I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 168

Chapter 167: Assault (2)

―You have encountered the boss monster, “Great Worm,” in the abandoned city’s 2nd District.


‘I never expected I’d end up saving this bastard.’

Jaehyun, alternating his gaze between the retreating Great Worm and Isuhyeok, let out a sigh.

Moments ago, he had detected the magic of a dying student nearby and had just arrived at the scene.

Out of so many people, it had to be Isuhyeok who needed saving.

For Jaehyun, this was an unwelcome task.

However, he did not dwell long on these thoughts. No matter what, he could not simply let someone die.

Moreover, his immediate priority was to finish the battle with the enemy.

‘Still, this seems excessively severe. A Great Worm in such a shallow region?’

The Great Worm was a magical beast that could only barely be seen in the deep areas of the center of the abandoned city.

Jaehyun had seen this creature being subjugated live on a broadcast before his regression.

‘Such a monster as the Great Worm should be found near the city center at best. Near the Banwoldang Station area, maybe. To think it has appeared here… the situation is anything but good.’

Murmuring to himself, he looked into the eyes of the bulky creature before him.

He could feel the Great Worm open its jaws and coil its body back. This was a posture often displayed by worm type magical beasts just before an attack.

But to Jaehyun, it was an uninspiring maneuver.

How many worms had he killed over the last couple of days in the closed city?

Evading and counterattacking had become second nature to him.


The enemy’s attack was aimed to tear through Jaehyun as if ripping his body apart.

However, Jaehyun did not dodge. Clenching his fists tightly, he prepared to strike back.

After channeling his magic into his fists until they were nearly overflowing, he smashed them precisely into the monster’s face.



With a giant boom, the magical beast’s screams filled the field as Jaehyun lightly grinned at the creature before him.

‘Seems I didn’t even need to draw another weapon.’

As his summoned magic power receded, the obscured battle situation became clearly visible once again.

What was left was the torn figure of the beast with only its lower half remaining.

Isuhyeok’s face turned ashen with horror as he witnessed the scene.

‘What on earth…!’

The sight was so shocking he couldn’t close his mouth.

For a while, Isuhyeok was at a loss for words from the sheer shock of it all.

* * *

‘Min Jaehyeon. I knew he was strong, but this…’

The situation defied explanation with mere words.

The boss monster Jaehyeon had just faced was an A-rank.

This was a level that would usually require a party of six or more A-rank Reiders to handle.

‘Yet, Min Jaehyeon hunted it as if it was nothing.’

How was that even possible?

This was something Isuhyeok simply couldn’t comprehend.

In the midst of his thoughts, a brazen voice cut through to his ears.

“What are you standing around for? If he doesn’t get treatment now, he’s going to die.”

Caught up in reflecting on the battle, Isuhyeok regained his sense as a voice jolted him into the present. He looked down to see Kim Minsoo, whose skin was stained deep purple. He needed treatment immediately if they were to save him within the golden time.

Isuhyeok quickly lifted Kim Minsoo up.

At the same time, his throaty voice rang out.

“Th-this guy is hurt…!”

His lips felt stiff, perhaps from the earlier tension, making it hard to speak properly.

Nevertheless, regardless of the faltering voice, Jaehyeon calmly nodded in response.

“Your comrade is injured?”

Isuhyeok clenched his fist and struggled to continue.

“…This guy’s hurt. He needs help.”

“Follow me. I have plenty of antidote potions to spare.”

Jaehyeon spoke with the same blunt expression as before.

He turned out to be the type to hold a grudge longer than expected.

* * *

Gulping down.

The potion made its way down Kim Minsoo’s throat, now afflicted with poison.

The potion in use belonged to Lee Jaesang—a high-end item worth well over 20 million won.

“Th-th-this should, should be fine now!” Lee Jaesang said with a sigh of relief, and only then Isuhyeok’s stiff shoulders relaxed.

No doubt, he had been quite tense.

‘If it’s the poison from a Great Worm, it would be lethal to an ordinary Reider.’

Jaehyeon reasonably accepted this fact and then clasped his hands neatly.

He asked, “So shall we get down to business then?”

Jaehyeon seated in a chair with his legs crossed now turned his gaze to Isuhyeok.

“Isuhyeok. Why were the two of you separated from the circle and acting alone?”

“…It’s a long story.”

With those words, the story of Isuhyeok began.

He wasn’t one for fancy words, so even summarizing the main points was incredibly tedious. Because of that, Jaehyeon had to suppress his yawns several times.

“And so, to put it simply, you two, as members of the circle, were attending the field training and were beaten pathetically by a monster that popped out of nowhere inside the city…

Moreover, that guy got poisoned, and this left you unable to do anything, right?”

“…You managed to sum it up to that extent, huh.”

Isuhyeok managed a shoulder-shrug, seeming somewhat impressed but also making a hint of a sarcastic remark.

“Anyway, two things are certain. A monster beyond our initial expectations has emerged from inside. And that the circle leader, Jeong Hyeon, has been swept up in this.”

