I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 94

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#94. Elia VS Joo So-Yul

“Wow, this is amazing!”

Damdeok couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.

The sensation of floating was palpable throughout his body.

The feeling of his feet not touching the ground was far more peculiar than he had imagined.

“What’s this! How did you do it?! Come down and show me! Brother!!”

Baekgureum was scurrying about below, shouting his head off.

Elia, by now, had reverted to her poker face, emotionless as she gazed towards Damdeok.

But right now, Damdeok was too consumed by the sensation to care about their facial expressions or what they were saying.

“Wow, this really kills the vibe~”

Was flying supposed to feel so exhilarating?

Damdeok, intoxicated by this fluffy, new sensation, lifted his foot a bit higher—when suddenly, he plunged forward with a whoosh!


He desperately flailed to regain his balance, cold sweat streaming down his face from the shock.


The erratic flight due to the winged shoes made it incredibly difficult to maintain stability.

‘Just like Elia said, it’s really hard for beginners to control this.’

But Damdeok managed to hold on.

His body quivered with the exertion of his strength… Yet, he continued to float in the air.

‘It was a good decision to buy the Flight Talent.’

Gradually getting the hang of it, Damdeok recalled the recent event.

He had never seen or heard of a god named Elia and had worried that he might not be able to buy an SS-grade talent with only 100 Elia.

But, of course, the talent was being sold as an overstock item, and it seemed to go on sale almost every month for 50% off, which allowed him just barely to afford it.

‘It’s really strange how things turn out.’

Even simply possessing a “Talent” could exponentially increase one’s skill in the relevant field, but for some reason, gods undervalued talents. Above all, “Talents” had the best value-for-money in the gods’ shop.

Why then did gods obsess over powers and famous gods’ weapons instead?


Righting his about-to-fall body, Damdeok continued his thoughts.

Baekgureum and Baekseolgiga shouted from below, but he had no intention of coming down just yet.

‘Maybe it’s because gods as a species can’t put in the effort….’

Damdeok felt the pleasant breeze with his whole body as he came to that conclusion.

On closer inspection, it seemed to be true.

If the human world had the ill effects of capitalism, which lead to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the world of gods had a structure that was even worse.

‘From the very system that categorizes gods…’

Lowest god, lower god, middle god, higher god, supreme god (equal to high god).

How vertically structured was this hierarchy?

The world of gods bore an even more intensified discrimination in titles than the caste system of the Joseon era.

‘Judging by how all the gods see talents as something beneath them, it’s quite revealing.’

In the Joseon era, baekjeong were considered the lowest caste. In the divine realm, “Talent” received no better treatment.

The problem wasn’t just titles.

‘There are “gold-spoon” gods in the divine realm, too.’

Take, for instance, gods like Ares, Athena, or Aphrodite.

Just by virtue of being Zeus’s children, their name value skyrocketed from birth.

What about the no-name gods, then?

Those born as the lowest gods had only one path to moving up—through part-time jobs.

‘Even if you work yourself to death, getting a proper power from the gods’ shop is tough.’

The pricing in the gods’ shop was outright otherworldly. Plus, even getting one power after killing yourself with part-time jobs wouldn’t change much.

‘Especially with low godly power, you get a crummy name recommended….’

Luckily, he had chosen the name “Sword,” but the other names that had come to mind were all terrible.

In the end, most lower gods had no choice but to live out their lives working part-time jobs.

‘This world and the next, both are such a mess!’

Suddenly agitated, Damdeok began to lose focus.

And just as he faltered, he plummeted.

Bang! Crash!

Baekgureum seized the opportunity and pounced like a beast.

“Give it up! Take it off!”

“Hey, what the hell! Why are you doing this!”

“Take it offfffff! Now I can do it toooooo!”

“Fine! Dude, I get it! Let me go! Just a bit!!”

Behind Elia, who was watching the two squabble, a shadow approached.

Elia didn’t turn around. She just murmured as she gazed ahead.

“Finally, you show up.”

The owner of the shadow didn’t react to Elia’s portentous words, prompting her to slowly turn around.

Her gaze was met by two women.

A woman with black hair and piercing black eyes, and an exotic woman with lavish blonde hair—Joo So-Yul and Adel Sharon looked back at Elia with suspicion.

‘…What? Who is this girl?’

Joo So-Yul didn’t understand the situation.

The doll-like girl with long silver hair and even her irises glinting in a silver hue wasn’t just a surprise because she was with Damdeok. It was more than that.

Joo So-Yul swallowed hard.

‘Seen her for the first time… Never… encountered such a god….’

1,869 times.

She had reincarnated 1,869 times.

Nearly every conceivable event had taken place over those lifetimes, and she had encountered countless gods.

Of course, even then, each life brought its own unexpected events, and there were still unnamed gods in the world, but that was only when Damdeok wasn’t involved.

This was the first time she’d seen a god approach Damdeok like this.

‘…The broken system with the Death Grandma, going to the Garden of the Three Samsin Grandmothers, and carrying the water of creation were all first-time events, but….’

At least she had some connection with those two gods.

The Three Samsin Grandmothers and the Death Grandma were, after all, entwined with her in some past life.

It was like that with all encounters.

Even without a clear face-to-face, casually seeing someone tens, hundreds, or thousands of times over made the faces familiar, though the names might be forgotten.

But she had never once seen the girl in front of her.

