I Obtained a mythic Item Chapter 144

I Obtained a Mythic Item

I Obtained A Mythic Item Chapter 144: The Last Question

“Would you like to mimic the passive skill 《Power of the God of Thunder》?”


As Jaehyun spoke, the Blank Card he was holding became dyed with a bright white light.

A radiant, yet transparent, light slowly began to seep into the card, and soon after, the color of the card started to gradually change.

The Blank Card originally had a white background with golden border decorations.

However, now, as the power of the God of Thunder is being replicated, the card is unmistakably turning black.

― The special effect of 《Odin’s Lost Eye》 has blossomed.

― You can now copy skills that are one tier higher than unique skills.

― However, the penalty for using the skill is fully borne by the user (please avoid using the skill if you are not properly equipped to do so).

― You have successfully copied the passive skill 《Power of the God of Thunder》.

― Displaying acquired skill information.

[Passive Skill]

Name: Power of the God of Thunder

Rank: Mythic (New)

Stats: –

Contains the lightning of Thor, the God of Thunder. The efficiency and power of thunder-related skills surge dramatically.

1. Damage from thunder-related skills is increased by 300 percent.

2. Efficiency of thunder-related skills is increased by 50 percent.

3. This skill can be toggled on and off.

*Note! This skill is of a much higher grade than the user’s rank. Sustained use is not possible, and violating this can lead to permanent damage to bodily organs.

With a faint smile, Jaehyun was content, while Hela frowned, shouting.

“What are you doing now!? Skills of a god are too much for you to handle at this point! What are you planning to do with a skill you can’t even use immediately?”

“I just have to grow to the point where I can handle it. You’ll help me with that, too.”

Such a statement could be felt as recklessly ambitious.

But, having considered Jaehyun’s usual conduct, it was not something that could be dismissed lightly.

Meanwhile, immediately after the skill replication, Thor’s attack struck Hrungnir squarely.


With a massive explosion, Hrungnir’s stone heart shattered on impact.

Hrungnir’s body writhed a few times and then lay still.


From Smir, a small, resigned whisper could be heard.

Jaehyun observed Hrungnir’s death with a composed expression.

After a brief silence, Jaehyun added shortly.

“This is the utmost memorial I can offer. …I will certainly keep my promise.”

Turning his back, Jaehyun left. Soon after, the system’s voice resonated.

― The playback of the last memory has finished.

― Returning to the great historic site.

* * *

Crossing the veil of darkness and the flickering lights, Jaehyun returned to the massive historic site.

At the entrance, Smir stood tall, as he did at the beginning.

The intimidating presence emanating from his massive figure was evident. Yet, for some reason, his heavy shoulders appeared to be lonely.

“Have you witnessed the memories?”

Smir spoke first. Jaehyun replied with a slightly subdued voice.


“The last trial. I will ask you one question. Are you ready?”

“Of course.”

At Jaehyun’s refreshing answer, Smir hesitated for a moment but soon spoke.

“O contender of prophecy.

If you were to lose something dear to you, could you remain unshaken?”

Jaehyun smiled faintly, lightly clenching and then relaxing his fist.

“No. I would definitely be shaken. I’d be sad and in pain.”

He wished he could tell Smir, as he had done, but Jaehyun swallowed those words.

Taking a brief breath, Jaehyun continued with a strangled voice.

“But I will stand up again. If I must move forward.”

Hela and Smir, two transcendent beings, faced each other for a moment.

The silent gaze, and Smir stroking his beard.

After a few minutes of silence, Smir murmured quietly before adding.

“You pass. O contender of prophecy. You are qualified to overcome the second trial.”

With Smir’s permission, a translucent window appeared before Jaehyun.

― You have cleared the second trial.

― Your level has increased by 4.

[Main Quest]

The Trial of Hrungnir

The leader of Jotunheim, Hrungnir, places a trial before you.

Pass the three tests of wisdom and clear the trial.

Difficulty: S+

Reward: Hrungnir’s Gift

Remaining time: –

Failure penalty: –

The quest window Hela previously showed popped up along with the voice.

His level had surged by four.

Not just that, Hrungnir’s Gift that was listed as a reward.

‘At the very least, it must be an EX-grade skill.’

Just as Jaehyun thought this, he received a notification.

― You have acquired Hrungnir’s Gift.

― You have obtained the passive skill 《Hrungnir’s Rage》.

― Displaying information on the newly acquired skill.

[Passive Skill]

Name: Hrungnir’s Rage

Rank: EX

Stats: –

Physical attack and magic power are doubled when facing Aesir gods and Valkyries.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘…What? There’s even a skill like this?’

Certainly, it wasn’t as efficient as the other EX-grade skills Jaehyun possessed.

Hrungnir’s Rage only showed its effect when facing Aesir and Valkyries.

Under normal circumstances, its utility was admittedly limited.

However, in a pressing situation like now, it was a different story.

“This is why I said we needed to clear the second trial quickly.”

Hel proudly stood straight, speaking confidently. Jaehyun petted her, now transformed into a cat, thinking for the first time that she had been helpful.

“Hey, what is this mess…”

For Hela, a demigoddess, the situation seemed embarrassingly scandalous, but Jaehyun paid no mind.

For him, the mood was exceedingly pleasant. The rewards had not yet been fully tallied.

― You have obtained the consumable item 《Giant’s Blood》.