‘Even Jeong Hyeon was affected… This is definitely no trivial matter.’

Jaehyeon stroked his chin, lost in thought for a moment.

Just earlier, he too had noticed the strange movement of monsters that Isuhyeok had mentioned.

An unnatural phenomenon where powerful entities with immense magical power began moving from the inside of the city to the outside.

Definitely not something to be taken lightly.

‘The mass migration of monsters.’

However, that wasn’t the only problem.

“There’s one more thing. A bigger problem.”

“…What is it?”

Next to him, unable to hide her curiosity, Seoeena asked.

Jaehyeon bit his lip before answering.

“Doesn’t it seem strange? When Isuhyeok and Kim Minsoo were being attacked, why did no one come to their rescue?”

“Ah! Now that I think about it!”

Kim Yujeong’s voice joined the discussion. An Hoyeon also had no choice but to nod in agreement.

“You’re right, Jaehyeon. Didn’t Chairwoman Kim Jiyeon tell us that if any trouble arose during the field training, we should contact the instructors immediately? But then…”

“…All the instructors disappeared…?”

Seoeena cut in, and Kwon Soyeol nodded as well.

“I’ve been thinking the same. It’s strange. Not only did a monster of that grade emerge within the city, but we have felt no trace of the instructors’ magic nearby.

It’s like they’ve all vanished.”

The group was enveloped in a heavy silence following her words.

Jaehyeon clenched his fists tight and took a deep breath.

‘The culprit must be…’

He raised his head and exhaled. A faint magical energy emerged from his body, focusing everyone’s attention on him.

Yet, Jaehyeon remained undisturbed by the gaze directed at him.

He recalled the name of one man with a sneer.


‘It’s him.’

* * *

About two hours earlier. A temporary outpost on the outskirts of the closed city.

“Come to think of it, why do we have to suffer like this? We’ve already dealt with the monsters in the shallow area where the field training is taking place.

Ha, even the Chairwoman is ridiculous. Is it really okay to allocate instructor resources to a place like this?”

Sighing, the man named Lee Taehyeon began to speak.

One of the Mileus trainers, he held a typical reider superiority complex.

For the record, his rank was B.

Although it wasn’t particularly high, it certainly wasn’t low either, which made this assignment seem unfair to him.

‘Me, of all people, stuck in such a place!’

For this reason, Lee Taehyeon harbored resentments towards Chairwoman Kim Jiyeon and Mileus Academy.

For a B-rank reider like him to babysit a bunch of snot-nosed brats, caring for them, was absurd.

“I’m not some kind of babysitter.”

He muttered irritably.

A fellow junior instructor beside him offered a placating response.

“Well, at least our hard work yields usable students, doesn’t it?”

“Usable, my foot. They have no intention of improving their skills, just playing around with media publicity.

Remember that Min Jaehyeon guy? Honestly, does that make any sense? What S-rank skill at that age? And what? He’s already reached A-rank? Bastards like him who lie through their teeth should have their licenses revoked.”

“Even so, surely Mileus wouldn’t fake a live broadcast, would it? Who knows? Maybe that Jaehyeon kid really has an astonishing talent.”

“Seriously, you believe that? Anyway, that’s your problem – you’re too naïve,” Lee Taehyeon shook his head dismissively. He had become disillusioned with the new generation of reiders.

When he had decided to become a reider, the first-generation reiders held a noble goal – saving people from death.

Back then, there was something romantic about it!

But nowadays, it was overrun with those infected by star fever, craving broadcast appearances. He found it all incomprehensible.

At that moment, as if reading his mind, his junior spoke.

“You’ll be considered an old codger if you keep that up. Plus, we don’t have to work too hard for our salary. It’s pretty sweet.

To be honest, being an instructor at Mileus Academy is much safer than an active reider gig. And with families of our own…”

Lee Taehyeon clicked his tongue but found it hard not to agree.

He too had a family, in his mid-thirties.

For their sake, he had to avoid frequently entering dungeons as a frontline reider.

To live in constant fear of death was something for the young; with a family to consider, it was significantly better to work safely affiliated with an academy.


Lee Taehyeon was about to express more dissatisfaction when suddenly…

Rumble, rumble, rumble…!

The clouds, that had been floating in the sky, began to converge in one place, turning a menacing red as they gathered above their heads.


Then, a trumpet sounded from somewhere.

“Is that… a trumpet sound?”

Before Lee Taehyeon could finish speaking, a vast shadow loomed over him.


Just as he raised his head, an enormous darkness opened its maw and swallowed him whole.


His junior, witnessing this scene, shivered as he saw the multitude of monsters marching behind.

“Wh-what on earth is…”

He quickly reached for his radio, but it was too late.

The squirming tentacles pierced through his back.


Gaping eyes filled with terror reflected countless rushing monsters, and as his vision blurred with blood, his eyelids slowly slid closed.

“No… way…”

With his last bit of strength, he grasped the radio dropped on the ground.

Words he never wanted to utter spilled out in a whisper filled with dread.

“Emergency code 11… An anomaly has occurred… Everyone, run…”

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