I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 165

Chapter 164: Harpy Queen (1)


The harpies flapped their wings furiously, their screams piercing the air. A suffocating murderous intent seeped out from their beady eyes, causing beads of sweat to roll down the spine.

However, the party calmly closed the distance with the enemy.

Their movement was instinctual yet skilled.

“Yoo Jung-ah! Support!”

“Got it!”

“I’ll take the front. You two focus on casting!”

The trio moved into battle with the precision of seasoned veterans.

An Ho-yeon took the front, Kim Yoo Jung provided support, and Seo I-na seemed primed to deliver the powerful blows.

It was a display of rational and accurate judgment.

Jae-hyun nodded with satisfaction.

‘This is going well.’

Lesser novices would have shrunk back by now, their movements becoming erratic. Overwhelmed by the monster’s size, they might have faltered.

But his comrades showed no signs of that.

—Activate skill 《Blue Flame Sword》.

—Activate skill 《Martial Zenith》.

An Ho-yeon unleashed two skills simultaneously, intercepting the harpy.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo Jung and Seo I-na began their casting on either side.

The first to unleash her magic was Kim Yoo Jung.

—Activate skill 《Overflow》.

Her newly acquired skill 《Overflow》 boosted the party’s attack power by 1.3 times—a precious Grade-A support skill.

The speed of Kim Yoo Jung’s casting was nothing short of miraculous.

Perhaps that was to be expected from someone who had always adored magicians.

Soon after, the enhanced blade of An Ho-yeon, now stronger with the support, struck the harpy’s shoulder with precision.

The intensity of the blue flames swelled deeper.

Nonetheless, the enemy was worthy of its Grade-B ranking; the harpy twisted to evade An Ho-yeon’s relentless assaults.


“Too shallow!”

An Ho-yeon shouted.

“Got it!”

As if on cue, Seo I-na finished her casting and intervened.

—Activate skill 《Sword of Alfheim》.

A blade imbued with holy light pierced the harpy, now slowed by the paralytic poison set by Lee Jae-sang and the wounds An Ho-yeon had inflicted.


A brutal sound of flesh being sliced echoed as blood spurted from the harpy’s beak.

“Yoo Jung-ah, finish it off, please!”

Following Seo I-na’s command, Kim Yoo Jung, who had been preparing in the back, gathered her mana for a final cast.

—Activate skill 《Wind Edge》.

As Kim Yoo Jung’s hand touched the ground, a conical surge of green-tinted magic shot up, accurately penetrating the harpy’s heart.

And then…


The harpy’s body collapsed to the ground. Jae-hyun looked on with a satisfied smile.

Kwon So-yul, who had been observing alongside him, could only widen her eyes in alarm.

* * *

‘What in the world are they? Are they truly freshmen?!’

Kwon So-yul chewed her lip, reflecting on the battle she had just witnessed.

It was incomprehensible. The level of skill displayed by her fellow members was far beyond that of mere freshmen.

‘They’re powerful, I knew that. They’re composed, even more than freshmen should be.

But this… they’re not just strong. They’re monsters.’

Kwon So-yul truly thought that as she watched Jae-hyun, who was still smiling contently.

‘How on earth did Min Jae-hyun gather these kids into a circle?’

She soon shook her head, dismissing the thought.

‘No, it’s not just the kids’ talents… it’s Min Jae-hyun’s guidance that’s enabled them to grow this much.’

How was irrelevant. It was a combination of the children’s talents and Jae-hyun’s capabilities. At least, that was her conclusion.

“What do you think? No need to worry, right?”

Jae-hyun approached her with his characteristic easy smile and spoke.

For once, Kwon So-yul couldn’t help but nod.


“I knew you’d say that.”

Jae-hyun crossed his arms and nodded as well.

For the record, he had a reason for saying this to Kwon So-yul now.

Earlier, when Jae-hyun suggested that only the three freshmen should tackle the harpy hunt, she had vehemently objected.

At that time, unaware of her colleagues’ true strength, Kwon So-yul had cried out:

[That’s too arrogant! It might be different if you were part of it, but a harpy is a Grade-B monster!

They could get seriously hurt… or worse!]

Kwon So-yul had her reasons for objecting.

This was “the field.”

No one could predict what might happen here.

It made sense for a senior to worry.

However, Jae-hyun knew.

His comrades were more than capable of handling a Grade-B monster.

‘An Ho-yeon has already conquered a Dark Elf elite knight.’

True, it was only after risking his life with the 《Sword Merge》 skill.

Yet, the fact remained that he had defeated the elite knight.

Winners and losers.

This was the ultimate rule of radar hunting and the fundamental principle of combat.

“How about that? I was great, wasn’t I!”

Kim Yoo Jung boasted, waving at Jae-hyun.

He chuckled.

“You just landed the finishing hit. Have some conscience and share the credit.”

“…Actually, Yoo Jung really helped us this time.”

“Yeah, the support magic made a difference when I swung my sword, even though the last hit was a bit off.”

Both agreed to her help, and Jae-hyun simply shrugged; Kim Yoo Jung still seemed intoxicated by her final attack.

As the three of them enjoyed their moment, Seo I-na, who had been contemplating the monster’s corpse, broke the silence.

“…Doesn’t this seem odd? Why is a harpy here of all places?”

Her words held multiple meanings.

