I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 97

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 97

Episode #97: The Beauty Hated by Athena (2)


Before Dangduk could even react, a grating, crunching noise came from behind him.

The monster’s barely hanging neck jerked spastically as if it were convulsing.

“What’s this~ What’s this~? It’s been a while since the blood flowed so freely~ Ah, this feeling is really~”

The monster’s dangling neck reattached with a grotesque snapping sound.


The monster’s form grinned with a mouth that looked about to split open.

Even though Dangduk had only seen it through the reflection of his mirror shield, he felt a chilling fear, as if blood were rushing backward in his veins.

In that moment, the monster attacked without hesitation.

Dangduk hastily rolled to the side to escape the blow.

Boom! Crunch!

A giant snake extending from the monster’s arm completely smashed the spot where Dangduk had just been standing.

“Hmm~ Did you dodge? Weren’t you just over there?”

The monster, with eyes protruding from its head, began rolling them around in search of Dangduk’s trail.

At the same time, hundreds of snake-like hairs hissed and threatened Dangduk’s direction.

He flinched momentarily but tried his best not to reveal his presence.

‘Thanks to the invisible helmet, it can’t see exactly where I am.’

Although the monster was staring intently in his direction, its gaze was unstable.

It was highly likely that the attack just now had been made by instinct.

‘If I’m invisible to it….’

Though it was frightening, there should be nothing to worry about.

Even if the opponent had an immortal body.

Dangduk carefully stepped backwards.

‘The monster lying asleep on the rock earlier must be the eldest… so…’

The monster in front of him now was very likely the second sister.

The second of the Gorgon sisters, Euryale.

In the myths, she was known as the “Far Strider.”

‘…that’s how it could keep up with my Wind Surge skill.’

It puzzled Dangduk how a monster, unable to use divine powers or the gods’ system, could follow the Wind Surge skill.

A cold shiver ran down his spine as he remembered the eerie laughter that had followed him closely earlier.

‘…Whew, looks like there’s no way for my fear resistance to not increase after this.’

Dangduk wiped the sweat from his forehead.

A firm conviction settled within him.

If he could safely get through this, he was sure he wouldn’t be easily shaken by any ordinary fear in the future.

‘Let’s not waste time and quickly take down Medusa.’

Fighting the immortal body would gain him nothing.

Just as Dangduk thought this and took another step back, another voice came from the dense bushes in front.

“Why is it so noisy? I was enjoying a nice deep sleep for once.”

Dangduk came to a halt.

The monster who had been sleeping sprawled on a rock, the eldest of the Gorgon sisters, Stheno, emerged from the bushes, yawning seductively.

‘Why… Why is it coming out again…!’

Dangduk’s fist clenched instinctively.

One of them was manageable, but could he escape from both Gorgon sisters here…?

His divine power was already exhausted from the intense previous attack.

‘Fortunately, there’s still some mana left….’

He had to be cautious.

If he used it all here, the battle against Medusa would turn to nothing.

‘What on earth is that cursed little Elli doing…!’

Even though he used the full power of the Wind Surge skill, for her to not have shown up by now was unexpected. It didn’t make sense given the distance.

‘Don’t tell me… she didn’t run off alone, did she…?’

Dangduk’s gaze wavered anxiously as he gripped his sword.

“Hnng~ Why’s it so noisy, Euryale. Don’t you know I’ve been paying attention to my skin care these days?”

The second sister, Euryale, waved her hands dismissively at the eldest, Stheno, who was complaining.

“Don’t talk nonsense, sister. There’s an intruder, you know?”


In an instant, a gleam sparked in Stheno’s eyes.

“Oh, as if someone would dare to come here on their own accord~?”

As she scanned the area, Stheno’s eyes flickered like giant anacondas.

[A status ailment ‘Fear’ has taken over!]

It started again.

Giant and eerie eyes, wriggling snake hair, rough skin, and protruding fangs.

The first and second Gorgon sisters looked eerily identical to each other.

At this point, Dangduk could only dread imagining how terrible Medusa, the youngest, looked since he hadn’t yet seen her cursed form.

‘If this is their appearance without the curse….’

What would Medusa, whose cursed visage turns others into stone upon eye contact, look like?

