I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods Chapter 93

I Became A Part Time Employee For Gods

#93. Hermes’ Shoes

Three letters clearly written on the part-time job board: Elia.

Silence lingered for a moment.

‘The one who posted the Medusa job was this kid?’

Damtuk stared at Elia through the system window.

At first glance, her young face looked like that of a middle school student by Korean age.

Then it dawned on him.

Was there a god named Elia in Greek mythology?

He was suddenly filled with a sense of unease.

Damtuk quietly opened his mouth.

“You… what are you?”


“A parrot? I’m not asking for your name. I want to know why you interfered with me.”

Instead of answering, Elia lowered her gaze.

The thug-like gods, who had been cowering on the ground, shuddered when they locked eyes with her.

“Uh, Lady Elia, we…”

“That is…”

Damtuk’s brows furrowed slightly.

‘What’s this? They seem to know each other.’

And it seemed like they were terrified of this being named Elia.

One would never imagine someone with such a porcelain-like face could be the ringleader of street thugs.

It didn’t make sense.

Well, if she was able to post such a fearsome job like beheading Medusa…

‘It’s probably safe to assume she’s powerful.’

Now that he thought about it, the divine power emanating from her seemed quite abundant. Listening to her voice, she might not be a primary god but perhaps a high-tier god?

‘What does it matter, anyway.’

His interest had waned.

The thug-like gods were already too scared to fight. Besides, he had no intention of picking a quarrel with this god named Elia who had extinguished his black flames.

‘After all, if I’m going to do this Medusa part-time job, I’ll soon have to form a party and fight together with her.’

This time, Damtuk decided to go alone without Jusoyul and the others.

The difficulty of item farming was high, as they needed to acquire only one of each item required to slay Medusa.

‘It’d be pointless to start a quarrel now.’


The ice on Damtuk’s left arm slowly melted away.

– Willpower!

As he retracted his sword, a message popped up quickly and Backseolyi scurried back into his lion armor.

Baekgureum looked curiously at Damtuk.

“Eh? You’re just going to leave?”

“What else can I do? There’s no need for a pointless fight.”

“That’s true but…”

Baekgureum glance toward Elia with a hint of regret.

It seemed the presence of a girl who appeared to be his age had piqued his interest.

Without a word, Damtuk picked up the shopping bag from the ground and headed for the exit.

Baekgureum reluctantly followed, and the queue of gods parted like the Red Sea.

Damtuk heard the low murmurs of some gods.

“Wow… I’ve seen that god before.”

“Isn’t that the lower-tier god who fought Hades the other day?”

“Is that him…? Wow…”

[Your divine power increases slightly!]

As the notification appeared before him, Damtuk was about to step out of the entrance when he heard a voice from behind.


It was Elia’s voice.

She looked at Damtuk—or, to be more precise, the shopping bag in his hand—with an expressionless face.

“Think that’s enough?”

Her voice was clear, like pearls falling to the ground.

The sound echoed within the room like droplets of water.

Damtuk slightly furrowed his brow.

“…What do you mean?”

“Are you going to do the Medusa job? Those shoes won’t be enough for you to fly.”

Elia’s emotionless voice made Damtuk’s eyes waver slightly.

‘How… How did she know I’m planning to do the Medusa job?’

He had marked the job but hadn’t applied yet.

Could she predict that just from seeing the shoes of Hermes?

It didn’t seem possible.

‘Does she… have foresight abilities like Jusoyul…?’

As Damtuk regarded her warily, Elia closed the distance slowly.

“What are you pondering about? You need Medusa’s head, don’t you? I’ll help you.”

Damtuk stared blankly at Elia, unable to respond for a long while to her emotionless face, which was still offering help.


Near Mount Cyllene, a vast plain.

Baekgureum struggled to fly, flapping his limbs, trying to lift himself even a little bit.

The tiny wings attached to the shoes fluttered with all their might, attempting to lift Baekgureum’s body.

