I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 151

I Obtained a Mythic Item

I Obtained A Mythic Item Korean Novel

I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 151: Establishment of a Circle (1)

“Of course. Feel free to touch it as much as you like. You might become one of our guild members, so why would we be stingy?”

Baek Jiyeon happily granted permission, and Jaehyun responded with a smile plastered across his face.

“Thank you for your consideration.”


Jaehyun reached out and lightly gripped the S-rank item before him.

The dagger, fitting snugly in his palm, emitted an energy that couldn’t simply be described as ‘outstanding’—it was strong enough to potentially replace the Mana Blades he usually crafted.

The black blade’s sharpness was astonishing at a glance; it could probably slice through the café’s table with just a touch.

“This is a fine dagger.”

“Does that mean you’re considering our proposal positively?”

Baek Jiyeon interjected as if she’d been waiting for Jaehyun’s comment.

With a subtle smile, Jaehyun placed the dagger down and crossed his arms.

“Well, I’d like to go home and think about it a little more.”

“…Well, that’s fine. There’s no need to make an immediate decision.”

“Thank you for understanding. Then, I’ll be taking my leave.”

After concluding the conversation, Jaehyun rose from his seat and left the café first.

* * *

A short while later,

Baek Jiyeon, left alone in the café, chewed on her lip, lost in thought.

‘…Something’s off. What was that attitude about just now?’

An unsettling sensation spread through her.

It was Jaehyun’s last movement that seemed unusual.

Sitting next to her, Kang Ju-yeon tilted her head and asked,

“President, what’s wrong? It seemed like the conversation ended well.”

“Do you find nothing strange about Min Jaehyun?”

“Huh? What’s strange?”

Kang Ju-yeon couldn’t help but be flustered. Why had Baek Jiyeon suddenly brought that up?

Hadn’t their earlier conversation ended well?

“You say that, but it’s clearly odd. Why did he just get up and rush home after showing him an S-rank artifact? He didn’t even look at it closely.”

“That’s… definitely strange.”

Kang Ju-yeon agreed with a nod. Baek Jiyeon’s face quickly became anxious.

“Is there something else going on?”

“We can’t know for sure yet, but even if there are issues with the contract, there’s nothing more we can do now. We’ve already far exceeded our limits with the current offer.”

As Kang Ju-yeon said, they had no choice but to wait.

Hoping to somehow secure Jaehyun.

All they could do was pray.

* * *

On the other hand, Jaehyun had returned home with a carefree heart.

Entering his room, he held the familiar-looking dagger in his hand, smiling.

“To think I’d come across this here.”

In his hand was the S-rank dagger, 《Nidhogg’s Fang》. Jaehyun nodded to himself.

Baek Jiyeon. She had just tried to enlist him as a curator using the dagger, but that was a clear mistake.

Jaehyun possessed the skill, 《Shape of Magical Tools》.

It was an overpowered skill that allowed him to recreate any item he had once touched. There was a slight decrease in power, but that was not a problem for Jaehyun.

“Never imagined I’d actually get to touch a real item when they initially offered an S-rank item as a condition…”

Thanks to this, Jaehyun had achieved the creation conditions for Nidhogg’s Fang.

The collaboration of the dagger with its poison effect would be a great help in future battles.

“Anyhow, they must be getting anxious now. I should reach out.”

With a smile, Jaehyun pulled out his smartphone and dialed Park Sungjae’s number.

[Hello, this is Park Sungjae.]

Park Sungjae’s voice on the other end was tense with anxiety. Although Jaehyun could guess why, he didn’t show any sign and continued,

“I have something to discuss with you.”


The response came back slowly. Right when Jaehyun was about to speak, Park Sungjae hastily interjected.

[…Jaehyun, I’m begging you. Is there any way you can continue to remain with Yeonhwa Guild?]

‘As expected. They must have contacted Yeonhwa first.’ Jaehyun thought, maintaining his light smile.

“Ah, why would you say something so disappointing?”

[…Excuse me?]

“I never had any intention of leaving Yeonhwa in the first place.”

[Is that really true? I saw you talking with the Curator Guild, but… I mean, I wasn’t spying, just happened to see you passing by…]

Park Sungjae’s bewildered voice stuttered. Jaehyun chuckled.

“I know you’ve been following me around. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”


Switching to the other hand, Jaehyun continued.

“The teacher is also listening on the phone, right? Since we both know everything, let’s not hide it and just talk.”


Just as he had thought. Jaehyun sat on the edge of the bed.

“Like I just said, I have no plans to transfer. With all that Yeonhwa has done for me, do you think I would be tempted by a single S-rank artifact?”

[Talk honestly, what is it you really want?]

Yoo Seong-eun seemed to have caught onto Jaehyun’s true intentions and asked him directly.

Jaehyun nodded and answered,

“I have one condition in exchange for staying with Yeonhwa.”

[…Fine. That’s more straightforward.]

Yoo Seong-eun’s voice came through the line. Jaehyun took a deep breath and then spoke.

“The next event at Milleus Academy. The outdoor training camp. I’d like to adjust the schedule a bit.”

[…Is this related to you staying with Yeonhwa Guild? Does it benefit you in some way?]

Yoo Seong-eun immediately inquired, not understanding.

Jaehyun’s lips curled up slightly as he replied.

“Yes. Tremendously.”

* * *

Time quickly passed, and the day to return to school had arrived.

Jaehyun packed his casual clothes and various items into a large trunk and then stored it in his inventory. Not having to carry heavy items around was one of the benefits of being an Awakener.

The portal from Seoul to Daegu took no time at all.

