I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 95

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#95 To Gorgon Island


Damdeok was flying steadily over the ocean.

Or, to be more precise, it appeared he was flying steadily.

“Good. Let’s just keep at it. Just like this…!”

Concentrating all his mental focus, Damdeok was fixated on the figure of Eliya leading the way ahead.

Although he had confidently stated “I’ll be back” before departure, once he actually set out, his flight skills felt alarmingly inadequate for the journey to Gorgon Island.

It was only after five hours of flight training with Eliya that Damdeok was able to venture over the sea.

‘The only downside of talent is this sort of thing.’

If only it could be unleashed immediately like a divine power or skill with a snap! How great would that be?

But no matter how exceptional the talent, without consistent effort and perseverance, it can never fully shine.

“Still, it’s a hundred times, no, a thousand times better than a divine power that’s too expensive to even purchase.”

Looking out at the open sea, Damdeok thought as such.

The sound of seagulls squawking was somehow calming to his mind.

However, the romance of the sea did not last long.


A strong gale battered Damdeok’s body as it passed through.

Even though he was trying to fly as slowly as possible, the winds over the vast ocean remained formidable.


To avoid losing his balance, he exertedly tensed his whole body.

Even with divine power concentrated in his legs to augment his strength, maintaining balance was anything but simple.


With a deep breath, he pressed down hard on the erratically flapping shoes, managing to barely keep himself horizontal.

‘If I lose my focus even a bit here…’

Glancing down.


Beneath his feet, the undulating dark blue waves seemed almost like a horde of monsters opening their jaws wide.

His mouth became parched.

‘It should take at least 8 hours to reach Gorgon Island, right?’

The task seemed daunting.

He had set out when the sun was high in the sky, and now only about an hour had passed, leaving another 7 hours to go.

“…After all, the part-time jobs given by gods are nothing but extreme.”

Originally, it would have been nice to transfer there in one shot via the system even if it meant paying a name price, but since Gorgon Island was cursed by the goddess Athena and drifting in the vast ocean, he had no option but to fly there.

“Ah! I can do it!! Let’s go!!”

Seven more hours of unstable flight left.

After beheading Medusa, no matter whether he meets the Underworld Granny or Asmodeus next, he will not faint in terror, unable to even draw his sword.

“Ajah! Ajah!”

Damdeok, trying to garner more spirit, saw Eliya casting a cursory glance back and then returning her gaze forward.

“I can do it!!”

Damdeok’s spirited cries continued to echo through the vastness of the sea.

* * *

At the Sangun Guild Training Hall.

While many trained within the space, there was a particularly restless atmosphere today that obstructed focus.

“Come on! Once more!”

“Eh? Okay…”

“Hey, concentrate, I said concentrate!”

Not only those at rest but also the actively training guild members snuck glances elsewhere intermittently.

In the swordsman zone and mana zone.

Baekgoorum and Adel Sharon were immersed in their strenuous personal training.


With a refreshing dash forward, Baekgoorum smashed through each of the wooden training robots one by one.

Unlike before, his combat style was no longer solely dependent on swordsmanship; it now incorporated various martial arts moves and felt more feral.

“Good, good. That’s it~”

Hearing Baekgoorum’s naive laughter, guild members on the bench began to murmur.

“Isn’t that guy from Iris? Why is he training here…?”

“The guild master allowed it. It seems like Ju Soryul, the leader of the 1st Raid Team, brought him in.”

“What? Even if he is the next-in-line, isn’t that going overboard? How can we let the star of a rival guild train in our facilities…”

“Hey, look over there too. It’s a sight.”

At that comment, all eyes turned toward the mana zone.

Boom! Crack!

The mana amplifying device attached to Adel Sharon suddenly burst into flames and exploded.

Professional trainers panicked, dousing it with fire extinguishers.


“Stop! Take off the gear!”

“Eh~? Already?! Spew! What’s all this dust?! Stop spraying it!!”

Adel Sharon frowned deeply as she cast off the devices from her limbs.

As the still-burning equipment received a tumultuous shower of extinguisher foam, trainers and standby medics rushed over to check on her status.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine~ I’m totally fine~”

Adel Sharon managed a capitalist smile crammed with ostentatious charm while assuring everyone in the politest way possible.

‘As if a flame mage could get hurt by fire!’

Since she had not sustained even minor burns, the medics could only nod dumbly.

“It’s so annoying because of me… Just a sec, I’ll put it out.”

Still, as trainers struggled to extinguish the fire,


At once, Adel Sharon conjured water magic from her hands.

Maybe she was a little clumsy with magic other than her fire spells because a larger water bomb than anticipated splashed inside the building.



Silence fell for a moment, but at least the fire was fully suppressed.

Adel Sharon wore an awkward smile as she swiftly dried the spilled water with a gust of wind magic.

Eyes that were sneaking glances now turned to shock, but Adel Sharon seemed unbothered.

‘How was I to know it would explode suddenly?’

The purpose of the mana amplifying device was to help with skill casting while attached to the limbs. But the device couldn’t withstand the tremendous amount of mana from Adel Sharon and exploded.

‘The mana capacity in this world is too low.’

Mana needed for skill casting seemed barely a tenth compared to the concentration of mana used in Atlaum.

“Sorry sorry. Yes, I apologize~”

As Adel Sharon moved away with a beautiful smile, the guild members stirred with rumor again.

“That magic just now… Did she use it?”

“Hey, kid. What do you mean magic…”

“Didn’t you watch TV? It’s been all the buzz for days. The world’s number one, Leolux, said he saw Yu Damdeok using magic!”

“Oh my, if anyone heard you, they’d think you’re best pals with those two.”

