I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 166

Chapter 165: Harpy Queen (2)


The Harpy Queen unleashed a wild cry and charged at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun smirked, lifting the corners of his mouth.

“I never expected to find you before the second day even came.”


The Harpy Queen flapped her wings vigorously.

Thud! Thud!

A mix of beast feathers and nearby rock debris flew through the air, embedding in the ground around them.

However, Jaehyun was unfazed, calmly observing the enemy’s movements. To be sure, the foe was strong, but only by ordinary standards.

Now, to Jaehyun, the Harpy Queen was not so threatening.


Attack after attack came flying. Jaehyun avoided them with ease and then unleashed his mana. Shortly thereafter, an oppressive noise began to pour out as his mana clashed with the environment.

Two spells of different nature. It was multi-casting.

―Activating Active Skill《Mana Weapon》.

―Activating Active Skill《Magical Instrumentation》.

Zzt Zzt Zzt!

As his mana surged, his body’s hardness intensified.

Mana Weapon, the main skill he had used since his first regression, had now reached a level where it could easily deflect even the Harpy Queen’s attacks.

“You’re fast!”

Kwon Sooyoul burst out an exclamation of shock, to which Jaehyun casually shrugged his shoulders.

“You react quite naively, senior. There’s still a lot more to be surprised about.”

As he spoke, a dagger began to take shape in Jaehyun’s hand.

A keen black blade, it was a Jungledo. Kwon Sooyoul’s expression hardened as she observed this. Soon, she shouted towards Jaehyun.

“Is, is that… Nidhogg’s Fang?! An S-rank item?!”

“Well, something like that.”

Jaehyun laughed as he adjusted the dagger, a perfect fit in his hand, and aimed it at the enemy.

“It’s only A rank… a bit disappointing. But, it should still be a joke against the Harpy Queen here.”

* * *

The exalted feast of the Aesir gods.

The festival was being held in the heart of Asgard’s most beautiful palace.


Known as ‘the great hall of the fallen’ or ‘the house of joy,’ this massive palace owned by the Aesir boasted all manner of delicacies from land and sea.

Filled with the most exquisite alcohols and gold, it was the embodiment of the Nordic mythological paradise.

“Ha-ha-ha! Spirits are high! The preparations for war are going smoothly, and Heimdall has agreed to deal with the prophesized adversary, so what worries could there possibly be for Asgard!”

The thunderous voice belonged to Thor, the god of thunder. He greedily guzzled mead brewed by dwarves over several years and thunked the cup back on the table.

As Thor said, preparations for the second Ragnarok were progressing smoothly in Asgard.

The only concern, the prophesized adversary, was basically resolved with Heimdall taking the matter into his own hands.

‘Heimdall. Although that guy is hot-tempered, to him, handling a human would be nothing tough.’

Although both loved battle, Heimdall fundamentally differed from Thor.

He preferred a more brutal method of fighting, seeking only victory without care for the means, unlike Thor, who reveled in combat itself.

‘That’s why he’s more trustworthy. He’ll see that adversary dealt with, somehow.’

Thor smirked as he continued with uplifted mood.

“If things keep moving like this, we Aesir might indeed become the rulers of the nine worlds. Odin would be pleased.”

The high seat was currently empty. Odin had temporal duties in Vanaheim.

Thanks to this, the second Ragnarok was being prepared for, and a long-overdue feast was being hosted. This was all Thor’s unilateral decision.

During the bustling festivity, Thor laughed heartily and said,

“It’s only bad if you get caught, right?”

“……You’re always so irresponsible.”

The voice came next to him was Tyr, the god of war, grasping his one remaining arm, his expression full of discontent.

“Thor, you take things too lightly. Does the weight of Ragnarok mean so little to you?”

“Ha, what’s with those words? You’re hardly in a position to talk like that, Tyr.

Didn’t Fenrir take your right hand? Despite wielding Mjölnir, you show such disgrace… If it were me, I’d have returned my weapon and died long ago.”

