I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 99

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

The master of Gorgon Island


As Euryale helplessly tumbled to the ground, the previously fallen Baeksul transformed swiftly and nestled into Damdeok’s arms.

– Willpower!

“Ah, sorry~ sorry~ It wasn’t on purpose that I let go.”

He had dropped his sword to deceive Euryale, but it seems Baeksul thought he had abandoned her.

After soothing the sulking Baeksul, Damdeok slowly approached the fallen Euryale.

“Is she really knocked out?”

Tap tap.

He prodded her forehead with a club.

With her eyes rolled back and foam bubbling from her mouth, she certainly seemed unconscious.

“This Heracles club really is something, huh?”

Damdeok swung the club with pride, as though he had rediscovered its comfortable grip after a long time.


“Euryale!!! Medusa!!!”

The shriek from Steno broke his spirit, as she glared at Damdeok with bloodshot eyes of rage.

“You bastard! Get away from my sisters this instant!!”

Even though Steno was like a fury, ready to strike down Damdeok at any moment, in reality, she was struggling against Elia’s skeleton army.

“Medusa!! Sister will come to you now!! Sister will…!!”

Steno grinded her teeth and smashed the skeletal soldiers, but Elia’s hands moved faster.

‘As expected, you can’t stand up to Elia one-on-one.’

Even an immortal body has its limits against a necromancer.

How can one compete when such masses of skeletons are continuously being produced?

“…What kind of life is this, unable to even die in peace?”

That was truly what Damdeok thought.

As the number of skeletal soldiers grew, so did the giant snakes wrapped around Steno’s armor fall one by one. The more they fell, the deeper the wounds carved into Steno’s body.

“These annoying things!! Ahhhh!!”

Steno struggled furiously, splashing blood in every direction.

“You! You cowardly kid!! Come out from behind and fight me!!”

Steno reached out toward Elia, who was standing at a distance, but was instantly crushed by the blades of the skeletal soldiers.

Damdeok’s expression involuntarily darkened.

“Being immortal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

No matter how severe her wounds, they healed within seconds, only for her to be sliced at the same spot again and again…

‘What a grueling punishment.’

Elia silently watched the suffering Steno, endlessly assembling more skeletal soldiers.

“Now that I know the Heracles club works well against them…”

Damdeok slung the club over his shoulder.

“Let’s deal with this noisy one first, then decide what to do after.”

Since Elia has her so snugly pinned down, a hit to the head would be easy as eating cold porridge.

Once all is quiet, then consider what to do with Medusa’s head…

‘Oh well. Think about it later.’

Just as Damdeok was loosening his neck, Medusa cried out.

“Don’t do it, please!”

Looking through his mirror shield, Damdeok saw Medusa hugging her knees and sobbing.

“Please don’t hurt my sisters anymore… I beg you….”

Perhaps it was shocking for her to see her sisters being brutally attacked in front of her. Tears were brimming in Medusa’s large eyes.

‘She’s surprisingly fragile….’

It was confounding. How did such a delicate monster come to be passed down through terrifying myths?

The dread that the name Medusa had once inspired had turned into an unnamed empathy.

Hiding his bitterness, Damdeok began to conjure magical daggers.

[<Magic Dagger(F)> skill activated!]

[<Magic Dagger(F)> skill activated!]

[<Magic Dagger(F)> skill activated!]

The conjured magical daggers were all aimed at Medusa’s neck.

“Stop wasting energy and just wait quietly.”

As Damdeok turned around after saying this, a sudden chill swept over him.

He instinctively held his mirror shield up to check behind him, but fortunately, Medusa was just sobbing in her place.

‘What is this chill…?’


A strong hunch struck his head like a bullet.


The very moment Damdeok forcefully kicked the ground, the turf he was standing on erupted.


Soon after, Elia’s belated shout came.

“Hey!! Below!!”

Below, Steno’s hand had already emerged, giggling disgustingly as it reached out. Damdeok quickly swung his club, repelling Steno’s arm.

Woosh! Kwang!