“Seriously, sister! That stupid fool went chop! Cut off my neck?!”

“Hnng~ Really? I can’t forgive anyone who torments my little sister~”

As Euryale whined to her older sister, Stheno began flicking her fingers as if amused.

Click! Clack! Click!

At the rhythm of the sound, snakes quickly gathered around.

Sssss. Ssss.

The smallest of them stretched well over 2 meters in length.

“My cute little ones~ Now, let’s find the intruder all at once, shall we~?”

Hiss! Shh!

Giant snakes were closing in from all sides to form a siege.

As the Gorgon sisters walked leisurely across the crushed grass left by the snakes’ bellies, Dangduk took several hesitant steps back until he felt the dense foliage against him.


The moment he burst through the bushes to escape,

he would surely be caught.

Sssss. Sssss.

The snakes approached right up to his face.

Stheno’s terrible visage also drew menacingly near.


Stheno drew in a deep breath right in front of Dangduk, her eyes flashing manically.


Shissh! Shishsh! Shishshshshsh!!

The ground snakes all lunged at Dangduk at once.

Dangduk’s eyes gleamed as he swung his sword to meet them.

There was nowhere left to retreat.

It was time to fight, for better or for worse!


Black flames surged from Dangduk’s sword, igniting everything around him.

Followed by fists and feet encased in ice, he shattered the heads of attacking snakes with a loud bang!

The battle unfolded purely with raw mana.

Utilizing the immense mana of the Ice Dragon, Dangduk drew out his innate talents to their fullest in this unique combat style.


With each swing of his sword, dozens of snakes were engulfed in black flames, writhing in agony.

Ping! Ting! Ting!

The snakes that kept finding gaps and rushing in were repeatedly deflected by Hercules’ lion skin and bounced off.

Watching the spinning spectacle, Stheno’s smile gradually faded.

“…Not bad?”

The playful wriggling snake hair on her head drooped down.

Dangduk’s gaze sharpened towards her.

While fighting off the charging snakes, he kept an eye on the Gorgon sisters.

Something ominous was about to happen.

A massive attack was imminent.

Euryale, standing at the side, giggled and laughed.

“Do you know what our sister’s name means?”

Who cares about that right now.

Dangduk did not reply.

He was intensively fortifying a circle aura around his heart.

Keeeeing! Keeing!

Mana coiled and layered around him, thickening with each pass.

‘I’ll explode it all at once.’

Then, no matter what kind of attack came, he could absorb it at least once.

It was the only form of defense available to him at the moment.

As Dangduk bit his lip,

Euryale spun playfully and said,

“Our sister’s name is Stheno. It means ‘strong woman’.”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

An enormous roar erupted as Stheno’s drooping snake hair suddenly shot up into the sky.

The snake hairs—once no larger than ordinary rattlesnakes—instantly grew massive, undulating like the hydra of hell.

‘Such madness…!’

The snakes’ immense size blocked out all the light from behind, causing a dizzying vertigo.

‘This is what it means to fight an immortal monster….’

There was a different vibe exuding from her.

Dangduk intuitively knew it.

The first and last strike would come right at this moment.

“The fun ends here.”

Stheno’s voice was chilling.

The giant snakes flicked their tongues as they all simultaneously reared their heads towards Dangduk.


“Kyahaha. Finally some meat~ Finally some meat~”

With Euryale’s singsong taunt, the snakes shot at Dangduk like arrows.

Simultaneously, a message appeared before him.

[Eliya: Ready. Coming now.]

“Eliya, you crazy…! If you’re coming, hurry!!”

Dangduk screamed as he leaped toward the onrushing giant snakes.

Could he beat these creatures?

Or not?

What could he do anyway?

In a situation like this, it was either do or die.

He was used to it.

From the day he was born without talent, the world had always been a challenge to him.

“Here I gooo!!”

As Dangduk detonated all the mana in his heart and dove into the mouths of the snakes,


Suddenly, the surroundings turned dark, and masses of dirt came raining down from above in a huge clump.

“What…? Ack…!!”

Dirt filled the wide-open mouths of the snakes, and it poured into Dangduk’s eyes, nose, mouth… every orifice.

It was over in an instant.

The world became pitch black, and everything was blocked by soil.