“What? Maybe we should settle here and now, who the stronger one is?”

Thor growled back, meeting Tyr’s challenge.

As a tense atmosphere brewed between the two gods,


A cold female voice cut through. It was Freyja, the leader of Valhalla and the Valkyries.

Recently, she’d been recognized by Odin for her achievements in training the Valkyries and the warriors, earning her control over Valhalla.

Freyja frowned and said,

“If you both act disgracefully again, I will have you executed on the spot. For at least a few months, you won’t be able to avoid punitive seclusion.”

“……Tsch. Fine. This guy started it.”

“It’s you who should talk.”

Although Thor and Tyr exchanged words, they did not continue their fight. In Odin’s absence, the ruler of Valhalla was neither Thor nor Tyr, but her. There was no need to cause unnecessary trouble.

Just then, Frigg, who had been quietly listening, suddenly spoke up.

She was Odin’s wife and the goddess of earth and homestead.

“By the way, Valhalla’s forces have significantly diminished. It seems that the collection of souls of the dead isn’t going well. What do you think, Freyja?”

Frigg spoke offhandedly, but her word carried weight. It was true, after all, that Valhalla’s forces had noticeably dwindled from their former glory.

At Frigg’s words, Freyja responded with a cool tone.

“The problem was using forces excessively during the first Ragnarok. That was a clear mistake on Odin’s part.”

“……To insult the lord of Asgard so brazenly, only you could dare utter such words.”

The two goddesses locked in a tense verbal duel.

Originally, this conflict should not have even occurred. Frigg was Odin’s wife and wielded considerable power in Asgard.

Moreover, she was pure Asgardian blood. That was fundamentally different from Freyja, who came to this place as a prisoner from Vanaheim.

However, Freyja did not give in, meeting Frigg’s eyes without hesitation.

She had risen to her position by her own abilities. Even Frigg could not treat Freyja lightly.

Frigg bit her lip.

‘Even Odin would know that he can’t unify the nine worlds without the army of Valkyries led by Freyja.’

At this stage, Frigg had no choice but to bow her head to her.

Freyja, seemingly aware of this, spoke sardonically.

“I have no intention to play a part in Odin’s ambitions. Though he is a powerful ruler, to me, he’s nothing but trash.”

“You disrespect to such an extent…!”

Frigg raised her voice, unable to hold herself any longer.

Thor and Tyr showed no interest, absorbed in their drink.

Freyja narrowed her eyes dangerously. A massive vibration started to shake the hall of Valhalla itself.

“You haven’t forgotten what Odin did to me, have you, Frigg?”


For some reason, Frigg could not continue her words.

Freyja, drawing upon her magic, declared,

“I won’t speak any further. If you don’t want death, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.”

A deep silence followed. No one dared to speak out, and the festivity paused for a moment.

Everyone was merely watching each other, oppressed by Freyja’s mighty magic.

Having given her warning, Freyja withdrew her magic and parted her sealed lips.

“Frigg. And everyone here, I declare at this moment, the preparation for the ‘Second Twilight’ is complete.”

Freyja’s eyes lost all focus.

With an emotionless face, she said,

“Einherjar, the souls of warriors who will fight for Asgard are ready.”

* * *

― Activating Active Skill《Magical Instrumentation》.

―Successfully crafted equipment item 《Nidhogg’s Fang》.

―The weapon’s grade is excessively high. Rank is reduced by 1.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Crude Nidhogg’s Fang

Rank: A

A dagger fashioned from the fang of the poison-ridden dragon, Nidhogg, which resides in Hvergelmir.

It can create poison at all times even without a venom gland and is extremely sharp.

*Inflicts Poison Effect (Lv 3) to the enemy.

*Stack effect activates up to 3 times as the number of wounds increases.

Jaehyun smiled as he looked at the newly crafted Nidhogg’s Fang.

Though its overall skills were reduced by 2 and its rank reduced by 1, its performance was still outstanding—a weapon that could easily be worth billions in its own right.