The nagging sense of foreboding intensified.

‘…It’s not just that I can’t quite remember.’

The divine energy she radiated alone was indicative of at least a high-level god….

Joo So-Yul’s expression grew stern.

In honesty, goosebumps had already formed on her arms.


Joo So-Yul’s gaze momentarily shifted to Damdeok and Baekgureum, who were rolling around in the fields, completely oblivious to the arrival of her and Adel Sharon. They seemed preoccupied with stealing Hermes’ shoes from each other.

Quietly observing them, Joo So-Yul returned her attention to Elia.

“Who are you?”

Her voice was laced with a sense of dissonance.

Elia gazed back emotionlessly at Joo So-Yul’s question.

“Elia (Elia).”

Joo So-Yul’s brows twitched.

Instant recognition. The god who had posted the job opening for Medusa’s part-time position.

Why had that god sought out Damdeok personally?

Joo So-Yul pondered deeply. Adel Sharon, who had been watching quietly by her side, suddenly exploded with a loud outburst and strode towards Elia.

“But who do you think you are, kiddo! You! How old are you?! Did they teach you to be rude to your elders at school?!”

Adel Sharon, like a true actress, held a considerable height advantage over Elia, who truly looked like a middle school kid.

As she half-bent down to tap Elia’s forehead, Elia just quietly looked on.

“What are you doing…!”

She was engaging with a mysterious upper-level god…!

Joo So-Yul hastily pulled Adel Sharon away.


Adel Sharon was suddenly lifted into the air and then plopped down on the ground, dragged along by Joo So-Yul.

The sudden commotion caught the attention of Damdeok and Baekgureum, who rushed over.

“What’s happening? When did you two get here?”

“If you’re here, you should say something!”

Adel Sharon, still being dragged, glared up at Joo So-Yul and burst out.

“So-Yul, why are you doing this?! It hurts, you know!! You’re supposed to correct bad behaviors when they’re babies! How could a kid talk back to her elders on their first meeting? I never imagined such a thing in Atlaum… Uhmp!”

Joo So-Yul effortlessly covered Adel Sharon’s mouth and anxiously kept her eyes on Elia.

If an upper-level god decided to attack, it would be better to quickly send Baekgureum and Adel Sharon back to Korea.

Elia’s petite foot moved forward ever so slightly.


Joo So-Yul also drew a dagger from her waist.

What if the opponent was an upper god?

She was the only transcendent being in this world, having looped back 1,869 times.

‘The moment she moves… I’ll strike.’

Joo So-Yul’s eyes gleamed fiercely, and just as Elia’s foot began to shift,


Joo So-Yul leaped like a lightning bolt.

As her dagger thrust rapidly towards Elia’s eyes, Elia side-stepped easily and whispered softly into Joo So-Yul’s ear.

“Returner Joo So-Yul.”

A whisper so faint it couldn’t be heard by anyone else. Yet Joo So-Yul, frozen in place, did not move her dagger again.

* * *

“Here, this is Persephone’s Mirror Shield, and this is Hades’ Invisible Helmet.”

Adel Sharon handed Damdeok the dust-covered old bronze shield and the drab helmet.

Joo So-Yul observed the exchange with her arms crossed.

Elia, who was standing opposite her, did the same.

Their expressionless faces were both directed towards Damdeok, sitting in the field.

‘Sigh. This is really uncomfortable.’

The fight between Elia and Joo So-Yul, which had started out of nowhere, ended abruptly when Joo So-Yul stopped her attack.

‘Elia might be somewhat odd, but we’re going to part ways after the Medusa part-time job anyway….’

Damdeok couldn’t understand why Joo So-Yul suddenly acted that way.

‘She won’t say anything even if I ask.’

As usual, she was deep in her thoughts.

Fortunately, after Joo So-Yul had put away her dagger, Elia showed no reaction, and although the situation ended somewhat vaguely,


The awkward atmosphere among the group remained.

‘Sigh, forget it.’

In any case, he had to go to the island of Gorgon with Elia to slay Medusa.

‘I must improve my resistance to fear before continuing this journey.’

It was not a choice, but a necessity.

‘I will ask Joo So-Yul about it when I come back.’

Her expression seemed important enough to warrant it.

Damdeok fumbled to put on Hermes’ shoes. Baekgureum looked regretfully but refrained from throwing a tantrum like before. Then, Damdeok picked up the mirror shield and the transparent helmet.

– Willpower!

Baekseolgiga climbed onto his shoulder, making him feel like he was fully equipped for the battle.

Elia slowly walked towards Damdeok. Until just now, she was dressed in light flowing garments, but she seemed to have equipped all necessary gear.

Damdeok looked around at his companions.

“Don’t take too long with that snake. Come back quick. I want to wear Hermes’ shoes after all.”

Baekgureum mumbled a complaint.

Adel Sharon did the same.

“You better take care of that equipment; So-Yul and I went through hell to get it for you. Use it well, you greedy boss… If you lose it, you’re dead. If it even gets scuffed, you’re dead too! Especially that mirror shield; I’ll be taking that one so be extra careful!”

“Got it, got it.”

Damdeok smiled wryly and turned his gaze toward Joo So-Yul.

Despite her usually relaxed demeanor, seeing her now so solemn bothered him, but he decided to focus solely on his current goal for now.

Damdeok grinned and said,

“I’ll be back soon.”

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