Why was the harpy here?

That was a question even Jae-hyun had been pondering.

‘Harpy sightings should be deeper into the city. To see one in such a shallow area means…’

Jae-hyun nodded, speaking his thoughts aloud,

“Something must be happening deep inside the city.”

* * *

That evening, as the party returned to their lodgings in the enclosed city, they sat on portable chairs from their survival kits, starting a campfire. They were too tired to move, but survival necessitated effort.

‘Even raiders can’t escape hypothermia. Well, we wouldn’t die from it.’

As Jae-hyun mindlessly threw more wood into the flames, Seo I-na volunteered for the night watch. Despite her tiredness, she was willing to sacrifice for the team.

“I’m sorry for asking you to keep watch when you must be exhausted. I’d stand watch if I could.”

Jae-hyun apologized genuinely.

Seo I-na shook her head.

“…No, I should do whatever I can to help. You have your own things to do.”

Recently, Seo I-na had been showing Jae-hyun a lot of trust, especially after they shared thoughts about unlocking unique skills. It seemed they’d grown quite close.

For Jae-hyun, this wasn’t unwelcome.

Engaging in casual talk with the rest of the party and planning for the next day,

“Ah crap! This is bad!”

Kim Yoo Jung sprang up, shouting.

Seo I-na looked confused,

“…Yoo Jung-ah, what’s wrong?”

“I left the ‘Clean’ magic necklace behind. This is bad…”


With a look that said he was tired of the fuss, Jae-hyun handed over a necklace pulled from his inventory.

“Huh? This…”

It was a special artifact enchanted with the Clean spell, designed for professional raiders and capable of purifying its user’s body once a day.

Useful in dungeons and even more so in fields where access to the outside world was restricted, this was an item not included in Mireas’s survival kit. Though it was allowed for personal carry-in, it was not part of the Academy’s provided gear.

“…Wow. How did you know I left it? Seriously, I’m getting chills.”

Kim Yoo Jung shivered dramatically.

Jae-hyun smirked.

“You forgetting things isn’t exactly new. Your mother mentioned several times to keep an eye on you.”

“…Well, sorry about that. And thanks.

But really, can’t my mother trust me more?”

“She would if you were more trustworthy.”


Annoyed, Kim Yoo Jung reacted sharply, but Jae-hyun and the others just laughed.

“…Laughing, are you?”

Despite her threats, they continued to ignore her.

After spending so much time with her, they’d developed a tolerance for her outbursts.


Jae-hyun sighed. It was typical of Kim Yoo Jung to forget things, just like during their middle school days.

‘Leaving things behind all the time, forgetting homework…’

Back then, it had been Jae-hyun looking out for her.

Given how accustomed he had become to such situations,

‘No wonder she wore my gym clothes more often than I did.

Well, I was smaller back then too.’

At the age of fifteen, in the eighth grade, Jae-hyun had yet to reach 170 cm.

During that winter break, as he transitioned into the 9th grade, he hit a growth spurt, resulting in his current height.

The last time he measured, he stood at 185 cm—a true triumph of growth.

Reflecting on the past, a smile played on Jae-hyun’s lips.

“Kim Yoo Jung, it’s about time you grew up. Stop forgetting your stuff.”

“The nagging…”

She muttered as she snatched away the necklace from his hand. Even in her frustration, she didn’t forget to express gratitude.

Then An Ho-yeon jabbed her in the side.

“Tell me honestly. Are you two dating?”


“Do you want to die?”

Almost simultaneously, the two responded as Seo I-na intervened, furrowing her brows.

“…If both say they’re not… perhaps it’s time to stop asking.”

* * *

Hours later.

Unable to sleep, Jae-hyun was heading somewhere, grumbling following him.

“All this for a lead, and you dragged me out here.”

“You seemed pretty eager to prepare everything despite complaining.”

With him was Kwon So-yul.

The two were currently activating their unique skill 《Search》, mobilizing to take down the monster they had spent all day tracking.

—Trace collection complete. The system will now guide the user to the specified target.

With the traces collected throughout the morning, they had enough to utilize the search.

Since Jae-hyun alone couldn’t pinpoint the location of the boss monster, he needed her company.

“We must flee quickly if we can’t handle it, right? I’m too young to die here.”

“I’m a year younger than you. So focus on using your skill correctly.”

“Don’t you have any respect for your senior?”

“I meticulously address you as ‘senior’ every day.”

“Shut up.”

Kwon So-yul hushed Jae-hyun, leading the way through the abandoned city. The dawn air was cold and eerie, nocturnal monsters stirring around them.

Fear crept through her, but there was no turning back.

Jae-hyun wasn’t the type to back down from danger.

‘Ah, to hell with it. It’ll work out somehow.’

Having half-given up, she continued to search until, after about an hour, they finally came upon the creature they had sought.

—You have encountered the boss monster of the Closed City Field, Area 1: 《Harpy Queen》.

The towering monster before them was at least three times the size of the harpies the others had faced.

As Jae-hyun smiled, gazing hungrily at the creature, he began to tap into his power.

“Is this just a sitting duck?”

Kwon So-yul, who had been frozen by the boss’s intimidating presence, watched in horror as Jae-hyun stepped forward.

The only thought in her mind was:

‘Has Min Jae-hyun lost his mind…?’

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