Jaehyun reminisced about the past for a moment.

Back when Baek Jihyun approached him with a deal.

[Let’s continue the conversation we had earlier. I want to recruit Min Jaehyun to our Curator Guild. I’ll offer you the best conditions possible.]

[I will hand over Nidhogg’s Fang to you. No strings attached.]

Naturally, Jaehyun had no intention of accepting her offer.

It was problematic enough to have ties with Yeonhwa, but more importantly, he knew he could craft Nidhogg’s Fang with his skills.

Even if it was a diminished power, the ability to wield even a part of that strength was a massive advantage. There was no need for Jaehyun to bow and join them.

However, that didn’t mean Jaehyun’s skills were invincible.

Fundamentally, ‘Magical Instrumentation’ could only craft a weapon that he had handled at least once before.

Therefore, Jaehyun said,

[I’ll think about it. But first, if you let me touch Nidhogg’s Fang just once.]

Baek Jihyun, not suspecting Jaehyun had such a skill, agreed. With that, Jaehyun was inadvertently able to produce another S-rank weapon.

‘Everything’s proceeding smoothly. Perfectly well.’

Firmly gripping Nidhogg’s Fang, Jaehyun also began to unfold another spell with his other hand.

―Activating Active Skill 《Wind Cutter》.

Wind Cutter.

A skill that created blades of wind to assault the enemy.

But Jaehyun planned to use it a bit differently.

―Activating Active Skill 《Intermediate Dagger Art》.

Combining martial skills learned from An Hoyeon with magic, Jaehyun decided to fuse two differently natured skills for his purpose.

‘Adding the cutting power of Wind Cutter to the dagger supported by Intermediate Dagger Art. Theoretically, it’s entirely feasible.’

This was something he had learned from Kim Yoojung, who was adept at various enchants and support magic.

Meanwhile, Kwon Sooyoul was stunned as she looked at Jaehyun, unable to close her mouth.

‘Fusing two different sets of skills and using them…?

What in the world? How can he keep surprising me like this?’

To her, Jaehyun had surpassed the conventional definition of genius, possibly reaching the upper levels of A-rank or even beyond.

“It’s hard to believe, but… if it’s that guy….”

It might be possible.

That thought echoed clearly in her mind.


The sound of Jaehyun’s dagger slicing through the enemy’s wings interrupted her thoughts.

A broad grin spread across his face as he swung his dagger at the enemy.

―Activating Active Skill《Dagger Flurry》.

“You’re too weak to be a boss.”

Muttered Jaehyun as the Dagger Flurry commenced, a technique that continuously struck at the foe with a dagger, creating unstoppable lacerations.

The skill was B-rank, not particularly high for Jaehyun to use.

But he had chosen to learn it, nonetheless, for a straightforward reason.

―Passive skill of 《Nidhogg’s Fang》 activates.

―The enemy is afflicted with a poison status (1 stack).

―The enemy is afflicted with a poison status (2 stacks).

―The enemy is afflicted with a poison status (3 stacks).

With stacks accumulating rapidly, Jaehyun drew a slow curve with his lips.

Soon after, the Harpy Queen’s scream erupted.


The Harpy Queen met death while still standing.

Jaehyun brushed off the bloodied dagger and deactivated the magic, recalling the weapon.

A voice message followed.

―You have successfully defeated the boss of District 1 of the Closed City, the Harpy Queen.

―Please retrieve your reward from the Harpy Queen’s nest.

“Finally, I’ve got the ‘Wings of the Storm’ as well.”

Muttering to himself, Jaehyun stepped past the Harpy Queen and began heading towards the nest.

The Queen’s nest, several times larger than that of a regular harpy’s, needed immediate examination.

Jaehyun strode briskly forward, then turned back and called out.

“Are you not coming?”

“…Yoojung was right.”

“Excuse me?”

“You really are…”

Kwon Sooyoul shook her head.

“A total madman, huh?”

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