Jaehyun walked a short distance to stand in front of the gates of Milleus Academy.

Inside, it was already bustling with activity. Understandably, Jaehyun knew the reason.

‘The circle promotion period has finally started. This is bound to bring its share of nuisances.’

Circle promotion period.

One month before the official joining of circles, it was a time when students could found new circles or experience the facilities and systems of other circles. It could be thought of as a kind of trial period.

“Join our circle! We have four B-rank Awakeners among our graduates!”

“Come to our Haehyup Circle! Made directly by the master of the currently trending Haesin Guild, we offer many benefits!”

“Our circle has…”

The scene wasn’t much different from hawkers at a market. As Jaehyun looked around curiously and began to walk, a man’s voice called out to him.

“Min Jaehyun. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“What can I do for you?”

Jaehyun took note of the man’s appearance as he approached, his features vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly who it was.

As he strained his memory, the man in front of him frowned.

“Don’t you know me?”

“Are you being self-absorbed? You don’t exactly stand out.”

Jaehyun replied, unable to help himself. Until recently, he’d faced an S-rank Awakener like Balak. Now, just some academy student was asking if he remembered who he was?

Just as Jaehyun was about to retort further,

“I am Jung Hyun. Leader of the Circle Yu (流). I wish to recruit you.”

‘Ah, now I remember.’

Jaehyun’s smile turned faint.

‘Jung Hyun. The head of Circle Yu who would later grow into S-rank, a rare talent indeed.’

He was someone endowed with leadership skills as admirable as his abilities. Later, he would join the top-tier guild Haesin, only to leave to establish his own guild, which even made headlines.

‘With the regression, who knows what the future holds.’

Though knowing the future wouldn’t change Jaehyun’s response.

“Sorry, but I’m not interested in joining Yu. May I go now?”

Jung Hyun displayed a slight smile, unshaken by Jaehyun’s words and lightly opened his magical power while gripping his shoulder.

“I would hope you reconsider.”

“What you’re doing doesn’t seem very convincing for a reconsideration. Don’t tell me.”

Jaehyun looked at Jung Hyun, who firmly grasped his shoulder, and released his own magical power without backing down.

“Do you want to embarrass yourself here?”

Jaehyun said with a laugh. Jung Hyun’s eyes sparked with challenge, and his magical power burst forth.

That’s when it happened.

“Hey! Jung Hyun! I told you your temperament would end in failure. Haha. Good thinking there. Min Jaehyun, you should join our circle.”

Kang Ju-hyup interfered. He was the second-ranked Circle Leader in the martial arts world—a face Jaehyun remembered from his old memories.

As Jaehyun tried to pass by, ignoring them both,

“No! Min Jaehyun will be recruited by our Sung Eun!”

From behind, Han Ji-an, the head of Sung Eun Circle, chimed in.

It was chaos.

Jaehyun, enduring the throbbing in his head, spoke out.

“Sorry, but I won’t be joining any circles.”

His words landed heavily.

The circle leaders gathered to recruit him were visibly shaken. What did that mean, no joining any circle?

Jung Hyun rarely frowned and stepped forward.

“Not joining any circle? All the circles present here are outstanding. Even if it’s not mine, they’re all commendable.”

“Do you already have a particular circle in mind to join?”

Han Ji-an asked cautiously. Jaehyun shook his head.

“No, I…”

All eyes were on Jaehyun. He smiled and added,

“I plan to establish my own circle.”

* * *

Shortly after,

The group gathered in the hideout after finishing their morning lectures, still stunned from Jaehyun’s declaration.

“…So, Min Jaehyun, you’re saying you’ll establish a new circle?”

Kim Yujeong asked, incredulously, looking at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun nodded calmly.

“Yeah, something like that. You all wanted to join the same circle as me anyway.”

“Even so…”

“What I’m worried about… Milleus circles are usually founded by current students. Is it really fine for a newcomer to create one? Won’t there be disadvantages?”

An Hoyeon’s question followed. Jaehyun nodded again.

“Sure. There’s no rule against newcomers creating circles. It’s purely about skill. And most current students aren’t even a match for us, so what’s the problem?”

Jaehyun’s voice brimmed with confidence, but the others looked uneasy.

“But… with other circles, won’t they be…”

Lee Jaesang, who recently left a circle to open his workshop and hadn’t joined another, worriedly interjected.

“You’re worrying too much. If there’s enough skill gap, they won’t.”

Jaehyun remained unfazed. His companions couldn’t help but nod.

‘Jaehyun’s skills are already comparable to established Awakeners.’

An A-rank at the very least was Jaehyun’s level. There was no doubt about his capability.

After a moment of silence, Seo Ina spoke up.

“Did you already have something in mind? For new students, it’s hard to rent a circle room due to a lack of acquaintances and there are many difficulties. Maybe it’s better to join an existing circle…”

A practical concern—no matter how gifted a new student like Jaehyun was, these types of problems were challenging.

Connections. Even for Jaehyun, the top-ranked student, these networking issues were hard to solve…

“You guys should know? I have a deep connection with the chairman.”

Suddenly reminded by Jaehyun’s words, their faces brightened as they had forgotten.

Jaehyun had close ties with Instructor Kim Jiyeon. Not only that, he was a priority negotiator with Yeonhwa Guild and Yoo Seong-eun’s direct disciple.


‘It could work…’

‘Maybe it’s possible.’

‘Jaehyun really is incredible!’

They all looked at Jaehyun in admiration.

“I’ll formally ask.”

Jaehyun surveyed his companions with a light smile.

“How about it? Would you all like to join my circle?”

Their eyes shone with clarity.

The answer was already evident.

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