyuk. Didn’t expect him to say something like that.’

Jaehyun thought about what Isuhyuk had said to him earlier.

[Circle Seed is targeting you. I heard they have a dangerous artifact. It would be wise to be careful.]

‘Damn, it’s ridiculous.’

It wasn’t a significant threat, but it was an annoyance for Jaehyun.

As if it wasn’t enough dealing with Heimdall, ss if it wasn’t enough dealing with Heimdall—

Students daring to challenge him?

Absurdity choking back words.

‘Not sure how impressive the artifact they’ve prepared is.’

If they think they can let this slide, they’re mistaken.

The sadistic smile on Jaehyun’s face grew as he stood.

Kim Yoojung tilted her chair, looking confused.

“Where are you going?”

“Just some business to take care of nearby.”

“…Will that take long?”

Seo Ina also looked inquiringly.

Jaehyun chuckled softly,

“Well, it might take a little while.”

Turning all the members of Seed into half-wits would take some time.

Jaehyun held back his last words as he left the dwelling.

“But still, why is Isuhyuk suddenly helping me? Did he get shot in the head or something?”

It was a bewildering development.

Thinking back, things had been strange since he didn’t abandon Kim Minsu and chose to protect him.

‘Not that it’s my business to know. Not now.’

First, he had to crush Circle Seed and show them the terror of the world.

* * *

“What are you saying? The monsters that were already annihilated are swarming again?

On top of that, the monsters appearing in shallow areas are of higher rank now!?”

At the central headquarters of the closed city Daegu, Chairman Kim Jiyeon received the call in alarm. The news from the other end was certainly troubling.

She held her forehead in thought.

‘Why? Before the event, we, along with the instructors, cleared all the monsters around the closed city. We also set up barriers so that the students would not get swept away to the center.

But… why have there been sightings of high-grade monsters in the shallow areas?’

The news conveyed by the urgent transmission just received by Instructor Kim Jiyeon was shocking.

[It’s serious! High-ranked monsters from the center are suddenly moving towards the outskirts!]

[Something’s not right. Right on time with the camping start, the monsters are pouring in!]

This was definitely unusual.

Wasn’t precaution taken specifically to prevent any danger to the students by clearing all shallow area monsters in advance?

Moreover, sufficient internal exploration was also completed, and in case of an emergency, instructors were scattered everywhere.

Everything had been done regarding safety measures.

But now… a ‘mass migration of monsters’.

Thousands of monsters stirred at once, an occurrence never before seen in the city.

Worse yet, this happened just as if scripted alongside the start of the outdoor camping event.

“Have you found any other anomalies in your investigation?”

Kim Jiyeon asked with forced calm, but the answer she received was empty of substance.

[Regrettably, we haven’t been able to shed light on anything substantial.]

“I guess there’s no choice. Immediately contact the instructors and put a full stop to the event…”

As Kim Jiyeon spoke, she felt an inexplicable sensation of dread.

A chill ran down her spine.

‘What is that?’


And then, from the other end came the sound of the earth cracking.

Kim Jiyeon quickly grabbed the radio and yelled out,

“Instructor? Instructor! What’s happening! Respond!”


Instead of a response, a fierce explosion noise emanated from the radio.

The noise was much larger than before.

Sweat dripped down as tension built.

This was a bad sign.

The screams heard beyond the radio were proof.

[H-how can this be? What the hell is that?!]

[Are those… monsters?]

[Everybody run away!]

[Please, save me! Who the heck are you!?]

Body tense and covered in goosebumps,


The instructor’s voices were abruptly cut off.

Chairman Kim Jiyeon immediately stood, looking at the other instructors around her, and stated firmly,

“It seems something has happened on-site. We all need to move.”

Her words were clear.

Call on the emergency forces.

Those who should never be deployed unless in grave danger, and now she was suggesting their mobilization.

“What about contact with the dispatched instructors?”

Kim Jiyeon tried to reach out to other instructors but received no response.

She bit her lip and said,

“We can’t get through. It seems they’ve all been hit already.”

Kim Jiyeon made calls to the students as well, thinking that someone with Jaehyun’s or Jung Hyun’s abilities might know something about the phenomena occurring in the city now.



The call was impossible.

It seemed that a mysterious magical field in the atmosphere was jamming both transmission and reception, much like radio waves.

‘…What in the world is this magic? Even the radios made with amplification stones can’t get through.’

Kim Jiyeon quickly made a decision.

“Before it’s too late, let’s move now. Form teams and start rescue operations.”

“Got it. Let’s move out right away.”

The foremost instructor quickly assented.

The other instructors also quickly nodded in understanding and left their places hastily.

“We should keep support and a minimal force behind. We should also have at least two A-rank healers.”

Kim Jiyeon agreed, nodding her head as the instructors moved out swiftly and in order.

She then made a call to someone else in haste.

[This is Song Jiseok.]

“It’s me. Kim Jiyeon.”

[Ah, Chairman of Milles Academy, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call…]

“We have a situation.”

With that word, the tone of Song Jiseok on the other end dropped.

[…What happened?]

“We need support. The students and instructors participating in the camping might all be killed.”

[Damn, I’ll get there as soon as I can, so hold on!]

After hanging up, Kim Jiyeon’s eyes settled determinedly.

‘We have to save them.’

The children… are in danger.

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