It was similar to when he was caught in an avalanche in Niflheim.

Unable to grasp which way he was lying, sitting, standing, or even inverted—a complete loss of spatial awareness.

Dangduk reached out his hand to dig through the dirt, then quickly retracted it.

‘If I stir around aimlessly, I might get pricked by venomous fangs….’

That would be the end of him.

With no idea what was buried around him, it was much safer to stay still for now.

‘…At least the defense worked well.’

He’d already sensed it as he rushed in.

If he’d fought head-on, recovery would have taken months.

Then it happened.

Someone’s hand suddenly appeared and snatched the back of his neck.

His body soared upwards.

As his vision brightened, a familiar face came into view.

“Cough cough! Ugh! You…!!”


There she stood, gazing expressionlessly at Dangduk.

“You…! What were you doing appearing just now?!”

“I was preparing. I really wanted to kill Medusa this time.”

Her voice, although emotionless, ended as Dangduk looked around and was struck speechless.

A completely new terrain was crafted before him.

‘This kid… did she cover the entire area with dirt?’

It looked as if a scene from a Western movie had been plucked from its setting and placed right there.

Not only Stheno but also Euryale, the surrounding snakes, and everything else in the vicinity were buried in massive mounds of dirt.

‘This girl is quite the crazy deity….’

Dangduk glanced at Eliya and thought so.

Certainly, with such a method, even an immortal god would have no way to escape.

He knew well from his experience with an avalanche.

Being buried like this would take a long time to get out.

However, this thought was crushed by Eliya’s single remark as she observed the dirt mounds.

“The Gorgon sisters aren’t easy opponents. They’ll probably burst through the dirt in less than five minutes.”

Five minutes…

Dangduk’s face darkened rapidly.

Could he get out of here and cut down Medusa within five minutes?

It was impossible.

Even while contemplating, a minute had already passed.

“Fighting the Gorgon sisters was always in my plans. It’s always been the case. And always, before I could even arrive, the other party members were dead.”


Eliya glanced briefly at Dangduk.

“You didn’t die, though. So, let’s do some role assignment. I’ll handle things here; you go and get Medusa.”

“Alone? They are immortal monsters.”

“I know that much already.”

Eliya stretched her interlocked hands out in front of her and replied dully.

‘She certainly has confidence… But what is she trying to do…?’

Dangduk wondered while watching her with a puzzled gaze.

Her silver hair softly swayed in the breeze.


From Eliya’s calm voice,


Vibrations began to be felt, and then the enormous dirt mounds around them writhed in unison.


Dangduk couldn’t close his mouth.

Thud thud. Crack. Thud thud. Crack.

White skeletons rose up on the mounds of soil covering the area.

“…You, what are you? A necromancer?”

Dangduk’s eyes widened in the moment.

This little one, her ability wasn’t just shoveling dirt.

“Go. Don’t worry about here.”

Eliya’s resolve seemed solid.

“Medusa’s head is mine, as per the agreement, so don’t interfere. All you need to do is douse yourself in Medusa’s blood to gain the fear resistance you want. Of course, be careful not to meet her gaze, even then.”

In an uncharacteristic manner for her, Eliya gave quite specific instructions.

As Dangduk gazed at the army of white skeleton soldiers lined up, he grinned.

“Man, this is cool.”

“…You can still make such remarks in this situation?”

“Why not? Might as well enjoy it while we do it~”

Dangduk chuckled, and Eliya quietly watched his retreating figure heading toward the lake.

‘He’s really a strange fellow.’

But what did it really matter?

Eliya could care less as long as she could take Medusa’s head with her.

‘If I block the Gorgon sisters here….’

The rest was up to Dangduk, her party member.

Such a simple task had not been properly performed so far, as everyone else died, but this time, she had a good feeling.

‘He’s quite strong for a mid-tier god.’

His willpower was different.

She had a strong sense of impending success.

“…Why aren’t you going?”

When Eliya urged Dangduk on, he promptly raised his hand in acknowledgment.

“Okay. We’ll divide the roles, right? Then, take care. Necromancer.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Yep, necromancer~”


Eliya silently observed Dangduk as he walked toward the lake.

‘Medusa, compared to the other Gorgon sisters, must be handled with…’

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