I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 167

Chapter 166: Assault (1)

“I’ve finally found it.”

An excited voice slipped out from Jaehyun as he searched the nest.

At the same time, along with a translucent status window, information about the artifact he had acquired appeared.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Wings of the Storm

Grade: S

Made by refining the endless storms that rage in Helheim, these wings grant the skill “Aerial Leap.”

Stats: Agility +50 / Strength +50

*The effect of the skill increases with proficiency.

“Good. Both the skill and stats increase are significant… Well, it’s an S-grade artifact, so I guess that’s to be expected. Of course, the real highlight is the skill itself.”

Before his regression, Jaehyun had heard stories about the Wings of the Storm and Aerial Leap through a radar magazine.

He knew better than anyone the vast potential held by the item.

‘The greatest advantage of the Wings of the Storm is definitely the active skill. “Aerial Leap” is a versatile magic that can be used in any situation. Acquiring it here was definitely the right choice.’

Typically, Jaehyun gave skills attached to equipment items more importance than stats.

This was only natural.

After all, equipment with skills attached was rare to come by, and while disparity in stats could be somewhat overcome with combat sense, the difference in having a skill was immense.

‘A skill could completely transform one’s style of combat.’

With a satisfied expression, Jaehyun checked the information on his newly acquired skill.

A refreshing message appeared, and the skill window surfaced.

[Active Skill]

Name: Aerial Leap

Grade: A+

Using wind barriers erected in midair, you push off with your feet to leap through the air.

It can be used consecutively up to twice.

The description could be seen as simple, but Jaehyun well knew the true essence of the Wings of the Storm.

‘Before the regression, a radar who obtained the Wings of the Storm instantly increased their rank. Of course, it’ll be harder because of me this time around.’

With a smile, Jaehyun closed the status window and immediately equipped the item.

Kwon Sooyul, who had been watching, exclaimed in awe.

“Wow. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen someone loot an S-grade item. Feels a bit emotional, doesn’t it?”

“Well, it’s not something ordinary radars would see often.”

Jaehyun glanced at Kwon Sooyul as he spoke.

‘She’s unusually quiet. Sooyul Senpai.’

He had expected her to ask for some sort of additional payment after obtaining an S-grade item. Surprisingly, however, she merely looked on with curiosity, without making any demands.

“Huh? But what’s that over there?”

Suddenly, Kwon Sooyul pointed somewhere and spoke. Jaehyun immediately shifted his gaze in the direction she was looking.

Soon after, a voice mixed with astonishment leaked from his lips.

“Is that… a glove?”

At the end of their gazes, there lay a single pristine white glove.


That’s when it happened.

Suddenly, a chill ran down Jaehyun’s spine, and an inexplicable sense of foreboding crept over him.

A glove of pure white, from which a powerful magic force was seeping out, threatened to crush Jaehyun’s entire body.

At the same time, a message sounded.

―You have obtained the “Gloves of the Ancients.”

―Updating the Nornir System with information about the first Awakened.

‘The first Awakened…?’

* * *

“Is that everything cleared up here now?”

Kim Yoojung wiped the sweat from her forehead and spoke.

The next day, after Jaehyun’s return to their base, in a nearby field.

Roughly two hours into their hunting expedition, the fiends in the area had been completely eradicated.

Jaehyun looked about and nodded.

“Yeah. For the time being.”

Just before, Jaehyun had returned to base, and together with Kim Yoojung, they had been hunting nearby fiends. Lee Jaesang and Kwon Sooyul were taking a break, on guard duty.

A barrier had been put up around the base to prepare for any potential invasions.

The active fighters included Jaehyun, Kim Yoojung, An Hoyeon, and Seo Ina—four people in total.

They were hunting fiends in competition with one another, collecting tokens for their outdoor training camp.


“Isn’t this already close to a record high? We’re pretty strong, aren’t we?”

“Obviously. I’m with you, so should it not be this much of an achievement?”

An Hoyeon and Kim Yoojung exchanged playful remarks, their expressions elated. Seo Ina kept a vigilant watch, silent throughout.

Jaehyun didn’t share their cheerful demeanor.

He had been thinking about the item he had found at the Harpy Queen’s nest the day prior.

‘The Gloves of the Ancients…’

The Gloves of the Ancients.

The item he obtained from the nest radiated an extraordinary aura, beginning with its name.

Jaehyun briefly pondered the message he had heard at the time he secured the gloves.

―Updating the Nornir System with information about the first Awakened.

‘If it’s the first Awakened, then naturally, there’s only one such radar in the world.’

The first Awakened.

Jaehyun clearly remembered a radar with such a moniker.

‘Juwon. The world’s first Awakened and a hero of South Korea.

But why would the Nornir System update with information about him?’

It was a perplexing issue that he couldn’t rashly tie together. However, he could be certain of one thing.

“There’s a connection between the first Awakened and the system.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

Kim Yoojung quickly reacted to Jaehyun’s mumbling.

He ignored her and casually tousled her hair.

“Oh come on! I told you not to mess up my hair!”

But he didn’t seem to hear her.

‘I need to find out why that person’s gloves were discarded in this closed-off city.

I have a bad feeling…’

Jaehyun quickly reached a conclusion, but realized that there was nothing he could do right at this moment.

For now, it was more important to safely complete their outdoor camping and thwart Heimdall’s ambition. He must not forget his priorities.

It was while he pondered that…


Suddenly, Seo Ina grabbed Jaehyun’s sleeve. He turned his head and she spoke with a serious expression.

“…There’s someone dying nearby.”

The words were spat out almost like a curse, and Jaehyun’s expression turned grim.