“Ugh! Fly! Fly! Arghhh!”

Baekgureum’s body lifted briefly before losing its balance and tumbling forward.

Thump! Crash!

Backseolyi rolled around in the grass, laughing at the scene.

“Ugh! One more time!”

While Baekgureum kept repeating his attempts to jump and fall, Damtuk was conversing with Elia under the shade of a tree.

“…So, to sum it up, the party members you recruited for Medusa were wiped out today, and you had to visit the post office because the winged shoes dropped?”


“And you extinguished my black flames because they could burn the shoes?”


“And you somehow knew in advance that I was going to join the Medusa party…”

Damtuk gazed at the distant horizon with a ‘is this even possible’ expression.

Sigh. He looked back at Elia with skeptical eyes after a short breath.

“You knew because you’re a prophet, right?”

“That’s right.”

Elia remained expressionless as she only responded with ‘Yes’ to his inquiry.

Damtuk shook his head side to side.

‘Should I believe this or not?’

In what world was there such an abundance of prophets?

‘With Jusoyul and Prometheus and now this kid, who’s stepping forward to cut off Medusa’s head…’

Damtuk didn’t fully trust what Elia said.

But necessary as it was to form a party with her to do the Medusa job, he had come out intending to talk it over.

‘But she’s less aggressive than I thought, and doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motives. She doesn’t talk much even if I try to get more out of her.’

She just said she wanted to behead Medusa quickly.

For that, she needed a strong party member, and that was the sole reason she offered to help Damtuk.

“Why do you want Medusa’s head so badly?”

“What about you?”

“I asked first.”

“It’s not nice to force others to share something when you don’t want to yourself.”


A muscle twitched on Damtuk’s forehead.

This brat never missed a beat.

As he stared at her, Elia opened her mouth dispassionately.

“Are you done with your questions? If so, let’s get to the point.”

“What point?”

“To catch Medusa. You’re going to join my job, aren’t you?”


He was at a loss for words.

Be it Hades or Asmodeus, and now this child, coming into jobs so annoyingly nonchalantly. It felt oddly like admitting defeat to accept it so easily.

Damtuk mulled over it with a sulky face.

He came to a conclusion faster than anticipated.

‘I can’t trust this kid right now, but that’s no reason to split up here either.’

There were two reasons for that.

Firstly, he outnumbered her.

‘Even if she’s a high-tier god with much more divine power, it doesn’t matter because besides Jusoyul and the kids, I have the wolves, Cerberus, and I can even summon Etin’s ice army if needed.’

With that kind of force, even a top-tier god would be hard-pressed to cope.

Secondly, a party equipped to defeat the target, Medusa, was necessary.

No matter how many armies he had, they were useless against Medusa.

All living creatures turned to stone just by looking into Medusa’s eyes, so it wasn’t feasible to supply so many people with , , and .

‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend,’ as they say.

Especially if it was a god desperate to kill Medusa.

“So, what’s your plan?”

Having finished his thoughts, Damtuk asked. Elia turned her gaze slowly.

“For starters, it won’t work with those.”

Elia pointed a slender, pale finger at Baekgureum.

“Argh! Ahh! Huhaaap!!”

In the vast fields, he was making quite a show all by himself.

Jumping a few meters high, then shakily attempting an air walk before teetering like a deflated balloon and crashing into the grass.

Backseolyi, who had somehow snuck out, was amusingly watching the scene.


Elia spoke while watching Baekgureum fall once again.

“Hermes’ shoes are difficult for beginners to control. With those, you’d become a meal for the Sirens before even reaching Gorgon Island.”

“…So what you’re saying is that we need to get another pair of wings that are suitable for flying?”

Elia turned her head and looked directly at Damtuk in response to his words.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Damtuk asked in confusion, and without any change of expression Elia averted her gaze.

“…Ah, I just didn’t expect you to understand it all at once. You seem smarter than I thought.”