Jaehyun proceeded to check the next item in sequence.

[Consumable Item]

Name: Giant’s Blood

Rank: S+

Stats: –

The blood of a giant that possesses both strength and wisdom.

Wearing it on one’s body leads to a rapid increase in strength and wisdom stats.

1. Strength and Wisdom stats +30

*This item cannot be used if the user does not meet the minimum requirements.

*Minimum Requirements: Strength, Wisdom stats 150 or above.

‘Giant’s Blood… There’s a stat restriction, but it’s a good item.

Not that I wasn’t planning to allocate some points to strength anyway.’

His magic stat was already over 150. The problem was the strength stat, which had not yet reached 100.

‘It’s likely that the second trial was rated S because of this item. Raising two stats to 150 would be impossible without reaching S-grade. It’s indeed a tough task.’

But there was no need for deep contemplation.

“Thank you for all the gifts…”

Jaehyun started to express his gratitude when the last alert sounded.

― You have acquired the title 《He Who Overcame the Second Trial》.

[Title Item]

Name: He Who Overcame the Second Trial

Rank: A+

A title granted to the contender who overcame Hrungnir’s second trial.

1. Favorability with all giants +50

2. All stats +20

The increase of all stats by 20 was valuable enough, but Jaehyun focused more on the former point.

‘In order to fight the Aesir gods later, I need to make allies. Especially if it’s giant’s strength, which was proven in the battle against Hrungnir just now.’

If he could enlist the giants, his chances of winning in the upcoming second Ragnarok would increase.

For Jaehyun, it was as significant as the immediate boost to his stats.

“That should be everything I’m due to receive.”

“You’re leaving then.”

Smir’s unexpected inquiry followed.

His voice was warm, unlike the cold sharpness of their first encounter.

Jaehyun slipped his hand into his pocket as he spoke.

“I have no more business in this musty historic site.”

“Go ahead.”

After Smir spoke and closed his eyes again, Jaehyun took a step towards him and added,

“No. There’s one more thing I forgot to do.”

“Something you have to do?”

“He said he was sorry.”

No need to explain who the messenger was.

Jaehyun continued with a somber expression.

“He told you to resent him. Although…”

That might not be the words you wished to hear.

Jaehyun added softly before turning back towards the exit.

“I’ve kept the promise.”

With his last words, Jaehyun stood at the entrance, ready to leave.

Shortly after, the darkness greedily swallowed Jaehyun.

And in the empty cavern, only Smir remained.

The entrance to the historic site closed, followed by an impenetrable silence.

The corners of Smir’s mouth lifted very slightly.

“Not for a single day… did I resent you.”

The words didn’t require a named addressee either.

* * *

When Jaehyun returned to the entrance of the historic site amidst the darkness,

he couldn’t help but be startled.

He was met with a situation of dire straits.

‘Crazy. Have they already sniffed out my presence and gathered in such numbers?’

Jaehyun hid behind nearby cover and glanced outside the historic site. There, dozens of members from the European Union were already surrounding him.

“It seems they’ve figured out that there’s an intruder in the historic site.”

“They are all quite skilled. It won’t be easy to escape.”

As Hela spoke, Jaehyun bit his lip.

As she said, sneaking out of this place unnoticed was going to be a difficult task.

To them, Jaehyun was in a situation akin to that of a graverobber. The likelihood of them letting him go freely was close to zero.

Of course, the European Union currently held the rights to the historic site.

‘How much did they pay for the exploration rights… At least over two hundred billion, I reckon.’

Jaehyun sighed.

The magic power wielded by the radar surrounding him was at least A-rank.

And besides.

‘Balak and Camilla are here, too. With my current ability, taking on two S-rankers alone would be difficult.’

He cooled his head and pondered his next move.

What would it take to get out of here with the least amount of trouble?

Jaehyun came to a conclusion.

‘I have to fight.’

He immediately released a minuscule amount of magic, undetectable to Balak and the European Union.

― Activating the active skill 《Artifice of Magitool》.

― Successfully created the equipment item 《Robe of Cognition Error – Black》.

Jaehyun wrapped the robe created by the skill around himself and signaled to Hela.

“I’ll stall for time. You figure out how we can escape.”

“Ha. Fine. I didn’t want to use that method, but… I will signal you. Create an opportunity to divert their attention once.”


Robe of Cognition Error. Previously, Jaehyun had examined this item in the Radar Department Store. It may not last long, but it should be enough to cause some confusion among the enemies.

And there was one more way to add to the chaos.

Jaehyun nodded, taking a deep breath.

In his past life, he had always wished he had half the skills that they had.

He never expected to face S-rank Radars, known as beings of the Celestial Realm, so soon.

But he had to act.

‘I have no time to waste. The chains of Heimdall have already been broken.’

A presence with a massive and turbulent power had started to stir. Jaehyun was the only one who could stop it.


Jaehyun emerged, still wearing the robe.


He heard a shout in his ear, and simultaneously, a bright light shone down on him. Dozens of union members, armed with various weapons, pointed swords, spears, and staves at him.

Then, pushing through the crowd from behind, a man appeared.

“Was it you? The one who trespassed in the great historic site?”

The identity of the man was obvious.


The representative of the historic site pointed his sword at Jaehyun.

“It would be wise to answer promptly. That is if you don’t wish to die here.”

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