Instantly, Jaehyun spread his magic detection broadly around to read the nearby information.

Indeed, as Seo Ina had said, they received a faint response from people who were nearly lifeless.

“We need to save them.”

Seo Ina insisted, and Jaehyun immediately nodded in agreement.


―Activating the active skill “Wind Boost Lv 5.”

As a green effect lingered on his legs, Jaehyun surged forward.

If the information Jaehyun had sensed was accurate…

‘They won’t last much longer. A little more delay and they’ll die.’

The rest of the group quickly followed behind him.

As such, after running for a while, the four arrived at a certain point in the open field.

Just then, upon finding those in peril, Jaehyun tilted his head in confusion.

“…What? Why is that guy over there?”

* * *

Around 10 minutes before Jaehyun’s arrival, at the scene of the incident.

An oppressive atmosphere pervaded the field.



A monstrous shape of a giant worm burst forth from the ground, along with the sounds of crying and the shattering of tiles.

The Great Worm.

A creature several times bigger and stronger than an ordinary worm, with the imposing rank of B+.

Spewing a wild scream, as it stood tall, the panoramic view of the monstrous worm could be considered truly intimidating.

Near the Great Worm, a student stood in confrontation.

With a scruffy face, it was none other than Lee Soohyuk.

“Damn it…! That goddamn worm!”

Lee Soohyuk cursed as he gazed at the fiends surrounding him. Understandably—his current situation could be seen as perilous from 100 meters away.

What kind of shitty situation is this?

Lee Soohyuk genuinely thought so, glaring straight at the fiend he was facing off against.

The Great Worm…

No one had ever told him that such a creature would emerge during their outdoor training.

“…No, now’s not the time to think about that.”

Shaking his head to rid himself of his thoughts, Lee Soohyuk yelled at a student collapsed behind him.

“Hey! Dammit. Kim Minsoo, get up! Do you really want to die!?”

Lee Soohyuk, while gripping his staff adorned with a golden lion decoration, shouted, but to no avail.

It was an inevitability. Currently, Kim Minsoo had fallen into a state of intoxication due to the Great Worm’s attack.

‘I can’t just abandon him… dammit!’

Kim Minsoo stared up with vacant eyes.

Lee Soohyuk boosted his magic power, thinking to himself.

Why did things turn out this way?

Until just moments ago, they had been advancing normally through their outdoor training.

The circle they had joined, Circle U, was regarded as the best in the school.

They were well-prepared for danger and had received prior training to cope with unforeseen situations.

But then…

‘An anomaly occurred.’

A short time ago, Lee Soohyuk and other members of Circle U, including Jeong Hyeon, had encountered an inexplicable event that separated them from each other.

An exodus of beasts.

About an hour ago, higher-ranked fiends had suddenly poured out from the depths of the closed-off city.

Circle U had fought valiantly, but facing dozens of B-grade, even A-grade opponents was nearly impossible—a herculean task.

They were still trainees.

The adversaries that attacked them were of such a powerful level that they couldn’t be beaten unless by top-tier radars.

Even if they were considered prodigies among the trainees, it was too much to handle.

This resulted in Lee Soohyuk and Kim Minsoo becoming separated from their circle amid the chaos.

In the process, Kim Minsoo succumbed to the status of being intoxicated.



During his reflection, the Great Worm suddenly launched an attack.

While they lacked legs, the creatures could launch themselves at their enemies by springing their bodies through contraction and expansion. The hardness was not exceptionally high, but breaking through such defenses was not something a trainee could easily achieve.

“Flames of the fierce Surtr…!”

Lee Soohyuk began casting his specialty, fire magic. Although multitasking would be more advantageous, he had to conserve energy to ensure the safety of his comrade, Kim Minsoo.

Of course, Lee Soohyuk himself was acutely aware of the danger of this decision.

The enemy was none other than a boss monster. It was the first time since he had become a radar that he was confronted by such a formidable fiend.

The probability of his victory was dismally close to zero.

If he decided to flee alone, his chances would certainly be higher.


‘A radar should not abandon their comrades.’

Lee Soohyuk’s eyes flashed, and supressed magic power exploded forth from his dantian and fingertips.


With that, he released “Fire Arrow,” harnessing over 70% of his full power.


“…Is it futile after all?”

Lee Soohyuk looked at the monstrous form, remaining unruffled even after taking his attack, with a frustrated expression.

Expected to take on such a creature? By myself?


It was a rare emotion for Lee Soohyuk.

However, at that moment, no other word seemed to describe his feelings adequately.

The powerful fiend before him and his fallen comrade.

A desperate situation with no escape.


Lee Soohyuk swore as he began drawing upon the last remaining magic power within him.

He knew it was a lost cause already.

But it seemed unjust to not make the attempt.

Even if he were to die here.

He would die the way of a radar.

At the very least, he wouldn’t abandon his comrade.

With a firm resolve, magic power once again coursed through Lee Soohyuk’s body.

In response, the Great Worm too opened its maw wide, launching an attack at an unreactable speed.

And in that critical moment.

‘If it had been him, could I have countered?’

The face of a certain individual clear in his mind.


With a space-ripping explosion sound, a familiar male voice reached him.

“Ah, I don’t want to rescue this bastard.”

Lee Soohyuk’s eyes widened as he looked in a particular direction.

There stood the boy who made him blame himself for not overcoming the obstacle until the last moment.

“What are you staring at? Not looking after your comrades?”

With a mocking smile, Jaehyun tensed his fist.

Immediately after.


The body of the Great Worm was pushed back, crashing into a building in the background.

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