“Ho, dodged that? But it’s no use. You are no match for me, unlike that silver-haired kid~?”

Beyond his field of vision, Elia was seen gritting her teeth and flying towards him, followed by a swarm-like trail of skeletal soldiers.

They would take around 7 seconds to reach here.

‘I just need to hold out for 7 seconds.’

As if reading Damdeok’s thoughts, Steno jeered grotesquely right before his eyes.

“Don’t worry. In 1 second, just 1 second, I can twist your neck~?”

Steno threw a flurry of attacks with her hair snakes at Damdeok, like a storm.

Sswaek! Sswaek!

The relentless assault left no room for the Heracles club to intervene.

Damdeok gritted his teeth, focusing on Steno’s onslaught.

‘Just a bit longer!’

Endure for just 5 more seconds.

Then you can survive.

Peet! Peet!

Blood sprayed, flesh tore away.

During this, Elia approached right behind Steno.


Just as Damdeok clenched his fists, Steno desperately clutched onto Damdeok’s mirror shield.

“Hehehe, been spying with this cute shield, haven’t you~?”


The grip was several times stronger than Euryale’s. He couldn’t twist or shake off her powerful hand.

“Just break this and you’ll be blind to it all~ Then you can never kill Medusa~”

Steno laughed brightly as hundreds of skeletal soldiers poured over her head.



As Steno was buried beneath hundreds of skeletal soldiers, Damdeok’s mirror shield shattered into pieces.

“It’s over!! It’s over!! You lost!! You can’t kill Medusa anymore!! Hahaha!!”

Steno’s laughter chilled the spine even as she was being cut to pieces by the skeletal soldiers.

Step by step.

Elia walked towards Damdeok with a blank expression, no mirror shield in her arm either; it must have been destroyed in battle.

“Why did you do it?”


Elia grabbed Damdeok’s collar.

She was short, so her grip lacked strength.

“Why!! Why didn’t you kill her!! We were so close…!! For the first time, we could’ve captured Medusa…!! Why!!”

Elia berated Damdeok with an angry face.

Damdeok was speechless.

Why, indeed?

Because Medusa seemed like a helpless victim?

Or because he, too, had once been such a weakling?

He had no clue.

Honestly, he really didn’t know.

He just felt…

Damdeok quietly began to speak.



Elia’s bewildered look proved she did not get what he meant.

“Beheading a monster that doesn’t resist, I don’t know what that’s for. It’ll just leave me feeling uneasy.”

He really felt that way.

If he had to kill the weak to stop a war among the gods, if that was indeed for the greater good of the world, then he…

“Ha! Don’t be self-righteous in showing sympathy.”

Elia’s outburst interrupted Damdeok’s thoughts.

“Because of you, the party I worked so hard to build up has been completely ruined. Do you want to see what position we’re in now?”

Elia sent a few skeletal soldiers towards Medusa.


The sound of skeletal soldiers turning to stone immediately followed.

No matter how many times they tried, the result was the same.

Elia snapped at Damdeok with a sharp voice.

“See? Now we have no way to kill Medusa on this island. How does that feel? Satisfied?!”

Damdeok offered no response.

“You came for the job because of your resistance to terror, didn’t you? Both mine and your goals have now completely gone down the drain.”

Still, Damdeok remained silent.

Elia, frustrated, ran her hands through her hair and sighed.

‘I thought you were tolerable, but you turned out to be a total bonehead!’

She was supposed to handle the strong Gorgon sisters, while the party members targeted the relatively weak Medusa. That was the core of this part-time job post. Of course, most of her party members would die at the hands of Gorgon sisters, but Damdeok was different.

‘He shot arrows from afar to help, even managed to knock one of the Gorgon sisters unconscious.’

Elia herself never managed to knock out a Gorgon sister.

Looking purely at the results, Damdeok seemed more capable than she was. But for him to act foolishly like this! How infuriating!

‘Ah, what a mess. If I don’t take Medusa’s head this time, they’re going to be very disappointed….’

