I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 162

### Chapter 161: Outdoor Retreat (4)

“Are you… really planning to go after that monster?”

Kwon So-yul asked with genuine concern. The rank of the monster that Jaehyun had asked her to track earlier was alarmingly high.

‘What on earth is going on in that guy’s brain?!’

Kwon So-yul clicked her tongue and glared at Jaehyun. Before the outdoor retreat began, he came to her with a request to track down a monster in the field.

The monster Jaehyun had asked her to track was an A+ grade boss. It had very high magic resistance and defense, making it a formidable opponent that was difficult to deal with without status ailment skills or weapons.

From Kwon So-yul’s point of view, it was an exasperating situation.

“What 17-year-old cadet goes hunting for an A+ grade monster?”

“People grow at different rates. Why are you making such a fuss?”

“If you have nothing sensible to say, then don’t.”

Kwon So-yul sighed faintly as she looked at Jaehyun’s obnoxious face.

‘Even though Min Jaehyun is strong, is it really possible for him, a mere cadet, to defeat an A+ grade boss?’

It was a situation filled with concerns from many angles, both as a radar and as an academy senior.

Despite being played and embarrassed by Jaehyun during the freshmen hunt, it was Jaehyun who had rescued her from the clutches of the monster from Circle Seed. The last thing she wanted was for him to die in this rundown city.

“Won’t you reconsider? Normally, I don’t meddle in others’ affairs, but…”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about me.”

Nevertheless, Jaehyun was resolute.

He spoke as if the formidable monster was nothing significant.

Kwon So-yul retorted in irritation.

“That’s a death flag, you know. It’s not my problem if you die. Just take care.”

Jaehyun shrugged.

Kwon So-yul crossed her arms after sighing once again.

‘Can’t help it. Even though that Min Jaehyun acts recklessly, he’s not thoughtless. Moreover, he’s also the Circle leader now, so I have no choice but to follow his orders.’

Resolving herself, she spoke.

“To give you the conclusion first, I’ve already found several traces of the monster you want. It shouldn’t take long.”

“That’s good news.”

Jaehyun responded, slightly lifting the corners of his mouth.

‘As expected, Kwon So-yul is valuable. It was a good decision to bring her along, despite the risk of friction between Circles.’

Kwon So-yul was not brought along just to perform well in the event. From the start, Jaehyun had brought her here to entrust her with a more challenging task, to be utilized in situations like these.

‘Closed city. At its core, there’s an item hidden that can be of use for a long time to come.’

Before the battle with Heimdall, Jaehyun was determined to obtain this item.

* * *

Clang― Clang―.



Jaehyun and his allies decided to use the pharmaceutical building as their temporary quarters. An Ho-yeon and Kim Yu-jung were busy setting up the tent with a lot of noise.

Intermittent sounds thudded through the air as the frame was erected, and special magical fabric was draped over it. The initially lackluster structure gradually became an impressive tent.

Jaehyun glanced at his smartphone while watching.

‘6 PM. Good. We’re ahead of schedule. Training the kids paid off.’

He nodded, satisfied with the progress.

They had set up camp far earlier than he had anticipated. It was best to minimize such repetitive tasks to save time for the indoor search of the city.

The direction now was promising.

“Alright, the tent is up. Let’s start sorting out the food supply and decide on the night watch.”

As Jaehyun broached the topic, the others agreed, nodding their heads.

Though no one said it, they all felt exhausted from the significant calorie burn. Radar calorie consumption was quite different from that of ordinary people, after all.

Now was the time when high-protein and high-calorie food was vital.

It was time to go hunting.

“So. Who’s going to hunt?”

Kim Yu-jung asked tiredly, sitting on a nearby, spacious rock.

Jaehyun surveyed his companions and muttered softly.

“I’ll go hunt. Take some rest.”

He had to move again in the evening, and it would be better for him to take action while the others were tired.


‘Anyway, I have to eliminate ‘that one’ later on. It’s better to warm up now.’

With that thought, Jaehyun rose to his feet. Suddenly, from behind, Kwon So-yul’s voice reached his ear, her hand in her pocket.

“There are three types of monsters confirmed nearby: Harpies, Worms, Goblins. Well, it’s better to be careful, so I’m telling you in advance.”

Kwon So-yul waved her hand, sharing this information. It seemed she used her unique skills to collect intelligence on the nearby monsters.

‘Strangely diligent, isn’t she?’

Jaehyun chuckled softly.

“Senior, while you grumble, you do take good care of things, don’t you?”


Kwon So-yul sighed and shook her head. The colleagues sitting beside her smiled and looked at her with a mild gaze.

She turned her head sharply away, sealing her lips.

Shortly after Jaehyun turned and was about to step away, this time, Lee Jae-sang’s hand unexpectedly interrupted.

“Ta-take this with you!”

What Lee Jae-sang handed to Jaehyun looked like a can of insect repellent.


Confused, Jaehyun tilted his head; Lee Jae-sang immediately added an explanation.

