I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 98

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

## The Beauty Hated by Athena (3)

In the center of the island.

Gentle ripples danced across the lakeside, surrounded by fully bloomed flowers.

Lush green grass and fruit trees heavy with their tantalizing yield were simply an added bonus.

‘Truly a paradise on earth.’

Dumbuck gazed vacantly at the landscape before him.

It was a scene in stark contrast to the humid and gloomy forest.

Moreover, the forest surrounding the area seemed to act as a sound barrier; the center of the island was tranquil.

Only the warm rays of sunlight and the chirping of little birds could be heard, as if it was an entirely different world.

Dumbuck took a deep breath.

There she was.

Not too far away, a woman was napping on the grass by the lakeside.

Lying facing away, her face was not visible, but it was unmistakable.


Even though he had only seen her silhouette briefly reflected in his mirror shield, his heart began to throb violently.


Far from it.

It was because it felt rather eerie.

‘From the back, she looks just like a person.’

Unlike her elder sisters, Medusa’s hair was a pale green rather than teeming with living snakes.

‘A monster nonetheless.’

He hoped that when he severed her head, she would not look his way.

The thought of seeing her reflection in the shield while decapitating her caused goosebumps to rise involuntarily all over his body.

‘The visage of the Gorgon sisters would haunt even your dreams…’

What would the true face of Medusa look like?

Honestly, he wished he wouldn’t see it.

Even if it was just a reflection in the mirror shield.

‘Sigh. No choice but to do it, nonetheless.’

He had never put so much effort into any part-time job before.

From item farming to intensive flight training.

He couldn’t give up just because of this.

‘Just have to close my eyes and make a clean cut.’

Determined Dumbuck silently approached Medusa.

Crunch, crunch.

The sound of stepping on young grass echoed unusually loudly.

‘The sound is loud.’

Just as that thought crossed his mind, a gust of wind blew from ahead.

Thanks to the wind blowing in the opposite direction, Dumbuck’s presence was completely concealed.


The grasses lay down.

The trees swayed with the wind, sounding like waves, and Dumbuck’s footsteps did not stop but moved straight ahead.


The back of Medusa, reflected in Dumbuck’s mirror shield, seemed close enough to touch.

Dumbuck’s pupils wavered slightly.

‘…What? She looks even more human up close.’


The wind caused her hair to flow smoothly.

Exposed by the breeze were slender shoulders, a waistline that curved delicately, and fragile-looking legs that followed in sight one after another.

‘…Did I waste my time studying mythology?’

It was true that Medusa was once a beauty, but that was a story from long ago. He knew she had become a monstrous creature by Athena’s curse.

Dumbuck shook his head vigorously as he deliberated.

‘No need to waste time. In the end, she’s still a monster.’

When he readied his sword, recalling the form of the Gorgon sisters, that was when Medusa suddenly turned around in her sleep.

Dumbuck couldn’t help but freeze.

Her skin sparkled in the sunlight like white jade.

Deep, long lashes.

A smooth nose, rosy lips.

And even her hair had taken on the fiery emerald shade.

She was not just beautiful.

She had an ethereal beauty that made him wonder if this was what a fairy looked like.

‘Does this make sense…? Cursed to look like this…?’

Dumbuck wiped the mirror shield with his sleeve and peered into it again, but the more he did so, the more clearly her beauty was reflected.

Just behind her, the sunlight glittering on the water’s surface even added a mystical atmosphere.

‘I might lose my mind.’

Dumbuck clutched his throbbing head.

Putting aside Medusa’s beauty, the energy emanating from her was truly feeble.

‘With such a weak aura, I’d believe it if you told me she was nothing more than an ordinary human…’

Had he felt any malevolent aura, he would not have hesitated to kill her, but to take the life of a being so peacefully asleep was something anyone would hesitate over.

As Dumbuck gripped his sword tightly and continued to hesitate, there was a rumbling sound.

The ground shook, and the ripples on the lakeside began to stir.

‘…What’s that?’

His gaze involuntarily shifted.

The lush trees surrounding the lake crumbled down as an army of skeleton soldiers and giant snakes swarmed out.

Crash! Rumble!

A haze of dust billowed.

The melee was intense, even though they had been pushed from the center of the forest to the lakeside, no regard for the distance.


Elyia, covered in dust, gritted her teeth as she confronted the Gorgon sisters.


Stheno’s sharp fingertips shattered a skeleton soldier’s skull.

Spurt smash!

Euryale, too, was furiously launching attacks from the side.

The sisters’ figures had grown bizarrely large, and with giant snakes continuing to swarm around them, it seemed Elyia’s skeletal army was struggling.