Anxiety flickered in Elia’s eyes.

Then, Damdeok, who had been pondering, finally spoke.

“Do we have to be covered in Medusa’s blood to gain resistance to terror?”

Elia replied with a sour face.

“Yes. A few drops won’t work. You need to be soaked in it. And beheading her is ideal for that.”

Damdeok’s intense gaze met Elia’s.

“Really… Is that the only way?”

Elia’s eyes flickered for a moment.

Another method had crossed her mind.

After a brief hesitation, Elia spoke.

“…The only other way is to look directly into both of Medusa’s eyes. But that’s honestly impossible. You would turn to stone at the same time you gain resistance to terror.”

“To look directly into Medusa’s eyes…”

As Damdeok muttered, Medusa’s plaintive voice emerged from behind.

“Please don’t… just don’t… No living creature has ever survived after seeing me… Please stop anyone else from dying because of me! Please! Just leave this island….”

Her trembling voice travelled clearly through the magic daggers.

Damdeok could feel it.

‘She’s afraid….’

Medusa was not afraid of her own death.

She feared the deaths of countless lives turned to stone because of her and the deaths of yet more lives in the future.

‘Even a monster worries….’

Damdeok thought with a tinge of bitterness.

There has to be a way to achieve my goal without beheading Medusa.

A way to look into Medusa’s eyes without turning to stone.

‘There must be some method….’

As he deeply pondered, a spark of insight began to emerge in Damdeok’s eyes.

‘Could it be, if this hypothesis is correct….’

Damdeok strode forward and swung the Heracles club at the collapsed Steno.


She slumped as though knocked unconscious.

Damdeok knelt before her and busily fiddled with something.

Baffled by his sudden action, Elia couldn’t understand.

“…What are you doing now?”

Without looking back, Damdeok replied.

“Anesthesia. Even a monster should be spared pain.”

“What in the world does that mean….”

In an instant, Elia was shocked.

Damdeok was touching the eyes of the unconscious Steno.

“Hey, what are you…!”

Before Elia could finish her sentence, Steno’s eyeball popped right out with ease.

“Phew. Good.”

Damdeok held the cleanly extracted eye and stood up.

Steno’s regeneration was so strong that the gouged eyes were healing fast.

Damdeok faced Elia with a calm demeanor.

“It’s much less guilt-inducing since they’re immortal. Let’s just say we’re even, since she would have killed us.”

“…What are you doing? Why take out the monster’s eyeball?”

Damdeok smirked.

“Don’t you find it odd? Anyone who looks directly at Medusa turns to stone. Even the almighty gods.”

“…That’s common knowledge. What’s your point?”

Damdeok chuckled again.

“Her sisters don’t turn to stone, do they?”

A tremor went through Elia’s body.

That was indeed true.

The Gorgon sisters do not use things like a mirror shield when looking at Medusa.

Elia’s eyes, filled with shock, slowly turned towards Damdeok.

“You… could it be….”

Damdeok smiled faintly.

“That’s right. If my hypothesis is correct….”

Damdeok tossed what had been in his palm into his mouth.


Immediately after swallowing, messages appeared before his eyes.


[You have consumed the eye of a Gorgon!]

[You have acquired the unique privilege of the Gorgon tribe <Eyes that confront Medusa>!]


His hypothesis had been correct.

The eyes of the Gorgon sisters, who had lived their whole life with Medusa, could they not act as an elixir? His guess hit the mark.

‘After all, the eyes and innards of monsters are used as precious ingredients in hunter pharmacies.’

It was similar in context.

‘Well, the eyes were horribly ugly, so the taste was slightly nauseating….’

Good things for the body are bitter in the mouth, as they say.

“Shall we go then?”

It was time to test the power of his newly acquired privilege.

Elia just stood by, her mouth agape, watching Damdeok walk towards Medusa.

Trudging on.

Damdeok continued without stopping.

Among the dozens of skeletal soldier statues, he could see emerald hair gleaming.

Finally, Damdeok stopped…

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