“Th-this is a special processed spray! Af-after killing a monster, if you spray it around, it will completely remove the smell!”

Aha! Jaehyun softly exclaimed and looked at Lee Jae-sang.

‘The spray that Jae-sang hyung prepared serves as a deodorant. It erases the scent and traces to prevent monsters from tracking the Radar.’

Lee Jae-sang proudly puffed out his chest as he explained that the spray could erase the lingering aura of magic left by Radars, presenting it as his masterpiece.

“…It’s an amazing item.”

Truly, it was a remarkable item.

Deodorizers capable of such effects were typically hard to come by. Jaehyun had never seen one like this in the form of a spray before.

‘It seems he’s been holed up in the lab recently. I guess he made it then.’

As Jaehyun considered this, Lee Jae-sang crossed his arms, saying:

“This is my br-br… bribe!”

‘…Do people normally say it’s a bribe when giving one?’

Jaehyun chuckled at Lee Jae-sang’s forthright admission and smiled softly.

“Thank you. I’ll be back soon.”

“…Should I come with you?”

Seo I-na, who was sitting next to him, queried, but Jaehyun shook his head.

“Rest for now. I have energy to spare.”


Jaehyun said a simple goodbye and left the quarters alone.

‘Hunting with the team isn’t a bad thing… but not now.’

Jaehyun chewed his lip with a stern face. The jovial atmosphere from moments before had vanished, and his expression had darkened.

‘No matter how I think about it, it’s weird. What is this mana in the atmosphere?’

The lingering touch of a dense and strange mana had climbed up his body. Jaehyun involuntarily trembled slightly at the sensation, as if an overwhelming force was steadily approaching, as if choking him.

‘The closed city I experienced before returning is even more dangerous now. This definitely indicates someone’s interference.’

After a brief contemplation, Jaehyun reached a conclusion.

“Heimdall must have realized that I adjusted the schedule for the retreat.”

He uttered with near certainty. However, Jaehyun had no intention of acting hastily.

For now, one step at a time, he had to meticulously execute his plan.


‘The food supply.’

* * *

After Jaehyun had departed…

The remaining group in the quarters was busy engaging in a heated debate (?) over a trivial matter.

For the record, their discussion was about something quite inconsequential—

who would be in charge of cooking the evening meal.

Among the murmurs, it was Seo I-na who spoke first.

“…Since I’m most familiar with cooking, I’d like to take care of dinner.”

“Oh, that’s great for us. Your cooking is the best, I-na…”



Kim Yu-jung, who recently gained confidence in her cooking, interrupted.

The group felt a chilling premonition and turned to look at her.

Was their sad intuition about to prove correct?

Kim Yu-jung’s words were exactly as they had feared.

“I want to help too.”

“Wh-what are you talking about…?”

An Ho-yeon was restless, but Kim Yu-jung was unbudging.

“I’ve been learning to cook on the internet lately. This time, I’m really confident.”

“…No, it’s fine. I-ina’s here, so…”

Lee Jae-sang also broke out in a cold sweat but was cut off by Kim Yu-jung as if it were nothing to worry about.

“Come on. I’m really okay this time! Don’t fear and…”

“Stop! You want to cook? What on earth does that mean…? After a hard fight, please allow the food at least…”

Unable to stand it any longer, An Ho-yeon raised his voice.

Kim Yu-jung stood bold and crossed her arms with a triumphant expression.

“This time I’m really fine, okay? I’ve got much better. You know, my mom even fainted briefly because it was so delicious and then woke up?”

“…Yu-jung, by any chance, how long did your mother faint for…?”

Seo I-na asked worriedly.

“About half a day or so? Think about it. How delicious must the food be for that to happen?”

“Na-na-na, I don’t need dinner!”

Eventually, Lee Jae-sang declared he would fast.

Kim Yu-jung sighed deeply with her hands on her hips.

‘Why are there so many cowards here? They are supposed to be Radar candidates!’

From her perspective, it was utterly incomprehensible.

Wasn’t it just about tasting food?

Furthermore, she was truly confident this time. Even her mom and dad said it was delicious. If it was so good that they even fainted momentarily…!

Kim Yu-jung was determined to prove her culinary skills to her comrades and shake off the undeserved label of a lousy cook.

“Anyway! Let’s have I-na handle the cooking!”


“…Yu-jung, maybe we should just go with the majority vote…”

Left without any support, Kim Yu-jung turned to look at Kwon So-yul with a subdued face.

“Sister, don’t you want to try my cooking?”

“…Considering the kids’ reactions, it kind of worries me.”

“Eh, they’re just messing around.”

Kim Yu-jung pleaded, holding on to Kwon So-yul’s hands.

However, Kwon So-yul’s expression was far from pleased.

She had seen it.

Behind Kim Yu-jung’s back, An Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang were vigorously shaking their heads.

‘…could it be that her cooking has poison in it?’

Kwon So-yul genuinely thought as she scanned the blanched faces of her companions.

A bad feeling chilled her spine.

It definitely wasn’t a good feeling.

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