“No, I’m serious! Ju Soryul from our guild and Yu Damdeok are super close. Even during the Monster Transformation Incident, that blonde woman and Iris’s Baekgoorum were all seen together, right?”

As the guild member who had stolen a glance at Baekgoorum added in a hushed tone,

“I bet Ju Soryul will leave our guild and start a new one…”

A subtle sense of agreement passed across the faces of the guild members.

The fact was true.

For months, Ju Soryul showed no interest in guild affairs.

Disappearing and reappearing as she pleased, yet Guild Master Namgung Doek had indulged her every time.

“Think about it. The position of the leader of the 1st Raid Team is all but empty now, so there’s someone acting as a stand-in.”

“…Can we really keep trusting such a person with the heir to the guild?”

“Shush, quiet down. They might hear you.”

Whispering and cautious, the eyes of the guild members finally settled on Ju Soryul, sitting alone on a bench in the corner.

After seeing Damdeok off to Gorgon Island, she had swiftly brought both Baekgoorum and Adel Sharon here.

She just wanted some quiet time to herself, but with Baekgoorum and Adel Sharon’s brimming energy, she had no choice but to accompany them to the training hall.

‘Ever since the Underworld Granny appeared, we can consider the gods’ war to be right around the corner.’

From now on, it’s impossible to predict when and where things might happen, so the Guardians should stick together as much as possible.

Of course, even with a war of the gods imminent, there was likely still about a month’s time.

Time in the divine realms flows several times slower than in the human world, and taking that into account, there wasn’t an overly desperate race against time.


‘Eliya… What is that child, exactly?’

A superior deity of high rank, the silver-haired god was someone she had never heard of before.

Curious to the point of insanity, yet without any means to find out more.

‘I can’t believe she knows I’m a returnee… There’s never been such a situation before…’


A sigh escaped naturally.

Ju Soryul reopened the message window she had previously exchanged with despair.

[Ju Soryul: Do you know about a god named Eliya?]

[Persephone: Eliya? Hmm? Never heard… Why?]

[Ju Soryul: No big deal. Just curious about an employer from a recent part-time job. Anyway, thank you for the free gear.]

[Persephone: Thankful shmankful! Come visit me often~ The Underworld is so gloomy and lonely ㅠ_ㅠ]

Ju Soryul smiled faintly at Persephone’s crestfallen answer.

The necessary equipment for the Medusa part-time job had been easily acquired thanks to Persephone, a long-time close friend.

Or so Adel Sharon had warned Damdeok, claiming it was tough to obtain, when in truth, Persephone had snuck them out from Hades’ secret room, with little to worry about beyond fending off a few obstructive spirits.


Ju Soryul toyed with a bracelet fastened to her left wrist.

She remembered when Damdeok inquired about the ‘friendship bracelet’ from Persephone in the Hound Dungeon.

‘I was so nervous back then.’

He had just accepted her response that she bought it online without second thoughts.

Anyways, Yu Damdeok, after living thousands of lives, still retained his eccentricities.

“It hasn’t even been a year since we came out of the Hound Dungeon.”

It wasn’t such a distant memory, yet it felt so far away. Why?


She knew the reason.

It signaled exhaustion.

Ju Soryul raised her hand and closed the chat with Persephone.

Who exactly was Eliya, and why was it so difficult to capitalize on being a returnee this time around?

She had no clue.

Not even a guess.

Right now, she wanted to forget everything, let go of the 12 Guardians, and live knowing nothing.

An overwhelming sense of being suffocated.

Beneath layers of that suffocation, a piercing urge would sometimes jab abruptly, just like now.


Her head began to throb with pain.

Pressures, responsibilities, burdens, hatred, loathing, traumas, curses—every negative emotion ravaged her mind.

[The Dragon’s Divine Power ‘Mu Shim (No Mind)’ is activated!]

As though small ice shards were embedded in her heart, the burning sensations within her cooled abruptly.

In less than ten seconds, her composure returned.

A cold resolve returned to Ju Soryul’s gaze.

‘Proceed with the plan.’

If she could gather all 12 Guardians to halt the god’s war, eradicate the Abyssal Gaze, and even kill <That Thing>…

‘Then perhaps I, too, can die at last.’

That day will be her release from eternal torture.

Her elongated shadow cast on the ground in front of her.

“Why are you sulking all by yourself?”

Looking up, Adel Sharon was there holding a coffee out for her.

“What are you thinking about? That silver-haired kid?”

Ju Soryul did not reply.

Sipping coffee with a blissful look, Adel Sharon patted her shoulder.

“Eh~ Don’t mope alone. We’re a team, aren’t we? Weren’t you saying we’re the 12 Guardians or something? Anyway, we’re the chosen ones~”

Ju Soryul clenched her teeth.

Behind Adel Sharon’s cheerful smile, vivid images from past lives where she lay dead and mangled surfaced unerringly.

And it wasn’t just her.

All those she knew around her…

Ju Soryul’s hand trembled slightly.


Adel Sharon said no more.

She just sat down next to her, quietly sipping the coffee.

* * *

“We’re here.”

At Eliya’s voice, Damdeok’s eyes popped open!

Ahead loomed an eerie island.

A dense, dusky mist enshrouded it.

A pitch-black landscape where day and night blurred.

Flying straight towards the island as silent as death, Damdeok prepared to land.

“The vibe is really something else.”

The Underworld of Hades seemed meek in comparison.

‘To think that I would actually come to behead Medusa from mythology.’

Following Eliya’s lead, Damdeok gently touched down on the shoreline.

Eliya turned to look at him with an indifferent expression.


Fiddling with his helmet and tightening his mirrored shield, Damdeok drew his sword with a grin.

“Absolutely! Let’s do this!”

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