‘We’ve been pushed back this far…’

He hadn’t realized during the fight in the depths of the forest, but now that they were pushed to the lakeside, the distance was less than 200 meters.


“Die, I say!!”

The Gorgon sisters bellowed as they stretched out their arms towards Elyia’s heart without restraint. The situation was dire.

‘I guess I’ll have to help.’

As Dumbuck made his decision, a voice rang out.

“…Aaaaah~ I slept well.”

Almost enchanted by the enchanting tone, Dumbuck nearly turned his gaze directly towards it.

He gathered his wits and raised the mirror shield again.

The newly awakened Medusa was looking at him with large, round eyes.

‘Looking directly into those eyes turns one to stone?’

It really was too ridiculous.

“Don’t move.”

The white blade was precisely aimed at Medusa’s throat. Even if he couldn’t decapitate her right away, he had to prevent her from escaping.


Startled by the sudden voice, Medusa trembled and looked at him with pitiful eyes.

Her unstable gaze made it seem like she might be trying to assess his position by the echo.

“Who, who are you… please, save me…”

A plea for help following a scream…

Again, he took another look.

Medusa radiated such a disproportionately weak aura compared to her two sisters.

‘Her combat abilities seem to be pretty bad.’

After all, that’s how she ended up being slain by the human hero Perseus, as recorded in the myth.

Dumbuck gritted his teeth and sat Medusa down to his right.

“If you move even an inch, your head will fly off.”

“Sob… sob… please, spare me…”

While staring at Medusa’s tears reflected in the mirror shield, Dumbuck clicked his tongue.

This didn’t feel right.

He felt like he had become some wicked villain.

“Don’t cry.”

“Sob… sniffle.”

He watched Medusa, a well-behaved monster, with a queasy feeling. Just then, he heard another loud noise and quickly lowered the shield, turning toward Elyia.

“Kyahaha!! Die!! Die!!”

Steno, wrapped in giant snakes, was extending her arms like cannons. Her stature seemed even larger than before.

The skeleton soldiers leaped ahead like moths to a flame to protect Elyia.

Spurt!! Spurt!!

The skeleton soldiers were shattered into pieces as soon as they were touched by Steno’s cannon-like fists.


At Elyia’s command, the skeleton soldiers were regenerated ceaselessly, but the situation remained precarious.

If there was even a momentary lapse, Steno would break through the skeleton ranks and smash Elyia’s head to pieces.

“What are you doing! Hurry and cut it down!”

Eliya glanced towards Damdeok and shouted.

Medusa trembled at her direct speech.

“Hurry up and cut it down!”

Eliya screamed as if possessed, but Damdeok just gripped his sword tightly.

‘I can’t cut it.’

With this uncomfortable feeling, he couldn’t cut down anyone.

The enemies he had faced up until now felt too different.


“…Enough. Whether to cut the head off or not is for me to decide.”

“What are you saying, you fool… Shh!”

Eliya swallowed her words in haste.

Following Steno, Euryale, too, began her assault, wrapped in giant serpents.

Eliya’s hands moved frantically.

Mounds of dirt rose and crumbled, and new skeletal soldiers were formed and destroyed in turn.

“Don’t move from that spot. I’ve warned you.”

Instead of sheathing his sword aimed at Medusa’s neck, Damdeok stepped on the hem of her garment.

“Baeksul-ah. To a bow.”

The pristine sword transformed into a majestic bow in an instant.

‘I need to prevent Medusa from escaping while helping Eliya.’

It was time to showcase the archery skills he had learned from Apollo long ago.


He quickly created an arrow out of magic power, placed it on the bowstring, and pulled.

Ping! Fi-yoong!

The radiant arrows fiercely split the air as they flew.

Pick! Pipick! Pick!

He hit the target.

But it only made a hit…

Damdeok lowered his arm, holding the bow, with a disgruntled expression.

‘Not a single drop of blood came out…’

The Gorgon sisters, wrapped in serpents like armor, were unscathed by the thin arrows.

It seemed they didn’t even notice the arrows lodged in them.

‘I need thicker arrows.’

Damdeok shot thicker arrows reinforced with more magic power.

Ping! Fi-yoong!

Pick! Pipick!

‘Not yet. Thicker!’

Fioong! Piing!

Pipick! Pick!

‘Just a bit more…!’

The arrows growing larger flew continuously towards the Gorgon sisters.

After repeating several times, the sound of the arrows slicing the wind became quite heavy.

Shuck! Shuaack!

Thud! Pudduk!

The Gorgon sisters began to give sneaky glances this way.

The sizeable arrows were starting to bother them.

‘Good! Just one more time…!’