Should I just clock a deity?

Regardless of the irritation in Damtuk’s eyes, Elia continued to speak.

“Anyway, beginners can’t fly with just Hermes’ shoes. You either need to equip Icarus’ wings or get a flight ticket for the Sirens at the store.”

“How much are Icarus’ wings?”

“If converted to Hermes’ divine power, about 200 Hermes, I suppose.”

They were, as expected, expensive.

“And the flight ticket for the Sirens?”

“A round-trip ticket to Gorgon Island would cost about 150. However, the Sirens are quite mischievous…”

She didn’t finish her sentence.

Both options were pricey.

‘Is there no other way?’

As Damtuk pondered, his eyes suddenly sparkled.

“You said you wanted to behead Medusa, right?”


“Then give me an advance.”

Elia looked at Damtuk as if he were speaking nonsense.

“You’ve set up Perseus’ shield as a salary for the Medusa job. I don’t need the shield, so give me an advance on its value.”

Elia answered him coldly in the face of Damtuk’s assertive request.

“I’m not a well-known god, so my name value is low. Even if I offer you 100 Elia as a salary, you won’t be able to buy anything in the store with it.”

“Fine, just give it to me first.”

Damtuk grinned and spoke.

Elia stared at him for a moment and eventually opened her system.

“If you run away without doing your part, I’ll take your head instead of Medusa’s.”

It was a rather harsh statement from the mouth of a young goddess, but Damtuk was unbothered.

“Okay. Just hand it over quick, kid.”

“Don’t call me a kid.”

“Ah, of course~”

Elia watched Damtuk, who was jocular, and after tapping the air a few times.

[100 Elia has been sent to Mid-Tier God Yoo Damtuk!]

Immediately after the name value was transferred, Damtuk fiddled in the air, beaming.

Elia looked at him expressionlessly.

What was his plan?

It didn’t seem like he could buy anything from the store with that money.

Regardless of what Elia was thinking, Damtuk wrapped up his system manipulations and strode toward Baekgureum.

“Take them off.”

“Huh? Ah! Stop it, hey!”

Damtuk trying to take off the Hermes’ shoes and Baekgureum trying to avoid it led to an intense tussle.

Elia simply watched the scene with an unchanged expression.

‘Is he trying to practice?’

Though regretful, it was pointless.

Hermes’ shoes were always featured on the bestsellers tab in the gods’ store, but most gods purchased them for display rather than actually wearing and flying in them.


Because flying with winged shoes, entirely depending on just your feet, turned out to be harder than expected.

‘It takes at least a year to get used to them.’

And to fly with them the first time you wear them today? Nearly impossible.

“Argh! Really, you said you’d let me wear them!”

“Haven’t you failed to fly all along, man.”

Damtuk finally snatched the shoes after the struggle and wore them, looking relieved.

“Ah, I could have flown with just a bit more time! Just a little…!”

“Move, you fool!”

Damtuk shoved off the charging Baekgureum and stood in the middle of the field.


The wind was cool and refreshing.

Elia still watched Damtuk intently.

As Damtuk grinned, he stood directly in front of Elia and Baekgureum, ensuring a clear view for them.

“Watch carefully, you kids. This is the power of an adult.”

As his words left him, Damtuk’s feet kicked off the ground with force.


Instantly, Damtuk’s body soared upward.

Though only about 2 meters high, Damtuk was definitely floating mid-air.

“Haha, see that? You saw it, didn’t you?!”

Excited by his successful flight, Baekgureum and Elia on the ground, and even Backseolyi, could only open their mouths in surprise.

“How did he do it on the first try…?”

Until then, Elia’s unfazed eyes finally wavered slightly.

“Wow! What a killjoy!!”

Although he wobbled, Damtuk managed not to fall.

A smirk crossed his face, and he looked at the system message that had just appeared.

[100 Elia is spent!]


[The talent of flight (SS) has been purchased!]

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