Damdeok concentrated all his magic power to create one final arrow.

With this size, even the tough neck area should be penetrable.



An unexpected problem occurred.

The arrow was too big to be strung on the bowstring.

“As expected, the bow has its limitations.”

Having mostly used swords, it was difficult for him to fully benefit from his archery talent.

Damdeok looked down at his bow with disappointment when he received a notification.

[ skill has been created!]

“Magic… Dagger?”

An F-grade skill was created.

Just looking at the grade, it was the lowest. For Damdeok, who had two SSS-grade skills, it wasn’t particularly exciting.

“Magic Dagger, eh…”

As he pondered, looking at the magic daggers floating in his hand, Damdeok’s eyes suddenly sparkled!

“If this works…!”

Damdeok started creating several daggers using all his remaining magic power.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

Ten daggers floated around him.

Damdeok could feel it.

These magic daggers were connected to his body as one.

It was a similar principle to controlling Baeksul using not words or actions, but his will.

Damdeok’s lips curved into a smirk.

“Who said that my talent for archery can only be expressed through bows?”

His eyes glinted fiercely.

The levitating magic daggers flew towards their target with a life of their own.

Burble-burk! Pur-burk! Puck!



The Gorgon sisters screeched in terror as the daggers pierced their necks, arms, torsos, and heads.

Eliya, who had been gritting her teeth in the fight, was astonished by the sudden turn of events and looked at Damdeok.

“Heh, good. I’ve got the hang of it, haven’t I?”

Damdeok was surrounded by magic daggers.

“That rat-like… Eury! You take that guy!”

“Ah, alright. Sister!”

The flustered Gorgon sisters finally turned their gaze to Damdeok.

Eliya blocked Steno, and Euryale glared at Damdeok, spreading her mud-colored wings.

“One-on-one? Good.”

As soon as Damdeok said that, Euryale dashed towards him like a bullet.

“Medusa! Can’t you deal with this one little bug! Get up already?!”

At the harsh voice, Medusa began to sob again.

Unfazed, Damdeok immediately created more magic daggers.

Swaeeak! Swaek!

The daggers, created and directed at the swiftly approaching Euryale, extended viciously.

“Do away with it!!”

Euryale, deflecting all the daggers, began to unleash her ruthless attack.

Unaware of Damdeok’s whereabouts, she blindly lashed out wherever the magic daggers came from.

“Hide and seek, let not a single hair peek~”

“Hide and seek, let not a single hair peek~”

As the attacks spread everywhere like a game,


The transparent helmet was pierced and flew backward.



Just as Euryale’s gruesome face came up close, Damdeok swiftly swung his sword in hand.


Several of the hair snakes were cut off. But that was all; they regenerated instantly.

The same was true for other parts.

Arms, legs, torso, face, neck – no matter how many magic daggers he lodged in them, Euryale’s body was back to normal within 3-5 seconds.

‘Damn the immortal body.’

Grinding his teeth, Damdeok watched as Euryale laughed grotesquely.

“Does it upset you? Even the highest of gods cannot kill us Gorgons. Especially a dim-witted god like you!”

Euryale began to launch her attacks with a vengeance.

Kwaang!! Kwa-kwang!!

It was a brash offense, pushing forward with brute strength alone.

Damdeok dodged the attacks while swinging his sword even faster.

Chwat! Chwaak!

Blood spattered, and flesh dropped off, but it healed within 4 seconds.

“It hurts!! It hurts!! Kya-ha-ha-ha!!”

Euryale laughed maniacally, grabbing Damdeok’s right hand with both of hers.


“How’s that? Want me to crush the bones of your wrist just like this~?”


She was so strong that the seized hand couldn’t budge.

Damdeok calmly said with a stern face.

“Let go.”

“I don’t wanna~ You’re nothing without your sword, right~? Ebebe~”

With a triumphant face, Damdeok smirked.

“You think I’m helpless without my sword?”

“What? Gonna throw those tiny daggers again? They don’t even tickle, so go ahead~”

Unmoved by Euryale’s mocking, Damdeok’s expression remained unchanged.

He simply relaxed the grip in his captive hand and slowly released his sword.


The powerless sword fell to the ground.

Confusion flickered in Euryale’s eyes.

“What’s this? Are you surrendering? You’re more fragile than you look…”

In a flash,


Accompanied by a powerful explosive sound, Euryale’s eyes rolled back white.


She slowly collapsed, letting out a sole scream, as Damdeok muttered,

“I have plenty of other things to swing besides a sword.”

In his left hand was Hercules’ club, tightly gripped.

A sly smile formed on Damdeok’s lips.

“Welcome to your first time with the club of Hercules.”

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